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Top Heathy Juice for Weight Loss, Weight Gain and Diabetes

With newcomers with juice, everything is exciting. But do not hurry and be disappointed quickly.

Vegetable juices and green juices can be very difficult to drink for beginners who are getting familiar with vegetable and fruits, especially when you mix them in improper formula. But don’t worry, the biggest matter is just difficult to drink.

Drinking juice, like trying a dish from another culinary background, is not everyone’s favorite from the first time, and not everyone is going to get a good cup of water right from the start.

Here it is said juice is a combination of vegetables and fruits rather than a unit of fruit only as the popular. Your taste buds will change. And it should change – in a better direction, to be more focused on what is beneficial, and to refuse to tolerate what is not good.

Here are some recipes I have chosen for those new to the juice to help you gently engaged in this ‘addictive’ world. I assure you that they are all delicious, easy to drink, easy to do, too!

For weight loss

Take note:

The following juice recipes are capable to boost you to lose weight significantly within 7 days.

It’s arguably as the additional stuff to soup up your weight loss diet, not used as the main meal. Besides, you should combine with reasonable exercise to keep your body shape firm and wellbeing.

Tomato juice

Tomatoes have long been known to be one of the most effective weight loss foods, both safe and healthy. There are many ways to lose weight with tomatoes, either can you process them in the form of dishes served for main meal or to the purest, many people use tomato juice.

To lose weight fast in a week effectively, tomato juice is recommended by many nutrition experts.

Tomato contains many acids that are effective in the metabolism of the body, support the secretion system, enhance the digestion of fat and grease in addition to help skin smoother and nicer.

In the American Journal of Dietary Studies, every day, drink half a liter of tomato juice for eight weeks to help reduce belly fat.

Many scientists from Chinese University also have studied and followed 25 healthy women between the ages of 20 and 30 who drank tomato juice to lose weight each day and lost 1.5 cents after 2 months. So, if you are applying fast weight loss in a week, drinking tomato juice is perfectly reasonable.

And here is the proper guidance:

Each day before breakfast, drink 1-2 glasses of tomato juice to lose weight, or until late afternoon or early night, before eating your dinner, drink 1 more glass.

Drinking tomato juice can provide up to 50% of the amount of vitamin A needed for the body and effective weight loss.

Tomato juice also has a great effect on the beauty of the skin, making it clearer and whiter.

Lemon and cucumber juice

Another type of juice that helps to lose weight fast in a week, especially the belly fat reduction that many people have been using is lemon and cucumber juice. The combination of cucumber and lemon helps to make you more appetite while helping to lose weight quickly. Magical, right?

Lemon is a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C and citric acid that help you in the process of metabolism and rapid weight loss. Cucumber is rich in sulfur, which is used to stimulate the kidneys to excrete uric acid through urine, helping purify the body and eliminate toxins effectively.

So, to make the mission of rapid weight loss within a week complete, the combination of lemon and cucumber is considered one of the most effective way. These two types of fruit form an effectively waistline-friendly juice while delivering beneficial effects on the skin.


  • 1 cucumber
  • Lemon, sliced 10 grams
  • 1 Cup mint, loosely packed 25g (optional)

Note: One serving.

Watermelon and strawberry juice

They are two sweet fruits that contain very little calories so you do not have to worry about gaining weight and can be very well refreshed.

Moreover, watermelon and strawberries make you feel full quickly so, I highly recommend you to drink a glass of strawberry juice and watermelon before meals to limit the intake of food, which helps the weight loss process more safely and effectively.

Besides, strawberries contain many vitamins that are good for the body like vitamins A, vitamin C and vitamin E so you will not have any nutrition deficiency.


  • 3 cups of fresh cubed watermelon
  • 5 cups of fresh hulled strawberries
  • 1 small handful fresh mint leaves (optional)


For better taste, you can freeze the cubed watermelon before blending. Remember to make it frosty, not frozen entirely.

