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10 Best Deserved Kitchen Rug Sets [ Updated 2019 ] – That Will Make Your Life Better

Cooking often requires housewives of standing and moving long time on cold floors which sometimes is bad for health, especially women’s. And in this case, a good solution for you is choosing a suitable rug for your kitchen to make it not only cozier but also more decorative and beautiful. Besides, a nice rug in the kitchen also creates positive and comfortable feelings for husbands and wives when stepping into the room, inspiring those to cook despite tired working day. Just imagine how wonderful experience you can have with such rugs!

Well, you understand the benefits of owning a rug in one of the part of your house. But you’ve got a problem that you don’t know which is the most appropriate to pick up. Since all of them sold on the markets are so good and that makes you confused. Or maybe you already use one rug in your kitchen, but it’s such an old and ragged one, then you hope to soon replace it. However, you don’t know what is the most modern and profitable to choose as it’s been a long time since your last rug.

Understanding that, I have tried to conduct some research and ask many people about this, and finally I came up with the list of some amazing kitchen rug sets that deserve your money and thinking. Let’s start!

Now let’s check out some of the Best Deserved Kitchen Rug Sets that you can find on the market:

1. Mohawk Home New Wave Chalkboard Sign Printed Rug, Set, Multi

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If you want a full collection of rugs for your home, then this set of Mohawk home new wave chalkboard sign printed rug set is the best choice for you!

Coming with three different sizes, this 3-piece kitchen rug set will definitely turn your home to be more and more cozy as well as warm and beautifully decorated. Moreover, the rugs match every part of your place such as living rooms, bedrooms, or even your kitchens, … That is thanks to the catchy patterns printed on the surface of the rugs with a special and modern technique. The process starts with a tufted blank canvas of white nylon and then added colors and design which is exclusive. You can totally feel secured with the materials made of the rugs because they’re all safe and high-qualified that will not cause any harms to users.

Made of 100% nylon, these rugs are ideal to protect your floors such as ceramic tile, marble, to bamboo and hardwood flooring from matting and crushing as the fiber is excellently resilient and durable along with stain-resisting. Besides, every side of the rugs is hemmed sturdily and firmly that keeps the units for such long time. The back side of them is also equipped with a special material that prevent you from slippage whenever you incidentally step on the wet rug.

Maintaining this for longer use is fairly simple as the material is easily cleaned with a solution of mild detergent and water and can be washed by washing machine. In addition, these items are thick enough so that you can also use vacuum cleaner to absorb the small stain in order to remain attractive and serviceable.

With an affordable price and long-lasting quality, this set of modern prime kitchen rug set is a perfect and valuable option for your home! And you can still find other kitchen rug in my other reviews, and I think you can find the best one for yourself.

2. Kitchen Rugs, Maples Rugs [Made in USA] [Rebecca] 1’8 x 2’10 Non-Slip Padded Small Area Rugs for Living Room

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Having a collection of four modern and cozy colors, this rug is a great decorative item for your simple and boring space! The white wavy patterns on the surface although are not really creative and novel, it’s still eye-catching and attractive. This not only acts as a kitchen rug, but also a rug for bedrooms, living rooms, or even entry way thanks to the large size.

Normally, rugs are quite heavy, but you don’t need to worry about this because it is made of 100% olefin polypropylene pile that is lightweight and easy to move. Thanks to that, washing and cleaning also become much simpler and less time-consuming as you just put it in the washing machine or clean it with vacuum cleaner. The material is durable and stain-resisting enough that there is no need for an additional rug pad, still lasting for a long time.

This is more than just a decor rug, it is an advanced one whose functions are to keeping the floor warm and dry, to make your room more and luxurious. Just imagine how annoyed you will feel if every day you have to step on such cold floor with your bare feet! Thanks to this rug, there will be no situations like this.

Measured at 34” x 20”, this is mostly recommended for kitchen, bathing and entry way. But to me, you can still use it for TV, small table space as well because of the great design. The stitches made of every side are perfectly solid and firm so that it stays long no matter how big the force put on the rug.

