The Best Victorinox Kitchen Knives

Victorinox is a famous knife brand from Swiss where the detailed and precision is essential. Traditional craftsmanship is the symbol of Swiss knives. Victorinox kitchen knives are not only well known for being functional knives but also well classic design with polyamide handle which is comfortable for your hands. Besides, they have been producing the knife set with various price ranges from the low price for the tight budget to professional knife for the expert chef. Thus, Victorinox becomes knife brand for every user. The cheap price knife might not work as well as the premium one, but its sharpness, durability, and efficiency are maintained in all Victorinox kitchen knife. Keep reading to know more about the specific Victoria masterpiece.

1. Victorinox 4 Inch Swiss Classic Paring Knife with Serrated Edge, Spear Point


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Swiss Classic Paring knife is a medium knife with 11.5 x 2.5 x 0.7 inches in dimensions and just 2.5 pounds in weight. There are 4 different handle colors for you to choose from. You might not imagine that the red Victorinox kitchen knife comes with an affordable price (under 10 dollars) which can deal with different tasks easily.

This is serrated edge knife combining with spear point, so it is designed for most of the task such as slicing, garnishing, peeling and dicing. This knife can tackle even soft skin fruits, pepper seed removing, apple coring, bean trimming easily. The scallop between every point can reduce the friction. It also has the pointed tip which supports you to make intricate cuts for the tender meat and vegetables.

This knife has a short blade 4-inch length which is longer than a standard 3.5-inch paring knife, so it gives more strength for slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables. Its blade is a sharp and easy balance. Besides, it is designed with the modern handle design, which is better for reducing wrist tension, providing a secure grip. Its handle is also lightweight, but durable.

Victorinox serrated kitchen knives is safe for both hand washing and dishwasher. It is hand wash recommended with a soapy cloth and then dry it immediately. To get better performance, you should hone it after 2 times of use. The honing steel can make your knife sharper, but if your knife gets dull, you have to use the sharpener. Sometimes, if you use this knife to cut hard objects, it can be rolled or turned, you should straighten the edge of the knife by honing. You also need to be careful of its sharpness.

2. Victorinox Swiss Classic 10-Piece Cutlery Block Set

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A block set is a perfect choice for those who cook frequently in the kitchen. This Swiss Classic Set is highly suggested for any cook. You just need to spend a small amount of money to have a whole set of ten knives. It is well designed in a neat and beautiful block. This set includes 3.25 inch straight and serrated paring knives, 4.5 inches serrated utility, 6- inch boning, 6- inch utility,8- inch chef’s, 8 – inch bread, 9- inch steel, shears, and a hardwood block.

All blades of these knives are made from high carbon stainless steel which produces the sharpest level and better edge retention. The blade also is stamped from the cold rolled steel. These knives are equipped with the bolsterless edge which is good for use of entire blade and easy to sharpen. Besides, it has the conical ground which through length and depth, so it makes the wider break point.

I like the handles of this knife set, it is made from Fibrox which is durable and textured, slip resistant. Moreover, the handle is designed for comfort and balance. I feel very comfortable when holding it by my hand, I can easily cut, chop or slice foods with no fatigue and difficulty. Especially, this collection is National Sanitary Foundation approved, so you do not need to worry about its quality.

You can take care of it by washing it after using and dry it as soon as possible. You can use both of hand washing and dishwasher for this set. However, hand washing is always recommended first to ensure durability and safety for Victorinox kitchen knives. It is also lightweight, just about 7.19 pounds for the whole set with 16 x 11 x 4.5 inches in dimension. You should not use it for cutting the hard food such as bones, because it is not strong enough for heavy duty task.

3. Victorinox Forschner Swiss Classic 14-piece Walnut Swivel Knife Block Set

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You might be surprised because Forschner Swiss Knife Set is also in the same price range with the above set of the knife. However, there are 14 pieces in the walnut swivel block which looks beautiful. This set provides you a 3.25-inch paring, 4.5- inch serrated utility, 7- inch hollow edge santoku, 8-inch chef’s, 8.25- inch bread, 10- inch sharpening steel, six 4.5- inch serrated steak, shears and 13 slot knife block.

The blades of every knife in this set made of high carbon stainless. It has tapered cutting edge which stays sharp longer. This victorinox kitchen knife set with block is made to the premium sanitary standard and approved by NSF. It is also safe for both dishwasher and hand washing.

I like to use 3.25-inch paring knife which is the smallest one to slicing, cutting and dicing small food requiring more details and precision. A 7- inch Santoku with hollow edge is great to cut the bigger and harder foods because it has the hollow edge and the wider blade. Every morning, I use the 8.25- inch bread knife to cut the bread, it is sharp and easy to control even the tender foods like bread.

