The Best Portable Grill for The Greatest Time in Your Life [Updated 2019]

There is nothing better than a weekend party with your cozy family on a windy site near a river or a lake. With that scene, a little added smoke from your grill can make the atmosphere much more perfect. Therefore, an awesome but affordable grill must be purchased right now for recharging the battery and enjoying the real life.

However, for some family with the limitation of transportation, they cannot the whole huge grill to go on a long run because it will take over much space in your car and be hard in moving with much required effort. So, you have to find a grill with small design, but providing enough space for baking and high portability.

For this portable grill, I have researched for month, particularly, to get the most suitable answer for myself and I would like to share my dedicated collection where you can find your best portable grill to truly enjoy your life.

1. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

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You must love the rugged appearance of this portable BBQ grill. The product has a cast aluminum shell which makes it look very sturdy, strong and bulky to stand with the great heat during baking perfectly. However, this one is quite lightweight, about 20 pounds, so you can easily carry it by holding the two firmly mounted ergonomic handles. Or else, purchase the separate case to store and transfer it flawlessly.

Besides, the grill can provide you with the great space to serve for at least 4 people in one time. The baking room is about 200sq inches to accommodate three huge chicken breasts or up to 4-5 red meats along with some vegetables at the same time. Plus, the grate work greatly to prevent the flare-ups and make some black sear marks on your food to get it much tastier.

The sturdy and thick domed lid can help redirect the heat perfectly to your food to bake them more evenly. Plus, there is a built-in gauge to show you the current temp inside for easy keeping track your food. You can comfortably place it on the table without worrying about the drips because it also has a tray to trap them greatly.

Moreover, the four strong feet can help the grill stand firmly even on a huge rough rock. However, during baking, the feet can become much warm and hot, so you can put a cardboard underneath to prevent any marks on your table.

I feel quite upset about one drawback of the grill which is the limited range of temperature control. Therefore, I sometimes struggle with some foods being just going to burn, especially the fatty ones.

2. Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill, Black

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Weber is considered as the high-end brand offering you with the best portable grill for camping and be one of top selling brand of the superb-quality grills that make your choice worthy for good. So, if you are planning to go on camping, this weber portable gas grill will be the best choice for your budget.

The product measures 40.9”x16.5”x15.5” to provide you with an enough baking space, about 189sq inches, to serve at least 3 people. Plus, the grill is well suited with your tail gate, but if you’re a little worried, you can put a large tile or other fire-resistant material on your tail gate.

Besides, you also have two foldable shelves to have more extra space to carry some frequently-used stuff. Plus, there is a quite large drip tray under the grill, so you don’t have to worry even when bake fatty foods. This one is cooler than the above one thanks to the infinite temperature control so that you can diversify your dishes with some seafood, vegetables and so on,

Moreover, the special point of this product is about the propane safety valve. It’s particularly designed to guarantee for the highest safety during your baking time. This tool is very sensitive with the amount of gas inside the tank. For example, if your pour gas into the tank too quickly, or refill higher than the standard level, the valve will automatically adjust to stop heating up the grill.

In addition, the utensil works much efficiently that save your material as much as possible. I have used up 3 canisters for 5 grilling parties, each of which lasted up to 5 hours at the medium temperature between 350 to 450 F degrees without any pauses. Plus, preheating doesn’t take you much time, just within 10 minutes and your grill will reach 550F degrees.

3. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill, Red

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Another portable propane grill offered by the Cuisinart is a perfect alternative for your baking time. This one comes in the compact design that you can easily store in the car’s trunk or the bed of a pickup truck. Plus, the lid can be locked securely in place to allow you to carry it as a briefcase with the ergonomic handle.

Besides, the grill give you a large baking space, about 145sq inches, which can accommodate up to 8 hamburgers or 6-10 chicken breasts or even 4 pounds of fish to easily serve for a crew of 6 hungry people. Plus, the grill has sturdy foldable feet to help it work perfectly as a tabletop on the camp site or you can put it right on the beach on the feet to prevent sand covering on your food.

Moreover, the porcelain-coated grate works perfectly to get your food tastier with some black sear marks and to retain the great amount of juice inside to keep your food moist over time so that you won’t be fed up with them just at the beginning of the party.

However, there is a small drawback of the product that I feel a little bit annoyed. The drip tray has a small capacity that they trapped juice usually overflows and cause mass on the table. Therefore, to solve the problem, you have to replace the tray with your large pan under the grill.

4. Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Tabletop Propane Gas Grill, best portable grills for tailgating, camping or any outdoor event

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This best portable grill for BBQ of the Smoke Hollow will possibly help you enjoy your barbeque parties anywhere and anytime from the camp site to the beach or even at home because the product features for sturdy foldable feet to help it be compatible with various places you can put.

This one is quite large, about 27”x17”x12”, so it can offer you more space for baking including 205sq inches of primary cooking grate and 105sq inches of the waring rack. It’s the warming rack that makes the grill more convenient and enhances the efficiency significantly.