Much cheaper than the previous item, this owns most of the great features of it so that you should consider bringing it home.

3. Maples 3 Piece Kitchen Rug Set

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Return to set of kitchen rugs, this maples rugs area rugs sets are the best option for you whose colors are various so that you can freely choose to match with your kitchen and your space.

Including of three different sizes, this set allows you to cover all kinds of floors in your house from the small area like entry, TV space, to kitchen floor, bedroom to even living room. Good news that they are uniform so that you don’t need to worry at all about the patterns. This rugs’ patterns are quite like the above #3 but they are smaller and thanks to the colors, they still stand out from others.

Similar to other rugs, these items are completely made of olefin pile materials so that you can be guaranteed about the quality and performance of this rug sets. This can help you to keep the floor clean by holding the dirt and stain dropping on the surface without being broken down. The thickness is so wonderful that you will feel really soft and comfortable whenever stepping on it, making you feel warmer and better.

One different point is that this product cannot be cleaned by vacuum, thus you should remember this unless you want your rug to snag on the machine. So, just put it in the washing machine for better maintenance and storage.

On tip for you as another function for this is that you can use one of these items to make a small house for your pet as it is warm, soft and long lasting. But of course, the most recommended option is to put on the floors of your house. Although the price is a bit high to me, but with so many great uses, I think this 3-piece kitchen rug set is deserved to be so. What are you waiting for?

4. HEBE Kitchen Rug Mat Set of 2 Non-Slip Rubber Backing Doormat Runner Rugs Set Washable Kitchen Floor Rug Mat

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Another set coming from HEBE brand is not going to let you down as the two rugs including are both multi functioned and beautifully attractive.

Similar to other high-qualified products, this kitchen mat set is ideal for covering kitchen floor, bedroom, as well as other space no matter small or large because the two sized units following allow you to arrange the rugs and other stuff the way you like. The colors are absolutely bright and well mixed; therefore, they are especially suitable for those dark wall and furniture. Besides, the patterns are also certainly various, adorable and exclusive, you cannot find those patterns on other rugs.

Unlike other competitors, these Hebe rugs have round corners instead of square, which looks much softer and gentler. The items are hemmed tightly so that each of the stitch will attach long. Made of excellent polypropylene, this set is perfectly absorbent and stain preventing, fast dry and warm. Just step your feet on the rug, and then step out immediately, your feet will be dry and warm. On the back side of this product, it is made of non-skid latex rubber which contains a great number of grips so that it will prevent you from slippery floor.

Another wonderful point of this is that cleaning the product is very simple. You can freely put it in the washing machine with a combination of mild detergent and water, after that just air dry or tumble dry on low heat to make it become as new. Moreover, you can use vacuum cleaner sometimes to take out all the stains dropping on its surface.

You may find this unit a bit thinner than you expect, but I think this is alright because the price as well as other features are great enough. Keeping your space warm and beautiful with this set of rugs.

5. Wolala Home 2 pcs Sets Strong Absorbent Non-Slip Kitchen Rug and Carpet Super Soft Chenille Shaggy Latex Backing Solid Home Decorator Floor Mats

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This chenille fabric microfiber Wolala Home rug has such a large range of colors that you can choose freely to mix with your kitchen and space.

Including two rugs with different size, this set by Wolala is best ideal for bathroom thanks to the design and material that is perfect for doing so. Super soft and quickly dry are two words that you can have for this product. You can feel warm and cozy whenever you step from the cold floor to this rug. On the back side four corners, this owns a non-skid later that allows you to stay away from slippery cases. The whole design tries to save your floor from stains and dusts that may break down your thread on the rugs’ surface.

Similar to others, this can be cleaned very simply and quickly by washing machine and vacuum cleaner. But one thing you should remember is that you’ better put it into the washing bag before washing since the machine rotates fast, making the rugs easily separated.

This is totally far different from the other thanks to the microfiber surface but I will let you find out yourself. Overall, this is a wonderful rug that you should have for your home!

