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Top Potato Peelers for a Convenient Life

It must be a big mistake if you forget to buy snack when decide to watch a thrilling movie with your homies because this is the most delicious combo to enjoy a day-off. However, there’s still a solution for this problem which is a bowl of fried potatoes chips, both yummy and affordable.

However, you may be afraid of the upcoming issue that you have to spend much time and effort to peel all potatoes, which can be a disaster and get your mood down definitely. Don’t let you day-off be wasted by all these potatoes, try to figure out the way to handle.

And I am myself a movie lover and there is nothing better than lying on the couch, eating hot fried potato chips and watching your loved movies although this’s not really good for your health. Who cares? Now, I would like to share with you my collection of best potato peelers to help you prepare all potatoes as quickly as possible to enjoy your day-off.

1. ZYLISS Smoothglide Potato Peeler, Green

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The ZYLISS has launched to the market with the potato peeler to save you more time and effort in the preparation process. The tool has a stainless steel dual blade with the great sharpness to peel the whole potato in a snap. Plus, the material is quite safe to your health because it can resist rust and bacteria as well as has no reactions with your vegetables. Thus, you can confidently use it to peel your potatoes.

Besides, the utensil features an ergonomic handles with the non-slip characteristic so that you can hold it firmly and comfortably while peeling. And, there is also a potato-eye digger to help you remove the eyes regarded to have some toxic chemicals when being boiled. Thanks to this built-in part, you don’t need to use a knife to do this, which can reduce much risk of getting your hand cut.

Moreover, the blade is attached securely to the body, so there is no likelihood that it will drop out during the operation. Plus, the blade is relatively flexible because it can swivel to adapt to any surfaces of potatoes to peel the skin off. Beside potatoes, you can use this tool for other vegetables like cucumber, carrot and so on.

After using, you can wash it by hand or dishwasher regrading to your choice. The utensil measures 10”x4”x1.4”, so you can easily store it in the kitchen drawer or cutlery holder. In case, these places are full, you can hang it on a hook thanks to a hole on the handle.

2. New Starfrit Rotato Express – Electric Potato Vegetable Apple Fruit Peeler FAST

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Here is the innovation of peeler that you don’t need to spend any effort to handles with your potatoes. And now, this is the electric potato peeler to help your preparation much easier than ever.

The tool has two parts to stabilize your potatoes on the top and bottom to make sure that your potatoes will stay firmly at place during the operation. When you plug the potatoes in completely, just press the start button and the machine will do all the rest work.

The blade is made of stainless steel with great sharpness to finish the work only in one turn. Plus, this one can resist rust and bacteria as well as has no reactions with your potatoes, so your health will be safe or you won’t taste your food like metal surely. The blade is greatly tough and durable also to last for a lifetime to serve you.

After using, you can take the blade out for cleaning and install it back in seconds, so you don’t need to worry about that. And, the utensil can perform well with other vegetables like carrot, cucumber or some fruits such as apple and pear. Moreover, the suction base helps the tool stay securely while peeling, so you do other things for your preparation rather than stand and hold it all the time.

3. Vegetable Peeler Dual Y Peeler Fruit Peeler for Apple Potato Orange Carrot Peeler Veggie Julienne Slicer Peeler Sharp Stainless Steel 

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You must love the commercial potato peeler offered by the Wasson at first sight because of its super convenience. This one has integrated with 5 small tools at the same time, so you can use it to deal with many different tasks.

The product has two dual-blades for peeling and making salad. The peeling blade is smaller than the other one and the teeth are smaller also. Plus, the material used for making these blades is the food-grade stainless steel which can resist rust and bacteria to give clean contacts with your vegetables. There is nothing to complain about the sharpness of these blades because you can peel the skin off in seconds.

Besides, the handle is designed ergonomically to help you hold firmly and comfortably to peel vegetables. It is quite tough and strong to withstand heavy pressure and force when you’re peeling some tough-skinned like carrot. Plus, the tool has a built-in digger for you to remove potato-eyes in a snap without the need of a knife.

Moreover, the implement can be also used for peeling apple, pear, even orange thanks to the citrus peeler integrated. After using, you can easily rinse it with water and put it in the kitchen drawer for storing. Or the cutlery holder is also good for it, but if both of them are full of stuff, you can hang it on a hook thanks to a large hole on the handle.

