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Top 10 Trend-setting Wooden Wine Racks [Update 2019]

When it comes to storing wine, wooden wine racks are considered the traditional way that allows bottles to stand horizontally. They are stable and durable that you can count on for long-term use. Considering the enormous number of brands available on the market, it’s somewhat puzzling to choose the most appropriate rack for your collection. Below are the 10 top picks that we have rounded up for you.

There are a variety of factors to consider before deciding on your wanted wine rack. Among them, pay close attention to intended locations and the size of your wine collection. After determining where to place the wine rack and how many bottles you want to store, you can take a look at other things such as materials, finishes and design patterns. The best wooden wine rack should be the one that holds your wine collection securely and displays it prominently in harmony with the surrounding décor. All of our picks as follows can do a great job on that.

1. Stackable Modular Wine Rack Stackable Storage Stand Display Shelves, Wobble-Free, THICKER wood

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The very first model that we want to present to you today comes from DisplayGifts Inc., whose products give you every principle of “value”: high quality, long durability, proper functionality, great price, and so on. It is a stackable modular wine rack. With a huge capacity of 72 bottles, it will definitely accommodate any wine collection.

The DisplayGifts Inc. takes great pride in its use of pine wood during the manufacturing process. Compared with flimsy thin wood used by other sellers, pine wood is thicker and absolutely wobble-free, assuring that it can withstand the total number of 72 bottles without wear and tear. Moreover, the color of pine wood precisely goes with a cellar environment and is also suitable for home display. These 72 bottles are divided evenly into 6 rows and dowel pins are deployed to interlock each connection point. This helps to bring about the vital robustness to prevent any hazards, including minimizing the risk of bottle falling down. For improved security, some customers even recommend using wood glue to stick parts together.

This wooden wine holder boasts its versatile attribute and easy assembly. No tools like nails or screws are required and the whole process only takes the maximum of 5 minutes. This is great for those stuck with tight schedules. DisplayGifts’s freestanding wine rack is certainly leading the trend of sturdy and long-lasting racks, which are particularly designed for small wine cellars. It will be a regretful miss if you don’t go for this one.

2. Stegosaurus Wine-O-Saur Wine Rack

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As suggested by its name, the Stegosaurus Wine-O-Saur wine rack of TheBacKPacK derives much of its inspiration from an extinct dinosaur species. The creative design of the bottle holder links each bottle to the image of an amusing wooden stegosaurus that you can comfortably count on for a drink. At the same time, you can transform your wine collection into an impressive alcohol filled prehistoric display.

Conventional wooden wine racks have now become things of the past with the advent of dinosaur design. This model is highly decorative and suitable for placing on a kitchen counter, coffee table or anywhere you like, which absolutely catches guests’ eyes upon entering the property.

Each Wine-O is cut, assembled, and handcrafted from a touch Baltic birch plywood, followed by a dark walnut stain finish, giving your property a sense of luxury and elegance. An unfinished natural wood finish is available for those seeking to hand paint a wooden wine rack of theirs. The rack is able to hold a standard 750ml bottles, but those with taper or bulge near the top can have some difficulty in fitting into the blank hole. The total length from the tip of the tail to the head of the bottle falls into the range of 16 and 18 inches.

Though innovative in design and convenient in use, the Stegosaurus Wine-O-Saur wine rack is surprisingly accessible at an affordable price. For customers that want to highlight some special wine bottles, this is definitely an out-of-this-world choice.

3. Winsome Wood Kingston “X”-Design Wine Storage Cube

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Ranked among leading brands of lifestyle furniture, Winsome Wood is committed to providing innovative designs with a sound combination of craftsmanship and affordability. It has its own designs of products that can be flexibly tailored to customers’ needs. This Kingston “X”-design wine storage cube by no means goes beyond this track. With a clever design, it can either stand alone as a separate piece or make up a set along with the rest of the Kingston Modular Wine Storage Collection.

It has the dimensions of 20.4 inches, 9.9 inches and 20.4 inches in width, depth and height respectively. The “X” design can accommodate up to 24 bottles, placing wine within your easy reach while adding a sense of specialty to your properties’ decoration. Besides, the open sides give the rack a fascinating display but not consuming much floor space.

This wine rack is made of solid and composite woods, ensuring it can withstand the weight of 24 standard sized bottles. The deep espresso finish helps to bring about a touch of modernity and elegance. You can also mix and match this Kingston storage cube with other slot and removable rack ones to your liking. Therefore, you can modify the rack’s construction once getting fed up with the previous. This will certainly provide a breath of fresh air to your house’s interior on the frequent basis.

