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Top 10 Apple Tools – The Must-have One for Those Enjoy Apples

Do you enjoy everything relating to a big apple pie? From eating, to sharing it with others, or especially making one for you own with your own taste? But you’ve got a huge problem: Peeling, Coring and Slicing. OMG these boring things keep stuck in your head which distracts you doing the wonderful job. Then, in this case, a suitable apple tool is considered to be the best option for you.

Again, you are used to slicing, cutting all by yourself and you do not know where to buy a good tool, or even what they are. Seeing this, I write this review for your better understanding about apple peeler, slicer and corer which can make your apple-pie making a much interesting job than ever after having done some research. And I want to share it to you, and altogether you can choose the best for you.

1. Cast Magnesium Peeler By Spiralizer

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The first recommendation that you should consider is this legendary Cast Magnesium Peeler by Spiralizer – one of the most convenient designs that you can find.

Coming in a royal red color, not only does this bring about the luxurious feelings, but also its small size – which can make you feel easier while using. This design is an advanced version of the usual peelers on the market thanks to the safety systems, including a cap on the base and a detail for keeping the blade on the prong. It also acts as a “blocker” for your potato not moving.

This apple peeler is far beyond my expectations because of its materials, instead of brittle steel as others, this is made of ultra-strong die cast magnesium – one of the safest and most long-lasting one for kitchen tools. One more good point is the way it stuck to the counter surface. Its base is powerful rubber which can attach to the table top easily and firmly in order to make sure the safety of you. How wonderful. So you can feel secured to use this, can’t you?

This is so much more than a peeler because it can also cut into equal pieces for your apple pies, making twisting potatoes which attracts so many people, or just simply taking the annoying cores out of the apples. And all you need to do is setting up the device consisting of unlocking the safety one, placing your roots in the right place, choosing the right blades, then turning the handle around for the outcome. This is such an easy way compared to other complicated designs.

Because of its convenient outlook, this can be dissembled without any difficulties for washing at the end of the day. Putting the details into the dishwasher or cleaning by hand are both alright for it so you can save a great amount of time.

Getting rid of boring apple peeling job, this is the best choice for you.

2. Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler

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Another unit with a similar peeler usage coming in this list is Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler, best satisfying every taste and certainly making your day.

Actually, one thing attracts me most of this apple peeler is the transparent plastic coverings that allows you to see the inside structure of the machine, including different red toothed wheels. Other following details consist of two blades, protective covers, peeling arm, rotating disk, a four-leg base and a handle. The whole machine is made of safe and user-friendly materials which do not cause rusts or some toxic substance while being used.

The preserving thing is also rather simple story because it can be cleaned by both hands and dishwasher for saving time. But sometimes, you should clean by a soapy cloth for longer maintenance. The total measurement is 7” x 10” x 24”, quite a large tool for comfortable use that you can freely have a full fresh unpeeled apple or equal pieces of it for making pies,… More than that, getting out of the core is also trouble free, which allows you more time for other things than just this normal peeling and slicing.

Unlike the #1 peeler, this one has a different peeling arm that can peel a larger area of apple skin, therefore saving you more time. Also, this peel the apple in the vertical direction which is quite distinguished from others. Some people wonders about how to set up it perfectly. Well, there are some guides that you should follow which are printed in the guidebook. But, believe me, that is very really easy to understand and make. So, don’t worry!

Overall, this one is a good choice and a good price that you’d better take into great consideration for your kitchen! If you want more information about apple peeler whose design is various, then just do it now!

3. Ranavy Automatic Apple Peeler And 1 Fruit Slicer

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If you want an electric peeler, then here is the one for you. This Ranavy Automatic Apple Peeler set includes one apple peeler and one slicer which are totally convenient for your daily boring processing fruits job.

The machine has a white color which brings about the elegant feelings, and it also matches well with your cozy counter as well. With adjustable arms together with sweetly sharp blades, this device is super flexible in changing the size according to your fruits, from the small potato to the big apple or mango.

