Top 10 Denim Aprons That Protect Your Garments While Cooking

Whenever you come to the kitchen and start to cook something, wearing an apron is an important and necessary step. It protects you from the cooking stains and kitchen greases that may stuck to your clothes. Besides, wearing an appropriate apron sometimes makes you feel like a real chef, increasing the love and passion on cooking and food.

In addition, talking about aprons is also talking about the images of housewives, bartenders or waiters, … Each group has different kind of aprons. For housewives, it maybe the soft and bright; and it can be waist one for bartenders, … The materials made of them are truly various, ranging from natural cotton, to synthetic polyester. However, today in this review, I will suggest you some excellent aprons made of denim material, giving you the feelings of firmness, gentleness and profession, suitable for almost everybody, with every kind of purposes.

Of course before coming up with this collection, I’ve tried to find out some information on the Internet, as well as ask for your help from the tops. And I hope that you can choose the best fresh and solid denim apron for yourself. So, let’s start!

1. DR.ELK Adjustable Denim Jean Aprons with 3 Pockets for Women Men

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This list wouldn’t be complete without this modern DR.ELK adjustable denim jean apron because of its excellent quality and performance.

Why do I recommend this jean apron for you? Well, coming at one size only 11” x 9” x 0.4”, it is large and long enough to perfectly fit all sizes of body from those tall guys in the bars, to those short ladies in the kitchen,… Thanks to the adjustable features on the sturdy neck strap which you can easily alter the length, the users will feel much comfortable and cheerful while cooking. Therefore, it is best for every!

The whole item is made of polyester fiber, one of the most quickly-dry and absorbent materials ever used to create such advanced denim aprons. Followed are three colors that you can choose to mix and match with your outfits so that you can both wear a protective apron, but also wear a fashionable one. The fabric makes your apron either lightweight or breathable that you may be really thankful for this feature whereas to other denim aprons, they may be quite close and stuffy.

You totally have the right to be confident to yourself whenever you are in this apron because the design is excellently modern, youthful and clever that it suits unisex. This is a novel choice for you because instead of those old flowery aprons, you can break the rule and choose this for a new inspiration for your daily cooking and serving since this product is not only used for cooking purposes. Of course, the main function is still to keep your garments stay away from all the spills of oil, the stains from kitchen, the dirt, the moisture, and it also protects you from being burnt sometimes.

One most outstanding point is that on the front side of this item, there are three large and deep pockets which can hold a great number of portable stuff that you may need while working, for example pens, mobile phones, recipe books, … And you don’t need to worry whether it may be torn as the pockets are sewed properly and each corner has a strong grommet that stuck long to the product.

What a multi-functioned denim apron! So what are you waiting for?

2. Hudson Durable Goods – Denim Apron for Chef, Kitchen, BBQ, and Grill

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If you are looking for a professional apron, this Hudson Durable Goods Apron would be my pick.

“All for one and one for all” is what I can say about these aprons. They own many plus points that ranging from professional to commercial uses. These not only should appear in your cozy kitchen, but they can assist the guys in your garage or garden as well thanks to their utmost durability.

I must say, this Hudson apron is quite similar to the above #1. For example, the simple design, the two clean colors and the high-qualified fabric which is 100% Cotton, etc… However, it still has its own style to shine with the “thousands” of pockets and various sized features. These three-large pockets at the front side of the product are so helpful for those who have to use it all the time!

The secret of convenience lies in the cross-back strap design which does not tie around your neck, reducing pressure put on it. Instead, it has a clip making it easy to adjust and put on so not easy to come off. Moreover, this apron is so easy to be cleaned-up as well but remember not to bleach and keep it separately in case there are color bleeding situations.

“Strong” and “multifunctional” are two of the greatest features of this product besides “easy to clean” and diversified sizes. This is the ideal apron that modern people should own in their kitchen.

3. Chef Apron by No1Cook Durable cotton denim apron with pockets for men and women

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If you are looking for something more modern than just a traditional black and stripes apron, but the color still should be suitable to hide all the splatters and splotches of oil and food, then you should consider this chef apron by no1cook durable cotton denim apron.

This is the most ideal item for your husbands as its design is strong, comfortable yet professional. You will be like a Gordon Ramsay whenever you put on this denim chef apron as it is completely fit for everybody, even you are women. There is no rule that women cannot wear denim apron, so just hurry, ladies! I must say the whole product is perfectly firm and sturdy since the stitching are excellently small and dense. Similar to the other advanced ones, this also has the adjustable neck strap that you can alter to fit with you. Together with that is the long tie around your waist, making your apron fixed to your body, well protecting your clothes.

Easy to clean can be the second good point as you can both wash it by hand or by washing machine. Made of 100% natural cotton, this will not emit any chemicals or colors while washing, so it can stay as new for a long time. Besides, thanks to the material, this piece of cloth is quick to dry, light to fold and easy to store. Moreover, you can be more organized thanks to this utensil. Why? Because there are three deep pockets attached firmly onto the front side of the apron, thus you can put many things that you often use in that place to use immediately while cooking. However, those pockets are a little small so you may find them quite annoyed sometimes.