The utensil measures 7.3”x3.15”x0.08” so that you can hold it safely without getting your hand cut while peeling. Notice that if the tool has some problems or malfunctions, you can ask the brand for a free replacement.

4. Rachael Ray Tools and Gadgets 3-in-1 Potato Peeler/Brush, Veg-A-Peel, Red

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The Rachael Ray has launched to the market with the 3-in-1 potato peeler for you to have a more convenient life. The tool has ultra-sharp blades which can swivel so that they can easily deal with any surfaces of your potatoes. Plus, these blades are made of stainless steel with great properties of rust resistance and anti-bacteria, so you can feel more secure when using the product for preparing food.

Besides, the utensil features an ergonomic handle with non-slip characteristic to help you hold firmly and comfortably, even for a long time. And, it has a tough construction to withstand the pressure during the operation without breaking. You can hang the tool on a hook thanks to a hole on the handle in case your kitchen drawer is full of stuff.

Moreover, there are 3 options of color for you to choose regarding to your preferences like red, purple and orange. It also has a built-in acute point on the top to help you remove the potato eyes as well as the scrubbing brush accompanied for cleaning some dirty spots on your peeled potatoes and other vegetables.

5. Pampered Chef Potato / Vegetable Peeler

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This pampered chef potato peeler can be a great choice for your budget. The tool comes in a simple design but high-quality for your easy using. It has stainless steel blades with great sharpness to help you deal with your potatoes, even for other vegetables like carrots or cucumber. Plus, the material can resist rust and bacterial well to be safe for your health.

Besides, the handle is ergonomic to give you comfortable feeling when doing your task and you will possibly feel no pain during the operation. Plus, this handle features a non-slip grip to help it stay securely in your both hands so that you can confidently peel all vegetables and fruits without any concerns.

Moreover, the tool has a strong and durable construction to stand with heavy forces and pressure while you’re peeling without breaking. Plus, the blades are quite flexible because they can swivel to adapt to any surfaces of vegetables to help it peel completely the skin. After using, you can rinse it with water and it will become clean immediately. Then, you can easily store it in the kitchen drawer or cutlery holder.

6. KitchenAid Euro Peeler, Black

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Peeling potatoes is not a problem with the kitchenaid potato peeler. The tool has tough and strong blades made of stainless steel with great properties of rust resistance and anti-bacteria. Thus, you will get clean peeled potatoes to make dishes for your family.

Plus, this material has no chemical reactions with your vegetables so that you won’t taste them as metal surely. The blades are super sharp that can peel the whole potato in seconds and even for tough-skinned vegetables like carrots or cucumbers. And, these one are also able to swivel to complete the mission perfectly although the skin isn’t always flat.

Besides, the tool features an oversized and ergonomic handle to help you hold comfortably and firmly in both hands. And, it also has the non-slip characteristic, so you can confidently use it to peel without any concerns, even when your hands are wet. Plus, this durable and sturdy handle can work well with the intense pressure and force while you’re peeling without breakage.

Moreover, the tool has a hole on the handle to help you hang it easily on a hook in case the kitchen drawer is full of other stuff. There is also a protective sheath accompanied to protect your blade to prevent any influences on the blade, so it can always stay in the excellent condition.

7. Fabrikators Skrub’a Glove, Potato, 1-Pair

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This pair of potato peeling gloves is the innovation of potato peelers to safe you more time when preparing this type of vegetables. This product has 3 options of colors matching with 3 different purposes like the orange for carrot, green for veggie and black for potato.

The gloves are made of Nylon mesh tested by FDA, a food safety of the USA, to make sure there are no toxic chemicals arising while you’re peeling your food. Besides, the mesh material can help to drain the water quickly so that the gloves won’t gain weight and you feel no fatigue in your hands.

Moreover, the utensil can fit most of standard sizes of your hands, so you don’t need to worry much about this issue. It can be safe to the washing machine also without any damages caused like rags or deformation.

On the top of that, using this pair of gloves can help you clean thoroughly potatoes as well as reduce the percentage of nutritious parts lost significantly. However, during the operation, your hands have to always contact with water, which can cause some diseases on your skin. Thus, you can take this one into consideration before purchasing.