Pear and apple juice

Apples and pears are known to be nutritious and vitamin-rich fruits while having a fast-acting weight loss effect in just 1 week.

Apples are particularly good for the body because it contains a lot of vitamin C that is used in burning fat, especially belly fat – a type of fat that’s accumulated for years and also difficult to resolve. In additionally, they support the metabolism effectively.

Pear is a fruit that contains more water to make you feel full faster, so when drinking this weight loss juice, it limits the amount of food that is tolerated in the body.


  • 1 cup of unpeeled and deseeded apple cubes
  • 1 cup of unpeeled and deseeded pear cubes
  • 1 tbsp of finely chopped mint leaves
  • 3/4 cup of unpeeled carrot cubes
  • Crushed ice for serving

Pumpkin and fresh milk juice

I bet that many people will wonder why pumpkin – the fruit that is often used in weight-gaining diet – is now applied in this weight loss juice recipe?

In fact, the use of pumpkin to lose weight is not wrong, the same with weight gain as well. However, with two methods, we will have different application so the results are different. From that point, you can rest assured about this fast weight loss method with the pumpkin juice that I introduce here.

For those who don’t know, pumpkin is one of the fruits containing many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, cobalt, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and pectin.

However, it contains very little energy, only about 27 calories in 100g. These ingredients support digestion, especially vitamin C which helps to transform fat into energy for the body.

Pumpkin, in fact, is low content of calories that can be used in daily diets to help with weight loss. But to lose weight fast in a week, pumpkin juice combined with fresh milk is considered the most effective.

The effect of losing weight from fresh milk is no stranger to us anymore. It contains more protein and calcium to increase the ability to burn fat and make healthy bones. This capability is maximumly boosted when combining with pumpkin.


  • Peel 200-300 grams of pumpkin, remove its seeds and cut into small pieces
  • 180ml of fresh milk

Grape juice

Grape juice is one of the best nutritional and weight loss supplements that you should not miss if you are on a quickly 1-week weight loss process. To lose weight effectively, you can drink grape juice after walking, yoga or gym.

Grapes are special fruits with many wonderful uses. In addition to the effect of fast weight loss, grapes also have the ability to destroy cancer cells, purify and circulate blood while reducing blood vessel blockage, preventing heart disease, reducing brain damage and causing stroke.

And here is the proper guidance:


  • 350g fresh grapes. Wash, peel and seed them.
  • Squeeze 1 lemon for extracted juice
  • A few slices of ginger
  • Sugar
  • Water


Add all ingredients except lemon juice into the blender, mix until they’re smooth and combined. After that, extract the juice, pour it into a glass.

If you find this task is a little bit inconvenient, use a juicer instead to have it done. Add lemon juice into the drink, stir to combine. Add ice cubes for better serving.

Drinking two cups of grape juice a day will bring up to your incredible results, helping to reduce the amount of fat quickly.

Grapefruit and lemon juice

Along with lemon that helps to lose weight as mentioned above, grapefruit is also one of the favorite fruits in many people’s weight loss diet. This is one of the fastest and most effective weight loss foods nowadays. That is why if you want to lose weight fast in a week with juices, you cannot ignore grapefruit.

However, take notice to avoid drinking this juice while you are hungry, because with high vitamin C, lemon and grapefruit juice can harm your stomach and digestive system when it’s empty. In case you have stomach disease such as stomach ulcers and gastritis, you should not apply this method of weight loss.


Prepare ¼ grapefruit + ½ lemon. Peel grapefruit peel, squeeze and remove the seeds and then add into the blender or a fruit juicer. Next, pour it into a cup, soup up with lemon juice and ready to serve. Better to serve with ice cubes.

Carrot juice

Carrots contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, beta-carotene and protein that’s not only good for the skin but also perfect for the body.

In addition to the bright eye effect, bone and teeth development, cleansing the liver, it is also considered one of the most effective weight loss foods.


