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Top Must-Try Personalized Cutting Boards

Suggest: If you still have no idea of which presents are the most meaningful for an anniversary or other special occasions, consider a single or a pair of personalized cutting boards. You won’t regret.

But, right because it’s a present for somebody or just for you guys, it’s even worth more investing in the product, not only the quality, but also its aesthetics.

If you have decided to stick to a personalized cutting board as a gift, you should know that in that world, some are good and some are bad. What if you gift somebody a poor-quality board that’s only scarred or fallen apart after a couple of weeks?

It’s time you should take a look at some collections where they have rounded up for you the best personalized cutting boards. And here are mine!

1. Custom Cutting Board Last Name Monogram Design – Wood Engraved Cutting Board – Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

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First up is the Custom Wood Cutting Board. They engrave the last name due to your order. It includes the last name you desire and the very first letter of that last name which is stylized beautifully and artily on the corner of the cutting board’s frontside.

Thanks to the bamboo material, the engraving is really sharp, clean and nice. You can ask them to engrave another font due to your preference, just click on “Customize Now” Button and follow their instruction and you will receive it within a couple of weeks.

It’s a cutting board sized 13.75″ x 9.75″, which is large enough to fit almost kitchen space to lessen down your worry of the present not suiting the receiver.

Two things you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing this model are firstly, the wood isn’t a block but pressed from many pieces of natural bamboo. This is a benefit because each of them is unique to deliver a unique engraving look. Secondly, based on such that uniqueness, the engraving colorway might vary a little bit.

2. Personalized by Name Bamboo Cutting Board Single Tone, Monogrammed Designs Available (Jenson Design, 11″ x 17″)

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But if you are looking for a personalized cutting board that provides you more options in design, types of wood and colors, try this.

In Qualtry, particularly this product, there are single tone and dual tone, bamboo, Mahogany, and walnut, 8 different sizes and 24 colors to choose from. Besides, the area of engraving is larger. It’s not just the last name and its very first letter, but whatever you order. They can do the logo, brand name, couple’s names, first name, last name, full name, etc.

Besides, if you need it in urgently, this might be the best choice. I actually don’t know about the others’, but mine just take a couple of days after ordering, which is super quick in shipping. On top of that, their customer service is truly good.

They stand behind their product, not only for its quality, but also their personalization. If there’s something mistaken from what you ordered, like wrong letter as an example, they will replace it for you (even told you to keep the last one).

What I’m trying to say is Qualtry is a good address to lay your trust on something all good: good in quality, good in aesthetics, good in varying your selections and good in customer service. Importantly, super-fast shipping.

3. Bamboo Cutting Board & Cheese Board Housewarming Gifts Set – For Mother’s Day Gift, Wedding Gift

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The first thing you should be aware of is these bamboo cutting boards are made in China. But don’t quickly quit on them because Greener Chef have been doing a very nice job. I am the lively witnesses for this.

Everything from the engraving, the quality of wood, the size and the function of this cutting board is on point. Compared to other brands specialized in wood cutting board like Breville, there isn’t any distance or difference.

Greener Chef’s even better in price range because you should understand that bamboo is organic and they are mostly grown in China, which cuts down the cost of importing and even the human resources that is cheaper to make their products’ price truly competitive. If an USA brand making bamboo cutting boards, they have to import the material from China.

I’m not advertising for them, it’s true. Can’t deny there are a lot of Chinese Junk out there, but you can feel ease in mind that this isn’t the one.

Even unluckily, there’s something mistaken or broken during your experience, they are ready to replace or refund to you. But mine is all fine after 5 months.

Take notice that the product comes in a set of a dual-purpose cutting board sized 14.5 x 11.5 x 0.7 inch, a 12-inch spoon, a 12-inch spatula and a pair of 12-inch versatile tongs. Besides, Greener Chef puts a guarantee on their products for no formaldehyde. So, just try it!

4. Monogram Personalized Engraved Cutting Board- Wedding Gift, Anniversary Gifts, Housewarming Gift

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If you want the personalized cutting board delivered straightly to the receiver without through your address, this is the best bet for you. Just mess them that this is a present for somebody, give them his/her information and the letters or words to engrave, they will follow that and wrap it nicely in a gift box without including recipes or invoices. Perfect!