What stands out most is the under-machine storage in which there are a lot of accompanied accessories such as an extra blade, a plastic knife for cutting and some certificate numbers for warranty. Not so many appliances have this kind of feature. Besides, not only can this tool run on electricity, but also on batteries which there is a box for it at the bottom. So you can easily bring it along, make apple pies or just chips or julienne mangoes whenever you would like it to.

Of course the materials made of the tool are excellently well-qualified and safe for the users. These are BPA free plastic for the body and stainless steel for the 3 blades. With just one button, and then your fruits are peeled beautifully and if you want, even they can be cut into nice slices or juliennes.

After all the processing, dissembling all the non-electric details and put them into a dishwasher for proper cleaning. Then you should store it in the suitable place for easy seeking the next time you use. Plus, the machine comes with a warranty so that you can feel secured about whether to buy or not. There is also a manual book for more instructions and if I were you, I would read the book for better understanding about my everyday assistant.

The slicer is also super practical with a medium size and design, that you can not only cut your apple into 8 smaller pieces, but also get rid of the annoying core thanks to the sharp blades. On the two sides lie two handles for comfortable holding which lessens the force you put on. Overall, they are so perfect a set that they are deserved to have a place in your kitchen.

4. Vegetable Peeler Dual Y

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I must say I have never seen such a super useful handy peeler like this Vegetable peeler dual Y – too many usages in one tool!

This set comes in three peelers with three different colors, allowing you to change relatively in case there is one broken down. Each piece is really lightweight thanks to the safe plastic materials, reducing your efforts put on the job. Plus, the blades are 100% sharp, thus you can do a lot of work in a minute. With a nice design, this is best fit to almost everyone’s hands.

Why it is called a Dual Y apple peeler? That is because of the way the peeling arms attaching to the body. The producers made use of the most of this model, so you can find this a 5-in-1 peeler. For the one end, this is a fruit peeling, able to peel the skins, the slim slices, of your apples, potatoes, … The other end acts as a tool for julienne strips for fruit and salads.

What’s more? Well, you will be surprised because this is equipped with a potato eye removing detail so that you can take out any of them in your food. And this detail can also be used for separate the orange and its peels in case you want so. In addition, in the middle there are some holes whose usage is to help you in grinding food such as cheese, potato or oranges, … That is so many good points, isn’t it?

This is a durable tool that can suffer from even the hardest forces without changing its shape. But you can find out more about them on this apple peeler. Cleaning them is quite a simple one because you just need to rinse it with water and then it will be clean immediately. Remember to dry it carefully to prevent from being rusty for longer lasting.

Overall, this is such a great gift for your kitchen!

5. BravChef VEGE001 Vegetable Fruit Set Apple Y Potato Swivel Y Ultra Sharp Veggie Julienne Stainless Steel Kitchen Peeler

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This is the best of the apple peeler that I can find because it covers all of the outstanding points of other peelers. To me this is the best peeler set that deserved a place in your kitchen.

The set comprises a cleaning brush for washing the utensils, especially the cylindrical tools. Like some standard brushes, this is such a solid one that it can almost do away with all the hard stains stuck on your kitchen thanks to the firm nylon materials.

The three peelers are indeed amazing for both 3 different usages (taking out the skin, normal peeling and julienne peeling) and the way it can be attached into the plastic body for easy working with. Every piece of peeler is designed to be used with or without connecting to the body. If you have to handle with the strange shape of fruit, then you do not need to attach them together. And if you just want a more convenient way to slice the cucumber or carrots, then assemble the peeler into the blue plastic body. You will find cutting them is just a piece of cake!

On the side of the peeler, there are potato eye removing details, thus you can use this to get rid of the hating eye which can have toxic substances, making your food safer to be eaten.

Many people ask about the maintenance process afterwards. Well that is actually pretty simple one because it requires no electricity, therefore putting into the dishwasher may be a good choice for all.

