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Top 10 Favorite Towels for Your Kitchen

Every cook, whether home or professional, needs a durable dish towel to reach for in the kitchen. However, it’s difficult to find one that is both high-quality and easy on your budget at the same time. Hence, here’s a review of my top 10 kitchen towels to guide you further before making your purchasing decision. Let’s dive right in!

1. Utopia Kitchen 12 Pack Flour-Sack Towels, 100% Pure Rung Spin Cotton, Hand Towels, Multi-Purpose, Highly Absorbent

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These Utopia Kitchen 12 Pack Flour-Sack Towels will make you wish you had known about them sooner.

Since the 19th and early 20th, flour sacks were widely used, not just for holding cooking items but numerous other functions such as dish towels, diapers, pillow cases, hand towels, etc.

Even till this day, flour sacks are still a popular choice due to their versatility and utility. Of course, these Utopia Kitchen aren’t the 1900s type flour-sacking, but rest assure that they’re better than most of the 21st century!

This 12-towels pack provides you with more-than-enough flour sack towels for all you household needs. The long-lasting yet soft and absorbent cotton fabric makes them perfect for kitchen drying uses and counter wipe downs.

Beside the simple and clean look, the quality of these towels is just over-the-top. They are of an ideal size and work well as all-purpose kitchen cloths. The towels can be easily handwashed in the sink and hung out to dry quickly with no shrinking afterwards. One advice is to avoid using chlorine bleach since it might eat up the fibers more quickly, making them thinner over time.

They soak up water well and do not leave lint on your dishes, unlike paper towels. So, if you’re trying to reduce your dependence on paper towels, this will be a great start.

This bundle of white flour sack towels can be used for a wide range of tasks, from expert dish towels, window cleaner, dust clothes, cheese strainers, salad spinners, stain removers, cloth diaper and much more. The possibilities are endless!

Removing stains from carpets and rugs has never been easier with these towels. All you have to do is spray the stain with a 3:1 ratio of water: vinegar and gently place the flour sack towels over it. Place a slightly heated iron on top and remove the towel once the stain is completely absorbed onto it.

It’s like having a magic wand in your hand! Try it once and you’ll get what I’m saying!

2. Cotton Craft – Scandia Stripe Charcoal & White 12 Pack Superior Professional Grade Kitchen Dish Tea Towels

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In need of an inexpensive but high-quality towel that is cute, but can also stand a lot of washing up and comes in several items per pack? This Cotton Craft – Scandia Stripe Charcoal & White Kitchen Towels might fit the bill.

The towels are made of wonderful-feeling cotton and you can truly see their herringbone texture after the first wash. The greige color is a nice neutral, making them a great choice for cooking professionals.

They absorb almost everything they promised to do. For stubborn stains like coffee, tea, ketchup, or blueberries, there will be some marks. But this can be simply solved by throwing them in the wash together with some baking soda and these towels will come out fresh and clean.

These tea towels are especially great for drying glassware and covering a dish of hot rolls, or as extra-large napkins to your liking, since they’re rather thin and not meant for soaking up water. What’s more, there’s a loop on one corner to hang on a drawer or your cabinet knob, which is a great convenience for always have one within reach. And a 12-towel pack means having few in the laundry and still plenty in the kitchen to go around.

Despite not being very absorbent at first, the towels will soften out and soak up water well with no creases after a few wash cycle. And remember to avoid washing them with heated water to avoid shrinkage.

Overall, these are nicely-made, cutely designed, great value for money 12 towels that you should totally check them out.

3. Kitchen Towels (12 Pack, 15X25 Inch) 100% Premium Cotton, Machine Washable Extra Soft Set of 12

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It’s not easy to find such affordable, absorbent and lint-free kitchen cloths to abuse as these Utopia Towels Black and White Dobby Weave.

The set includes six black and white dobby weave style kitchen towels. The black ones are especially great for staining mess cleanups like tomato sauce or coffee spills without any color bleeding out.