6. Home Dynamix 211-999 Splash Collection Area Rug 3-Piece, 3 pc Set

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Enjoying the abstract and beautiful design of all the three rugs in the set of this Home dyamix 211-999 splash collection area rug, you will find your room a focal point of all the parts of the house.

I have to say all the designs in the collection are absolutely exclusive and unique as you cannot find in other places thanks to the printed technique. The way colors combined is so excellent that the surface of the rugs becoming a great decorative furniture for your home, reinventing the whole atmosphere and bringing you the most luxurious and happy feelings. Thanks to the various size of each piece, this set is appropriate for almost every part of your living space from living room, kitchen, bedroom, from small apartment to large house and hallway, … The items are so stunning that you can even hang it on the wall as a piece of art!

Made of twisted frieze polypropylene, this high-end fabric provides you with the most durable and resistant rugs with perfect design, function and fashion. This kind of material will comfort your feet whenever you step on it, protecting you from the cold floor. Also, stains and dusts resisting feature will save your hardwood floor from being down-graded, providing longer beauty for many years to come. Besides hardwood, this is well suitable for other sorts of common floors such as marble, bamboo, and so on.

This set is not so thick, just about 8mm, therefore, some of you may find it not effective sometimes. And my suggestion is that you should buy an addition non-skid padding in order to prevent slippery situations. Cleaning this is so simple task since it is quite thin. Just regular vacuum cleaner or spot clean then your rugs will be as new. A bit effort and a large beauty! That is the slogan of this home dynamix brand.

7. Kashi Home Chef 3pc Kitchen Rug Set

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This wonderful kitchen mat set by Kashi home chef will definitely make your kitchen outstanding and attractive thanks to its unique look and amazing performance. This set comes with three different pieces of rug: one rectangle shape at 20” x 40”, and two D-shaped rugs at 18” x 30”, which are all ideal for kitchen, and especially cleaning dishes, preparing vegetables, cooking and brewing coffee. The outlook of the rugs is strange and adorable somehow that everyone has to at least one time look back when they go through your kitchen.

Similar to other advanced rugs, this is also made of 100% polypropylene, a durable and strong material that will prevent your floor from hardy stains, dusts, giving back the beauty and cleanliness for your floor. Moreover, this material is also easy to be cleaned up afterwards since you just need a mild detergent with water or vacuum cleaner to take back the “new” condition for the rug. That means keeping this set for a long use will be simple and effortless. The bottom side also non-skip latex, thus it helps to minimize the slippery cases should your floor is so wet and incidentally you step on it.

One important thing, the D-shaped rug in the set is highly recommended for “coffee lovers” as it exudes a warmth and homey feeling. Besides, you can also see this point because the colors are fairly warm and suitable for creating cozy atmosphere: almost yellow and brown. So, if you are a classical person, you may love this set 300%.

One back draw of this brown kitchen rug set is that all of the pieces are quite thin, causing users to worry about the durability and strength. However, you should be guaranteed about that as I say the materials are really strong and sturdy. Such a great gift for your kitchen, isn’t it!

8. Carvapet 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Set, Microfiber Non-Slip Kitchen Mat Rubber Backing Doormat Runner, Cozinha Design

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This list wouldn’t be complete without this small kitchen mat set by Carvapet whose design is quite modern, alternative and strange. There are two color mixes for you to choose which are cozinha and coffee and correspondingly the patterns on the surface are adorable and lovely, suitable for kid’s room, doorway, foyer, bathroom, as well as balcony, porch, and so on.

Measured at 15.7” x 47.2” and 15.7” x 23.6”, these figures are appropriate for small spaces rather than large one like living room or bedroom. However, you can vary by combining two pieces of rugs or somehow that you think it is the most beautiful and stunning. In that case, this is more than just a piece of rug, it is a warm and cozy décor, a preventer for your floors, …

Made of microfiber material, this is strong and durable enough to withstand from hardy stains in your space. Besides, this kind of fiber is quickly absorbent, therefore, it will obtain all the moisture and water in your kitchen. Similar to the above one, this product also has a non-skip latex, helping you to prevent slippery cases. Thanks to the materials, this rug is lightweight so that you can easily bring along and fold slightly, making storage a simple task.

