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Worry-free with These Top Pasta Cutters

It’s not very much interesting when you order pasta from restaurant for every time having parties with your friends or family. You would like to get the true feeling for making yummy pasta by yourself with various ingredients regarding to your taste and creativeness.

However, there is one stage in making pasta that takes you the most time, which is an annoyance in doing this at home. And this is the cutting process, you cannot cut one by one because when you finish, it can be midnight. Thus, you need to find a clinking tool to help enhance your efficiency and reduce as much time as possible.

There is nothing better than a right pasta cutter, but how to choose a true one is not a very easy task because you have to consider several features. Thus, I’m here to help you deal with this problem with my collection of best pasta cutters, making your life simpler and easier. Spent more than two week to find out the greatest ones, I’m sure that they won’t let you down.

1. Norpro Grip-EZ Pastry/Ravioli Wheel

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The Norpro is regarded as one of the most reputable brands in making kitchen utensils. All of its products are under an extremely strict supervision from the brand and other food safety organizations before being launched to the market. Thus, you will possibly feel secure when purchasing tools of this brand for your family.

And now, the pasta cutter wheel is not an exception. It has a convenient design with double blades with different patterns to help you decorate or make color to your pasta. The cutter has a normal wheel for straight cut and the fluted one for scalloped edge so that you can make your ravioli more attractive and pretty than straight cut.

The implement totally measures 7”x3”x0.75”, which is relatively small and lightweight, so you can easily hold and store in your kitchen drawer. But, if your drawer is full of stuff, this one can be hung on a hook thanks to a hole on the handles.

Besides, both blades are completely made of stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistant to protect your family’s health definitely. Plus, the sharpness is not your concern surely because they can give you clean and professional cuts in a snap. The blades’ surface is also non-stick to help you slide through the pasta doughs smoothly.

Moreover, the tool features an ergonomic handles with the great length of about 4”-5” to make sure that you will feel super comfortable even though using it for a long time. And, the handle has a non-slip grip to help it stay securely in your hand without slipping, so you can be more confident to focus on the cutting task.

2. Better Houseware Pastry and Ravioli Wheel

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Here is another fluted edge cutting wheel to help you make any decorative cuts in any kind of pastry or cookie doughs. Plus, it is ideal for lattice crust in order to make your pie not only yummy but also pretty looking. However, this tool is not as versatile as the one from Norpro because it only has one head.

Besides, the implement is quite small to help you feel worry-free to store it in the kitchen drawer or you can hang it on a hook with a hole on the handles to save more space in your cramped kitchen. Plus, the blade is made of 100% of food-grade stainless steel alongside with high anti-bacteria and rust resistance.

The blade is also tough and durable that can last for a lifetime to give you perfect cuts. Moreover, the sharpness of this blade is ultimate as well as non-stick character to make sure that your pasta doughs will be cut professionally and cleaned within one slide. As a result, the lovely textured ravioli will be ready for tasty dishes.

More than that, the tool has a greatly comfortable handles with non-slip property to help it fits perfectly in your hand. I’m sure that your hand will be safe when holding the tool because its handle is quite long to make a certain distance between your hand and the blade. Plus, after using, you can easily toss it into the dishwasher for a quick cleaning.

3. Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel, Ravioli Cutter , Timeless Natural Wood Handle and Durable Brass Head (Festooned Wheel)

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Are you tired of the primitive metallic color? Want to change your tone, huh? Your wish has been responded from the LaGondola. This brand has launched to the market with the pasta cutter featuring the unique selling point of golden color to make it stand out from the counterparts.

It’s a common sense that everything made of gold or with golden color is much more luxurious and well-received than anything else. Thus, the tool has dominated the market for several years since its first launch.

The tool is also ideal for lattice crust and ravioli thanks to the scalloped edge, so you can make more attractive cuts to enhance the beauty of your dishes beside the fantastic taste. The blade is super sharp and non-stick that can give you clean and perfect cuts in a snap. Plus, the great durability and strength help the blade last for a lifetime as well as take on heavy duty without any difficulties.

