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The Best Mini Food Processors for Your Mini Kitchens

Contrast to commercial food processors, we have the mini-sized.

Do you know that making your own food will bring you countless of great things from joyfulness, pride, health to being with your family? Just imagine the face of your husband whenever eating your foods, how happy he is! But you got one problem that is you are too busy to chop the food little by little every day and it’s also troublesome when doing in a such small counter.

Understand what you have to face, many companies produce mini food processors in order to fit every problem of yours. However, you’re confused because they are too many and you don’t know where to start or what to pick out.

To save you from the difficulties as well as your efforts managing to seek information from different sources, I tried to wander among different kinds of mini food processor reviews and researches and finally came up with this collection of some of the best mini food processors that you can think of. Let’s begin!

1. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

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The first one deserved a place in the list is this Cuisinart Mini Food Processor, which is highly recommended by many top chefs.

This model is user-friendly with simplified details followed, which is also easy to assembling, cleaning and preserving afterwards. Coming with a collection of four dynamic colors: metal, red, pink and white, this Cuisinart series is said to be fit with every kitchen. Moreover, it uses the best and stainless steel with sharp chopping blade and a plastic pusher for keeping the food inside the tool. Therefore, it is not going to be a problem processing any kinds of food from the soft cheese to the tough meat of yours.

The body is covered with lightweight plastic, which reduces the feeling of heaviness and efforts when using it. One outstanding feature of the tool is its strange design in the way it functions. There are pushing buttons of Grind and Chop on the simple panel instead of ON/OFF and reverse or pulse one. Plus, this consists of four rubber legs at the bottom for safety reasons such as avoiding slippery counter, …

With the capacity of 250W and the bowl of 3-cup for holding food, this Cuisinart mini prep plus is suitable enough for assisting you while you are cooking. Just imagine, thanks to the appropriate size, you won’t feel wasteful or lack when using this machine.

The way to clean-up this small Cuisinart is also an easy story thanks to the trouble-free disassembling. You can both wash it manually or with the help of the dishwasher. One note for you is not grinding beans by this utensil because there might be some problems arising. But of course, the producer also provides you with a one-year warranty which is worth to think of.

Together with this 2ABC mini, there is also an option which has similar characteristics but at a lower price that is this Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor. It’s up to you to choose the most suitable for yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

2. KitchenAid KFC3516WH 3.5 Cup Mini Food Processor

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If you are searching one mini processor for your picnic trip, then this KitchenAid KFC3516WM 3.5 Cup Food Processor is deserved to have a position in your mind.

There are 18 different colors for you to choose to make sure it will mix and match your kitchen. And together with the main black color, the machine lets you feel the smallness yet luxury. Since this is a mini processor, its capacity is only 3.5 Cup which you may think too small. However, to those enjoy the small things and great performance, this is not a problem to them as long as this works well enough.

The blade is sweetly sharp that it can cut through everything put in the BPA-free plastic bowl. Besides, there is also a firm handle which is perfectly fit in your hand for comfortable acts while cooking. You can see the on/off property is rather special because it is unlike the others.

There are lots of things you can do with this amazing KitchenAid mini food processor, from chopping, blending, making sauces and even grinding. Think about the outcome, a super great meal with different yummy dishes made by you for the family, that is such wonderful happiness.

Cleaning afterward is not complicated at all because it can be washed in the dishwasher, therefore everything is very easy. Finally, thanks to the mini size, this model can be stored in anywhere you can think of.

3. Aicok Food Chopper, Small Food Processor, 3 Cup Electric Mini Food Chopper with BPA-Free Bowl, Onion Chopper

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So, the next recommendation that deserved to have a place in the list is this Aicok Food Mini Chopper. Small as you may see, the usage is not small at all!

I totally fall in love with this Aircook small food processor thanks to the modern and fresh design which has the white rim around the body of the machine, creating such solid feelings. There are also two handles on each side for easy carriage and they are completely made of a kind of heatproof glass, therefore you are not going to be burnt in case you put hot foods into it.

Similar to other mini food processor, this one can be operated by pressing the black button down and holding it while it is cutting the foods. Thanks to the excellently sharp bi-level blades made from stainless steel that is equipped into the tool, it is one of the best small food processors that can chop all kinds of products from veggies to meat and even some sorts of grains. But, the most recommended ones for this Aicok include salsa, chopped vegetables and paste type sauces.

