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Top Awesome Apple Peelers You Should Consider

It’s a common concern that all people from the beginners to some experienced cooks are afraid of peeling the fruits and vegetables because they feel hard to maneuver with a normal knife, which requires the skills with knife a lot.

However, the question “How can I peel the apple without losing any nutritious parts?” is still the hard-to-answer to some people. Don’t be in panic anymore!!!  I’m here to help you right now. After researching for months about the apple tools, I finally find the answer for myself and also for you.

And this is the apple peeler which can help you go through your disaster. I have to admit that the world of this tool is not very simple as I used to think. Therefore, I hope that after reading my review of some best apple peelers, you can get the same feeling as me.

1. Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler by Spiralizer, Durable Heavy Duty Die Cast Magnesium Alloy Apple/Potato Peeler Corer

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Here is the 3-in-1 tool to make your preparation much easier than you’ve ever imagined. This is the apple peeler corer slicer. The machine feature a chrome plated winding rod having 3 acute prongs to keep your apples stay securely during the operation. Plus, the rod is guaranteed to greatly resist rust and bacteria.

Besides, the rod is connected with the ergonomic crank handle to help you hold firmly and comfortably to spin. About the peeler, it has the super sharp blade to easily finish the task in one turn only. The peeling arm is flexible to help the blade can adjust the peeling depth so that there is no likelihood for the nutritious parts lost.

Moreover, the slicer isn’t designed rigidly because you can turn it up to slicing your apple or turn it down for only peeling process. This part along with the peeing blade is made of food-grade stainless steel with great sharpness and durability to stay in the excellent condition over time and not to break or bend.

After using, you can clean the tool without any difficulties because the slicer and peeler can be removed and installed again in seconds. Plus, during the operation, you don’t need to hold the tool because there is a rubber base to keep it stay firmly on the countertops. Therefore, your job is to spin the handle and let the machine do the rest. That’s the reason why the utensil is also suitable for older people and those who have some problems with their bones.

2. Pampered Chef Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer #2430

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The pampered chef apple peeler corer slicer comes in a box where you can store your tool in when not in use, which is much more convenient than other counterparts. The tool also comes in the tough and strong construction to guarantee to last for a lifetime in your kitchen.

The whole product is made of cast iron with corrosion resistance to be safe for your health. The machine is tested for many times to make sure non-toxic reactions arising when taking on duty. It has a winding rod along with 3 prongs to keep your apples stay firmly on the rod during the process. There is a crack handle which you just need to spin it and the machine will itself finish the task.

Besides, the utensil features the ultra-sharp peeler and slicer to deal with your apples and other fruits or vegetables in on time guaranteed. The peeler has a smart arm to help it adjust the peeling depth to reduce the loss of nutritious parts. Plus, the blade is quite tough and strong in order not to break or bend easily.

Moreover, the slicer is flexible for you to choose whether using the slicing and coring process or not. It means that if you want to carry out both these processes, you just need to turn on the slicer. This slicer comes along with the sharp large hole acting as a corer.

Although the product doesn’t have a base like other counterparts in it class, there is a clamp accompanied to lock it securely in the countertops. Therefore, it still stay at a place during the operation.

3. Vremi Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Machine with Vacuum Suction Base – Cast Iron Rotating Spiralizer Apple Peeler for Countertop 

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Like the first one I mentioned, the tool also has a winding rod connecting with 3 acute prongs to pin through your apples to keep it stay securely during the operation. Plus, the rod is moved by spinning the crank handle. This handle is designed ergonomically so that you can hold it firmly and comfortably when doing your task.

Besides, the handle features a non-slip grip to help you easily hold it even when your hands are wet. The product is integrated with both slicer and peeler, so when you spin the crank, two process will be carried out at the same time.

About the peeler, it has an ultra-sharp blade made of food-grade stainless streel along with the smart peeling arm. Therefore, when your apples come closely to the peeler, it will be definitely peeled in on turn but only the skin because the arm can adjust for the perfect peeling depth.