Especially, it offers 6 4.5 steak knives. I store some of the steak knives in a safe place and give some to my friends. I enjoy using the 8- inch chef’s knife to cut meat, I can cut meat with ease with this knife. The blades of these knives made of contemporary Fibrox which is slip resistant. If you like walnut color, you cannot miss this set because of its walnut knife block.

4. Victorinox 4-Piece Knife Set with Fibrox Handles

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Victorinox 4-Piece Knife Set with 4 different knives including 8 – inch chef, a 10.25 bread, 6 – inch utility and 4- inch paring knife. If you are beginners, it is a better choice for you because there are 4 pieces in a set with different size and tasks. 4 knives are enough for every kitchen. Besides, it is also light about 2 pounds in weight of the whole set. Especially, the price is acceptable for any budget.

This victorinox kitchen knife set has the blade which made from the good quality carbon stainless steel to ensure about the sharpness and the edge retention like the other knife set from Victorinox. It is similar to the above set which has conical ground through the depth and length which offers the wider break point. Its blade is tamped from the cold rolled steel, the blade has the bolsterless edge which is good for sharpening. You might like the handle textured which is slip resistant and the hands are designed for balance and comfort.

I like to use a 6-inch knife and a bread knife, I can use to cut through even roasted chicken with ease. It is very smooth when cutting meat. With the long bread knife, I can use to cut the sandwich bread without tearing the bread on the bottom. Besides, I also can use it to cut through frozen bagel, chopping and slicing vegetables. It is easy to control when cutting because of lightweight.

5. Victorinox 7-Piece Rosewood Handle Cutlery Set with Black Canvas Knife Roll

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This Victorinox 7-Piece cutlery Set will make you interested from outside appearance to the quality. Its price is a bit higher than another set of Victorinox kitchen knives, it includes 7 pieces, 3. 25- inch paring, 5- inch curved boning, 8- inch bread, 10- inch meat slicer, 10-inch chef’s, 10- inch honing steel. This set comes with carrying handles and shoulder strap which is easy for you to travel and camping.

It is ice tempered which sustain sharpness longer for your knife. Like the other knife from Victorinox, these knives has the high carbon stainless steel blades which ensure the best sharpness and the edge retention. Significantly, the handles are really beautiful, different from any other set, which made from classic rosewood. It is designed ergonomically for balance and comfort. I really love the handles of this knife, I almost stick my eyes to this set at the first time.

It was not easy for me to find the meat cutting knife, but I found it in this set with a 10 – inch meat knife which is long and big enough for slicing meat. However, I prefer the 8- inch better because it is sharper and easy to sharpen. I am not really satisfied with the paring knife because it is too small to peel or turn

Besides, the boning knife makes me easy when working on beef, veal, and lamb, chicken. However, I found it useless for fish because it is not long enough. It is also easy to sharpen, you just need to hold its edge tight and sharpen it. About the bread knife, it performs well because of great edge for slicing bread or trimming sandwich. The carving knife has a good length and edge. I really like to have a honing steel because it is useful for every knife, the roll is light and good for bringing a knife for a picnic.

6. Victorinox Cutlery 6-Piece 4-1/2-Inch Wavy Edge with Round Tip Steak Knife Set, Black

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This Victorinox steak knife set is the perfect choice for those who are looking for steak knives with the tight budget. This set is famous for being compact and sturdy knife set from Switzerland. This knife set includes six 4.5 steak knives at a good price under 60 dollars.

This knife set is typically designed with the wavy serrated edge and the rounded tips. It is stamped stainless steel blades which make the tempering process to perverse the sharp edge. Especially, the handles are made from the polypropylene which is NSF approved. The handle is simply designed for comfort and easy to balance. The plastic handle provides a better grip.

These Victorinox kitchen knives can work on small jobs such as chopping, boning, slicing and cutting bread. Although it is not a premium knife set, its durability is not less than the other premium knife. Its blades are made to resharpen and maintain its original sharpness as the first time. You should wash it by hand to ensure its durability and safety. Besides, this set is very lightweight, just 8.8 ounces with 10.5 x 8.2 x 1.5 inches in dimensions.

7. Victorinox Forged 6-Inch Wide Utility Knife


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Victorinox Forged Utility Knife is a 6- inch wide utility knife which can do a lot of different kitchen tasks such as cutting, slicing, dicing and chopping vegetables, fruits, and even meat. Although its price is quite high, about 100 dollars for one knife, while with this amount of money you can buy the whole set. Thus, its quality is great.

