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Top 10 Must-have Dish Towels in 2018

Despite the importance of dish towels, many of us don’t often pay enough attention to them. Yet, it makes a great difference between top towels and the ones on sale at dollar stores. I’ve rounded up a list of 5 outstanding products to help you pick out the most suitable for your lovely corner. Hold on reading to explore!

Dish towels are available in various sizes, thickness, and fabric. You can easily find towers between 12 and 18 inches long together with other sizes. It’s up to your specific needs. Some towels are made from linen while some are carefully handcrafted from microfiber, whose softness and absorbency are pretty popular among customers. No matter which material you prefer, it is vital to go for the one with durable stitches for the edges, so you can avoid having towels easily frayed during washing-up. Moreover, there are different designs to choose from, ranging from plain white, patterned to brightly-colored towels.

1. Utopia Kitchen 12 Pack Flour-Sack Towels, 100% Pure Rung Spin Cotton, Hand Towels, Multi-Purpose, Highly Absorbent

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The very first brand that I’d like to present to you is Utopia Kitchen with its flour sack towels. These towels measure both 28 inches in length and width, which proves adequate to help you clean up the kitchen with ease.

What I like most about this type is its long-lasting material. Made of completely pure ring spun cotton and knitted in a diagonal fashion, these towels boast their softness and absorbency, which make them dry quickly once being hung after use. Thanks to their high absorbency, they can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including dusting cloths, drying hands, and cleaning windows. They are also able to act as cheese strainers and salads spinners in case you don’t have specialized devices at hand. As a perfect partner for cooking, Utopia Kitchen’s towels are helpful in keeping buns and rolls warm in the sense that they can absorb the redundant moisture to prevent sogginess.

Another outstanding feature of this brand is its expert craftsmanship. Lightweight and lint-free, high-quality edges are hemmed professionally to ensure the utmost durability and sturdiness, helping towels to last in the long run. Labeled as machine washable, these cotton dish towels can withstand daily wear and tear to maintain an excellent quality even after numerous washes. This helps do away with the use of paper towels in your attempt to go paperless. When using cotton dish towels, you are making a great contribution to the tree-saving campaign.

Packed in a total of 12 towels, this set can cater to all your household needs for today, tomorrow, and even the future. It is highly recommended that you wash towels before first use to set the color, reduce lint and improve absorbency. Several customers complain these kitchen dish towels are thinner than what they expected. However, it is their absorbent attribute that is well worth your investment.

2. DII Cotton Christmas Holiday Dish Towels, 18×28″ Set of 3, Decorative Oversized Embellished Kitchen Towels

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Are you looking for dish towels that go with the holly theme of the upcoming Christmas holiday? If so, this set of three embellished kitchen towels can’t be missed out. Measuring 18 inches wide and 28 inches long each with meticulous accents, these towels make a perfect piece of decoration for your holiday kitchen.

With the festive idea in mind, DII designs such towels in three typical colors of the Christmas: green, red, and white with lively patterns that blend well in with most kitchen décor while adding a touch of whimsy and fun to your corner. There are multiple colors on sale to mix and match with your specific home and kitchen decoration.

When it comes to quality, DII is committed to introducing ultra-absorbent and handy cotton towels for mopping up anywhere a spill may happen. Their fast drying feature along with tight knit facilitates the less occurrence of lint, making them great for cleaning dishes and glasses dry. In addition, their absorbency increases after each wash, promising to hold up every your touch kitchen grease, food, dirt, and so on. The material of cotton fabric enables towels to survive machine washing. For long-lasting products, it is advisable that you wash them in the mode of Gentle Cycle and Tumble Dry Low with cold water. Remember not to apply bleach to them or run them through a hot dryer.

With functional and decorative values, these DII Christmas dish towels are must-own kitchen utensils for every household as well as a perfect gift for special occasions like housewarming, birthdays, or holidays. It’s never too soon to prepare for the Christmas, so don’t hesitate to give them a try now!

3. Funny Dishcloth/ Tea Towel ~ Let That Shiitake Go ~ Mushroom doing Yoga ~ Funny Kitchen Cloth

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Ranking among the best dish towels, the product of MoonlightMakers can really bring a breath of fresh air to your kitchen. These funny dish towels are measured 28 and 29 inches in width and length respectively, enough for diverse uses.

Each towel features a cute mushroom with the saying “Let that Shiitake go”, which will surely satisfy mushroom lovers, yoga lovers or anyone to whom a reminder to let it go is necessary. There are cat dish towels for a change if you like. Carrying the nature of flour sack towels, it is wrinkly and soft enough not to do harm to glassware and users’ hand texture. Like others in the list, this model is machine washable and tends to become even softer after each wash. Therefore, you may love its feel as drying your dishware and glasses, or while using it for your hands.

According to some customer reviews, the big size makes the towel a little bit cumbersome for cleaning glasses. However, this perfect tea towel’s adorable design and sturdiness have made up for that. Get one for yourself or give your friends as a housewarming or hostess gift!