Besides, another point to recognize this tool is the wooden handle instead of the mainstream design like other counterparts. That is the thing that makes the LaGondola implement different and stay at higher level. The wooden handle can greatly fit to your hand as well as be really tough to help you feel more secure when holding it.

What’s more? The wood can absorb the moisture and sweat in your hand to prevent slipping leading to many severe injuries. And it also resists the development of bacteria and mold to maintain the cleanliness in all the process. However, the dishwasher is not safe for this tool, so hand-washing is highly recommended to help it stay in excellent condition over time.

4. Marcato Atlas Pasta Cutter Bike, Made in Italy, 9 Interchangeable Wheels, Blue

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If you are a true pasta lover, the Marcato is the brand that needs to stay in your mind when buying any tool for making pasta. I have to say that they have a great reputation in this realm and is a trustful place in Italy for you to purchase kitchen tools.

Beside super cool pasta maker, the brand also offers to the market with the high-quality pasta bike to make your cooking simpler than ever. The tool is available in blue and red color to diversify your choice. It can help you cut your pasta dough into many types like long noodles, like pappardelle or squared shape of tortellini and the circle for agnolotti.

Thanks to that astonishing feature, you can make most types of pasta that you like to cheer with your family and friends. Besides, the implement has up to 9 interchangeable wheels so that you can easily take it off and add back on to create different widths. Thus, you can imagine that when you put the tool on your pasta dough, with just one slide, you can get 9 pieces with the same or different sizes. How convenient it is!!!

Moreover, the handle is designed brilliantly to be well fitted to your hand, so you will feel comfortable when holding the tool. Plus, the cutter has a tough structure to stand with the pressure from your hand without breaking. And, you just need to wipe it with a dry brush or cloth before storing it in your kitchen drawer.

5. Mangocore 16x7x3.1cm High Grade Stainless Steel Noodle Lattice Roller Docker Dough Cutter Pasta Spaghetti Maker

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If the Marcato pasta cutter can give you 9 pieces of pasta at the same time, the one of Mangocore can also produce 9 straight cuts of lattice within one slide. This tool is completely made of high-quality 304 corrosion- resistant steel which can resist rust and be non-toxic. Thus, you will be possibly safe when using the product.

Besides, the brand can guarantee that the tool has no reactions to your pasta, so you can enjoy the real taste when cooking. Plus, 9 wheels of the implement are super sharp and non-stick that just with one turn, you can get 9 clean and mainstreamed pieces of lattice. This can save your more time and enhance your efficiency significantly.

Moreover, the handle is ergonomically constructed so that there are no annoyances arising when you hold this one in your hand. And, it is non-slip coated to be hold firmly as well as can withstand the pressure and transfer it equally to the whole tool. Thus, this character can reduce risk of breaking and protect your tool safely.

You can store it in your kitchen drawer perfectly or hang on a hook thanks to the hole on its handle. Plus, the dishwasher is safe to your product for the easy and quick cleaning so that it can shine impeccably like the brand new after being cleaned.

6. AIBER Pasta Noodle Cutter Stainless Steel Pasta Spaghetti Maker Noodle Lattice Roller Dough Cutter Mincer Kitchen Tool

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The tool also features 9 wheels like the one from Mangocore or other brands to enhance your efficiency and save much time when handling the cutting tasks. The tool is made of 100% of food-grade stainless steel which is super safe to your health thanks to anti-bacteria and rust ability.

The blade is super sharp and non-stick to help it slide smoothly through your pasta doughs. Plus these blades are organized with the standard distances so that you can get your noodles with surely the same width. Besides, you can use the tool for many different purposes along with cutting doughs like for mincing herb, garlic or ginger.

Plus, it is also widely used for cutting bananas for making pie at home. The tool has an ergonomic handle to help you hold it firmly and comfortably while cutting. And, it is quite small with the size of 2.7”x6.3”x1.7”, so you can store in a kitchen drawer or hang on a hook in case your drawer is full.