If you need 100 perfectly same perfect chopping from this Aicok, then you must be disappointed. But if you are looking for a small enough with every functions from the other larger processors, so this is the one for you. It can hold for up to 4.5 Cup, suitable for making dishes for 2 to 3 people. The material making the bowl is BPA free plastic which is user-friendly and safe for containing foods, especially the hot ones.

Preserving this Aicok is just also simple because it can be easily taken apart. Be careful when cleaning the blades unless you wish to get hurt and remember not to put the white head into the water or dishwasher. The remains parts such as bowl, spatula or lid, are still washable by both hands and machine.

This is not exaggeratingly the best choice for your small kitchen. When purchasing it, there comes with a two-year quality warranty so that you are guaranteed about the performance and the quality.

4. POSAME Chopper Dual Blade 1.5 Cup One Touch Mini Food Chopper Food Processor

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You will definitely be surprised if you first look at this Posame Chopper Dual Blade because of its outstanding looking with one big button on the side and a super small bowl. Although the capacity is only no more than 1 cup, this doesn’t mean that the machine doesn’t own any great functions. Actually, this 150W tool has every characteristic that a super processor has such as making chopped veggies, grinded meat, sauces and even jam and other similar job and it is sold at a very good price. I think this one is for family with one or two members only due to its size as well as its price.

The bowl is attached to the body in a special way. Instead of putting the bowl on the small place compatible with its head, this Posame also puts on the compatible place on the side of its body, making this head steadier to face with wet counter. This is also a plus point for any small processor. Whenever you use it, after putting all the ingredients into the bowl and covering the lid, you press the button by all hand where the fingers will stay on the lid. That will not only keep the full machine but also prevent the mixture spitting out controllingly.

Another good point for this machine lies in the lock system. I have never seen a utensil that has so many triangle-shaped locks: on the top connecting the lid and the body, on the bottom joining the body as well. The producers have cleverly added the safety details into their products to ensure the best quality.

Completely made of stainless steel blades and ETL and BPA free plastic body, they are proved to be safe for users for not causing rusty things together with unwanted toxic dismissed from the bowl.

Storing this small food processor is also a simple story thanks to the small size with compact design. You can freely put it wherever you would like and this’s also convenient to carriage. Besides you are allowed to wash this machine by dishwasher except the head. This is followed with a one-year warranty so that you can feel safe and secure when making purchasing decision.

5. Oster FPSTMC3321 3-Cup Mini Chopper with Whisk

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It will be a mistake not mentioning this Oster FPSTMC3321 Mini Chopper in this list. With the special and outstanding look which is quite similar to the #4 Posame, this is unmoving distinguished from others and will cater all kinds of tastes.

Actually, this Oster is a little bit more expensive than the Posame, but the performance is perfectly satisfied because of its great properties. Also attached to the side of the body with a good lock connected the two parts, this gadget also gives us the feelings of secure and steady. The BPA free plastic bowl is transparent so that you can watch the processing inside the machine which is fairly interesting.

The most amazing feature of the tool is its design of the lid. There are some small holes which you can add water or oil while running if you think the mixture is so dry, and you don’t need to take out the lid that is in risk of spilt out the contents.

Two speed options that you are allowed to choose for optimizing your cutting job is high and low one thanks to the innovated technology. You will find the blades so sharp combining with the high speed, although this is a small sized processor, it’s hard to imagine how fast and terrific this tool is. It can even turn your onions into juices if in your first-time use. So, make sure to choose the most suitable speed.

Operating this mini food processor is not difficult at all except from putting the lid into right places. There is a small trick that you should apply when doing this in order for better activating. Turning to the story of cleaning, after being used, you should wash it carefully with soapy water and make sure not to put the head into the dishwasher because it will be broken down.

This is perfectly used for making chopped veggies, salsa, hummus and celery, … The following whisk also faultlessly works, especially when turning to eggs, or flours, …

Overall, this is such a great gift not only for yourself for assisting your cooking but also for your relatives.

6. Brentwood MC-101 Mini Food Chopper

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This mild white Brentwood MC-101 mini food chopper will bring you a super new atmosphere when cooking because of its small yet brilliant design as well as good performance.

Measured with 6.2” x 8.5” x 4.8”, this is a so-so sized gadget which is suitable for your small counter. And the utensil is one of the cheapest options in this list whose superiority is wonderful at a standstill. Therefore, you should feel positive about the way it acts along with its outcomes.

Like the two mentioned #4 and #5, this Brentwood is equipped on the side of the main body, which will take less room than other kinds of design. While made from white safe plastic, not to mention the stainless-steel blades, the product is user-friendly and guaranteed for the health of you and your family. In addition, the bowl can hold about 1.5 cup which is recommended for 1-2 people per use.