There are necessary tools that come along with the product package and instructions are relatively simple to follow. Therefore, you won’t run into trouble during the installation process. Such a unique, compact, effective and affordable wooden wine rack is certain to make a good gift for friends or an exquisite decorative item in your household.

4. Countertop Rustic Torched Wood Wine Rack, Geometric Design 8-Bottle Storage Organizer

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Do you want a break with the traditional model of wine storage? If then, this countertop rustic torched rack can make plenty of changes. This My Gift’s product proves perfect for keeping a limited collection of wines close at hand on the occasion of dinner parties or intimate gatherings.

With more importance attached to the exterior appearance, its capacity is confined to only 8 bottles of up to 750 ml in size. The alignment of bottles can be either vertical or horizontal, depending on your aesthetic taste, space availability and surrounding décor. However, it is advisable that you should keep them horizontally positioned to avoid corks’ drying and wine oxidation.

The countertop wine rack is designed in the pattern of a diamond with a rustic torched wood finish, creating a touch of vintage to the décor. The dimensions of 12 inches high, 17.7 inches wide and 8.1 deep allow the rack to neatly fit into any setting. On a larger scale, for example, use in wineries and wine bars, this wooden bottle holder is certain to promptly draw fellow oenophiles’ attention to its authentic antique charm.

The whole package will be delivered to your house’ doors in full assembly; therefore, you don’t have to set it up by yourself. With a sturdy construction and stylish design, the rack is well worth a try in the sense that it provides proper long-term storage and enhances the aesthetic aspect of your properties.

5. Wine Rack Barrel Stave Hanging Wine Rack Handcarved

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If you have limited ground but plentiful wall space, why not go for a wooden wall mounted wine rack? Here comes an ideal solution to your headache, the Linex’s barrel stave hanging wine rack. It is absolutely perfect for any wine lover, ranging from connoisseurs to amateurs.

A wooden wall wine rack offers a great way of wine storage while saving precious space. Mounted to the wall with the aid of anchors, it can also make a simple but delicate work of art that will complement various décor styles. The product introduced by Linex boasts its artful design with two wide long staves lying in parallel, out of which each one is meticulously sanded and painted by hand. Thus, it can create an authentic and rustic charm to your wall.

Such a rack can hold the maximum of 6 bottles tightly, an adequate number for a cozy party held at your house. In terms of durability, it is made from pine wood, which is both strong and decorative. The finish of non-toxic wood stain and food-safe oil rust enhances the wood’s resistance capacity to termite and oxidation, ensuring a long-term use. No polyurethane, glycol and VOC pigments are detected in this product so that you can rest assured that it causes no damage to family members’ health.

The product would be better if there was a manual enclosed in the package. However, the assembly is a piece of cake. Link the metal part with the wood one, decide on the distance between bottles and then use crews to make holes on the wall. For the most dramatic effect, it is necessary to focus on measurements to place hangers evenly.

Compared to other wine shelves, this wooden wall mounted wine rack is relatively lower in price but its high quality is totally no compromise. Don’t hesitate to go for this one and it won’t let you down.

6. J.K. Adams Ash Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural

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As a leading supplier of wooden storage products for the housewares industry, J.K. Adams’ model shouldn’t be omitted from the list when it comes to wooden wine racks. The Ash Wood Wine Rack by J.K Adams is no exception to the high quality boasted by the company.

It contains a peg and rail system which facilitates any configuration. Depending on the availability of space and its intended placement location, multiple configurations are feasible thanks to its ingenious design. You will find it hardly difficult to customize the rack for fitting in with your kitchen, dining room or home bar properly. To be more specific, you can either take out one tower to squeeze into a tightly confined space or make the full use of its capacity, which can accommodate up to 12 bottles.

The whole rack is completely handcrafted from hardwood, so you can safely rely on its toughness, durability and forgiveness for knife edges. No finishing touches are applied to the product as a means of retaining the fresh and natural wood color. To extend the item’s durability, hand-washing with warm soapy water and prompt dry are highly recommended.

This model is also available in a 24 and 40 bottle capacity, serving to satisfy your greater demands. You can also choose from maple, oak, black and natural combo as well. Regarding that J.K Adams offers a lifetime warranty for all its products, customers can have confidence in getting the best quality one. The sleek design and convenient functionality have turned this Ash wood wine rack into an indispensable accessory for wine collectors or a thoughtful choice for gift giving.

