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The Blender Food Processor Combo Great Investment for Life

Nowadays, you would like to find something more innovative which can take over various duties with only one operating base. And, you know that purchasing one by one can extremely hurt your wallet and also make your kitchen much more suffocating because it’s full of stuff over time. Therefore, you have to find something available in set or combo for many advantages.

I think that after using the blender food processor combo, my whole daily life is much easier and more convenient. You cannot imagine how great the machine is. It’s freaking awesome that with one motor, you can both prepare for a heavy meal and make some healthy desserts like a cup of smoothie to cool down the hot weather in summer.

Before making a purchasing decision, I have researched and consult from various sources for months because I don’t want to waste my money on junks, so do you, right? So, I have gather and make a collection of many top-rated choices for considerations. And, you can check it carefully to find a right one for your case.

Besides, because this is the combo, so there are essential features you have to consider for both blender and food processor. Therefore, to make you clear about every single point, I notice all of them in my buying guide article so that you can take a look at this one.

1. Aimores Commercial Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Food Processor, 3-in-1 75oz High Speed Programmed Juice Blender

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You must be much satisfied with this huge blender food processor combo offered by the ISUN. The motor is really powerful along with 6 levels of speed so that you can use the machine for various tasks, even for the bulk processing like grinding coffee beans or soy bean. Therefore, a cup of soy milk every day absolutely makes a great sense to women’s health.

Besides, the operating base features the touch screen for easier adjustment relative to the traditional physical buttons. However, you have to be more careful to maintain the screen to avoid malfunctions. Plus, there is a timing button for you to preset time for auto-blending the food while you’re handling something else.

Moreover, the pitcher is really huge with the 75oz capacity, so you can deal with a great amount of food in one time. Plus, there is a mounted handle which is really ergonomic that give a great feeling of comfort when holding. This results from the two rubber pieces covering the handle so that you can hold it for a long time without any pains.

In addition, the package also offers you a tamper to get the mixture more even and more perfect. When I tried to use the blender to process the cauliflower to make baby-food, I used the tamper to push the ingredients toward the blades to get them cuts more quickly. As a result, the outcome is extremely fine and smooth that I didn’t worry about feeding my babies.

For a minor drawback, the machine is quite huge that you may find some difficulties in storing it if your kitchen is not very much large.

2. VonShef Food Processor, 8 Cup, Blender, Chopper, Multi Mixer Combo with Chopping Blade and Shredder Attachments, 500 Watts

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The product has a 500-watt motor with the 8-cups work bowl, which is really a great help for your prepping works. Plus, the accompanied shredding blade works perfectly that I can use it to make my owned delicious chicken salad. You will feel more secure that the chopping ad shredding blades are completely made of top-quality stainless steel which can resist bacteria and corrosion.

Besides, the feeding chute is quite large that can accommodate for two carrots at the same time. Plus, with this machine, I don’t need to precut some vegetables so that I can save much time in preparation. There is also a food pusher to help guide the food to the blades precisely. And, when you operate the blending function, this tool is a great lid that prevents any leakages or splashing arising.

Although the operating base only has two options of speed, the machine can promise to complete tasks in seconds. Plus, you can manually control the status of the mixture thanks to the pulse function. The machine work in low noise, which is the point that I really love in comparison with some other ones I have tries before.

3. Kenwood Multipro Compact 9 Cup Food Processor, Silver

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The Kenwood has launched to the market with a blender and food processor combo to diversify your choice. In comparison with the above one, this food processor work as great as the counterpart does although the motor is only about 400W.

However, the accompanied blender works perfectly with the large capacity which can contain up to 1.2L of liquid. This machine features a super sharp blade made of stainless steel and great “fluid dynamics”, which can help the blender itself deal with the ingredients greatly without your help.

Moreover, operating base is really bulky with 4 rubber-coated feet that can keep the machine stay in place during the process. Despite measuring 7.9”x7.9”x14.1”, the product is still easy to store in your kitchen or under the cabinet, particularly.