It’s ideal as a present for housewarming, anniversary, wedding, couples, etc. when you can’t present for some reasons. Pick this model and you have four choices of dimensions on hands. Along with that, the products are quite well-made and sophisticated from high-quality wood, using advanced art laser technology engraver, and be checked carefully before delivery.

The best thing about this model is their attaching of a crack and cutting board oil to décor your kitchen space as well as maintain it last forever.

Can’t believe that such that high-quality cutting board enclosed with tons of useful accessories and tool just costs under $30. Really bang for your buck!

5. Personalized Wood Cutting Board with Filigree Design

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I really appreciate the hard of word of MRC Wood Products on their cutting boards. I love the font, the stylized floral patterns on the above and under the line. Can’t believe that every single detail is really clear and sharp to the tiniest. However, if you don’t like such these patterns, you can ask the manufacturer to skip that engraving, but just leave the words/messages/letters. This is great!

Besides, the customer service is truly amazing because you know it, when it comes to a personalized stuff, there’s a lot of request or note or questions to the manufacturer, like what kind of the woods, sizes, do they enable to engrave stylized letter or special character? Stuff like that. They answer my email truly quickly and detailly.

For those who are wondering about its wood and color, you will have three options: maple, walnut and cherry wood.

6. Personalized Cutting/Chopping Board Custom Last name Cheese Board Serving Tray Model #2

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I bought this one for my own kitchen space with the requested words are my last name and its first letter. They also agreed to skip the patterns around the words for me, thanks a lot for that.

And you know what, my kitchen looks like a restaurant when I put it on a wood crack and place it at the corner of my countertop, next to my fruit basket. Perfect place to take a shot and post on Instagram. Haha

They only provide one size only which are 6 X 11 ¾ inches which fits just right for my medium kitchen. The wood is solid, heft enough to feel firm while processing and easy to maintain. Just keep in mind to handwash it only and leave it dry naturally.

Another good thing is this cutting board is 100% free shipping and engraved in California, USA.

7. Personalized Cutting Board – Mason Jar with Flowers

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If you are looking for more options in kind of wood, take a look at this. There are 5 selections for you to choose from: maple, beech, cherry, bamboo and sapele. Along with that are two size choices which are 11 x 6 and 9 x 12 inches.

I particularly love its engraving image including a mason jar with flowers and your name is on its body. How delicate it is!

Speaking of the words, they allow you to order the first name, last name and a significant date. Other than its aesthetics and the decoration function, you can totally use it as a normal cutting board, just remember to not use the engraved side for chopping, cutting and slicing if you don’t want to make your maintenance more difficult.

By the way, hand wash it only and avoid soaking the board in water overnight or hours.

8. Personalized Cheese Maple Walnut Cutting or Serving Board – Custom Monogrammed for Free (Walnut)

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Another choice for you in a personalized serving board.

Though their options in wood, size and engraving style is a little bit tighter the other models, you still have two selections in wood: maple and walnut, 9 style choices and 1 size only: 13.5″ x 7″.

On top of that, they are strongly strike back with the fast shipping, within 1-3 days after ordering and a 100% satisfaction warranty to protect your right.

In terms of the material, it’s genuine wood, made of a block of wood, not the press of many pieces for more solidness and firmness to last longer.

In my personal opinion, it’s perfect as a Christmas Gift, Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift or just for your kitchen space.

9. Personalized Maple and Walnut Wood Cutting Board Chopping Block Two Sizes To Choose From

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I’m a little bit in love with the combination of two wood tones of this cutting board. The dark and the light color matching to each other perfectly. They are also the mix of two kinds of wood: maple and walnut – two solid and firm kinds that are favorited by many cooking gurus.

You can utilize it as a décor item in any kitchen space because its dimensions are perfect for almost sizes of kitchen: 11″ x 15″ x 3/4″. Not saying that its outer performance is elegant, nice and unique. Or, use it as a normal cutting board for any kitchen tasks like slicing, cutting, chopping and mincing.

The only drawback is their company laid in Indiana, which means for any USA orders, it will take longer time to delivery. If you intend to give it as a present to somebody on a specific day, let’s order it at least 3 weeks before to ensure the product arrive in time.

Three things you should keep in mind to choose the best personalized cutting board from this list is the kitchen size it’s going to stick its life to, kinds of wood you desire and the engraving style you want to have. The other features like quality, reliable brand or warranty, I have done for you so, just rest assured about that. Hopefully, you will have the best present for the person you love or just your dear kitchen space.


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