Durable, Affordable and Fashionable are three words that this set really deserved. A small piece of advanced cloth with advanced stitches and materials can help you to do most things in the kitchen, and even in other parts of your home. So, don’t hesitate!

9. Prest-O-Fit 5-0258 Decorian 3 Piece RV Rug Set Sandstone Beige

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Next in the list is this Prest-O-Fit 5-0258 decorian rug set whose sizes are so various that you can alter their functions the way you like.

Made of high-quality indoor olefin carpet, this simple yet gentle 3-piece kitchen rug set is not going to let you down thanks to the great absorbent ability. Besides, this product can protect your floors from hating stains and dusts, such as hardwood, bamboo and ceramic floors, … This is the most ideal for bathroom and kitchen as the material is extremely absorbent. Although the material cannot help you have a warm feeling, it is without doubts that stain-resisting ability is absolutely excellent. The low pile height feature allows you for undemanding door clearance.

One unique point of these rugs that is their four round corners hemmed sturdily that can last for a long time. The three pieces of rugs have their own functions since according to the different sizes. For instance, the super long 24” x 72” is for hall runner, the kitchen mat is 24” x 36”, and the bathroom mat is 20” x 24”. That convenience will certainly satisfy even the hardest people.

Coming in three choice of colors, this set is suitable for those who enjoy the simplicity as the three choices are quite gentle in the design. Although the prices are a bit higher, I think they are deserved to do so because the performance is so wonderful.

Maintaining the items is also easy story. Just try to clean it regularly by vacuum cleaner and wash by washing machine, you will have it as new. And it is followed by a warranty that you are guaranteed for the quality of the product, thus just bring it home and enjoy the wonderful feelings brought!

10. Kitchen Rugs Set, Maples Rugs [Made in USA] [Rebecca] 3 Piece Sets Non-Slip Padded Small Area Rugs for Living Room, Entryway, and Bedroom

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This modern and convenient set of kitchen rugs set, maples rugs will definitely satisfy you from the very first sight thanks to the modern and cozy collection of colors!

The three products coming in the set is ideal not only for keeping your floor clean, but also for decorating your home. This is a bit similar to the #2 product but it still has its own differences. There are four color choices that you can think of to mix and match with your apartment so that it can perfectly suit. With the common material for rugs, this is totally made of olefin polypropylene that is able to withstand even the hardest stains trying to attack your floors. It is suitable for almost every kind of floor ranging from Mable, ceramic, to bamboo and hardwood. The set is used for all parts of your house including kitchen, entry way and bathroom with the appropriate size.

The additional non-skid latex back helps you to minimize those slippery cases that may be caused if the floor is wet. Besides, because of the bottom, this set of rugs is made to be much thicker than other competitors, which sometimes a great point to many people. Thick as it may seem, you can still easily fold it for undemanding carriage and storage. Moreover, cleaning it is quite simple as just putting it into the washing machine.

Of course, when first buying, you will have some annoying smell emitting from this set. However, just a few days and that problem will disappear as it is the smell from the fiber, and you don’t need to worry. Although the design is not as complicated or multi-colors as some other rugs, this is the best choice for some who love the simple and wavy patterns as classical.

11. Collections Etc Sunflowers, Daisies and Chickadees 2 Piece Accent Rug Set with Skid Resistant Backing

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I’m sure that you will fall in love with this sunflower kitchen rug set at first sight. The rugs feature a seasonal color which can bring a flow of natural beauty to your lovely house. Although the product is 100% artificial, I found the design, the patterns on it are extremely real. There is a sunflower bouquet mixed with some pretty daisies and two chickadees, which creates a perfect beauty.

Besides, the set features two rugs with different sizes such as 18”Wx30”L and 20”Wx40”L. With those two pieces, you can place them in any places like foyer, kitchen and many more. You can imagine that when you wake up at the early morning of Sunday, there are sunlight shining through the glass door and reaching the rug, which somehow make that patterns become alive.