Moreover, there is nothing to complaint about the slicer because it perform extremely well that you will get spiral apples in one turn. Plus, the blade is also made of stainless steel with ultimate sharpness to make sure that no matter how tough your apples are, they will be completed in seconds. This part has a hole on the top, which plays a role as a corer.

Both of the slicer and the peeler can be removed for easy cleaning with damp cloth. In addition, they are guaranteed to last for a lifetime and stay sharp always. While spinning, you don’t need to hold the machine because it can stand firmly on its own thanks to the sturdy rubber base. There is a cap for you to cover 3 prongs after using for the safety purpose.

4. Precision Kitchenware – Stainless Steel Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer – Luxury Black Edition

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This machine is really efficient that can deal with your apples and other fruits or vegetables with pure ease. The apple peeler has a super sharp blade which can peel all the skin off in seconds. It has smart peeling arm to be easily compatible with the spherical shape of your apples so that the tool can peel perfectly any apple-shaped fruits and vegetables.

Besides, the peeling arm has an ability to monitor the depth while the blade is taking on its duty to make sure that the nutritious parts will remain with no loss.  Apart from the clinking peeler, the machine also has the slicer integrated with corer and the winding rod to keep your fruits. The rod has three prongs to pin into your fruits, so they cannot fall out during the operation.

Moreover, this part is connected with the ergonomic crank handle for you to operate the machine by spinning it. Plus, the slicer is as sharp as the peeler and also tough to cut the whole apple easily. You can move it up or down to carry out the both slicing and coring process or not.

More than that, all parts having contacts with your fruits are completely made of food-grade stainless steel with great properties of rust and bacteria resistance to protect your health. Plus, this material doesn’t have any reactions to your fruits, so you can confidently enjoy them.

Although the product has the same design as some counterparts, it still can stand out of them thanks to the luxurious black color. Therefore, it will possibly add the high-and and subtle touch to your kitchen.

5. Norpro 865 Apple Master-Apple, Potato, Parer, Slicer & Corer with Vacuum Base & Clamp

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The tool measures 9”x3.2”x5”, so you can easily carry it around and it doesn’t take over much space in your kitchen or on any countertops. The product has a tough and sturdy structure in order not to break easily as other junks on the market. Therefore, you will feel more secure when purchase this one.

Besides, the implement consists of 3 different parts for 3 particular functions including peeling, coring and slicing. However, you can choose which functions to carry on, may be both of coring and slicing or only peeling or all of them regrading to preferences.

There are three prongs to help you lock your fruits and vegetables safely during the operation. When you spin the crank handles, the chrome plated winding rod will move and bring your apples to the peeling arm and the slicer which are ready for the task. The peeling arm is quite smart that can adjust the peeler for the perfect depth so that there is no loss of nutritious parts.

Moreover, the slicer can be turned on for the slicing process along with the coring one because there is a large hole matching the core of your apples on the top. Both the blades of slicer and peeler are ultra-sharp and durable to last for a long time taking on heavy duty and complete the mission in one turn only.

More than that, the machine can stay at place without slipping thanks to the suction rubber base, but if you need more sure, you can use the clam accompanied to lock the implement definitely to the countertops. Then, you will confidently spin the handles and let the machine do its work.


6. Beyetori Kitchen Fruit Tools Gadgets Set, Avocado Slicer, Apple Corer Cutter and Vegetable Peeler

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The Beyetori has launched to the market with the set of apple peeler corer and slicer along with a smart tool used for avocadoes. All the tools are in the green and black colors, which is quite pretty looking and high-end. Plus, their quality won’t fail you surely.

The peeler is super cool the dual ultra-sharp blades to finish peeling your apples in seconds. These blades are made of food-grade stainless steel which can resist rust and bacteria to create clean interactions with your fruits. Plus, the material is tested for several times to make sure there are no chemical reactions to your fruits and vegetables so that you won’t definitely taste them like metal.