One secret that I will let you now is that on the top of the plastic body, there is a plastic knife. You may wonder about its purpose. Actually, that is used to trim the fruit for decorating. What a wonderful set of apple tool!

6. Apple Corer, Newness Premium Apple Corer Remover

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Let’s move on to the tool that will definitely satisfy you. That is this Apple Corer, Newness Premium Apple Corer Remover.

Owning a classical outlook, this properly has two main parts, including a plastic handle and stainless-steel removing part. The apple corer is suitable for getting rid of the cores of your apples, pears, bell peppers, and alike. None of us enjoy taking out the core because usually it takes us so much time, therefore, thanks to this simple yet convenient tool, you will save a large amount of time, and you can get to making your apple pie or apple juice without having to take out one by one core.

There are two color options for you to pick out. One is black and other is red and of course it will cost differently but I think it is worth at that price. The figures are also fit with your kitchen from small to big and. It also stays firm to the tabletop.

One common question I often receive for this product is how to use it in the right way. Actually it is very easy to use. Just softly press the blades into the core and then pull it out. After that, the core can be easily dropped out thank to the detail for opening the mouth for easy.

Thanks to using this, you can stay away from the seeds without having to cut the fruits out and also, you won’t get hurt in case you clumsily cut the food. One tip is that you can use this tool like a band for taking out the seeds in the pumpkin or alike. I guess it must be very funny.

Like other kitchen utensils, this can be cleaned in an easy way because of simple construction, as well as other apple corer which the same design. But to me, this is the best choice for your coring remover tool.

7. OXO Good Grips Apple Corer

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This one may not be so advanced as the previous #6 apple corer but to me, it still owns very different features that stand out from others.

I call this OXO a screwdriver apple corer because of its outlook which consists of a black part for holding and a part for press into the fruits to take out the core. On the handle, there are some patterns to avoid slippery in case it gets wet so that you should feel guaranteed about this. This model is so gentle that it’s got a small hole on the top end for easy storing purpose. You can tie a rope into it and then hang it somewhere on the kitchen.

The steel part looks a bit strange compared to the previous one because of the space on the side. You may wonder why, and the answer is for quick throwing away the core. Just imagine if there is no such space, you will be unable to get the core out of the tool.

Measured about 8” x 1.2” x 0.8”, this utensil is worthy for almost every one thanks to its comfort created while using. In the past, you have to take out one by one seed, now just one press in the center and tada, your apple is there waiting for you making an apple pie, or pear juice,….

This is more than a corer. You can buy another one to take out the core of cucumber or pumpkin, or even use this for carving the pumpkins, or carrots or potatoes… to decorate. That’s so wonderful, isn’t it!

Almost every handy utensil can be washed by dishwasher, and the case is similar to this tool. And of course you may wash by hands if you want to. But remember to dry it properly for longer use.

8. Beyetori Kitchen Fruit Tools Gadgets Set, Avocado Slicer, Apple Corer Cutter And Vegetable Peeler

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This set of Beyetori Kitchen Fruit Tools Gadgets is so convenient that it covers mostly all the jobs you need to do with you apples and avocadoes.

Coming with three separated tools that owns different purposes and shapes: one peeler, one corer and slicer and one for avocado slices. All have green color that bring about the fresh feelings for your processing food job, and also the size is absolutely appropriate with every hands so that you can freely create the food you enjoy. The blades are super sharp therefore cutting skins, or slicing fruits are truly undemanding and effortless. The handles are helpful in reducing force put onto while cooking.

This apple peeler corer slicer set is so amazing that I cannot describe all the features here. The peeler consists of three blades for three different usages such as julienne strips, skin peeling or normal peeling for making salad, other yummy dishes that you can think of and saying good bye to annoying skins.

Besides, the 2-in-1 slicer and corer is certainly suitable for all kinds of fruit that has the center core such as apples, cucumbers, peppers, or pears,… an so on. The both-sided handles are made of rubber that will stick to your hands while using so you don’t need to worry about the loose or some unwanted situations. Final is the tool designed for avocadoes. There are three steps to do including removing the skin, and cutting it into half by the sided detail. Next is taking out the core by the circular features and cutting the meat into smaller pieces by the cutting top. Wow, this set can do almost anything!