4. MengK 1400W Blender,Professional Kitchen Blenders for Shakes and Smoothies with 67oz BPA-Free Pitcher

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If you would like to deal with some bulk processing at home, you can try this 1400-watt blender which won’t possibly fail your expectation. The jar can accommodate for up to 8 cups of ingredients in one time or in case you may forget some essential ones for your mixture, the small cap on the lid can be opened for easy adding.

Besides, you don’t need to open the lid and use a spoon the stir the mixture during operation to get it more even, which can cause splash around your kitchen. Instead of that traditional way, the brand offers you a tamper being well-fitted with the small cap on the lid, so you can help the blade in a safer and easier way.

Moreover, along with making smoothies, the blender can itself help you make hot soups without the help of a stove thanks to the friction from the blade during the process within 10 minutes. Plus, the operating base is absolutely stable and tough to keep the machine not wobble. However, this one is quite huge and quite bulky that you may need some effort to carry.

5. Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost (NN101)

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You must be speechless as I was when seeing this ninja blender and food processor perform. The machine is definitely a workhorse in your kitchen with the 1200-watt motor, so there is nothing can stop the blades from cutting.

The food processor will never fail your expectation due to the large capacity and the extraordinary sharpness of the blades which can do any given tasks with the desired outcomes for your dishes. Plus, you can grind coffee or make nut butter at home with this machine.

Besides, the blender is the distinguishable point of this product. Unlike other counterparts with the huge pitcher, this one has three operating cups with different sizes like 18oz for 2 cups and 24oz, so you can make the drinks and enjoy them directly inside the cups, which is much more convenient and can reduce some mess arising.

Plus, there are three travel lids accompanied for you to take the cups along in journey or in gym room also. In addition, the operating base is super stable and has may functional buttons to help you choose the best mode as you wish, but the base is much bulky that you may find hard in storing and carrying around.

6. Ninja Master Prep Chopper, Blender, Food Processor (QB900B)

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Talking about the kitchen utensils, you cannot miss the machine made by the Ninja, the highly recommended brand for everyone who would like to get something desirable in return for their money. And now, this ninja blender food processor is much appreciated and widely used around the world that you have to include in your essential-item list.

The first favorable point of the machine is all about its size and weight. It measures about 11”x12.2”x7” and weighs only 1 pounds, so you won’t definitely find hard in storing and operating the machine even when your kitchen is really cramped. In the past, a tough time, when I live in a small RV, this set perfectly fitted and still work greatly until now.

I really love the subtle and convenient design of the machine. The operating part also places a role as a covering lid. Plus, there are two compatible seal lids for the blender and food processor that you can store the leftover of later use in the fridge perfectly. Besides, the motor has 400-watt capacity along with the super sharp blades arranged in different level, so you can deal with various tasks only in seconds. For the food processor, making salsa sauce or other ones is not a problem with the machine. But if you want it more powerful or larger capacity, kindly take a peek at this collection.

Moreover, the pitcher has a medium size, about 6 cup, which is much suitable for a single serve. But, if you would like to use for your family, it’s still great because for each batch, the machine just take your 2-5 minutes to complete. Plus, making smoothies cannot bother the machine while it can also blast the ice cubes into powdery snow without getting burnt like other counterparts.

Unlike other machines with lots of functional buttons, this one only has one pulse button so that you just need to press and hold the button until you get the desired outcome. However, for one time, when I tried to hold the button more than 1 minute, the motor became overheat. Therefore, you should consider this point to protect your machine.

7. Ninja Master Prep Professional Chopper, Blender, Food Processor (QB1004)

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Another choice with the same design as the above one can be considered for the best set for your kitchen. This one is in the black color which is quite hard to be discoloration as the silver one. Plus, the set is more awesome because the motor is more powerful, 450-watt, so you can even think about grinding coffee beans or nuts at home.