4. Aunti Em’s Kitchen Vintage Flour Sack Kitchen Dish Towels, Commercial Restaurant Grade, Weave Cloth 100% Natural Cotton

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If you are a fan of vintage and simple style, here is definitely your choice. Launched by Aunti Em’s Kitchen, a set includes up to 13 flour sack dish towels that are fantastic for cleaning glass windows or for embroidery. In plain white, such towels are certain to fit any kitchen décor. They can be either displayed or hung on the stove with the support of the hanging loop. Moreover, it is possible to do some embroidery on the dish towels to your liking. Thus, your kitchen utensils become a signature of your own taste and are unique to your household.

Each towel is carefully hemmed on all four sides to reduce risks of fraying or wearing during use. It is made of 100% lint-free plain cotton, which is highly valued by its super absorbency. I appreciate the large width and length of these towels (28 inches each dimension), which make them precisely suitable for household chores.

Now it’s time to bring back the kitchen of your childhood with this vintage kitchen towel set. No matter where you intend to use these towels, in the kitchen or the bathroom, you will find them a good option to have in mind. They are awesome in wiping kitchen counters or drying dishes, among several other purposes you may consider for clean-up. In special cases, the softness and strength of these washcloths can make excellent extra gym towels.

5. Kitchen Towels Dish Cloth (12 Pack) Machine Washable Cotton White Kitchen Dishcloths

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A product from Utopia Towels is going to today’s list. This 12 set of kitchen towels can dry dishes when needed while serving as napkins or a basket liner. With its cotton construction patterned by blue stripes, they can work all over the home.

Although they may look rather thin at first, their absorbency makes up well for that. They can dry really quickly so that you can avoid any bacteria build-up. Made from strong durable fiber, these dishcloths are likely to stand the test of time yet soft enough not to leave scratches on your delicate collections of pans, plates, and cookware. At the same time, the use of natural materials makes them totally safe for you and your family’s health.

Utopia line dish towels are hypoallergenic and agreeable to touch, making them ideal for people diagnosed with skin hyper-sensibility. Along with the added combing process, the zero twist construction helps remove shorter fibers, thereby minimizing shedding and fraying while bringing about a lightweight feeling. They are versatile for numerous uses: wiping your hands, carrying hot dishes, cleaning up kitchen counters, and many more.

Besides a basic commodity to every household, such 15 x 25 inches’ dish towels can be sent to your elders or friends as a goodbye gift while seeing them off abroad or to college.

6. Linen and Towel 12 Pack Premium Flour-Sack Towels, 28 Inch x 28 Inch Natural

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This product launched by Linen and Towel. It is packed in a set of 12 premium flour sack towels with each measuring 25 inches in both length and width. This especially comes in handy in case a number of guests come over your house and you don’t have time to wash towels right after use.

Made of premium ring-spun cotton with 130 threads count, these cotton dish towels are known for their durability. Their high absorbent nature makes them great dining napkins. Their edges are strongly stitched by machine with a hanging loop. It is highly recommended that you wash towels before initial use for enhanced absorbency and minimal lint. They are labeled “machine washable”, so they can stand the test of multiple washings and stay with you for a long time.

Thanks to its high absorbency, this towel set has been shaking the food industry with numerous uses in kitchen tasks. They can be used for wiping, cleaning, drying, and dusting. In addition, flour sacks are able to make great products when it comes to craft, embroidery, and needlework projects. They also help gourmet chefs proof bread, make cheese, strain sauces, or dehydrate fruit. With clean flour sack dish towels, you can easily make a pretty lining for a plate of rolls or cookies to preserve the inside steam while drying washed lettuce leaves and vegetables. It is also possible to cover rising bread dough after rubbing the towels with flour.

What I like most about this product is its environmental friendliness. They are made reusable, which means you can go paperless and curb your reliance on paper products, contributing to tree-saving programs. Line and Towel has created a great alternative to disposable, or paper in particular products.

No wonder that the combination of durability, absorbency, versatility, and user-friendliness has made the dish towels of Linen and Towel stand among top products in 2018. Why not strike a deal and try using now? I’m sure you won’t be let down.

7. Fecido Classic Kitchen Dish Towels with Hanging Loop – Heavy Duty Absorbent Dish Clothes – European Made 100% Cotton Tea Towels – Set of Two, Red

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Among the best dish towels, it would be such a mistake if Fecido’s model was left out. Fecido has introduced a collection of checkered towels to bring about a change to those growing fed up with plain white ones. Besides red, there are eleven more colors to choose from, including black, blue, brown, dark green, light green, purple, peach, silver gray, white, yellow or a mix of different colors if you like. These diverse patterns help them to match with any kitchen décor.