This Beyetori is super durable and lightweight as well as safe to users because it has been through a lot of tests. There is also a warranty for this so you can feel alright before making any purchasing decision. Overall, this set is an excellent gifts for your woman for making everyday meals.

9. Prepworks By Progressive Thin Apple Slicer And Corer

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Talk about the coring and slicing things, some of you may feel really annoyed because that is such a boring job. But everything is handled thanks to this Prepworks by Progressive Thin Apple Slicer and Corer.

There are two options of the number of slices that you want to make: 8 and 16. This is considered to be an advanced feature compared with others. One thing special about this apple slicer model over some previous tools is that it has one attached cover which acts as an apple pusher when used as a base. Actually, this cover helps to hold the fruits you put into more firmly and thus cutting it into pieces will be less demanding.

I will tell you why you need a base for such a slicer. This is because without a base, when you press the tool into the fruit, in case it is so hard, then you cannot take the unit out of the fruit easily because there is somewhat an invisible force. Therefore thanks to the base, you will much easier cut it wholly and taking out step will be less difficult.

Moreover, the base is also used as a protector for your slicer for proper storing. Well, I’m truly impressed at how quick this unit can turn an apple into 16 equal pieces in a second! Each piece is nice and perfect-sized for lunch and snacks. Just think of the apple snack or pear snack that you can make thanks to this utensil.

One problem that you may find is that the core size is quite small sometimes so that if the apple is quite big, it may not remove all the seeds. But they are just some rare cases, not so worth being considered. All you need to do is wash it carefully after every use and store it for longer lasting.

By the way, there are other apple slicers with the same function, or more advanced that are waiting for you!

10. 3-piece Peeler set (Straight, Serrated, Julienne) And One Apple Slicer Corer With Cleaning Brush

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Final in the list is this set of 3-piece peeler set, corer and cleaning brush that will satisfy every taste from the easiest to the hardest.

This set is quite similar to the #8 set, but it has one cleaning brush to dirt-free the kitchen utensils. It is made of safe nylon which is perfectly firm for eliminating all the stains stuck to your kitchen’s tools, especially those tools that have the pipe shape.

One of the followed accessories is the replaceable peeler which can be used with different heads for typical purposes such as straight, serrated and julienne for your veggies salads, or soups, … All you need is a little bit clever and your food will be both beautiful and delicious. The slicer and corer tool is also a traditional design which can divide your apple or pepper into 8 equal parts. Not only can it slice the food but also it can take out the core in just one time press the tool.

The materials made of this set is 100% safe and user-friendly. The whole body is BPA free plastic and rubber so that it won’t get slippery. The blades are all stainless steel and super sharp, just similar to other cutting products. But when we compare the price, this set is a worthy one thanks to the good price, and good performance and quality of outcome.

Maintaining this apple peeler corer slicer set is as easy as using it because every part can be put into the dishwasher for cleaning. Besides, you can use the followed brush for cleaning is alright. Therefore, it saves you more and more time.

One of the most common questions that many people often ask me is all about how to use the peeler, slicer and corer most efficiently. Well, every person will have their own answer. But to me, you should be a little bit careful and clever while using. For example when assembling the julienne head into the peeler, you should check whether it is attached right, or have a clear-cut for your apple so that it will cost you less effort. In addition, well maintain the utensil is also really important. And my tips are to keep the tool in a dry place, wash them after using except some electric one. And alright you will have a long lasting tool.

Thank you for reading all my effort from the top. I hope that after this review, you will find making apple pie no longer a demanding job by reduce effort in slicing, coring and peeling. Hopefully, you can gain some knowledge relating this topic and pick out the most worthy set for yourself and other. Ultimately, wish you the best must-have tool ever!


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