7. SONGMICS Wood 20-Bottle Wine Display Rack

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Have you ever run into trouble of finding adequate space to prominently display your collection? This elegant 20-bottle wine rack will neatly store your wine treasure at your great ease. Ranking among the best sellers in wine cabinets, what the SONGMICS wine display rack offers to customers precisely deserves its reputation.

The rack contains 5 tiers, each of which accommodates 4 bottles, which means the whole rack can hold up to 20 bottles. Every bottle is well-protected and within an easy reach. Measuring 17.1, 9.9, and 28.5 inches in length, weight and height respectively, this compact wine bottle holder aims to save space in the bar area or cupboard of your kitchen. Wave bars are specially designed to keep bottles stable and fully moisturize the corks so that your wine insides can stay fresh and sweet for a long time.

One thing special about this model lies in its display, which includes pasters to cover the screws for a sleek appearance. Its simple design perfectly matches with any interior décor in the casual and aesthetic manner. At the same time, the dark brown finish brings about a sense of freshness and flair to your house’s decoration, making the rack holder become a must-have item for the pantry, kitchen or wine cellar.

When it comes to assembly, step-by-step instructions, numbered parts as well as essential tools and fittings are all enclosed in the unit package to ensure customers can enjoy a smooth and bother-free installation. Upon purchase, you are immediately eligible for a tailored customer service that quickly responds to your inquiries within 24 hours. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about low-quality or defected products during use.

In terms of design, capacity and durability, the SONGMICS wooden wine rack comes as a perfect solution for wine lovers to store their wine collection professionally. Don’t wait any longer and contact SONGMICS now!

8. Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack

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Let’s make a toast to displaying 18 wine bottles with the Sorbus bamboo wine rack! Made from breathtaking and timeless bamboo, this shelf is more than perfect for both expert connoisseurs and new wine collectors.

What sets Sorbus’s rack apart from others is its stackable feature, which means its capacity of 18 most standard wine bottles is evenly divided among 3 separate tiers. Thus, extra storage is feasible with the addition of multiple other stackable wooden wine racks. You can even build up your ultimate wine cellar. This versatility enables users to customize their space at will, by stacking vertically, separately or side by side. The fascinating scallop shaped design facilitates the horizontal storage of wine bottles so that both the wine and air bubbles come into contact with the cock while staying in place without tilting or wobbling.

The material of high quality bamboo with a smooth finish is expected to enhance the rack’s durability under the enormous weight of 18 bottles but still harmoniously blends into a wide range of decoration. With this wooden wine rack, you are able to change any space into a cozy home bar, whether it is the pantry, kitchen or basement.

Entertaining family members and friends with your finest selection of prime wine has become much easier than ever. A minimal assembly of the rack is required with no need for special tools. You can totally rely on its clever design and sturdy construction to spread cheers during holidays, serve guests at social gatherings or simply take a sip of wine for relaxation. The bamboo wine holder has made everything possible at your fingertips.

9. Wooden 16-Bottle Wall Wine Rack

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Another hanging wooden wine rack for your consideration can be that of Deco 79. This functional and fashionable reclaimed wood pegboard rack is committed to displaying your wine in a rustic style.

There are 4 vertical rows of four holes; each can hold the maximum of 4 standard-sized bottles by their tops. The risk of bottle dropping is narrowed down as the rack weighs just over 6.5 lbs., ensuring a safe and firm mounting to any wall. The whole rack is completely handcrafted from reclaimed wood with close attention being devoted to minor details. Thus, soft brown natural grain is totally retained to add texture to the intended location. Its aesthetically rustic look has actually elevated your decoration of the kitchen, dining room or bar area to a new level.

The dimensions of 21 inches wide and 25 inches long help the rack to neatly fill blank wall spaces with the cozy touch of the rich Mahogany’s random knots, lines, and wood grain. There are many things you can do with the wine holder: use it to store bottles, add multi-colored empty glass bottles to create a DIY wall art of rich colors and simplicity, and so on. The function of such wooden wine racks is not solely confined to wine storage, but involves the enhancement of the overall decoration.

Some say that installation may take longer than that of other brands. But all necessary equipment comes along with the rack, so it is just a breeze. The compact design is also convenient to make a lovely present for your friends besides adding an exemplary touch to minimalist living.