Moreover, the rugs are made from a combination of polyester, foam and plastic so that they can features some great points from these materials. You will definitely feel soft in your feet when you stand on it due to the foam and the polyester and plastic can help the products remain the excellent condition over time. Plus, this one is also easy to clean, but not with the washing machine. I highly recommend you with hand washing to maintain the quality as well as the lovely patterns.

12. Wolala Home 2 pcs Sets Strong Absorbent Non-Slip Kitchen Rug and Carpet Super Soft Chenille Shaggy Latex Backing Solid Home Decorator Small Floor Mats

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The Wolala Home has launched to the market with red kitchen rug sets which features two pieces with different sizes including 16”Wx24”L and 16”Wx47”L which can perfectly fit in your kitchen. The large one is placed at the cooking countertop where you spend much time on prepping work and cooking meals while the other is right at the sink. Therefore, you won’t stand on the cold floor anymore and there is no more water on the floor.

Besides, the rugs are made of a special material, which is the chenille fabric microfiber, to create a perfect softness to help you feel a great sense of comfort to stand on it. Plus, the material can dry quickly so that can use this one to absorb water to keep your floor dry and clean over time. Therefore, the other suitable place to put this rug is the bathroom.

Moreover, the rugs feature 4 anti-skid corner stickers which can definitely keep them stay firmly in place so that you don’t need to worry about falling over when walking on the rug. The product is quite easy to clean by hand, but if you clean it by washing machine, you should put it into the washing bag because the machine can separate the bottom of the rugs.

Besides the red color, you can diversify your choices with the blue, purple, gray and so on. Therefore, you can choose one to match with the concept of your kitchen.

13. Kashi Home Rooster 3pc Kitchen Rug Set

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The Kashi Home has a main concept of vintage design that can somehow add an ancient tough to your house. You can see that clearly with the rooster kitchen rug sets. The set offers you with 3 pieces including 20”x40” kitchen rug, two 18”x30” slice kitchen rugs (D-shape). Therefore you can place the rectangle rug in the kitchen while two D-shape ones at the entry way or at the door of your bathroom.

Besides, the rugs have a very smooth and comfortable surface so that you can stand on it over time without any pain to your feet. Plus, the rooster pattern features a great quality that it won’t suffer discoloration for a life time, even after your cleaning. The pattern is very realistically artificial that you may think it like the painting of your kid, so it will make the rugs be a centerpiece in your home.

Moreover, the latex bottom also features the great non-sip characteristic to help you feel safe when walking on it without falling over because the rugs can stick firmly to the floor. Plus, the product can absorb water and dry very quickly to prevent moisture so that the floor will be always clean, dry and there will be no odor in your kitchen as well.

14. Mohawk Home New Wave Wine And Glasses Printed Rug, 3-Piece Rug Set, Brown

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I don’t know how to say, but I was definitely knocked out when seeing this wine kitchen rug set. The patterns printed on the rug make it not a rug as you imagine. There is something artistic in that patterns which can make the rugs have an extraordinary beauty.

Besides, the set comes with 3 pieces including 18”x30” rug, 20”x45” mini runner and 30”x 46” accent rug so that you can diversify your choices and see them as a decoration to your house. With the printed patterns like that, I think it would fit perfectly with house whose concept is a little bit vintage, ancient with wooden floor or something like that.

Moreover, the product is made of wear-dated fiber, which is a type of nylon, so that the rug can feature a great durability and resiliency to keep it remain the original condition. People thinks that nylon is something uncomfortable and tough, but these rugs are definitely opposite. When standing on, you will feel the great sense of comfort and they can keep your feet away from the cold floor.

In addition, the rugs can also absorb the water and dry very quickly so that the floor will be always clean and dry and the moistures won’t be retained in the rugs to prevent any odor. Plus, the bottom also features the non-slip contact with the floor to help you feel secure when walking on it.