The towels are woven with 100% natural cotton, free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, making them safe for you and your family, especially those with skin sensibility. And the durable, strong and breathable material is perfect for polished surfaces.

What’s more, the towels hold up well to heavy use and wash and still remain soft. The professionally hemmed edges are carefully crafted to enhance the quality and durability.

A great feature of these kitchen towels is that unlike some that do not hold any water, they actually soak up a fair amount, then wring out and dry easily. They also do not give off lint or fuzz balls when you try your hand using them.

The only downfall to this product is that they are rather on the thin side for some people, which makes it difficult for drying many dishes at one use. Still, these were at a great price with more-than-decent quality, which lands them on this top favorite list of mines.

4. Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set, Grey

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If you’re looking for a soft, absorbent set of true-to-color towels that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, here is my recommendation.

The Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set is made of 100% Egyptian Cotton, which is considered best in class when it comes to high-quality cotton.

This material is of great choice due to its high absorbency and breathability, so water gets wicked away quickly and air can circulate for faster drying, not to mention giving the towels a beautiful, soft and fluffy texture as well as great durability.

The weight of the towel strikes the balance of being thick enough to be luxurious and still absorb water nicely. The towels are well made and the rich-sheen borders are a great added feature. The color, despite being light grey, still manage to look vibrant and fancy.

Buy these towels and have some customized embroidery on it as wonderful gifts on special occasions. These monogrammed hand towels will look gorgeous hanging inside their bathroom.

One notice for you before purchasing is that on there might be lots of lint falling out at the first time in the dryer, but rest assure since this is normal for most towels, even the expensive ones and will not affect the look or absorbency of the towels. Overall, high kudos for this Egyptian cotton towel set!


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Enjoy the same hotel and spa quality at home with affordability with this Commercial Premium 6-Piece Bath Towel Set by Martex.

These are awesome towels. They’re not overly bulky but still feel soft and substantial, unlike paper towels. Crafted from 100% terry cotton, these towels have the same quality you would find in hotels – soft, absorbent and lasting.

The texture of this Martex towel is simply wonderful and the band across the top doesn’t shrink and deform the wash cloth even in hot water and dryer. Plus, the longevity of these towels is no joke! They are stitched well and will still be in shape after at least 2 years of heavy duty uses.

If you’re worried about the white color, you might change your mind considering using the colored towels that will get stained, blotched and lose color intensity. So, if I were you, I would prefer the plain white rather than other colors.

If you have decided to purchase this towel set, be prepared for cleaning your dryer’s filler on the first few days, which is pretty normal for any textile. With a total of six towels, this set is ideal for restocking any closet as well as gifts for new homeowners, college-bound student and much more.

However, some of these towels might experience frayed edges after washing in hot water and bleach, but these are just the minority. If you’re in search of plain, durable white towels with honest craftmanship at a reasonable price, definitely take a look at this.

6. Monogrammed Hand Towel, Personalized Gift, 16 x 30 Inches – Set of 2

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With this Monogrammed Hand Towel, you can now make a personal statement through your towels in the kitchen or bathroom.

This luxurious hand towel set of two is made of 100% pure, high-quality cotton to give a smooth feeling on the skin and a feeling of freshness after every use. In addition, the material also maintains great quality over time and makes the washing and storing process much easier without losing its shine.

The gold “hand-written” initial is embroidered thickly and long lasting. And the gray color of the towels further complements and enhances the golden lettering. Your kitchen and bathroom will look much more elegant and luxurious, almost like a 5-star hotel room.

These monogrammed hand towels are perfect as personalized gifts for you and your life partner or friends on special occasions such as wedding or anniversaries. There’s little to complain about this item so I would highly recommend this to those who would love to add a personal twist to your life space.

7. DII Cotton Terry Windowpane Dish Cloths, 12 x 12″ Set of 6, Machine Washable and Ultra Absorbent Kitchen Bar Towels-Gray

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Another worth-considering recommendation for kitchen washcloths is the DII Cotton Terry Windowpane Dish Cloths.