Plus, there are up to three containers in the package so that you can use for more occasions. One more difference is about the blending blades. There are three floors of blades, which are considered as the great innovation to leave no unblended ingredients or some large pieces. Therefore, if you are a vegan, the machine can help you deal perfectly with some tough vegetables like carrots.

Besides, the suction base helps enhance the stability significantly and prevent the machine from wobbling during the operation. After using, you can toss all the containers into dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning because the plastic can withstand the thermal shock.

8. Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Glass Jar PLUS Smoothie Cup & Food Processor Attachment, Brushed Nickel

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Here is a great blender food processor combo offered by another reputable brand, the Oster. Apart from the blender and food processor, you can also receive a smoothie cup for convenient use. You can blend and enjoy your results directly in the cup.

Plus, the motor is super powerful, about 1200-watt, that is really a workhorse in my kitchen. With the 6-cup glass pitcher, I can do everything from making smoothies to pureeing or making soup within 10 minutes. The blender worker more quietly than other counterparts, so I’m not afraid of disturbing our neighbors because I usually make drinks in early morning to prepare before going to work.

Besides, the blender can crush ice either with or without water. You just need to use the “pulse” function to create snow in 5-6 pulses. Plus, I have tried to grind chia seeds or other with my smoothies. Then, the blender didn’t get smoked and the result turned out awesome and you should try this at home.

For the food processor, it features the BPA-free 5-cup work bowl that can contain a great amount of food in one time. Plus, the feeding chute is wide enough for two tomatoes at the same time without being precut. Therefore, making salad with various kinds of vegetables is not a concern for you anymore. In addition, the accompanied stainless steel disc can help you slice, shred and even grate cheese easily to make some delicious Italian dishes like pasta. It’s not exggerating that this is one of the best Oster food processor.

However, the jar is made of glass, so it may be much heavy and need a high maintenance to prevent breakage.

9. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor, with Bowl Scraper (70730)

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And here is a super awesome food processor offered by the Hamilton Beach for every kitchen to ease your prepping work. In comparison with the above one, this thing has an extremely huge work bowl which can contain up to 10 cups of ingredients, so you can endlessly add the food and the machine can handle all of them perfectly.

Besides, the feeding chute can accommodate a 2-pound block of cheese without being cut into smaller pieces. Plus, the reversible process disc can help you with slicing and shredding without any problem. The blade of the food processor is super sharp and tough that can do all thing form making nut butters to whipping biscuits or chopping for salad and even for pureeing sauce without any leakage.

Moreover, the suction cup feet are super tough and sturdy that really help keep the machine anchored during the operation. And, the included scraper is absolutely useful that I can use to mix the food in a reserved direction to make them more even and also eliminate the food sticking to the bowl without opening the lid.

Cleaning is much easier with this device because all of parts, except the motor surely, are friendly to dishwasher. Notice that for grinding coffee beans at home, you shouldn’t do because this can dull the knife very quickly. By the way, this one is still a great value.

Wait! You might concern:

10. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

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If those devices cannot fit your cramped kitchen, this Cuisinart blender food processor is here to help you perfectly. The machine measures only 9.8”x8.2”x5.6” and weighs 3 pounds, so it won’t take much room for storing and operating as well as you will find much easy to carry the machine around.

Although the work bowl is all about 24oz, it can help you deal with a great amount of food. And, if you live alone, the machine will be an awesome choice for single serve every day. Plus, the machine can process well the leafy spices like rosemary, basil but not be a great job for grinding them finely and smoothly, so grinding nuts or coffee beans perfect is possibly beyond is ability.

However, this machine is much noisy when processing, so you may disturb other people during the operation.

By the way, the brand also offers you more choice about this type of machine, if you would like more information, you can take a look at my article for Cuisinart food processor to have a specific view about the device.

Or, if you’re interested in mini-sized food processor, here are some recommendations for you.

Well, after reading my dedicated work, I’m sure that you can find the best blender food processor combo among those above or at least you can imagine what your desired one and can stay away from junks on the market. By the way, I hope you can spend some precious time on my site continuously with great feedbacks so that I can fulfill it more and more.


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