Your Choice Will Definitely Be among These Weber BBQ Grills

For all people, there is nothing better than enjoying the weekends with your family and friends though the awesome parties. In the true American life, people always love to have a pizza party, but you cannot always make pizzas. It’s time to change your taste, try something else much spicier and tastier. Well, that baked foods are enjoyed with beer is the best alternative for you.

So, to do that you have to build for your home a right grill to get the desired outcomes. There is a mountain of choices for you to make, but you have to know firstly about the brands and the purpose of usage as followed. I also find for myself a suitable grill to enjoy the weekends with my cozy family. I have researched and consulted from many sources that they always talk about the weber BBQ grills that will be the best options.

I have taken risk to purchasing one and it’s true as what people said. The weber is a high-end brand that offers with the superb-quality grills that you won’t have any regrets afterwards. If you would like more information about the brand and more precious advice, you should read my buying guide article.

1. Weber 14401001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch

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I’m sure that this weber charcoal grill can meet perfectly all of your demands. The grill can offer you with 363sq inches of grilling surface that can accommodate up to a small turkey or 3 yard birds without any difficulties.

Besides, the distance between the charcoal grate and the grilling one is large enough to make sure that the flame cannot have direct contacts with your foods to prevent overbake and scoot sticking to the foods. But, the grill still promises to provide a great amount of heat to the whole cooking grate so that your meats will be baked perfectly no matter where you put them.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the charcoal grate because it’s completely made of high-end stainless steel which can stand with the severe heat of the charcoal. Therefore, it won’t definitely be melted or bent and the material won’t drop out certainly. Plus, the grill features a one-touch cleaning system to help collect the ash flawlessly in the tray at the bottom of the grill.

In addition, at first, I was quite worried about the closed design of the grill that I couldn’t monitor the charcoal. However, the concern was definitely eliminated when I saw that the grilling grate has a hinge allowing me to fold a part of the grill to make enough room for your tongs to reach the material comfortably.

Plus, the domed lid has a built-in gauge that you can easily check the current temp inside the grill. And, the four dampers on the lid can help adjust the heat perfectly and let the smoke go out the make sure that your outcomes won’t be much harmful.

2. Weber 15502001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Copper

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This weber grill has the same features as the above one, but here is an innovation that can give your more benefits. The grill has the great capacity about 3636sq inches of grilling surface with the huge amount of heat supply so that you food will be definitely baked perfectly.

The awesome point of this product is all about the convenient table that the grill is attached to. It offer you with a large flat surface where you can put much frequently-use stuff like serving plates, some jars of seasoning and even a bucket of some iced beers to enjoy while baking. How wonderful!!!

Besides, the table also has an accompanied waste basket where you can conveniently throw away your trash. Plus, I find that the design of the charcoal holder is really great that I can put the material on both sides not on the center. Therefore, the heat can spread thought out the grate rather than concentrate on the center of the grilling grate.

Moreover, when I taste the foods, it feel like the charcoal grill can give the more delicious outcomes than the gas on because I can find the smoky flavor from the charcoal that make the foods more mouth-watering.

3. Weber 1211001 Jumbo Joe 18-Inch Portable Grill

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The two above ones will be perfect on your backyard, but in case you may go on a picnic to somewhere far away from home. Therefore, it’s time for this weber portable grill to take over the baking duty. As you may concern that the portable grill won’t accommodate much food at once, but with this one, the problem will be solved softly.

The grill features 240sq inches of grilling surface that you can make over 10 servings in one time so that your average crew of hungry people will be served perfectly with the abundance of foods certainly. However, this grate is not flexible like the two above ones because you cannot fold partially to easily monitor the charcoal.

Besides, this one has a convenient design where there is a curved stainless steel bar that can hold the lid securely. You know that when going on picnic, the matter is always the available space so that this holder can save much space which is supposed the place the lid.

Moreover, there is also a tray under the grill to capture all the ash to prevent the mess on the countertops and help you easily to clean. Plus, the grill can stand firmly on the ground even on the rough rock thanks to the three sturdy stainless steel feet. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that the grill can wobble and fall over.

4. Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill and Chimney Starter Bundle

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This is an alternative of the 18-inch above one in case your house is not very much large to store or your car cannot accommodate the large one. The grill is a little smaller, about 15.6”x15.6”x9”, but you will have a quite large space for grilling, about 14-inch diameter of the grate. Therefore, at once you can bake about 5 red meats.

Besides, the grill can be compatible with many occasions like tailgate parties, on campsite or even on the beach because it features 3 sturdy stainless steel feet to keep it stand firmly without falling down or wobbling. Plus, among the feet, you also have built-in drip tray to help capture much juice.

Moreover, the lid can help you perfectly preserve the heat inside and there is also a damper on it to monitor the level of heat and the standard one of smoke in your grill. Therefore, you can enjoy the outcomes with the desired smoky taste but still safe to your health.

In addition, the grill is also being sold with some accessories and after having tried the chimney charcoal starter, I found that this one works perfectly to light the charcoal in a snap.

5. Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

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Here is another choice for the portable grill that you can consider in comparison with the above circular grills. What I love about the grill is the compact design with the subtle beauty. The grill only measures 14.5”x21”x12.25” and weighs 14.5 pounds so that you can easily store and carry it around.

The two standing legs are designed greatly that they can make sure the grill can stay in place during the baking time. Plus, when you turn them up, they naturally become the perfect locks to help keep the lid securely. Thus, you can hold the handle firmly to transfer the whole grill without any concerns about the dropping of the body.

Although the product offers only 160sq inches of cooking surface, this small weber grill still promises to serve enough for up to 3 people, so you can comfortable use the grill to bake foods for your small cozy family. Plus, the lid can cover the body perfectly without any leakages to make sure that the heat flow inside will be much even to help you foods get done more quickly but yummy when you taste.

Besides, there are also two securely mounted handles on the body which you can comfortably hold to carry and move the grill while you’re baking without getting hand burnt surely. Plus, you can use the two dampers on the lid to release much smoke so that your results will be safe for health, but still have the charcoal’s aroma.

Here is also the last typical example of this type of grill. So, if you would like to get your foods with the smoky taste, you can check my charcoal grill article to have more options

6. Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Electric Grill

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Don’t be sad that you cannot enjoy a truly BBQ party at home because your house doesn’t have backyard like the American style. Why do you have to depend on a traditional backyard grill? Among the weber BBQ grills, you will absolutely fall in love with this weber portable gas grill.

The product has sturdy feet that can keep it stand securely on your tabletops. Therefore, you don’t need a much large backyard, just with a medium-size table you can enjoy the tasty baked foods as what you enjoyed in every party before.

Besides, the grill offers you with 189sq inches of cooking surface that you can make at least 8 servings for your cozy family to enjoy. Therefore, you shouldn’t think that this small one cannot feed your family definitely. Plus, the burner is the key factor that you always have foods to enjoy. It can produce up to 8500BTU so that you can preheat the grill more quickly and your foods will have enough heat certainly.

Moreover, the shape of the burner is quite special that it mostly spread throughout the grate, so the heat will be transferred evenly and equally to all spots of the grate. Thus, you can utilize the whole space to get the maximum foods in one time baking.

In addition, you can self-adjust the heat to suit with different types of food to get the desired outcomes. There is also a drip tray under the grill to help you capture the juice of your foods to prevent a mess on the table.

I take this one as an example to help you see how effective this type of grill is, I also have more choices to offer you in my particular review about the electric grill that you can check out.

7. Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

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This one has the same design as the above one, but it’s much easier and safer to use because of the power source. The grill runs on electricity so that you can set up and operate much easily and you will never afraid of the lack of material as gas tank or charcoal. Thus, you can get your party started anytime and anywhere you wish as long as that place has the socket.

Besides, I have tried this one indoor and this is good news for apartment dwellers who don’t have any space for BBQ parties. With this weber electric grill, you can enjoy the perfectly baked foods even inside your house without much smoke and odor while baking. Plus, the grill is much larger than the above one, about 280sq inches of cooking surface, so the grate can accommodate up to 6 steaks and some vegetables.

