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Worry-Free with the Hamilton Beach Food Processor

I think that for all culinarians, cooking meals is not a very demanding task, so they can do it easily and perfectly. However, before cooking, they have to spend much time and effort on preparation. I used to suffer that situation where I had to cut, chop, mince and slice food thousands times, which drove me crazy and made me lazy to cook at home for a long time.

Fortunately, I could find a right machine that help me deal with these problems and made my prepping work easier than ever. So, if you are also in this situation, you are finding a right place, sir/ma’am. I have to say that for an easy and convenient life, your kitchen cannot lack a food processor, honestly. Nevertheless, how to choose the best one is an arising concern for you, right?

Don’t worry!!! I highly recommend you the Hamilton Beach food processor which can value your money certainly. This machine was also the solution that I found months ago and it has worked greatly so far. For more information before reaching my collections of some best ones to suit your case, I would like to tell you a little about this brand.

Hamilton Beach, as I researched, is one of the top-rated brands in manufacturing kitchen utensils. Compared with Ninja or Oster, the Hamilton Beach products also have higher or at least the same quality as the counterparts. Thus, they are widely used by many pros around the world because of the awesome performance.

Besides, all of its products are made of superb-quality materials and have subtle and convenient designs to optimize the efficiency. To stay on the market and serve you perfectly, the products went through a long and super strict process of productions and even several tests from the brand and some food safety organizations. Therefore, you will be totally satisfied with the machines right after using them.


Here are 8 products with the simple, but so convenient design. So, before reaching to specific details of each Hamilton Beach food processor, I would like to provide you with the general information about the design so that you will have an image about these machines and won’t be confused when reading every utensil below.

At first, the machine comes with a suction operating base to keep it stay securely without slipping during the process. There are two way to monitor the speed of the motor such as the rotating knob and the press- button, so you can easily choose the one that you feel most comfortable when using.

Besides, the work bowl performs greatly with a high capacity. The bow is completely made of ABS plastic with tough and strong construction to stand with the heavy force and pressure during the operation. Plus, there is an ergonomic handle mounted on the work bowl to help you hold firmly and carry around easily. The handle also distributes the weight, so you won’t feel fatigue although the bowl is full of ingredient.

Moreover, the bowl has a compatible covering lid to make sure that there are no leaks to prevent any mess arising during the counterparts. More important than that this one will help you deal with onions without any odor or tears like in the past. One awesome point of the lid is that it features a wide and high chute with a food pusher so that you can add some vegetables without pre-cutting, which can save you much time.

And now, we will talk about the key factors which are the motor, blades and other attachments. The motor is quite powerful with different speed regulated to help you have the best results as you wish. For all products, they always have an S-blade and a double-functional disc so that the machine can easily chop, slice, shred and even puree your ingredients. Both blade and disc are completely made of stainless steel with the intrinsic ability of resisting corrosion and bacteria create clean contacts with your food.

These tools feature an ultimate sharpness to complete the tasks in seconds and they are also super durable to last for a lifetime in excellent condition. After using, you can detach all parts for easy cleaning by hand or in dishwasher.

And now, you can take a look at each product with its distinguishable points so that you can easily compare one by one to get the best for your situation.

1. 14-Cup Big Mouth® Deluxe Food Processor with 3 Speeds, French Fry Disc, Black & Stainless

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You cannot say no to this Hamilton Beach big mouth food processor. The machine features a work bowl with capacity of up to 14 cups of ingredients. Therefore, you can handle a mountain of food without any difficulties.

Besides, the motor is highly powerful, about 525-watt, and there are three levels of speed and a pulse function to handle your food perfectly. Plus, when watch TV, you cannot lack a bowl of French Fried potatoes surely, but you cannot cut all the potatoes, which is so exhausted.

Don’t worry!!! The machine is supposed to be a great assistance with the bonus French fry blade so that a bowl of crispy fried potatoes will be ready to serve you in seconds.

2. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor, with Bowl Scraper (70730)

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If you kitchen is not very large enough to suit with the 14-cups Hamilton Beach food processor, you can take a look with this Hamilton Beach 10-cup food processor.

The machine measures 10.25”x8.43”x15.47”, so it won’t take much room on your countertops. Plus, there is also another attachment like a mixer. The tool has 3 feet and a rotating axis plugged in the lid. Therefore, when you chop or puree to make sauces, you rotate the tool in a reversible direction to mix the sauces more evenly.

However, the utensil is not as powerful as the above one because the motor has 450-watt capacity and only two levels of speed. Plus, the machine can grind coffee also, but not in too much amount at high frequency because you don’t would like to get the blade dulled, right?

Plus, you can take a look at the Hamilton Beach 12-cup food processor to diversify your choice with the same size and function, but this one doesn’t have the mixer accompanied like the 10-cup one and the machine features the press-button mode instead of rotating knob.