This knife’s blade made from high carbon stainless steel which produces the maximum sharpness and the good edge retention. It is also ice tempered for sustaining sharpness for a long time. Besides, it provides a full tang collection with the bolsterless edge for using entire blades and it makes easy to sharpen. You might be interested in the triple rivet handles which are ergonomically designed to offer the optimum weight, comfort, and balance. The plastic molded handle will hold the shape, prevent cracking and separating from the blade.

Because it is a forged blade requiring more metal to make, so it is heavier and thicker than the other above knives. As the result, this knife is stronger and superior. This all-purpose knife, I use it for peeling and slicing fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, I crave meat.

You should clean it up by hand with the warm soapy cloth and then dry it immediately. If it gets dull, you should sharpen it as soon as possible by the sharpener. This knife can be one of the good choices for anyone who needs a single knife for their kitchen.

8. Victorinox 3.25 Inch Paring Knife with Straight Edge, Spear Point, Black


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Victorinox Paring Knife is produced for garnishing, mincing, peeling, slicing and dicing foods. this knife is one of the cheapest knives in the list of Victorinox kitchen knives with acceptable quality. It is also one of the best-selling knives because of its price just around 7 dollars. Its quality is really good at this price.

This knife has the razor-sharp, laser tested and the tapered knife edge which is ground to create an exact angle to hold the sharp edge for the longest time. Besides, it also ensures the max cutting performance and the durability. You will be amazed by it polypropylene handle which you can wash by the dishwasher. This material also ensures the durability for knife’s handle with non-slip grip.

I prefer to use it for some intricate tasks such as peeling vegetables or trimming. This knife is also good for some bigger jobs such as dicing the onion or slicing fruits (mango, guava,etc.,) however, its handle is a little bit skinny so sometimes it is hard to hold and control. It is not recommended to cut the hard and tender foods because of its soft steel.

You can easy to sharpen it when it gets dull by normal sharpener. You must wash it right after you cut some foods and dry immediately. It is lightweight and compact so I usually bring it when I go out camping or picnic. If you do not need a professional knife, this knife would be your good choice.

9. Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade

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This Slicing Knife is one of the high-quality knives at the good price. If you are looking for the expert slicer, this is what you need to buy. This knife is long and narrow with the razor-sharp edge which is designed for cutting performance such as slicing meat, cakes or even bread.

This 12-inch knife is known as a carving knife to slice meats. You can use it to cut roasts, hams, fish and even cakes. It is not easy for you to find a knife with such a lot of purpose like this knife. Its long blade allows the smooth slicing motion with the larger cuts of meat. The razor-sharp make the smaller and thinner slice easily. Besides, the meat separation and slice efficient can be improved by the round tip and Granton blade.

This knife made from high quality and lightweight steel which reduces the fatigue for your hand and your wrist. It has the round tapered knife edge in 2 direction so it can hold the sharp edge for longer and easier to be brought back to the original sharpness. Especially, it is designed with the hollowed out groves on each side of the blade, so it reduces friction and prevents food from sticking to the blade.

It cannot forget to mention about the ergonomic and non-slip patented Fibrox handle which offer a comfortable grip which help you with greasy or wet foods. This material is lightweight and durable. This knife is not only good for the pro chef, but also for the normal cook. Thus, do not hesitate to try this knife.

10. Victorinox Cutlery 9-Inch Wavy Edge Bread Knife, Black Polypropylene Handle

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Victorinox Bread Knife is the last knife in my Victorinox kitchen knives review. Its blade shape might make you a bit confused in the first time seeing. the price of this knife can fit any budget, it is not cheap but not too expensive. This knife is 17 x 3.8 x 1.5 inches in dimensions and around 5 ounces in weight.

This knife’s blade is also made from high carbon stainless steel which makes it stronger and durable. Especially, it features the good edge that can be resharpened many times. The handle is made of the Fibrox which is not only safe for the dishwasher but also offer the comfort and positive grip. Besides, the sure grip handle with the finger guard is useful in case the handle get greasy or wet from the foods.

However, the seam for the handle has the long burr which cuts into your hand when you the grip knife. It is only one minor mistake that I experience from this knife. In general, it is still a considerable choice, especially, for those who like to see the new design of the blade.

In conclusion, Victorinox is one of the famous knife brands for more than 130 years ago. They produce different knives with a different price range to serve the user’s demand. Actually, choosing the best Victorinox kitchen knives set or a single knife is not difficult. However, looking for the most suitable one for your needs and budget is more considerable. After reading my review, I hope that you can see some needed information and make your good choice.


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