Moreover, the heating element is arrange in the outstanding shape that it can create the enough heat for the whole grate over time, so your foods will never lack heat to get perfectly baked. Plus, the domed cast aluminum lid covers the grate tightly to preserve the heat flow inside definitely to help you meats be baked from the outer to the inner.

If you love this material and would like more choices of this type of grill, you can take a look at my article about the gas grill, which offer you with difference designs, brands.

8. Weber 47100001 Spirit S210 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

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For the outdoor BBQ parties with your family and friends right on your backyard, you have to get this gas grill immediately. This is the most favorable design of the weber BBQ grills that give you much efficiency and convenience while baking.

The first point you should know is that the grill run on natural gas, but not the liquid propane. According to some experts, the natural gas is much cleaner than the propane and friendlier to the environment. Plus, this material is safer to your grill than the propane because it’s won’t cause many left pollutants to the burners so that they still can perform greatly in later use.

Besides, the grill provide you with both 360sq inches of primary cooking grate and 90sq inches of warming rack. Therefore, in one time, you can bake up to 8-10 red meats and some chicken breasts along with some burger buns and corns upstairs to save more time and have lots of foods to enjoy.

Moreover, there are two stainless steel burners which can produce up to 26500BTU that the grill will be always full of heat. Thus, the foods inside will receive the enough amount to get done more quickly and evenly baked. Plus, there are also two foldable shelves where you can place some frequently-used stuff and there are totally 6 hooks on both shelves which you can hangs some tools like spatula, tongs and so on.

In addition, the cabinet under the grill is the great design of this grill because you can place the gas tank inside to prevent any impacts on the tank to keep your parties safe overtime.

9. Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310 Liquid Propane Grill, Black

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Here is another option for you with the same design, but higher capacity. The grill is much large that provide you with a spacious grilling surface, about 670sq inches in total. The primary grate is about 513sq inches so that you can comfortable bake a great amount of foods at once, about 6-10 chicken breasts along with some steaks.

Besides, with the 156sq inches of warming rack, you will have a large space for bake burger buns, corns and vegetables perfectly. Plus, the rack is flexible that you can fold it to make enough room that you can bake a huge turkey.

Moreover, there are three burners that you meats will be baked more quickly. You can utilize the high capacity to bake ribs or turkey, as I said, with the indirect heat method. I’m sure that you will be shocked with the outcomes tasted like the 5-star restaurants serve. Plus, you can check the current temp inside the grill easily with the built-in gauge on the lid.

In addition, there is also a quite large drip tray under the grill to help your capture all juice, even the fatty foods. Thus, you can comfortably bake without worrying about overflowing. One more, there are two large flexible side shelves and a large sturdy one at the bottom so that you can put a great number of tools and serving plates or anything you like to use more conveniently.

10. Weber 62050001 Genesis II E-410 Liquid Propane Grill, Smoke

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And here is the most powerful of the weber gas grills in the same design as above. This one comes with up to 4 burners to help you feel more secure that your foods inside always receive enough heat to get done more quickly with the marvelous taste.

Besides, the grill is much larger to offer you with 646sq inches of grilling grate and 198sq inches of warming rack so that there is nothing on earth that this one cannot bake, even for a huge turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday. The 4 burners also help the preheating process finish more quickly, less than 5 minutes.

Moreover, the outstanding innovation of the product is about the gas tank holder. There is a designed spot where you can place the tank perfectly to get it protected completely from any dangerous impacts. Plus, at this spot, there is a hook to hang your tank up and you can check the printed measuring scale to know the amount of left gas inside your tank so that you can have the immediate replacement in order not to pause the party.

Although the grill is quite large and heavy, you’re still able to move it around easily with the 4 wheels. There are two of 4 wheels can be locked to keep the grill stay in place during baking.

I really appreciate your precious time and effort when you read my article from top to toe. I hope that among these weber BBQ grills, you can find the best one well-suited with your owned situation. I would be much grateful if you can continue supporting me for my other works.


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