Besides, the tool features an ergonomic handle with the super non-slip characteristic to help you hold the tool firmly in both hands even when your hands are wet. Plus, there is a rounded base at the end of your handle so that you can stand it up on the countertops when not in use. Therefore, the blades won’t have any contacts with germs to remain always clean.

Moreover, there are two extra types of blades including the serrated and julienne for other particular purposes. Plus, there is an arch-shaped roof covering the blades to protect them from any impacts outside and also protect your hand from mistakenly touching the blades. When storing, you can use the plastic protective sheath accompanied to cover the blades also. Therefore, there is nothing can affect the blades surely.

Along with the peeler, there is an apple corer slicer to help you easily deal witch any fruits and vegetables whose shape is like the apple. The tool has up to 8 extremely sharp and durable blades so that for one time only you can enjoy your perfect wedges of apples. Plus, the implement feature a strong and tough plastic body to withstand your heavy force and pressure when you push it down.

And the last one of the set is the 3-in-1 convenient avocado tool. You just hold the product in hands you can complete all the process of preparing avocadoes. It has a sharp plastic knife to help you cut the avocado and there is a serrated rounded blade in the center to remove the pit out. After that, use the slotted comb to take your avocadoes out from the skin into equal pieces easily for the healthy salad and other dishes.

7. LOHOME Electric Potato Peeler [2 Extra Blades] – Automatic Rotating Fruits & Vegetables Cutter Apple Paring Machine

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No more spending effort or time in peeling your apples because this electric apple peeler can do the whole task with just a click on the start button. The product is available in 4 options of color including black, white, green and red to diversify your choice.

The machine is completely made of ABS plastic in tough and durable construction to last for a lifetime. Plus, this material is guaranteed to be highly safe to your heath because it is tested for several times to make sure there are no toxic chemicals arising.

Besides, the utensil has two stabilizing parts including one trident at the bottom and one moveable needle on the top. The trident mainly keeps your apples and other fruits or vegetables stay securely during the operation. Meanwhile, the top needle just help little in the stabilizing the fruits, but it has a major missions is to adapt to various heights of your fruits and vegetables because you can move it easily as I mentioned.

Moreover, the peeler is the key factor of this tool. It features a super sharp stainless steel blade with the great properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance to produce clean contacts with your food. Plus, the blade is quite tough and durable that can take on heavy duty without breaking or bending easily. However, nothing can stay in excellent condition for good, so if the blade doesn’t perform well, you can use the two extra ones in the compartment at the base.

More than that, the peeler has a smart and automatic peeling arm so that it can help the peeler monitor the peeling depth for the perfectly peeled food with no loss of nutritious parts. When you press the start button, the trident will rotate while the peeling arm is moving from the top of your food to the bottom to finish the task in one turn only.

8. Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler

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Here is the traditional design of peeler, but with high quality to help you deal with peeling task in a snap. The tool has dual ultra-sharp blades made of stainless steel to easily deal with not only apples but also other fruits and vegetables like potatoes, pears, carrots, etc. Plus, the material can resist rust and bacterial greatly as well as has no reactions to your foods, so you can confidently enjoy your peeled food.

Besides, the blades are quite tough and durable to stay sharp and not to break or bend over time using. These ones can swivel to adapt to any surfaces so that nothing can stop it from peeling. Moreover, the peeler has an ergonomic handle with 4 slightly curved edges to greatly fit to your 4 fingers when you hold the tool, so you will utterly comfortable and effortless during peeling.

Plus, the handle is oversized to be suitable with both hands and it provide you with a non-slip grip so that the tool can stay securely in hands even your hands are wet. It also has strong peak to help you remove potato eyes or any flaws on your fruits.