10. Mosa Natural Bamboo 18 Bottle Wine Rack

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The last product showing up on today’s list is the Mosa stackable wine storage shelf. The Mosa manufacturer makes a passionate commitment to the best sustainable materials and mode designs. Every product is 100% handcrafted in small batches to maintain their simplicity and uniqueness. In other words, they are delivered to your door as the perfect mix of nature meeting quality design. Made of high-quality bamboo, this wine rack is certain to live up to the expectations of any bamboo touch’s lovers.

It consists of two free-standing tiers with the total capacity of 9 wine bottles for each. The compact size of 33.5 inches long, 9.4 inches wide and 11.5 inches high makes this product of Mosa ideal for smaller kitchens or space-saving storage. In comparison with the stackable storage shelf introduced by Sorbus, this one is smaller in size while the capacity remains the same. Therefore, if you are desperately in need of space for your wine collection, the Mosa model can take advantage of available furniture items to make room for installment, for example, the refrigerator top. Designed with a sleek look, it tends to compliment any home, countertop, or bar table decoration.

Thanks to a horizontal design, bottles are kept in the horizontal direction so that the wine can stay fresh for a longer duration. Mosa boasts its product’s easy assembly with no necessary deployment of special tools. As a result, you can keep it as a steady wine storage holder or send to housewarming or wine tasting parties as a wonderful gift. Although its price is relatively high, it is worth considering in the long run.

11. Wine Enthusiast 84 Bottle Antiqued Steel Wine Jail Console, Bronze

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I’m sure that you don’t want to store your treasure in an ugly and normal wine rack, right? Don’t be simple with that point because the wine rack is somehow can enhance the beauty of your wine bottle. For those who truly love and have a great passion for wine bottles, I highly recommend you with this console wooden wine rack which can definitely create a different outlook for your house.

The product measures 32,25”Hx50,25”Wx16”D, which is not very much large that can take over lots of space in your house. The cabinet can accommodate perfectly up to 84 standard Bordeaux wine bottles, so you can easily follow your passion to widen your priceless collection. Not only the 750ml bottles, but also 1500ml ones still fit lovely in the rack.

Besides, the steel-scrolled steel design with the antiqued finish make the cabinet look like the old thing which can bring the atmosphere of the past, the royalty. Plus, the steel construction can help build the super tough and last-for-a-lifetime body that can store the wine bottle perfectly. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the racks and the storage holes because they are soldered firmly that won’t be worn easily.

Moreover, there is a lock to close the two doors securely and this design also helps to prevent your kids from taking out the wine or your pets from knocking over. Plus, the four sturdy feet can keep the cabinet stand firmly in place to keep the bottles inside stay still to preserve their lovely taste. The wooden top of the cabinet is quite large and pretty that you can use to display some stuff like a vase of flower or a glass rack as well for the convenient use.

The product comes in a box, so you need to assemble it. But the instruction is very easy to understand so that you just spend about 30 minutes to get it in the precise shape.

12. Rustic State Under Cabinet Wooden Hanging Wine Glass Holder by ArtifactDesign Adjustable 4-Sectional Stemware Storage Rack Natural

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To save much space for storing stemmed glasses, I think that you should consider this wooden wine rack under cabinet, which can definitely make your house look tidier and more professional and elegant. The product is made with the high craftsmanship along with the beauty of the light brown wood that can brighten up your kitchen.

This wooden wine rack with glass holder is super versatile because you can self-adjust the space to store your glasses in case you have a great collection of that to enjoy the wine with your love people and family during the dinner time. Plus, there are up to 8 rails which can make up 4 perfect rows to store your glasses for the convenient use that can help you set up the table much faster.

Besides, the rows are quite long that you can hang about 3 glasses for each one. It depends on your collection that you can adjust the space for the large wine or the martini glasses. The surface is super smooth that you can easily slide the glasses on the rails without causing any scratches to your glasses. Plus, there are also some included screws to help you easily install the rails.

However, when installing, you should place the rail near the wall or you can glue a wood block at the back of the rails to prevent the glasses from falling out back when you place them.


In short, wooden wine racks are available in diverse types, ranging from wall mounted, stackable wine racks to wine cabinets. Whether you want a modular unit or a freestanding decorative item, it doesn’t matter. Think about your specific demands and properties and you will find the best one in your interests. Hope that you will have fun shopping!


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