15. LEEVAN Memory Foam Kitchen Comfort Mat Super Soft Rug Microfiber Flannel Area Runner Rugs Non-Slip Backing Washable Bathroom Rug Set of 2 Pcs

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You are a simple one and don’t like much something with many patterns. If so, you can check this green kitchen rug set which features the basic plain design of green color. However, I’m sure that performance can certainly meet your expectation.

Besides, the set comes with two pieces including the small one of 15”x23” and the large one of 15”x47” so that the set can surely cover your kitchen corners, especially the cooking area and the sink one because these are two places where you stand most time in your kitchen. Plus, the rugs feature the smooth surface of 100% high density flannel which can prevent tear significantly.

Moreover, the rugs are filled with memory foam which can offer you with the greater comfort than any others on the market so that you can stand on it all the time without any dissatisfaction. To keep the product remain the excellent condition, there is a reinforced sewing edge surrounding to prevent the foam from falling out. Thus, you can enjoy that soft feeling for a lifetime.

In addition, there is another good thing about this product which can help improve your health very much. The softness of the foam can help reduce the stress on your feet and the lower back because these parts are the one that suffer the weight of your body when you’re moving. Plus, the foam will bounce back to the original shape after your standing so that you won’t see any under-perform of the rugs.

This one is also safe for you when you walk on it because the rubber back feature the non-slip contact so that the rugs can stick to the floor firmly. Notice that the product is very vulnerable with washing machine, so you have to wash by hand and air-dry it.

16. Maples Rugs Kitchen Rug Set – Rebecca [3pc Set] Non Kid Accent Throw Rugs Runner [Made in USA] for Entryway and Bedroom, Teal/Sand

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The Maple Rugs also offer you with the same product line with the above one, but this time, the product feature a brighter color. This teal kitchen rug set is widely well-received for its perfect performance, but available at the feasible price.

The set comes with three pieces with quite large sizes including 1’8×2’10, 1’9×5’ and 2’6×3’10 that can help you cover some vulnerable places from dust, water and many more. The set is not only used in kitchen, but also in bedroom, living room as well.

Besides, this one is totally made of high-end material, olefin pile, which features the great durability to last for a life time in excellent condition. The material can itself resist stain and fade so that the teal color can last for a long time and the washing task is not very hard for you. Plus, although this one is not very thick as the above one, but I found the surface is quite soft that can give you a sense of comfort when standing on it.

Moreover, the material can remain the original shape, so it won’t become thin for the time going as other junks on the market. Plus, the latex bottom also has the non-slip characteristic to keep the rugs stay firmly in place and you will definitely feel more secure when walking on it.

Bonus: Choosing the right size for your rug

One of the most common question that housewives usually ask me is that how to choose the right rug’s size. Well, I may say this is up to which space you want to cover and how large or small for that space. If you think that is beautiful. But of course, it is not that easy. If I were you, I would answer some of these questions to find out the most suitable size for my rugs as well as the number and the colors.

In case that is your living room, then answer where you want to put. Is that all the legs of the furniture will stay on the rug? Then, you have to find a super large rug. Or is that just the front legs or just the coffee table? Usually if your room is small, the third choice may be the greatest idea.

In case that is your dining room, so I have two options for you. The first is the rectangular and the second is the round rugs which are both modern and can help to protect the floor as this is the place where stains can have the most.

If that is your bedroom, then you should consider all legs on the rug, or just 2/3 bed because this will turn your choice of rug into another direction. Or you just want to put the two small rugs on the sides of the bed? There are so many things to think of!

Next is for the kitchen, the hallway and the entry which you have to think of all. But you should choose the most necessary room first, then move on to the next since sometimes so much rugs may not be a good option.

Well, if you haven’t equipped such a rug for your home before, then just try one, at least for your kitchen to save the floor from the hating stains. And if you get used to doing so, start to think of prepare some new amazing ones for other space in your house, not only for protective reasons, but also for decorations. I know my review cannot show you all information relating this area, but hopefully, you gain something for yourself. Finally, thank you for reading my effort and wish you to pick out a perfect and deserved kitchen rug for yourself.


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