This set of 6 tightly woven cotton cloths is lightweight, absorbent and dries quickly, perfect for drying, wiping and cleaning kitchen tasks. Bear in mind that these are more kitchen washcloths than thick towels, and they’re the right size for their intended purpose of cleaning up small spills in the kitchen.

The texture of the cloths is neither too soft nor rough. And these cloths have the size of a large napkin – just right for drying your hand or wiping up the counter. They will look absolutely adorable as covers for rolls or biscuits on the table.

In addition, these dish cloths hold up rather nicely, still remain soft even in hard-water and after all the frequent cupboard, floor and counter scrubbing. And no need to worry about the cleaning, simply put them in the washer on gentle cycle before the dryer at regular temperature. They will remain fluffy and beautiful for months to come.

These cloths might be a bit on the thin side to some people, which is understandable given the fact that they’re not actual towels. However, with such a price and quality, this set of kitchen hand towels is a real bargain.

8. Kay Dee Designs R3189 Choice Wine Tie Towel

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Kay Dee Designs has been selling quality textiles for a well-dessed kitchen since 1951, and this Wine Tie Towel is one of them.

The vibrant wine bottle artwork that is printed on the towel was adapted from the watercolor work of artist Gregory Gorham. This towel will definitely add a bit of a vintage accent and coziness to your kitchen.

The material used is Terry cloth, which has gain in popularity recently due to its superb absorbency and fast drying. Plus, the top is from dark cotton for keeping the towel from looking stained and dirty.

What’s great about this item is the tie towel top with a button instead of a regular snap for a better grip, so feel free to hang them up when they’re not in use without worrying about them falling off.

One small notice is that these towels are quite thin compared to the price. Nonetheless, these hanging kitchen towels will make an adorable gift for the wine lovers in your life that expresses your love and care.

9. Martex Ringspun Bath Towel

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This Martex Ringspun Bath Towel is guaranteed to perform its job without eating up too much of your wallet.

The towel is 100% cotton with fine, strong fibers for a soft and durable look. It also has great absorbency and dries quickly after every bath or shower, which is required as a bath towel.

There are a wide variety of vibrant colors for you to choose from to outfit your bathroom or mix and match to your own liking. Some might worry about the bright color being faded out after several washes, but not for these towels. The color stays true after washing, as does their shape.

What’s more, the towel requires effortless cleaning and no extra drying time, saving you time and money for other things. At such a competitive price, we really can’t expect too much from this towel. However, you will be pleasantly surprise how well-made and high quality these kitchen towels are. Why not try it for yourself?

10. Ritz 100% Cotton Terry Kitchen Dish Towels, Highly Absorbent, 25” x 15”, 3-Pack, Paprika Red

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A great product to end up the list is this Ritz 100% Cotton Terry Kitchen Dish Towels.

The quality of these dish towels definitely surpasses that of many other dishcloths. At a generous size, the Ritz kitchen towel is constructed from thick terry looped cotton, perfect for wiping counters and stovetops or scrubbing sticky spots.

The size of these towels is also just right, not too thick that might hold smells or too thin to wear out quickly. The towels come in a nice shade of paprika red, sure to add vitality to your kitchen.

The durability of these towels is equally impressive. You can use them for months of constant dish washing or kitchen cleanup and they will still look pretty much the same as the first day.

If you’re hesitant about the vibrant color bleeding out after washing then rest assure because these towels will remain its color even when washed in hot water. So, feel free to wash them together with your other laundry items.

My only advice is to machine wash before the first use in cold water and tumble dry low. After that, you can abuse them as much as you want!

Overall, this towel is pretty and well-made enough to be kitchen-worthy for years to come. A+ for quality!

Many people tend to end up constantly buying cheap, low quality towels with a thinking that they can replace them anytime they want. The truth is, quality matters when it comes to kitchen towels, just like your other kitchen utensils. I hope that with the review above, you can now choose for yourself a suitable kitchen towel and use them for years to come before come back to this review again!


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