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Enjoy Your Healthy Daily Routine with The Glass Blender [Updated 2019]

There is nothing better a cup of smoothie with a variety of flavors from different fruits and vegetables mixed together after every heavy meal, right? So, the blender is a must-have accessory in all kitchens to help you stay in healthy lifestyle every day.

However, there are thousands of blenders existing on the market, which is a big problem for you when looking for a right one. After doing research on many sources and consulting several pros, I find that the glass blender can be a great choice for you over the plastic one with the higher durability.

And now, I would like to offer you my collections of some awesome glass blenders available at the friendly-budget price to help you have an overview about this product. But, if you would like more information about how to choose the best one, about some features you should consider, you’d better read my buying guide article carefully.

1. AmazonBasics 12-Speed Blender with Glass Jar

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This blender with glass jar is super powerful that you can use it for various occasions. The machine features 12 main functions representative of 12 levels of speed also. Plus, it can take over from the light duties like ice crushing or chopping up to bulk mixing such as grinding or pureeing. Therefore, I have to say that here is a worthy spending of your money.

Besides, the glass jar is quite huge that can contain up to 1.5L of liquid, so there may be maximum number of three medium-size tumblers of smoothies in one time. A great choice for a nuclear family, right? Plus, the pitcher is tightly covered with the secure-fitting lid, so it’s less likely that the lid may drop out of the jar as other cheap counterparts, which can make a mess in your kitchen.

Moreover, the lid has a small removable cap allowing you to add more ingredients slowly during the process without opening the whole lid, which is a little risky. In addition, the base with 4 non-slip feet can keep the machine stay in place while it’s taking over heavy duty. Therefore, you don’t need to watch it for all time. Just press the functional buttons and let the machine do the rest.

However, because the jar is made of glass, it must be much heavier than the plastic one. Therefore, you may need more effort to carry it, but thanks to the mounted handle, the weight is evenly distributed and you don’t suffer much fatigue after all.

2. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender with 14 Speeds & 40 oz Glass Jar, Silver (54221)

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Another choice for the traditional design for the glass blender is offered by the Hamilton Beach, a much reputable brand you can count on. The machine is much more functional than the above one with two more functions such as dicing and milkshake. Therefore, I think this glass blender for shakes and smoothies can be a better choice than the first machine because of being more affordable along with more functions for much convenience.

Besides, the stainless steel blades work magnificently that can give the lovely and fine results as you wish. The machine features the wave-action system that can force the mixture down to the blades so that it will be done more quickly with higher perfection. Plus, the jar has a 40oz capacity, which is still suitable for preparing the great amount of food in one time.

Moreover, the product has a compact design with the built-in holder to store the cord, so the machine will be easier to store even when your kitchen is not very large. Plus, the holder can solve the situation in which the cord may be damaged severely because it’s not store carefully.

However, when using the machine, you have to be more careful with the pitcher because it’s made of glass. Plus, it may be quite noisy if you use the machine to crush ice. And, the machine somehow doesn’t work really well with the frozen fruits, but you can pre-cut them into smaller chunks to help the machine a little bit.

By the way, this one is still a right choice for your kitchen.

3. BLACK+DECKER Countertop Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 10-Speed Settings, Red, BL1210RG

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The BLACK+DECKER also offers you with the blender with glass pitcher to diversify your choice relative to the plastic ones. The point that I love about the machine is the blade technology. The blades are completely made of top-quality stainless steel with awesome sharpness that can deal with any tasks you want.

Besides, during the operation, the blades can create a constant flaw and vortex to force the ingredients toward. Therefore, the food will be finished more quickly and more perfectly. Although there are 5 functional buttons on the operating base, the machine can take over up to 10 duties ranging from the light to the heavy ones.

Moreover, this is a perfect glass blender for hot drinks as it still works with bulletproof coffee, but it cannot blend more than 2.5 to 3 cups of hot ingredients. Plus, when dealing with hot ingredient, you should use the lowest speed to avoid splattering.

Plus, after using, you can clean the pitcher by hand or in the dishwasher because it’s made of glass which can resist the thermal shock of the dishwasher greatly.

4. COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

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And now, you cannot miss this workhorse for your kitchen. This glass blender feature the super powerful motor with the 1500-watt capacity to make sure that everything will be blended perfectly in the pitcher. Thanks to the motor, the machine can help you make soup without any difficulties. I’m sure that your children won’t definitely say no the smoothest and finest pumpkin soup made by this blender.

Besides, the container is very huge, about 70oz, so 2L of liquid is not a problem with the utensil. And, the pitcher comes along with the tightly-covered lid to prevent any leakage arising. Plus, don’t worry if you may forget to add some essential ingredients because there is a small cap on the lid allowing you to load the missing while the machine is working.

Moreover, another plus point of the offer that I really love is the tamper accompanied. During the operation, you can use the tool to push the large and unmixed ingredients down to the blades to make sure that your culinary creations are perfectly processed.

In addition, in the package, the brand also give you an extra 27oz personal travel bottle so that you can prepare the drinks at home and bring this bottle to the office or school for healthy daily routine. The whole set is quite easy to clean. You can put the pitcher, the lid and the bottle in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.

Or, if you would like to clean by hand, you can use the offered brush to help you eliminate any debris sticking tightly to the pitcher. More than that, this best glass blender is also backed by 1-YEAR FULL WARRANTY and you can unconditionally replace or ask for refund during 30-day using. So, worry free to purchase this one, right?

However, you have to notice that the time of processing cannot exceed one minute because over-processing can cause the blender to overheat and malfunctions as well.

5. Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)

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If your budget in limited, you can take a look at this Ninja glass blender with the favorably affordable price, but still multi-functional. Despite not being as powerful as the above one, the machine still feature the 1000-watt motor to make sure that you can do various tasks without hesitation.

Besides, the pitcher is also as large as the COSORI blender to help you deal with the great deal of food in one time. Plus, the 6 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades with the ultimate ice crushing function can blast the solid ice cubes into powdery snow in a snap. Therefore, I have to say that the Ninja products surely make a great value for your money.

Moreover, the machine is super durable because my own one still works perfectly although I’m a heavy user, blend about 3 or 4 times per day. Plus, the lid is really awesome. It can cover the pitcher perfectly and has an openable cap to help you pour out the results without removing the lid. Therefore, it’s less likely that the mixture will spill over the countertops.

In addition, despite having a large and huge pitcher, the machine is still stored without any problems. There is a built-in holder to keep the cord safe under the base so that the size of the machine will be narrowed down significantly. Thus, you can put the machine in the cupboard or right in one corner of the countertops without taking over much space.

Plus, to have more choice for the different types of blender of this brand, I highly recommend you with my Ninja blender.

6. Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Built-In Wireless Connectivity, Professional-Grade, Red

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Although the machine doesn’t have the same capacity as other counterparts above, it’s still a great help for you to tackle various tasks in prepping work. However, in this machine, there are some extraordinary innovations to make a strong impression on you and anyone if having a chance to see it perform

The operating base with the smart adjustment can work greatly with many containers in different sizes and the base can also automatically set the maximum blending times for each compatible containers. Therefore, your job is just to add enough ingredients and press the button. Then, the machine can take on the rest.

Besides, the base’s screen also show you the finished time of the process thanks to the built-in digital clock. Thus, you can do something else while the machine is working. After the process, the alarm will ring and you can come to collect the perfectly mixed outcomes as you wish.

Moreover, apart from some common functions like mixing, chopping, blending and emulsifying as other ones in its class can do, this Vitamix glass blender can also make steaming-hot soup without a stove. How awesome!!! This is possible because during the process the fractions caused by the blades can bring the soup to the desired temperature in about 10 minutes.

Lastly, the brand also creates an e-book consisting of more than 500 recipes to help you enjoy your healthy lifestyle every day.

7. Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Pro 1200 Blender Plus 24 oz Smoothie Cup

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This Oster glass blender is also a great choice for you to consider relatively to the Ninja and Hamilton Beach machines. The motor is also powerful, about 1200-watt, along with the quite huge pitcher containing up to 6 cups of liquid, which can enhance your efficiency and save you much time in prepping work.