This is more than just a usual apron used in the kitchen as you can wear it when serving in the restaurant, bar, or maybe in the garage or woodshop, … The strong and durable cotton will help you get rid of all the hating things that may hurt you.

To me, this is a great gift not only for men, women, but also for your passion for cooking and serving as well.

4. Vantoo Unisex Distressed Jean Apron with Convenient Pockets for Men and Women, White

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You will be the envy of your friends if you put on this practical Vantoo unisex distressed jean apron since it has outstanding color and design.

Vantoo has long been an autonomous and prestigious brand of creating household gargets which are both environment-friendly and innovative. All the products by this are completely made by hand with care and love, thus you can totally feel secured about the quality. Typically, the design of this apron is quite different from the competitors as the color chosen is white denim with some white spots on it. Besides, the way the stitches’ colors combined with it creates a retro vintage feeling that you cannot have if wearing other products.

The length of this item do comfort you as it is made to fit every size of body, and both men and women. The additional neck strap with copper grommet allows you to lengthen or shorten it as long as it is suitable for you. Moreover, the back ties are long: 93cm that you can tie for fixing the apron on your body. Just imagine how fashionable you might be wearing this wonderful and strong apron. Similar to the above one, this owns three pockets that help you a lot when carrying things. Each of them is double reinforced stitching and equipped with rivets to ensure you about the firmness of the product.

Thanks to the denim material, this utensil is absolutely durable, thin and breathable that not only is it easy to be cleaned but also stored and used for different purposes. Heavy as it may seems, this is totally light and undemanding to be washed by hand or washing machine. Talk about the functions, it is used broadly in various fields such as cooking in the kitchen, coffee shop, bar, or even beauty salon and bakery,… Just one piece of denim cloth and you can have a great collection of aprons.

In addition, you will have a warranty for this jean apron to make sure about the quality. Well, be hurry!

5. Vantoo Denim Cobbler Bib Apron for Women Men-Cross Back Straps & 4 Pockets-Furcal Design

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It will be a mistake without mentioning this Vantoo denim cobbler bib apron in this collection. Coming from the brand Vantoo, you are ensured of the excellent quality and best prestige since every piece of item is innovative and fashionable. And this one, like other products, has the same stunning effect on every kind of users, especially ladies as the design of it is a little bit similar to a kind of clothes if look from the front.

I must say, this design is nothing similar to the above #4 Vantoo, from the color options of three different blue to the number of pockets it owns. So why does this stand out from others? Well, I will not mention anything about the size, the material since those features are quite comparable to the above. The apron is absolutely durable and strong that can stand even the hardest force or dirt while cooking or serving. The yellow stitching not only does highlight the item, but also make it to be much studier.

If you are the one who enjoy organizing, you will certainly in love with this as there are up to four small yet deep pockets, one of which has a lid to cover on the top. This design is really unique that no products have this feature. On the middle of the front side, there are three copper buttons connecting two tails together. It also acts as a decorative point for the apron which makes it more fashionable.

And you may not find any apron that has two adjustable neck straps like this one. This double shoulder strap design, with fine copper buckle, turning your preventive cloth into the retro and practical item that everyone want to have. In addition, it can be washed by hand or washing machine with soapy water and proper dry.

Just imagine how lovely you or your spouse will be in this blue jean apron cooking meals, or serving you loving breakfast. With a good and reasonable price, this professional and fashionable apron is the best choice for you.

6. ERB 18004 F4 Denim Shop Apron

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Return to the simple design of apron as this ERB 18004 denim shop apron will definitely satisfy every taste, even the most difficult.

If you are the one who enjoy simplicity and tradition, this one does not own any adjustable neck strap or pockets. Someone may feel bored but this is the most recommended by the professionals as the black indigo color hides all the cooking stains and dirt that may appear when you are working, which makes it stand out from others. Another simple feature is that there are no clips for an adjustable neck strap – made from high-qualified leather, but the aprons are designed to 100% fit all kinds of people. Thus you don’t need to worry if you are so tall or short as it is suitable for all.

On the middle of the front side, there is a small pocket for holding pencils or patches, or other small stuff that you may need. The pocket is sewed properly to the item, therefore there will be no torn cases. Measured at 10.4” x 7.7’ x 2.9”, this is long enough to save you from all the ducts and even oil spills while cooking and serving. The reasonable price really makes it a perfect choice for a premium apron and uniform for a coffee shop.

One feature that really impresses me is that the material is excellently durable and light, so that I can feel comfortable when cooking, working at coffee shop or woodshop. Of course the apron is not only used for cooking, isn’t it! Some people ask me how to wear this simple denim apron without troubles. Well, just put on it as usual and knot the back tie, then you can freely prepare the work and no stains can bother you!

Similar to the above product, this denim apron with leather strap is also followed with a 6-month warranty to ensure you about the quality of the denim material as well as the strength and durability. So don’t hesitate!

7. Fame Adult’s 3 Pocket Bib Apron

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Next, turn to a simple kind of blue jean apron but still own full list of great function that one apron must have. This Fame adult’s 3 pocket bib apron will satisfy you a lot.

