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The Best Hand Mixer for the Most Convenient Life

Some people think that the hand mixer isn’t worth for their money because the stand mixer can work better than although it may charge more money. I don’t deny the point that the hand mixer has the lower capacity, but the reason for this invention is not about showing the power, but for the convenient use.

You will come to get this device because your kitchen is quite small that cannot accommodate for a huge and bulky stand mixer, right? So, that’s the purpose of the hand mixer. However, this machine still guarantee that it can work really well with beating egg or even knead the certain amount of dough.

Therefore, it depends on your case that you have to find the right one to solve the problem. For this type of mixer, I have listed some ones from different brands to help you find the best hand mixer for your kitchen.

My recommendation:

1. Aicok Hand Mixer 6 Speed Classic Stainless Steel Mixer Ultra Power Electric Mixer with Turbo and Easy Eject Button

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This Aciok Hand Mixer can give you the awesome performance with the powerful motor of 250W and the 6 levels of speed that you can mix or prepare your food more quickly without any problems arising. Thanks to this motor, you will definitely knead the about 2 pounds of cookie dough or perfectly whip the cream to cover your cakes.

Besides, what I love about the machine is the stainless steel body instead of plastic because it will be tougher and stronger that can last for a lifetime and be less prone to damage if you may drop or knock. Plus, this one features a “turbo button” to boost the speed to the maximum level immediately to help you deal with the mixture more quickly.

Moreover, the hand held mixer is not very much heavy, about 2.75 pounds, so you can comfortably carry it around and even for a long time. Plus, the handle is really a great assistance. It’s designed ergonomically, which can balance the weight to help you feel no fatigue during the process.

Plus, the attachments are quite easy to clean. You just need to rinse it under water because the debris doesn’t stick firmly to them.

2. VonShef RED 250W Hand Mixer Whisk With Chrome Beater, Dough Hook, 5 Speed and Turbo Button + FREE Balloon Whisk

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Another powerful hand mixer is offered by the VonShef to diversify your choice. The machine also has the 250-watt motor along with three basic attachments to make sure that it can help you deal with various tasks form whipping meringue to kneading dough.

However, this one only has 5 options of speeds instead of 6 levels as the above one, but I think the speed is not very much different and it still whips egg white perfectly.

Besides, there is one plus point of this machine is that the handle is much more comfortable than the counterpart above. This one is also designed ergonomically with the curved edge which can perfectly fit in hands when you hold it. Plus, the handle is rubber-coated inside so that it will be absolutely soft to your hands.

Notice that the machine can work with the certain amount of dough, about a batch of 2 dozen of cookies, so if you exceed the maximum amount, the beaters may be bent surely.

3. BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer with 5 Attachments & Storage Case, MX3200B

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I have to say that this is not only a hand mixer but also a subtle and luxurious touch recommended to you kitchen. The machine features the pure black color with a little shiny characteristic which make the machine much high-end and can prevent the discoloration.

Besides, the handle is like the above one of the VonShef, which is super comfortable due to the rubber-coated feature. Plus, the machine is not very much as long as the two above ones, so the handle can distribute the weigh greatly that you will feel like carry nothing in hands.

Moreover, the utensil also has 6 levels of speed and the turbo button to help you boost the great speed promptly, so you will receive the best results as you wish. Plus, the arrangement of the speed adjustment is much more convenient than other counterparts because it is set vertically. Therefore, when you hold the machine, your thumb can easily monitor the speed.

More than that, there is all-black case accompanied to contain the machine and all the attachments perfectly. And, that’s the point that I consider this product as the best hand mixer you should have.

4. KitchenAid KHM512OB Hand Mixer, Black, 1

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This electric hand mixer has the same design as the BLACK+DECKER one, but this one is more slightly lightweight than the counterpart. Plus, you can also diversify your choice with a wide selection of over 10 colors, so you will possibly find the one meeting your taste.

Besides, the cord is quite long and flexible that you can lock it either left or right sight to have the best angle to mix the ingredients. Plus, 5 levels of speed will be enough for stirring in chunky mixtures like nuts or even whipping egg whites perfectly.