Besides, the package also offers you with the 24oz smoothie cup so that you can process the ingredients right in the cup. After the operation, you just need to replace the processing lid with the to-go lid for direct enjoying.

Moreover, the blades are ultimately sharp and tough that I just need to pulse for 5-6 times to blast the ice cubes into powdery snow. Plus, the cord is quite long, about 16”, so you can easily move the machine without concerning about losing power. However, this point is also a minor problem because you have to wrap the cord carefully.

Because this is a general review for different machine of various brands, so I cannot talk much about the brand and many different features. Therefore, you can check my article about this Oster brand to have more choice about the blender as well as other awesome machines of this brand.

8. KitchenAid Glass Blenders with 48-Ounce Glass Jars, Chrome

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If you’re worrying that there aren’t any blenders cannot fit your cramped kitchen, you can check this KitchenAid one. In comparison with those above, this machine is quite small, about 9”x7.25”x14.7”, so it won’t take over much room for operating and storing in your kitchen.

Despite being small, the machine still has a huge-enough pitcher with the 6-cup capacity to help you deal with a great amount of food in one time. Plus, the pitcher has a tightly-covered lid with a built-in flexible small cap to help you add more ingredients during the operation without opening the lid, which can cause splashing.

Besides, with 5 levels of speed, the operating base can offer you with various functions like chopping, mixing, pureeing and so on. Plus, the 4 rubber-coated cups feet promise to keep the machine stay in place even when you get it work in the maximum level.

9. Tribest PBG-5050-A Glass Personal Blender, Chrome

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Here is an innovative set of glass blender for you to consider relative to all the traditional machines above. The Tribest offers you with a new version of blender with more flexible usage. There is no more a huge pitcher which is quite heavy and hard to store. Instead of that, you will receive up to 4 tempered glass containers including 2 tumblers, 1 bottle with mounted handle and 1 small cup.

All of the containers have the compatible lids to store the mixtures inside for later use. Plus, two to-go lids accompanied to help you enjoy the results directly without switching from one to another like the traditional blenders. Therefore, this set is much more convenient and cannot prevent mess arising in your kitchen also.

Besides, the 6 stainless steel blades featuring ultimate sharpness to help you grind coffee or nuts to make nut butter at home with a pure ease. On other words, it’s perfect as a glass blender for coffee. Plus, this small glass blender is quite lightweight, about 6 pounds and 5.7”x5.7”x7.5” respectively, so you won’t find any difficulties in storing and carrying the machine around your kitchen.

10. Cuisinart SPB-10CHFR Power Blend Blender (Certified Refurbished)

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You can take a look at this Cuisinart glass blender for more choices as well as see why this brand is well-received by many customers. The product has a 600-watt motor that can help it deal with different kinds of ingredients from soft to tough ones, even the ice cubes are not the problem with this one. Plus, super sharp and tough stainless steel blades really do the perfect jobs in processing everything in second.

Besides, with the great power of the motor and the ultimate sharpness of the stainless steel blades, the blender can do more things rather than normal blending. As the particular functional buttons offered on the control panel, you can freely use the machine to mix, chop, puree and even liquefy, especially make baby food perfectly. The machine can promise that nothing unprocessed is left when the operation finished.

Moreover, the glass pitcher is quite large with the capacity of 56oz so that you can comfortably make more than two servings at the same time, which can save you much time and effort significantly. The pitcher is quite tough and durable that I found it is not very easy to be broken unless you tend to break it. Plus, the handle is quite comfortable and it helps a lot in balancing the weight that you won’t feel pain or fatigue when holding and carrying.

With the four rubber-coated cups under the base, the blender can itself stand firmly in place without wobbling even when you do the hard blending. Therefore, you don’t need to hold the machine all the time. Plus, there is a small cap on the lid where you can easily add the missing ingredients while the blender is working without removing the lid. How convenient!!!

So, I think that after reading my devoted work, you will definitely find your own glass blender to deal with your particular situation. I hope that you will find these recommendations helpful to help you stay away from junks on the market and if you would like to get more information about other utensil, you can keep track on my site continuously for my new posts.


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