There are 24 choices of colors for you to choose to fit with your kitchen and clothes, from the bright one to the dark one. The price for this piece is not as expensive as other more advanced ones as the material is the mixture of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Although this kind of material is not light, this is durable, thin and quickly to dry, and preventive. It will help you stay away from all the stains when cooking and greases every time you step onto this room. And one good point is that you can put this piece into washing machine for cleaning afterwards.

I must say this product is deserved to everybody because the measurement is designed to fit perfectly. Thanks to the adjusted trap on the neck, you can alter it and comfort yourself with the best size. Actually, some people can think it is a bit short, but to me, such length is enough for all the available aprons to keep your garments out of dusts and stains. At every corner and edge, the apron is hemmed with strong and solid fabric and stitching that you can feel alright about this product.

If you haven’t used any denim aprons before, just start to wear one as it will bring you not only the new experiences, but also new look. To me, this is ideal for young ladies, but men can still use it for daily cooking and working.

8. Fame Adult’s 3 Pocket Round Bottom Waist Apron-Denim-O/S

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Let’s turn to this waist Fame adult’s 3 pocket round bottom waist apron and you will see how adult gets their fame. Just kidding!

This is one of the most outstanding piece of cotton and polyester apron whose design is simple yet gentle and professional. This kind of waist apron does not need a neck strap, but it cannot protect you from all the cooking stains, thus this is the most ideal for those working at coffee shop, bar,… rather than in the kitchen. This will help you stay away from the dusts that are caused when you lean your body to the table or counter.

Similar to the #6 product, fame adult’s is durable, resilient and strong that can stand for a long time even the force put on is large. Besides, all the edges are hemmed properly that you are ensured to have the best quality. On the front side, the item is equipped with three large deep pockets that allows you to put all the small things you need while working, from the small to the large one, for example recipe book, cell phone,… and so on.

This is excellently comfortable jean apron because the material is dry and easy to be cleaned. Therefore, keeping it clean and long-lasting is a simple task together with storing. The item really mixes with your garments, making you a fashionable serving guy, giving you more positive experience while working. Moreover, the back tie is long enough to perfectly knot tightly to your body.

9. DII 100% Cotton Denim Jean Shop Apron with Pocket, 32×28″

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If you are seeking for a strange and unique apron that has adorable patterns and images, then this DII 100% cotton denim jean shop apron is the perfect option for you!

What most impresses me is the unique design as there are 11 options of colors that you can freely choose to suit the purpose of the day. For example, there is one apron whose image is the birthday cake for birthday party; one for sweet things, one for Halloween, and so on. Of course you don’t need to purchase the whole collection, but may I recommend you to buy one to change the atmosphere and inspire you while cooking. Measured at about 28” x 35” x 0.2”, this is long enough to fit all kind of body, even you are the tallest guy.

One common feature of this item is that it has two super long back tie for you to tighten around your waist to fix the apron to your body, easing you when you have to wear it for a long time. On the front side, there are two small and lovely pockets that you can make use of them to put small things such as cell phones, spoons, and even a match. The special thing here is that according to the kind of pattern you choose, the color of the pocket will be vary.

Completely made of cotton, the product is super cool, absorbent and quickly to dry. Besides, thanks to the material, this is also excellently durable and high-qualified that can help you get rid of nearly almost stains and spilling from working. Kitchen is not the only place that this apron can be used in, but coffee shop, bar, bakery, and other places that you can think of. One note for anyone using, you can wash it by hand or by the washing machine with cold water, but you shouldn’t bleach or put them through a hot dryer.

Adorable, Resilient, Useful are three things that I can tell you about this wonderful apron. To me this apron is best gift for your workplace for a new atmosphere.

10. Now Designs Basic Cotton Kitchen Chef’s Apron, Denim

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Final in this list is the simple yet gentle and classical model of apron that will suit every taste. Similar to other advanced one, this apron is 100% made of natural cotton that is fairly breathable and durable, also easy to be cleaned by washing machine, saving you a lot of time. Just soapy water and your apron will be as new. Besides, because made of cotton, this is light and easy to be stored.

Basic as it may seem, there are enough useful features that one apron must have. For example a long piece of cloth to save you from stains, an adjustable neck strap to achieve the perfect fit, two long back ties to tighten and one big pocket on the middle of the apron. All of them are sewed properly onto the apron to ensure you the most perfectly strong item.

One tip for you to do with this apron. You can use one in your kitchen for daily cooking, one in your garage and woodshop, and one for your coffee shop because this is fashionable and suitable for almost every workplace. If your apron is old, don’t throw it away, try to turn it into a denim cloth to put under the vase or something for decoration.

A great simple apron that it is a standard for other apron. With a good price and quality, it’s really deserved to appear in your kitchen

One good and suitable apron will ease your effort of cooking, serving and working as it will inspire you a lot. And to me, a denim apron sometimes will cheer you up instead of the casual black and stripes one. Whatever you have or haven’t been wearing any denim one, just one time try and you will feel the difference. Of course my review cannot give you the whole heaven of this field, but I do hope that you will gain at least something to choose for yourself. And remember to read other review of mine and leave me some feedback for completing them the next time. Thank you for your reading!


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