One thing you should remember is be careful when fitting the lid into the bowl because it is a little fragile and you won’t find other alternatives for this one. Plus, cleaning and storing are necessary for every appliance, thus you should do these jobs with carefulness.

The small food processor is not only a cutting device but also a multi-function utensil. You are able to create thousands of yummy dishes and this is the best assistant. It helps save your time and effort such as chopping veggies, meats, grinding cheese, nuts and so on. Totally, this is a great food processor for you.

7. Ketuo BC-260 260-Watt 2-cups Mini Food Processor with Single Knife

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The next recommendation that you should not miss is this Ketuo BC 260W Mini food processor. The appliance will definitely cater all kinds of tastes even the hardest one.

This gadget somehow stands out from the rest thanks to it lighting blue and white color. I must say this create a fairly fresh feelings when you are cooking which totally makes you day!

The machine includes two main parts: the transparent bowl and the 260W head which are completely made of BPA free plastic, safe to users’ health. Besides, like other products, this has a stainless steel single blade which is perfectly sharp, handling all kinds of tasks that you give it from the softest to the toughest. It can help you with many kinds of dishes such as chopping salad, mincing meat, sauces or even grinding the nuts. However, most recommended for it is the chopping one.

Besides, the following accessories also consist of a safety lid, a blade of course and a mixing tool. This one is like the blade but there are no cutting knives attached to it. This is used for mixing flour, mixtures and so on.

This machine has two kinds of speed levels which we can choose to take the best use of it. At the end of the day, you should wash it carefully and store in a small but good place for longer usage.

Overall, this small food processor is a good present to give to your kitchen.

8. Manual Professional Pull Food Choppers and Dicers

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Tired of doing the chopping things by machine and you want to try doing the job by a manual machine? Then you have to consider this Manual Professional Pull food choppers and dicers. This is totally a dazzling design that will break every rule of yours.

You won’t imagine how small and easy-to-use of this machine. Actually, it is made to perfectly fit with your hand so that you are able to keep it tight when using to prevent it from splitting out. Also, the way you make the product work is also very amazing and surprised to me. I can’t tell the feeling when I first saw it and then I saw the way it grinds. Usually we put the food inside and then pull the handle connected to a cord to turn the effort into the activating function. Just like that, the food is getting smaller and smaller.

Similar to other advanced processors, this is also made completely of BPA free and stainless steel which is suitable for the health. And it can tackle all difficulties that I face, such as making great dishes like salsa, chopped onions, veggies and others, Plus, your mini processor can act as a juicer making fruit juice, baby foods, making bread rums, and so on.

The cleaning story is also very simple. Because it does not need electricity, you can freely wash it by hands or dishwasher as long as it is cleaned for the next time used and make sure it is dry whenever you store it to avoid rust and bacteria.

In short, this is one of the best mini food processors which is a good idea for your kitchen.

9. Mini Food Processor and Shredder

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Final in this list is the most special mini handy processor that owns special outlook. The one I want to mention is this Mini food processor and Shredder whose properties are as well special as its design.

I’m totally fall for this tool from the first time I saw it because of the strange design. It doesn’t own any bowl like the traditional one, instead, it consists of a suction base and an outstanding design which I’ll let you figure out yourself. Actually, it looks a little bit like the handy meat grinder. But the wonderful thing doesn’t just stop at this.

The unique manual processor is followed by three reversable stainless steel discs which can be applied for different kinds of chopping, grinding, foods. If you care about using non-electrical device for safety then this one is the most suitable one despite the price. However, I think it is deserved to appear in your counter. Just imagine how tasty your dishes are whenever being made with the help of this machine. From chopped salad, grinding cheese, meat to making coffee from thee beans, and so on.

The device has got a handle which is made to be completely fit with your hand so that you will feel easy and comfortable when using. Not to mention, the handle has a plastic layer preventing you from getting burnt in case the slicing food is hot.

Cleaning the utensil also consists of some simple steps. All you need to do is dissembling the parts, and then washing it under a cool tap or in the dishwasher. That’ll keep your tool last for a long time.

This is far more than just a small food processor. This is such an invention that inspires you thanks to its great design and many wonderful usages. This is deserved to have a position in your kitchen.

It’s true that my review will not give you all the information that you need to fulfil this field. However, I do hope that you can gain yourself some basic knowledge about this as well as the way to purchase the one from the best.

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