Each towel measures 19 inches wide and 27 inches long, which is the perfect size for everyday use. Professionally graded, they are luxuriously soft and their softness increases after each wash. Like other products, these cotton dish towels of Fecido are extremely absorbent, making them suitable for drying cookware, glassware and anything beyond the kitchen.

Made in European, these cotton tea towels are famous for their long lasting durability and performance. They are meticulously designed to minimize lint left on your glasses and plates. Instead of keep buying cheap dish towels that are bad at doing their jobs, you’d better for such high quality ones with commercially graded absorbency that will last for long years. Fecido has taken on the tiring task of choosing ones which are super absorbent and feature lively patterns to introduce to its customers. Therefore, when going for these towels, you are certain to use the best towels in the world.

Besides serving as a wonderful kitchen utensil, this set of two checkered dish towels can make a gift for your grandmother, mother, daughter or other family members. They all will definitely love it! They can also be used as placemats or table decoration items depending on your needs. So, go ahead, choose the color to your liking and enjoy its versatility now!

8. DII Cotton Decorative Pet Lover Dish Towel 18 x 28″ Set of 3, Oversized Kitchen Dish Towels

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Are you a big fan of craft and DIY projects? If so, you will surely fall in love with these DII’s cotton decorative dog and cat dish towels.

They are selling on the market in a pack of 3 dish towels with a dimension of 18 inches wide and 28 inches long to handle all drying and cleaning kitchen tasks. Three dish towels equal to three different cat prints, ensuring to coordinate with every kitchen style. Made of 100% cotton fabric, they are light-weight, long-lasting, and feasible to wash in the washing machine. However, for the best results, wash them in Gentle Cycle & Tumble Dry Low with cold water. Bleaching should be avoided in any case.

After each wash, these towels become more absorbent to clean up even the biggest. They are useful in mopping up in the kitchen or other places where spills occur. Being quickly air dry, they are ready for re-use in no time. Designed in a classic style, these DII’s towels coordinate with most kitchen décor.

Like Fecido’s, these towels make great Mother’s day, birthday, housewarming, and hostess gifts. No matter which occasion, you can always add your personalized monogramming logo at ease with DII’s basic dish towels. Besides basic kitchen towels, DII also provides Zig Zag, Waffle, Flat Woven, Chef Terry and Barmop Chevron dish towels at an affordable price to cater for every customer’s needs. With multiple colors, you have more choices to mix and match such basic essentials with your little corner.

9. Sticky Toffee Cotton Flour Sack Kitchen Towels, Live Life Stripe and Flower Prints, 3 Pack, 28 in x 29 in

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Another type of funny dish towels on today’s list comes from Sticky Toffee. With more than 80 years of weaving experience, this house brand is committed to bringing value, function, and fashion to your home.

A Sticky Toffee flour sack set contains three of its favorite sentiment quote prints such as “Live life in full bloom”, “Live simple”, “Live life with love, grace & gratitude”, etc. The material of cotton makes each 28 inch × 29 inch towel absorbent and durable while reminding users of traditional flour sacks. Moreover, the sturdy construction leads to a low lint finish, allowing towels to dry quickly. With spring seasonal prints, they make great decorations for spring and Easter themes or Christmas dish towels.

Given their charming design and chic packaging, these towels of Sticky Toffee are wonderful gifts on some special occasions like hostess, housewarming or wedding. Easy to use and care for, Sticky Toffee textiles add a perfect side dish to life. From cotton to customer, these linen dish towels are durable like dates though soft like pudding, which are always ready to accompany customers in cleaning tasks. Just give them a try and they will handle the rest!

10. Sticky Toffee Cotton Terry Kitchen Dish Towel, Red, 4 Pack, 28 in x 16 in

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Another product of Sticky Toffee will end today’s list of top dish towels. They are cotton terry kitchen dishcloth packs of eight.

In terms of durability, high-quality cotton terry creates a strong and absorbent dishcloth to help you with all kitchen chores. Measuring 12 inches in both dimensions, these towels are lightweight and convenient for bringing around or storing. Designed with a popcorn terry construction, such products are great for drying, scrubbing, cleaning and so on.

As being machine washable, Sticky Toffee’s towels are able to withstand numerous washes to remain intact. After hours of doing the clean-up, you just need to put towels into the washing machine and let the machine do its job. This has saved users’ time and efforts and helped us lead a comfortable life.

There are a variety of colors to choose for a change, including blue, brown, dark blue, gray, green, and yellow other than red. A set of eight value pack is also available for your needs. Such a collection consists of four solid colored dishcloths and another four classic striped dishcloths with different colors so as to match with any kitchen décor.

With the sole ideology of supreme quality, Sticky Toffee has proved its consistency in the quality of product line-up. Each and every product is tested to the world class standards, thus you can rest assured your purchase of one is worth your money.


In short, the choice of suitable dish towels is important in terms of both functionality and aesthetic value. We hope our today’s list has updated you on the most favored products in use nowadays. Have fun while shopping!


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