8. AmazKitchenware – Ultra-Sharp Premium Julienne Peeler/Cutter/Slicer

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I’m sure that you will love this multifunctional potato peeler right after seeing its performance. The tool is completely made of food-grade stainless steel with outstanding properties of rust resistance and anti-bacteria to provide clean contacts with your vegetables. Thus, you will feel more secure when holding it in your hands to peel.

Besides, the blades are super sharp that nothing can stop it from performing. This best potato peeler features two different dual-blades for peeling and julienning for making salad. Therefore, you don’t need to use a knife to chop vegetables for salad, which can cause some injures to you hand possibly. Plus, these blades have no chemical reactions with your food, so be confident to enjoy your dishes.

Moreover, the handle is designed ergonomically to give you a great sense of comfortability and help you feel painless, even using for a long time. Plus, this one has a strong and tough construction to withstand the heavy force and pressure without breaking. Particularly, the product can easily peel the pineapple shell with no damages to the blades.

The implement also has a digger accompanies to help you get rid of potato eyes with no need of a knife. After using, you just need to rinse it with water for quick and easy cleaning and it will be ready for next challenges. The utensil measures 7.3”x 1.1”x 1”, so you can put it perfectly in the kitchen drawer or in cutlery holder for storing. Or you can hang it on a hook thanks to a hole at the end of handle in case these places are full.

9. Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler by Spiralizer, Durable Heavy Duty Die Cast Magnesium Alloy Apple/Potato Peeler Corer

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The Spiralizer has offered you with a potato peeler machine to help you save much time for other chores along with cooking. The tool has a tough and durable construction to take on any heavy duties and last for a lifetime in your kitchen.

It features chrome plated winding rod with 3 acute prongs to stabilize your potatoes while the stainless steel peeler can do it job well. Both of these materials can resist rust and bacteria greatly to make sure that everything will be clean and safe to your health. Plus, the product is strictly tested for several times that there are no toxic chemical reactions with your food during the operation. Thus, you can confidently purchase it and use to prepare meals for your sweet home.

Besides, the machine also has an ultra-sharp blade to help you slice potatoes into the same pieces at the same time the peeling process. Notice that this blade is flexible, so you can turn it up for using or down for only peeling. Plus, after process, you can detach the peeler and blade for easy cleaning with water.

Moreover, there is also an ergonomic crank handle to help your firmly and comfortably hold, even for a long time using. You just need to spin the handle and the machine will do the rest. Thus, the peeler is suitable for older people and those with arthritis. Plus, the suction base will help the utensil stay securely on the countertops, so you don’t need to use a hand to hold it during the operation.

On the top of that, this one still work perfectly with other vegetables like carrots, cucumbers or onions and fruits like apples or pears. I think that getting this one is a right and economical decision for your budget.

10. LOHOME Electric Potato Peeler [2 Extra Blades] – Automatic Rotating Fruits & Vegetables Cutter Apple Paring Machine

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The LOHOME is supposed to be the potential competitor with the Rotato, as I mentioned at the second product. The brand also launched to the market with the electric potato peeler to enhance your efficiency significantly and reduce much time in preparation.

The tool is quite smart with the moveable fixed needles fitting to any heights of fruits and vegetables. When you press the start button, the bottom holder will rotate and the arm can adjust the thickness of the vegetables automatically so that it will make sure to peel the skin off.

The peeler has dual super sharp blade to help it complete the missions in one times only. Plus, these blades are made of food-grade stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance. Besides, the material is friendly to your vegetables, which means that there are no chemical reactions arising during the operation.

Moreover, the blades are quite tough and durable that can take on heavy duties easily like peeling some tough-skinned vegetables like carrots, cucumber or zucchini. Plus, the implement also features a durable base made of ABS plastic to keep it stay firmly on the countertops while you’re peeling.

What’s more? When purchase the tool, you can get 3 replaceable blades along with knife to help you remove the potato eyes easily.  And, the tools is available in different colors like white, read ,black, green so that you can diversify your choice and choose the most suitable for yourself.

Thanks for your precious time and effect reading thoroughly my devoted work. Although my review is enough to provide you with all information, hopefully there will some basic knowledge existing in your head. It’s true that the choice is yours, but you need this knowledge to stay away from “heart-attack” junks on the market. I really appreciate that among these best potato peelers, you can find the right kitchen peeler for your budget.


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