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Top Awesome Electric Potato Peelers for Your Budget

It’s true that with some innovation of potato peelers nowadays, you can enhance your effieciency very much, but still have to do this task manually. Sometimes, these ones can cause some injuries if you don’t pay much attention or you cannot peel perfectly and professionally and your potatoes may have some weird appearance.

Have you ever wondered  if there were any tools which can do the task without the help of your hands? And the answer is “yes”, but you’re not finding and researching thoroughly. However, I have to admit that this tool is not very easy to find and I have to ask for help of some pros.

Finally, here is my dedicated collections of some best electric potato peelers to help you have the perfectly peeled potatoes and other vegetables and fruits as well. Remember that you’re never alone in finding the answer.

1. Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Peeler

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Talking about this type of potatoes peeler, Starfrit is the highly-recommended brand where you can place your trust in. All of its products are made under an extremely strict supervision of the brand, itself, along with other food safety organizations to make sure there are no malfunctions arising during tests. Therefore, you will feel more secure when get this one for your sweet home.

Apart from potatoes, the tool can peel perfectly other vegetables like carrots, zucchinis or fruits such as apples, pears, kiwis and so on regarding to your preferences because the implement features a flexible stabilizing part on the top to adapt to various heights of fruit and vegetable. Meanwhile, the same functional part at the bottom will rotate when you start the machine so that the arm peeling can do its job greatly.

The peeling arm can automatically adjust to perfectly fit the width of the food so that it just peels the skin only without affecting to any nutritious parts. Plus, the peeling arm has dual sharp blades which can complete the missions in one turn.

These blades are made of food-grade stainless steel with great strength and durability to take on heavy duties and last for a lifetime. They also can resist rust and bacteria as well as has no chemical reactions with your food, so your health will be totally safe when using the product.

Moreover, the machine has a super tough and stable base to keep it stay securely on the countertops without slipping. Thus, you don’t need to use one hand to hold the machine during the operation. What’s more? When purchase this one, you will receive a thumb knife to remove the potato eyes conveniently along with 4 plus blades for easy replacement.

2. Magicook Potato Peeler Electric Auto Rotating Apple Vegetable Fruit Peeler Potato Peeling Machine Automatic Stainless Steel Peeler

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The Magicook has launched to the market with a potato peeler machine to make your life much easier. Unlike the above counterpart, the tool comes in the white color presenting the flawlessly clean. Plus, there are two built-in stabilizing parts to make sure there is no likelihood that your potatoes will slip out during the peeling process.

The fixed one at the bottom features up to 4 acute prongs to sticking firmly to your potatoes while the flexible needle on the top helps the tool fit to various heights of potato, even to other vegetables and fruits. When the start button is switched, the fixed part will rotate while the peeling arm is taking on its duty.

The arm has dual ultra-sharp blades which are super sturdy and strong to peel some tough-skinned vegetables like carrots or cucumbers. Plus, these blades are made of 100% of high-quality stainless steel with outstanding properties of rust resistance and anti-bacteria to give clean contacts with your foods. These also don’t have any impact on the taste of peeled food, so you don’t need to worry much about that.

Moreover, the package will give you two extra blades stored in the base of the tool along with a thumb knife to remove potato eyes. After using, you just need a damp cloth to quickly clean the tool. Plus, the machine will possibly work securely without slipping thanks to the durable ABS plastic base, so it doesn’t need your help to keep it stable.

Notice that this one can run on 4 AA bateries or a 6V adapter, so don’t worry about the power cut off suddenly.

Electric Apple Peeler Cutter Slicer Fruit Potato Peeling Operated Machine Prettymenny (Blue)

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The Prettymenny has upgraded the traditional peeler to help the peeling process easier than ever. The tool features dual intensely sharp to enhance your efficiency and reduce much time for cooking because it can fisnish peeling one potato in up to 10 seconds. Plus, these blades are completely made of stainless steel which can resist rust and bacteria great to protect your family’s health.

Besides, the blades can swivel to fit perfectly to any surface of your vegetables and fruits to produce the professional peeled food with the lost of nutritious parts. Plus, there is an acute point on the top to help you remove potato eyes or other blemishes easily without using a knife which may cause some injuries.

Moreover, the tool has an ergonomic handle to give you sense of comfort even use for a long time. The handle also has a non-slip grip so that you can hold firmly for repetitve strokes. And, the utensil has a built-in start button on the handle, so you can easliy press it with your thumbs while peeling.

Like many other kitchen peelers, you should clean this tool with a damp cloth and say no to dishwasher because it can destroy your tool definitely. Storing it is quite easy thanks to the small size and a hole on the handle. Plus, there are three options of color for you to choose: blue, green  and white.

KitchenTour Electric Peeler 3-Piece Fruit & Vegetable Peeler Set

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The KitchenTour also offers you a kitchenaid potato peeler considered as the potential competitor with the one of Prettymenny. I’m sure that you will fall in love with this tool right after seeing its because of its beauty. The peeler comes in white color with the high-end Y-shaped design and the mirror finish, which gives you a feeling of luxury and technology.

