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The Best Electric Wine Opener: A Bucket List for Die Hard Fans of Wine

Wine consumption rate in any region has never been dropped as alcohols are key features of any parties. As a result, this draws attention of many companies to produce openers, making a sea of products as we have seen. In this play, I will be your navigator, let us set sail to ten island bearing the best electric wine opener.

1. Deik Wine Opener, Electric Wine Opener, Stainless Steel Electric Corkscrew

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Insert the openers on top of the bottle and start drinking. I am telling you this. if it is just like it, there would be plenty of electric wine bottle openers out there. What so special about this is the silence, making it one of the best electric wine opener.

The machine runs smoothly without making big noise. A standard automatic openers are usually creating small sounds that are sometimes quite annoying (at least for me).

For aesthetics, this set is very nice. Everything looks shiny thanks to the silver color coating. What’s more, the black box is in accepted standard for giving.

The stand is built not just as a place for your opener but also a chargeable chord and a plug for your wall sockets. A few hours charging and the device is ready to go. It can be used up to 40 times before you empty its energy. In addition, a converter is highly recommended to be bought along with this set. I do not need to be a best electrician to know that 110V should never be connected to 220V.

For removing seal, the set gives you a foil cutter. A very sharp and curvy blade inside allows users to cut any seal with ease.

The company is very generous for given consumers a chance to return the product with reimbursement. Also you can give the broken one for them to fix. This is a lifetime warranty. It is hard to break unless you run your car over it.

2. Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener in Black, with Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and Stopper

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The best electric wine opener is the one that you prefer most. To me what I love most about this electric bottle opener is the visibility.

First detach the foil remover on top. It is built on top of the opener so when you want to bring it to any parties you can bring the cutter as well.

I can see clearly what it does with my cork bottle. The transparent ends makes the whole process seeable in your eyes. The silver button up and down helps the strong blade spiking through the cork without difficulty. Then the cork is automatically pulled leaving the opener bottles for you. The rest of the process is pouring the wine and enjoy.

By the way, remember to insert the pourer to block the lips of the bottle. When pouring directly from the bottle, a few drops will be spilled on your carpet. Every bottles are designed that way so we need to coup with that. The pourer will reduce the droppings significantly and it will make your wine even better.

To save your thing for later. Place the stopper on your bottle. In my opinion, better consume everything within three days even the stopper save the taste longer.

The energy is enough for users to remove at least 50 bottles. Compare to the first one this is a better deal. On the other hand, the noise is a little bit bigger than the last, possibly not an appealing product for your alone saturday night.

In the dark the blue light will shine while this is in recharge mode, no need to turn on the light from now on.

3. Cuisinart CWO-25 Electric Wine Opener, Stainless Steel

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The best electric wine opener can be the nicest opener the first time you are looking at it. Ideas are subjective but the specification mentioned below is worth noting down for purchasing consideration.

50 bottles can be opened per charging, proving the capability for this opener to be brought outside to your friends’ parties. Just to make sure that you charge your automatic openers before going.

The modern looks gives the opener extra point. Moist and water are sworn enemy of electric device but it seems that this opener can stand water dripping down over its body. Also, being made from steel is a perk to fend off corrosion. However remember to stay dry while it is charging.

My hands always sweat, making it hard to firmly hold anything. This opener is not an exception. I takes me a few times to open the wine. To be extra careful, your left hands could hold the bottles body while the opener work its magic.

The foil cutter is as sharp as any standard cutter. It is stored inside the charging base. Speaking of the base, It is small and compact, easily putting in your bag for any parties. There is no light in the opener but there are small light indicates the charging process on the base.

Any types of corks can be pulled, either synthetic or traditional one. So far I have not seen any damages for my corks.

Price is appropriate, not so cheap or expensive. It is just right.

4. Electric Wine Opener with Charger- Wine Accessories Gift Set Holiday Kit with Batteries and Foil Cutter- Uncle Viner G105

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Now I am going to present to you one of the best electric wine opener in terms of variation and style.

The kit contain several tools that are necessary for any wine parties. Per box set, users shall get the opener, a vacuum stopper, a pourer, cutter, a plug for charging and 4 batteries. The battery can be replaced with brand of your preference. The charging part is a built in system in the opener so you only need the plug, the wire and your electric appliance sockets. 80 bottles are able to be opened per charging is a very promising number that draws attention of many users.

Put a cutter on the bottle net, a simple slide will quickly cut the seal. After using and you still leave a large amount of liquid in the bottle, place the stopper and start pulling up and down to suck all air out for preserving it better. Still you need to consume it soon.

Price and size of the openers are varied. The bigger the size the higher the price so there is no evaluation for the appropriateness of the price but I can tell you that it is affordable. There are three sizes 3,5 and 6 with 6 is the biggest, 11.3 inches in length. I love the red transparent end which allows me to see through the process of the screw drilling the corks.

For wedding, housewarming or other kinds of party, this is a must buy gift. The company pays a lot of attention to detail, making the box as decent as possible so there is no need for wrapping, a ribbon is fine and groom and the bride can use right away.

5. Ivation Wine Gift Set, Includes Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Now this opener is far from beating other openers to become best of the best electric wine openers, but let’s have a look before being too judgemental.

First the set give you some basic but necessary tools for the upcoming events. You can find an aerator, a vacuum stopper, two extra ordinary stoppers, the seal remover and base to charge your thing. Two stoppers are nice starting point, giving you one more bottle to be preserve for later. The vacuum stopper is more convenient than other sets as it is electrical, there is no need to waste your effort on pulling up and down while you can place the vacuum stopper on your wine and press the button.

Part of the opener is made from transparent materials. Looking at the screw pulling the cork and return it to you is quite an enjoyment even it is slower than traditional opener. Speaking of the screw, it is made from thick steel so quite durable. I could open both synthetic and traditional corks without any problems.