3. 12 Cup Big Mouth Duo Plus Food Processor with Reversible slice / shred disc

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Another 12-cup machine with the press-button mode can diversify your choice compared to the above one.

The machine is about 10”x7.5”x14.7, which is smaller than the #2 product to fit to those whose kitchen is a little bit smaller.

Besides, the implement also features two options of speed: low and high and the pulse function so that you can yourself adjust the machine to get the results as you wish. Plus, there are two work bowl including 12-cup bowl and approximately 4-cup one. Therefore, you can use the small one to chop some ingredients like garlic or parsley.

4. Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor, Black

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The Hamilton Beach 70740 also has 450-watt motor with 2 speeds and pulse technology like other ones above. However, the work bowl is about 8-cup to suit with your case.

The machine is also monitor by the rotating knob with two levels of speed and pulse function. Plus, the motor is 450-watt as well to promise to finish your task definitely in a short period of time.

In comparison with the same product of other brand like Cuisinart or KitchenAid, two big bosses in this realm, this product is much more lightweight because the counterpart has many parts, blades and other attachments that weighs a ton!!! Therefore, you may find hard moving them around.

Plus, don’t break your bank with some luxurious machines because the extra money doesn’t worth the higher quality. Therefore, I think you should take a very careful look at this machine with great quality as much as the other popular ones, but at the affordable price.

5. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor, ChefPrep with 525-Watts (70670)

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Here is another Hamilton food processor with 10-cup work bow for you to comfortably handle with the great amount of food in one time.

Besides, the machine features an absolutely powerful motor, 525-watt, which is a work-horse in your kitchen. Plus, this one measures 10”x9”x16” for easy using and storing. Plus, there are up to 2 reversible operating discs so that you can replace if the old one cannot perform well as it used to.

Moreover, you can enjoy 1-year warranty when purchasing the product. Therefore, your decision will be worry-free certainly.

For more choices, you can try this Hamilton food processor with the same work bowl’s capacity and size of the machine. However, the motor is a little bit less powerful, about 500-watt.

6. Hamilton Beach 70510 4 Cup Stack & Snap Compact Food Processor, Black

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And now, this one is a best gift for those whose kitchen is quite cramped. The machine only measures 6”x8.25”x13.5”, so it’s quite smaller than other one above. Due to the small size, the work bowl cannot be large also, about 4-cup.

Despite being small, this Hamilton Beach stack and snap food processor still takes on all heavy duties as other products do in it class. Plus, the machine also feature pulse function with 2 options of speed to help you monitor on your own to get the mixture as you wish.

More than that, you can use the machine to make healthy smoothies to serve your family after heavy meals.

However, I have tried to grind the nuts for homemade nut butters, but the machine cannot grind the spices finely because the motor is not as much powerful as other ones, so the blade gets stuck with the thickness of grounded nuts. Plus, the chute is not wide enough to accommodate the whole bell pepper in one time, so you have to pre-cut it into small strips.

7. Hamilton Beach 72600 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food Chopper

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I have to say that if you love to live in a flexible life, in an RV particularly, this one is a great choice for your super small kitchen.

The machine only measures 7”x5”x7” with the 3-cup work bowl to help you handle a standard amount of food for a family of 2 or 3 people.

Besides, the cord can be wrapped easily and stored under the base perfectly, so the machine won’t take over much space for storing surely. Plus, there is a super large and sturdy base to keep the implement stand firmly in place without slipping during the operation.

Moreover, when you tend to chop some tough vegetables like carrots, you should pre-cut them into smaller strips before adding to the chopper. Plus, during the process, you can shake the machine slightly to help the ingredients get processor more finely. I have tried this thing and the results turn out great!!!

However, the motor is only 135-watt, so you should consider it for some light duties as chopping or mincing because for those heavy one like kneading dough or grinding is beyond its capacity.

8. Hamilton Beach 70450 8-Cup Food Processor

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In comparison with the above one, this Hamilton Beach 8-cup food processor is much more powerful, about 300-watt, and the bowl can contain up to 8 cups of ingredients. Therefore, it can save you much time because it can deal with a great amount of food in one time.

Besides, the size of the machine is 8.63”x10.63”x13.25”, so it’s relatively hard to store if you live in an RV, right? The machine can also help you make ice cream or nut butters at home. I have tried to throw some unthawed frozen bananas into the machine. Then, I was surprised that it can make the bananas into smoothie. Thumb up!!!

Moreover, you can enjoy a 1-year warranty enclosed in the package to help you feel more secure when making a purchasing decision.

However, kneading dough can burn your machine immediately, so be careful with some heavy dutyies because its capacity cannot afford.

I really appreciate your precious time and effort spent on my devoted work. I’m sure that you are having your owned answer right now. The Hamilton Beach food processor is definitely a right decision that you have ever made and you will never regret for this one surely. And now, if you see my review as a faster and more effective way to get information for a product you would like to buy, I hope that you will keep supporting me on my following works.

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