Besides, the tool features 3 premium stainless steel blades including: one-edge, Y, Julienne for different purposes.  All the blades are super sharp that can finisih the tasks in a blink. Plus, the material is super tough and durable to deal with some tough-skinned vegetables or fruits and last for a long time using.

Moreover, the implement has an ergonomically designed handle to make you feel more comfortable and secure while holding it. It also has a sturdy construction to withstand the heavy force or pressure from your hands without breaking.

The utensil measures 8.16”x2.34”, so you can easily store in the kitchen drawer or in the cutlery holder. And, you just need to rinse it with water to release some debris and it will become clean immediately. The built-in battery is super powerful that can prolong the time using up to months if it is charged fully.

Pelamatic Orange Peeler Pro Black

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This electric potato peeler can peel up to three fruits or potatoes in one minutes, which can enhance your efficiency significantly and save you much time used for cooking. Plus, the product gives you an ability to set the peeling depth so that there are no nutritious parts lost.

The tool has a stainless steel trident at the bottom to firmly stabilize your fruits and potatoes. When you start the process, this part will rotate and the peeling arm will easily take on it in seconds. The baldes are made of stainless steel also with great properties of rust resistance and anti- bacteria to make sure your heath is safe. Plus, this material has no chemical reactions with your fruits and potates, so the peeled ones will not taste like metal.

The peeling arm is so flexble that it can adapt to any shapes of fruits or vegetables, especially the spherical shape of your potatoes. Plus, the trident at the bottom along with the top needle can promise to keep you potatoes stay securely during the operation.

Baby Gold Electric Potato Peeler

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And now, don’t waste your time on peeling potatoes manually any more because this machine can help you deal with 2 pounds of baby potates in less than 2 minutes. How amazing it is!!!

The product has no peeling baldes like other traditional counterparts, but it has a layer of rough patters instead. And this part will take on the duty of peeling your potatoes. The machine is upgraded with the new anti-vibration techonology so that it will stay securely on countertops during the operation. Therefore, you can confidently focus on different tasks instead of holding the machine.

Besides, when purchase the utensil, you can get a brush to help you easliy clean the machine after using along with a measuring cup. Plus, I would like too give you a brief instruction about how to operate the machine:

  • Pour the water to the given line
  • Put your baby potatoes or carrots inside
  • Swich the start button on.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to use and the reason you have to pour water in is that while spinning to peel the potatoes, the water is boiled and the steam will make your potatoes skin softer and easier to peel. Thus, 2 pounds of potatoes just take you up to 2 minutes to complete.

LOHOME Electric Potato Peeler [2 Extra Blades] – Automatic Rotating Fruits & Vegetables Cutter Apple Paring Machine 

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This electric potato peeler has the same design as the one of Starfrit, but the product is available in more colors like black, white, red and green to diversify your choices.

The machine has a flexible  peeling arm with the super sharp blades to finish the mission in one time only. The blades are made of food-grade stainless steel which can resist rust and bateria to give clean contacts with your  vegetables and fruits. The arm can easliy change the position to fit to all shapes and shells of your food like the sphere of some fruits or the cylinder of cucmbers and carrots.  Plus, it can automatically adjust to the perfect peeling depth to minimize the loss of nutritious parts.

Besides, the machine has two stabilizing parts for the bottom and the top. There are up to 4 acute prongs at the bottom the keep your potatoes or any food stay securely and this part will rotate when you start the peeling process. Meanwhile, a needle on the top not only stabilize the food but also is easy to move for various heights of your foods.

Moreover, during the operation, the utensil is guaranteed to stay at a place thanks to the tough base with non-slip characteristic, so you don’t need to hold it all the time. Notice that the brand also gives you 3 extra peeling blades and one thumb knife for removing potato eyes or any blemishes.

For some products which have the same design as the one of Starfrit, I will show you how to peel and remove the peeled food.

How to peel fruits and vegetables

After centering the fruits or vegetables at the bottom, you need to lower the top needle until it reaches the food and press gently to secure. Then, you have to raise the peeling arm to the top of your food, must not hold the blade because it can cut your hand definitely. Finally, press the start button.

How to remove peeled fruits and vegetables

Firstly, you have to lift the needle up and raise it to the top. Then, grasp foods and use some efforts to pull it out of the bottom food holder. Be careful with the peeling arm and the needle on the top because if you pull the food with strong force, you hand can go up and hit the needle, which can cause bleeding. Finally, use the thumb knife accompanied to remove some potato eyes or blemishes of other foods.

Thanks for your good will when you read my devoted work from top to bottom. Hopefully, I can provide you with some basic and worthy information to prevent you from wasting money on some one-time-using junks existing on the market.  And, I would be glad if you can choose the most suitable electric potatoe peeler amongs these best ones and continue supporting me for my other reviews.


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