However, I have to say that this kitchenaid hand mixer is not as powerful as the counterpart because its motor is about 150 watt, so there will be some limitations in its ability to deal with various tasks at home.

In addition, I feel like the beaters aren’t tough and strong enough to stand with the heavy force. When I try to knead a batch of 1 doze of cookie dough, the beaters are bent slightly and the wire is also thin that easily gets stuck in the mixture.

With the same capacity, you can check this Vremi Electric Hand Mixer, but this one has the compact design in which there are two built-in beater storage holders on the body. Therefore, it will narrow down the size of the machine to help it get stores more easily.

5. Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer, White

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You can check this hand mixer from another reputable brand, the Cuisinart. From my own experience, I think that the Cuisinart mixer perform more greatly than the kitchenaid machine in all aspects. Firstly, the Cuisinart utensil is much more affordable, so more and more people can easily get the machine for their home.

The second point is the capacity. The motor is much more powerful, about 220-watt, so you can use the machine for various occasions from light duties to slightly heavy ones like kneading dough. Moreover, the beaters come in the tougher and stronger construction with the larger wire so that they won’t be bent easily.

Plus, the machine is also available in colors to help you choose the most suitable one. And, this one is not as heavy and large as the kitchenaid mixer. Therefore, you will find much more satisfied when holding and storing the machine although your kitchen is relatively small.

If you are interested in Cuisinart and Kitchenaid products, take a peek at these articles:

6. Oster 2500 Inspire 240-Watt 5-Speed Hand Mixer, White

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This Oster hand mixer is also a great choice for your kitchen. The machine can be a workhorse to help you deal with different tasks even for the bulk mixing. Plus, the motor is quite powerful, 240-watt, along with 5 speed settings so that it can chunk though up to 2 dozen of cookies dough easily.

Besides, the beaters and dough hooks are completely made of stainless steel with tough and sturdy structure to prevent breakage or bending. Plus, these attachments are also long enough to provide a large space when you’re mixing so that the machine won’t be stuck with the splashing mixture.

Moreover, I have to say that this machine is the very light, about 1.7 pounds, so it’s also greatly suitable for those who suffer arthritis. Plus, the handle is also comfortable because it can fit perfectly in hands.

7. Hamilton Beach 62620 6-Speed Hand Mixer with Snap on Case

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I have searched on many hand mixer reviews and I find that the Hamilton Beach hand mixer will possibly be a great value for your money.  The machine is the most powerful one in this list with the 290-motor and 6 levels of speed, so the batch of 2 or 3 dozen of cookie dough is its problem surely.

Besides, the package also provide you with more attachments than other counterparts including the dough hooks, wire beaters, a whisk and a milkshake mixer which you can use for making drinks. Therefore, the machine has the versatile usage that is much more convenient and economical.

Moreover, I really love the storage case accompanied which can contain all the attachments and the cord perfectly. Meanwhile, the machine plays a role as a covering lid, so you can carry the box around easily.

8. Nestpark Portable Drink Mixer Small Handheld Electric Stick Blender – Cordless and Battery Operated Bulletproof Coffee Blender

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Travelling cannot lack this hand mixer to help you prepare for some delicious drinks. The machine runs on battery, so you don’t need to worry much about the energy source while taking on adventures. Plus, the product comes with the tough and durable body to last for a lifetime serving you in every journey.

Besides, the plus point of the machine is the vortex tornado head that can blend the mixture perfectly and evenly so that you will get the best drinks ever. This one can work greatly with various beverages like chocolate milk, coffee, lemonade and so on.

Notice that the machine works well with lemonade because it’s completely made of food-grade stainless steel which can itself resist corrosion. Therefore, your health will be safe when making lemonade or other fruit like pineapple.

You may concern:

Well, how do you feel about these machines? I’m sure that after reading thoroughly my work, you can find the best hand mixer for your case now. Or at least, these ones can help you to get the ideas of what is the most suitable for you. I hope that if you find my review helpful for you, you can keep track on my site to get more information about different products. Together we can find the answer!!!


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