  • 2 carrots
  • 1 branched with fresh ginger
  • ½ cup of unsweetened yogurt
  • Mint leaves


Wash, peel and slice fresh carrots. Put the carrot and a small ginger in the juicer. This formula is enough to 2 cups. Now, add with yogurt, pour the mixture into a cup and place in the refrigerator. When serving, just add a couple of mint leaves as decoration.

In addition, you can combine carrots and other fruits such as apples, pineapples that are effective to lose weight.

For diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the most common diseases in adults over the age of 40. Nowadays, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is lower and more common among young people.

Long-term diet and lack of scientific knowledge are key factors in developing this dangerous disease. Overeating also causes insulin resistance because these people need a lot of insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

But, the most importance for people with type 2 diabetes is that there’re nearly no obvious symptoms in the very first years before detecting the disease.

The most common symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes are frequent feeling thirsty, frequent urination, or hunger, dry skin, pruritus, rash, itching in hands and feet, some worse cases are vision loss, impairment of kidney function and necrosis.

The main causes of type 2 diabetes, apart from the genes, are mainly from eating and living:

– Not eat reasonably, eat too many industrial processing with poor nutrition.

– Obesity leads to high levels of fat in the body, high cholesterol and insufficient insulin.

– Not scientific diet, low in carbohydrates, fat and protein

– Stress, anxiety, sadness, long-lasting negative emotions leading to blood sugar disorders

– Smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke too much

In general, it is easier to understand that in this modern life, there are more and more diabetes people, not only from lifestyle factors, living, eating and drinking, but also from the living and working environment.

So, how to live a better life to reduce the risk of or improve diabetes?

 Stay away from or minimize

– Refined sugar

– Wheat flour

– Gluten Grains

– Processed food, fast food

Have good habits

– Exercise, play sports

– Eating reasonably with stable schedule

Use nutritious foods

– Fresh vegetables

– Chlorophyll-rich plants and foods such as wheatgrass and spirulina.

– Essential Oil (Clove, Green Tea, Oregano, Lemon …)

Creating good habits is always difficult compared to the bad ones. However, rewards for major endeavors are the healthier life of you and your loved ones.

Include the following types of fruits and vegetables that have properties to regulate blood sugar in your diet of diabetics:

  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Asparagus
  • Butter
  • Bitter melon (This is the leading food to lower blood glucose, it is very strong and should not take more than 2 servings per day, and always measured blood glucose levels after using fresh bitter melon)
  • Cucumber
  • Fennel
  • Celery
  • Collard greens
  • Cilantro
  • Kale
  • Beans
  • Spinach
  • Purple cabbage
  • Watercress
  • Wheat Grass
  • Grapefruit
  • Guava
  • Sweet potato
  • Ginger

Aside from the diet of raw vegetables, you can drink their juice to quickly absorb nutrients, the following recipes are my recommendations for you:

Formula 1

3 carrots + 1 apple (Always opt for the green apple because of their low content of sugar) + 1 fennel + 8 branches of asparagus + 1 piece of 1-3cm ginger(1/2 finger length)

Formula 2

1 green apple + 1 bitter melon + 5 celery branches + 1 green bell pepper + 1/2 lemon

Formula 3

One green apple + 6-8 celery + 1 spinach + 1 coriander + 1/4 lemon + 1 piece of ginger (optional)

Formula 4

1 apple + 8-10 kale + 1 cucumber + 1/4 lemon

Formula 5

1 apple + 1/2 watercress + 1 dandelion + 1/4 lemon

I am very hopeful that with these foods and juice recipes, they will help you to diversify your diet, not only those who are in the treatment of type 2 diabetes but also with normal people. Based on a healthy, well-balanced diet, it will help you reduce the risk of many diseases (not just diabetes, liver failure, but also digestion problems and even cancer).

Change your habits, so do your life. When good thinking and habits have been formed, the result is a positive life with a lot of energy and a happy mind. This principle is always true!


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