After using, you can clean it manually or put in to dishwasher because the tool definitely works well with this machine. I’m sure that this pasta cutter will shine impeccably like the brand new on after every time cleaning.

7. Ovente Double Pasta Cutter Attachment for Angel Hair (1mm), Capellini (1mm), and Lasagnette (12mm)

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The cutter is an attachment of a whole big pasta cutter including a roller. This tool is totally made of food-grade carbon and high-quality 304-stainless steel, which is super durable and tough that can take on heavy duty as well as last for a lifetime to serve your passion.

The blade is absolutely sharp and non-stick to let your pasta dough go through smoothly without breaking and be cut cleanly and professionally. Plus, it has two types of blade to provide you up to 3 selections of your pasta to diversify your choices such as angel hair (1mm), capellini (1mm) and lasagnette (12mm).

Besides, the tool is easily installed into the pasta maker by sliding it on the given cracks of the machine. And, you can start the cutting process by rolling the hand crank. As a result, the pasta will be ready for cooking in a couple of seconds.

After using, just use a brush or wooden rod to clean the implement but say no to water because it will cause severe damages to your tool. If necessary, you can apply some drops of mineral oil at the end of the cutting roller to make the process smoother.

However, this is the product of Ovente, so it is only compatible with the pasta maker made by this brand, especially the Ovente PA515 Series 150mm Pasta Makers.

8. Eppicotispai “Chitarra” Pasta Cutter with 32cm/12.5-Inch Rolling Pin

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If you aren’t very interested in the metal pasta cutter, but want to change your style a little bit, take a look at this product from the Eppicotispai.

The tool is a manual pasta maker in the traditional way including the cutter with the absolutely design. The whole product is made of natural hardwood with the great durability and strength to last for a lifetime and rise to challenge all the time. Besides, its wood material can absorb the moisture or prevent greatly the bacteria or mold to make sure the process is clean. Thus, your pasta will be extremely safe to your health.

Plus, it also has a wooden roller requiring both hands for operating. And now, the cutter is the outstanding point of this product because it provides you with wires as the ones of guitar. These wires in super thin, but sharp that can cut cleanly your pasta dough with one press. There are several wires up to 20 ones or more, so you can get lots of pasta pieces at the same time.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry much about the wire because its material is food-grade stainless steel which is friendly to health and has no reaction to your pasta definitely. Also, you know that the longer wooden product stays, the more valuable it can be. Thus, the tool will possibly be a worthy heirloom in your home.

Notice that, because the implement is made of wood, you cannot rinse it with water or soak it, which will cause severe damages. Just use a damp cloth to wipe it and let dry completely before storing. And, while cutting your pasta doughs, these wires can cut your palms when you press the doughs, so please be careful with them.

9. Bicycle Pizza Cutter – Original PIZZA WHEELIE – Dual Stainless-Steel Bike Wheels- Includes Kitchen Display Stand

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You will this cutter because it comes in the shape of a bike, which is supposed to be a toy than a kitchenaid pasta cutter.

The bike has two cutting wheels being totally made of 304-stainless steel with the properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistant to provide clean contacts with your doughs. Plus, the blades are super sharp and non-stick that can slide through your dough smoothly without destroying the form. The two wheels will make sure that with one slide, the dough can be cut cleanly and professionally.

Besides, its frame is really tough and durable that won’t break easily. It is designed ergonomically to help you hold the cutter comfortably and safely while handling your cutting tasks. Plus, the implement can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning.

Thanks to the astonishing design, you can purchase it as a gift for your friends. Or if you don’t want to use it anymore, it can be an ornament for your home. How convenient it is!!! Plus, this cutter is also suitable for cutting pizzas, even the thick ones. Notice that, when cutting pasta doughs, you must be more careful and meticulous for perfect cut with the same width.

I really appreciate that you read thoroughly all my devoted work. Although these one cannot give you all information, you can somehow know about this type of kitchen utensil, about some essential features when purchasing. I hope that you can find the most suitable pasta cutter for your kitchen from my recommendations as well as you will support me for my other works.

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