After using, you can rinse it with water or toss it into the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. The implement measures 7.5”x1.5”x0.8”, so you can store it perfectly in kitchen drawer or cutlery holder. However, if these places are full of stuff, the peeler can be hung on a hook to save more space in your kitchen.

9. Vegetable Peeler Dual Y Peeler Fruit Peeler for Apple Potato Orange Carrot Peeler Veggie Julienne Slicer Peeler Sharp

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The Wasson has launched to the market with the up to 5-in-1 apple peeler to make your life more convenient than ever. The product has 3 choices of color including green, orange and blue to meet your preferences.

Considered as one of the must-have kitchen peelers, it has two head with different types of blade which are the julienne blade and the minimally serrated blade. Therefore, you can use the julienne head to peel the carrot or zucchini to make salad because it can produce vegetable strips. Meanwhile, the serrated blade will help you peel all other fruits and vegetables from the soft to the tough-skinned effortlessly. These blades are completely made of food-grade stainless steel with ultimate sharpness and durability to take on heavy duty for a lifetime.

Besides, the material can resist rust and bacterial to protect your health definitely. Apart from the peeling blades, the tool also has a digger to remove potato eyes or any blemishes and the citrus peeler for easy dealing with oranges.

Moreover, the handle is designed ergonomically with the tough construction to stand with your force and pressure and give you a sense of comfort when holding the tool. Plus, there are several rough holes on the handle so that you can grate your potatoes with these ones.

10. Precision Kitchenware – Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler with Cleaning Brush & Blade Guard

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The tool product has a tough and strong structure to rise to any challenges. The whole peeler is made of stainless steel with anti-bacterial and rust resistant properties to give clean contacts with both your foods and your hands.

Besides, the implement feature two types of ultimately sharp blades including julienne one and serrated one. These blades are installed in both sides of your peeler, so if you want to change into the other function, you just need to turn the product.

Moreover, the utensil measures 7.5”x3.9”x1.6”, it can stay perfectly in your kitchen drawer or in the cutlery holder. Plus, there is a hole on the handle for you to hang it on a hook to save more space in your cramped kitchen.

More than that, there are a cleaning brush for the blades and a protective sheath covering the blades to prevent them from any influences outside. And, you will receive a FULL REFUND WARRANTY in case there are any problems arising with your peeler.

11. DALSTRONG Paring Knife Peeler – Gladiator Series – Birds Beak Peeling – German HC Steel – 2.75″

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This is not a normal apple peeler, but it is a high-end knife made with extreme craftsmanship to give you a sense of acting like pros. The material used for the knife is German steel regarded as one of the best steel for making knife. The material has the ultimate properties of rust and bacteria resistance, so you will confidently use it to peel your apples.

Besides, the blade is highly sharp and has the 18 degrees angle to help have perfect movements through your fruits. Plus, the non-stick surface will make the operation easier and not destroy the nutritious parts inside.

Moreover, the pakkawood handle is designed ergonomically to help you hold the knife as comfortably as possible so that you can easily focus on the task at hands. The handle is stuck firmly with the steel core with three rivets, so there is no likelihood that two bars of wood will be loose like other counterparts.

What’s more? The pakkawood features the characteristic of absorbing moisture to keep your palm always dry for maneuvering without slipping. And the value of the knife will be enhance more and more as the time go by thanks to this type of wood.

Another plus point of this knife is that the handle and the blade is not separated like other counterparts having the sharp corner which is much vulnerable because this one can easily be damaged severely when you mistakenly hit it to the countertops.

After using, you can clean the knife easily with hot water and cover it with the protective sheath accompanied to keep it in the excellent condition over time. Thanks to acute peak, you can use the knife to carve on your fruits to create some valuable masterpieces.

It’s true that to open a door, you have to get the right key. Therefore, to deal with your apples easily, nothing can be better a right apple peeler. Although there are thousands of them existing on the market, you have to carefully choose because the choice is yours. Hopefully my devoted works will help your choose the most suitable one and you won’t regret for this decision after all.


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