I love this capacity absolutely. In one time, I can bake up to 10 chicken breasts on the large grate, but still have some space for veggies while the warming rack is suitable for some burger buns or corns as well.

Besides, the design of the burner is really awesome. The “U” shape can provide the even heat and transfer to the whole grate to prevent the hot and cold point situation. Plus, the domed lid plays a great role in maintaining the even heat circulation to help you have the gourmet outcomes.

Moreover, cleaning is not very much difficult with this product so that you just need to spend about 30 minutes to get your grill in the excellent condition as the brand new one. Plus, you can keep track with your food inside easily without opening the lid not to affect the heat flow inside.

5. Fuego Element F21C Carbon Steel Gas Grill LP

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This is the best portable gas grill that has a different design from other counterparts above. This one is much taller and larger that I think you cannot bring it to the camp site or somewhere else out of your house. However, if your house has a relatively large backyard, this one will be the best gas grill you’ve ever had.

The spotlight of this product is not very much about the capacity or mobility like other portable ones, but it’s all about the safety purpose. There is an enormous cabinet to cover the gas tank perfectly so that you can keep it out of your children’s reach or any impacts which can cause some undesirable problems.

Besides, this one also promise to keep your party carry one continuously with the 346sq inches of baking grate to accommodate at least 5-6 chicken breasts or a great number of red meats or steaks. Plus, to start the grill, you just need 5 minutes for the maximum time to preheat to save more gas.

Moreover, there are two zones of burners consisting of 4 ones for each zone, so you can use this one for both direct and indirect heat method. For the indirect heat method, the domed lid is also the key factor to maintain the heat circulation evenly to create the enough heat supply to your meats.

In addition, there are two firmly mounted handles which are not used to hold. You can install an accompanied shelf to help you carry a plate of meats for convenient use. Plus, you can utilize the other one for hanging the lid.

6. Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle – Propane Fueled – For Outdoor Cooking While Camping, Tailgating or Picnicking

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I have to say that this small propane grill is the best choice for group of 3-4 people or greater for couples to go on a small picnic and place this grill on the tail gate near a lake or river to enjoy the early romantic “honey weekend”. And, this is the most favorable one in my gas grill collection that you shouldn’t miss.

This one offer you with 260sq inches of grilling space, so it’s truly enough or more room for serving you perfectly during the cozy BBQ time. There is one plus point of this product that I really love. The grill surface isn’t like the grate very much because it’s flat and non-porous. And that is the advantage that can keep the juice from dropping on the burner under.

Besides, with this flat surface, you can use for many purposes like frying or stirring some vegetables also to help your dishes more diverse. Plus, the burner has the “H” shape promising to provide the enough heat for the cooking surface so that you can get the perfect results from all spots of the surface.

Moreover, after taking on the heavy duties, the grill is easy to clean because the left extracted juice is not much because during baking, the great amount will evaporate or penetrate again into the foods to make them spicier. Plus, the grill has the compact design because you can remove the cooking surface and turn it over right on the grill to narrow down the dimension. Therefore, it won’t take much space for storage.

7. Coleman Sportster Propane Grill

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If you have a large backyard or don’t want your table be taken over much space due to some countertop grills, you can try this Coleman propane grill. This one has its own space to take on the heavy duty with the sturdy tall feet which allow you to stand comfortably to bake your meats without any fatigues happening to your back and spine.

Besides, the cooking grate is also spacious that you can bake up to 6 chicken breasts in one time to make sure that your hungry crew will be served over time. Plus, the grate can prevent your meats from directly contacting with the flame so that you will possibly enjoy the perfectly baked and juicy foods.

Moreover, the ignition is quite sensitive that just with one press you can light the burner easily without any additional help of matches or other lighter. Plus, this grill is really economical that with one 14oz gas tank I can use for two grilling sessions with the heat level of 350-450 F degrees.

More than that, moving the grill is much easier because you don’t have to carry it like other tabletops countertops. The collapsible feet can turn the grill into compact design as a suitcase with two wheels. Thus, your job is just pulling for easy transporting.

8. Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill

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Regardless of how bad the weather is, you still can enjoy the cozy BBQ party with your family inside your house with this electric grill. This product offers you with a large baking space that I’m sure that with a small family, they may not eat all food in one time.

Besides, this indoor BBQ grill comes with the safe design with the cool touch base surrounding the grilling space. Therefore, you won’t get burnt in case you may recklessly tough these areas. Plus, there is a temperature control with the printed temp so that you can easily adjust to get the best heat for your food.

Moreover, the grate with the slope patterns which can make some black sear marks on your meat to get it much tastier. Plus, these patterns can withdraw the great amount of fat to help you feel less greasy while enjoying the foods. This grate also features the non-stick layer that you can use the spatula to lift your meats easily without destroying them.

However, there is a quite annoying drawback, from my owned view. The grill doesn’t have the compatible lid, so when grilling in high temp, if you have covered the grate with oil, it may splatter all around to cause mess.

9. Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

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Here is another weber portable grill to diversify your choice, but this one run on charcoal, which is not very much easy to light the grill as the gas one. However, this one also has some great benefits over the gas on in its product line that you should take into account before making a purchasing decision.

The first point is that this small charcoal grill can provide you with the huge space for baking, up to 363sq inches, so you can use the grill the serve a big crew of hungry people. Plus, plated-steel cooking grate is really awesome that can keep your food away from the direct flame to avoid being overbaked. It’s also easy to clean and very durable to stand with the heat from the charcoal.

This is one of the best portable charcoal grill that is much more economical than the gas, especially for slow baking method. Plus, when enjoying the food, you can taste the smoky flavor of the charcoal’s aroma. Therefore, the meats will be more appealing than the normal baked by gas.

Moreover, you must love the built-in cleaning tool of this grill. There is an axis beneath the grill that when you rotate, it will spin the fan inside the grill to let the ash drop into the collecting tray under the sturdy body. Thus, you just need to empty the tray and spend some minutes cleaning the grate. Then, the grill becomes clean as the brand new one.

So, this is also the second best portable grill of the weber that I extract from the particular review of this brand, the weber grill. Well, if you would like to get to know better about this brand and is other product, you can check this out.

10. George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill, Red, GFO201R

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And now, this one is also a typical sample of the best portable grill running one electricity to make sure that your baking time will be safe as much as possible. Plus, this material is supposed to be the easiest one to set up and operate.

The great point of this product is that you can use the grill as both the standing one thanks to a tall accompanied foot and the tabletop grill. Plus, with this material, you can easily bake your meats indoor because this one doesn’t cause much smoke and odor in your house.

Besides, this 200sq inch of rectangular grilling surface allows you to serve a group of over 12 people perfectly without any lacks of food. In addition, the baking grate is the key to help you get the desired outcomes because it can transfer the heat evenly to any places to avoid the hot and cold spot problem. There are several fat-removing slopes on the grate to reduce much amount of fat so that you can taste the foods with less grease and more lean, but still juicy.

Moreover, with the non-stick characteristic, you will possibly feel that there is nothing in the world that easier to clean than this one. Just with some wipe with damped cloth with soap you can eliminate all debris and odor on the grate.

11. Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel Portable Gas Grill Connects To Low Pressure Supply On RV, Includes RV Mounting Bracket And Folding Tabletop Legs – 180″ (57305)

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You shouldn’t think that only having a settle-down life in a house can have a true barbeque party indoor or outside on the yard because you still enjoy that true atmosphere when living in the RV as well. The Camco Olympian has launched to the market with the best portable grill for rv that can help you with your current problem.

The first point is that the product is exclusively designed to run on the low pressure propane supply for the RV only. Plus, this one features a mounting bracket to help you hang it securely on the side rail of your RV so that you can stand comfortably and grill your foods. This one also has the folding legs, so you can change into tabletop use.

Besides, the grill offer you with an enough cooking surface of 180sq inch so that you can one time more servings to prevent any pauses during the party. However, this one doesn’t have the warming rack for the veggies and burger buns, so you have to grill them along with the meats. Therefore, you have to constantly monitor them to prevent the over-grill.

Moreover, to help you easily set up the grill, this one also have a quick connect hose and valve for easy monitoring the temperature as well. Plus, there is a built-in auto shut-off valve to prevent the problem of accidental non-ignition fuel discharge so that you will be much safer for grilling. The grill is made of top-quality stainless steel to maintain itself the excellent condition over time.

12. Kuuma Premium Stainless Steel Mountable Gas Grill w/Regulator by Camco -Compact Portable Size Perfect for Boats, Tailgating and More – Stow N Go 125″ (58140)

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You would like to enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the barbeque party on a boat or yacht. You can check this offer from the Kuuma which is supposed to be one of the best portable grills for boats so that you can definitely place you trust on it to enjoy the perfectly grilled food.

The product is available in 4 options of different sizes of the cooking surface measured in square inch such as 125, 160, 216 and 316. Thus, you can consider for your boat and number of people to choose the most suitable one. Plus, the product features folding feet so that you can easily place it on the table. However, the brand also offer you with rail, rod or pedestal mount so that you can hang the grill securely on the boat rail.

Besides, the grill is made of high-quality stainless steel with great strength and durability that can stand with the heat and remain the original condition all the time. Plus, with the domed shield, the heat inside can be preserved perfectly to supply enough heat for you food constantly. There is a firmly mounted heat-resistant handle to help you hold to open the grill easily without getting your hand burnt and you can carry the grill comfortably when holding this handle. But remember to lock the lid first.

I really appreciate your goodwill when you spend your precious time and effort reading my dedicated work. I hope that with those grills above, you can find the best portable grill to hang out with your friends right now. Because this one is supposed to be an overview about some popular portable grills, you won’t get the specific how-to details. So, if you would like, you can check my buying guide article for more knowledge. Lastly, my site will be better and better thanks to your continuous support.


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