The whole set follows current trend for making it looks modern. Everything is coated in silver color and finished with shiny appearance.

However you can only open 30 bottles, which is not a promising number in my opinion. Better bring the whole base with you, remember to charge before going out or simply keep a whole set in your kitchen and use at home only.

Overall there is something good and bad in any sets but I am happy with the price in the end.

6. iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener Rechargeable Cordless Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener with Removeable Foil Cutter

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Sometimes the best electric wine opener is unable to beat the price factor. What I can tell you first about the product is that it is a good price. This opener is 1.5 or 2 times cheaper than some standard openers. That’s a good start

I always forget where I put my foil cutter, not so proud of my untidiness folks. Lucky me the foil cutter is a built in feature in the charging base. Often I put the charging base on the one side of the kitchen table next to a socket for quick use and easily locating. The sharp edge can slice through even the most annoying seal, a decent tool!!

The opening process is not fast but I find it acceptable. The corkscrew are shape and seems durable, drilling through both plastic or normal corks. None of those corks are broken.

In addition, the presentation is nice, a whole red and black theme works nicely. The red color looks similar to some red wine and I love it.

The company boast their product can open up to 180 bottles after charging. That is inaccurate, the figure is not even close, 100 bottles. On the other hand 100 wines per charge is still a good number to consider. Gonna buy two more for my next party. The service is good as you get a year of warranty. So far so good, mine is not broken.

7. Famili FM700WR Electric Wine Opener Rechargeable Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

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Now let’s recap a bit about iTronics openers. It is a black and red openers, opening the bottle with normal speed, large usage and it is quite cheap. For the next openers in this entry, I will present to you the best electric wine opener of Famili which share some very similar features with openers from iTronics. You can consider the two product as two sides of a penny.

The price for this product is very attractive, a buck higher than that of iTronics. It comes with white and red theme, seems just a little bit not so masculine in my opinion. The balck and red variation fits me more.

There is always something with the number 180, every sellers claims that their products open more corks than they actually is. In fact, you can only pop up to 120 bottles per charge. The chance of breaking a cork is small but still I crush 1 or 2 corks per 100 bottles opened. Not bad but I have to using knife to take out the broken cork that stuck inside the bottle. What a nuisance !

The foil cutter is included in the charging base making it very convenient for me as I do not have to digging through tons of tool to find it. You only need a few hours to charge it. Moreover it can be charged with 220V, no need for converter. This is the best electric wine opener for those who travel to China.

8. Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener with Wine Pourer, Stopper and Foil Cutter, in Black

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This rabbit electric wine opener is commonly be seen in some restaurants. Not always you can hire the professional to open your bottle. This openers fits for normal waiter. It is easy to use and the grip seems nice. Even my sweat hands can grab this.

The foil cutter functions as it should be. Hold tight the cutter while inserting it on the bottle lips. A single turn will remove the seal.

This automatic wine opener has two variations: The bright silver coating with black buttons or the black coating with silver button. Either of those looks modern and fits your kitchen well.

It works fine. The screw penetrates the cork quickly and I have seen no sign of broken corks up till now.

For the bonus, you are given a nice pourer which is used to be inserted on the top of the bottle. It can prevent you from dripping not to mention it will make your wine taste a bit nicer. Tired of drinking, lock the bottle with that pourer temporarily, listen to a music, open it again and then pour the wine to taste the rest.

Per charge, it is able to open up to 40 bottles, such a small figure compare to some of the opener. However, price is about right.

9. Rabbit Electric Wine Set

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Rabbit electric wine set from Rabbit is an additional options to consider putting in your wishlist. This set includes an opener, a cutter, a pourer and a stopper.

Oxidizing one of many problems that ruin a good wine as it can make your drink less tasty than it suppose to be. This is why some of the best electric wine opener out there always includes not one but two stoppers. You can enjoy the good wine one extra time before discarding all. Second, spilling is another issue which has not been solved up till now. While pouring the wine, portion of this liquid will be leaked out to your table or the floor. This is the main reason for existence of the pourer. It is highly suggested that your pourer will be cleaned using hot water right after the wine consumption.

The blade are made from stainless steel therefore it will not become rusty easily. One weakness of a whole set is the capability. You need to recharge your device after the use of the 30th bottles.

The charge base should be used along with adapter, just a precaution. Therefore, you can start to look for one now. In addition it is small so you can put it in any surface without occupying too much space.

This set looks modern and beautiful so it is an appealing product to all buyers, currently the stock in some retail sight is empty and people are still looking for buying one.

10. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, FFP

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Convenience is one of the factor determine the good oster electric wine opener to the worse. How quick can your opener pull a cork ? How long until the next recharge? In the market some electric openers do not have indicator light, displaying once will it needs to be placed at the charging station.

This wine openers are equipped with the light on top giving a good preparation before all the batteries are depleted. For your information, the maximum number of wine that this product can open is on 30 bottles, not bad but not so good as well.

The presentation of the products gains good impression to some buyers like me. Coating in nickel color, it could shine brighter in daylight. The charging pad is quite small, enough for the openers to stand firmly on flat surfaces. Few free to put it anywhere as space occupation is never an issue for this opener.

The screw is nice, spinning perfectly while you are putting your hands on the buttons. It does not harm the corks. In fact neither plastic nor the old corks are ruined. In addition, the cutter is not bad at all. It is place in the back of the charging base. Other factor to consider is the price, which is not so expensive.

This is the best electric wine opener in terms of balance mode. Price is about right, function is about right and the style is about right.

You have read through the guide and have some ideas for the best electric wine opener in your mind, the best in design, the best in use and the best in convenience.The list will be updated eventually as the market and technology progress so stay tune for future best list.

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