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The Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review [Updated 2019]

As your collection of wine grows with different bottles including reds, whites, and expensive labels, you’ll want to store them with the right temperature. Wine coolers are best friends of an avid wine drinker. A temperature-controlled environment can preserve the bottles’ integrity. A wine cooler owns distinctive characteristics that have on a normal fridge in term of shelves, ventilation system, shield glass, and anti-vibration system. If you’re a wine hobbyist, you will want to progress to a dual zone wine cooler.

A myriad of dual zone refrigerators is available on the market claim to put your wine quality in pristine. The difficulty in comparing one to another exists, and I understand you need a decent list with the top-rated options. I’ve carefully selected the best wine cooler I’ve ever known to save you from swimming in that market. Keep going, and you’ll find what you need.

1. Koldfront TWR181ES 18 Bottle Dual Zone Freestanding Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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The first one comes to list this is this humble Koldfront dual zone freestanding wine cooler to keep your wine chilled. This machine is a great introductory to a dual zone wine cooler.

The cooler uses thermoelectric cooling. It has two independently controlled temperature zones. The upper zone will hold up to 6 bottles and has the temperature range of forty-five to fifty-five degrees in Fereigheir. This thermometer is ideal for sparkling or white wines. The lower zone is for reds. It can store up to twelve bottles with the temperature range from fifty-four to sixty-four degrees. The refrigerator offers vibration-free cooling. It is a quiet, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient machine.

While this is a freestanding item, there will no built-in required. The dimensions of the product are at six ¼” in height, thirteen 5/8″ in width, and nineteen 3/8″ in depth. There are LEDs in two compartments to make your collection visual while not ruining the taste of the contents. The racks are from chrome which gives a handsome look to the bottles from the outside.

If you tend to put this cooler in a cabinet, I suggest circulation as it may get heat flowing internally; that’d extend the product longevity. This product is perfect to keep a moderate number of bottles on hand at optimal temperature.

The price should be a highlight of this cooler. If you’re an amateur just started your collection, you can skip a bulky wooden storage to save for this fridge. Notice that it is designed for bottles of 750 ml. If you want to accommodate larger bottles, merely remove other ones that are taking space.

2. Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler/Chiller Counter Top Wine Cellar with Digital Temperature Display, Freestanding Refrigerator Smoked Glass Door Quiet Operation Fridge

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Once you get familiar with what is a dual zone wine and beverage cooler, time to invest some more in a better wine keeper. One more freestanding dual zone thermoelectric fridge for your reds and whites.

I’d like to discuss the item’s appearance before going to the function because it’s what I first admire. A sturdy steel completion with black finish had stunned my view from the first sight. This modern concept allows any spot it stands to leap to an elegant showcase.

Functioning as any dual zone wine fridge, the product offers an adjustable touching panel to generate consistent temperature. The ideal climate for your wine aging process should be in the range from 46º – 64ºF (8º – 18ºC) for the upper zone, and 54º – 64ºF (12º – 18ºC) or the lower compartment.

Humidity is one concern that this machine will take care of with the thermopane doors. When you seal the entrance, the cooler transfers the existing internal heat to the outside while operating the ventilation to maintain a constant humidity. This process supports to keep the cork from drying out as well as preventing air from contacting with the inside. Furthermore, this wine fridge ensures darkness and yet blocks sunlight with the anti-UV door glass.

To serve the possible tastiest wine, the machine can operate in extreme quietness and at zero vibration enables bottles to preserve and develop its delicious flavor, color, and aroma.

My final verdict for this wine cooler is in one word “excellent.” You don’t need to spend all your bank account for opulent wine storage while you can always get a budget one that does the same thing. In that situation, I highly recommend this dual zone wine keeper.

3. EdgeStar CWF340DZ 34 Bottle Wine Cooler with Compressor – Freestanding

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The EdgeStar bottle wine cooler is the next one of this list with a larger capability of 34 bottles and a specialized compressor cooling system in the base.

Distinguishing itself from other similar items, this dual zone wine cooler owns a reversible door that can swing to either right or left. This feature allows the fridge to adapt effectively to its surrounding. A refrigerator is a stylish appliance with a stainless steel trimmed door and a towel handle on it which make it a versatile item.

What you need to know more about this product is the customized temperature in the two zones can adjust to give a perfect house for your bottles. The temperature in the upper zone for white wines ranges between forty-one and fifty-four F, while the lower district for red can adjust the temp from fifty-four to sixty-four in F. These temperature scales present in most wine coolers on the market.

You’ll want to use this storage to keep your expensive bottles; it offers a factory-installed lock to keep your wines from thefts. I’m glad I found this cooler as soon as I started collecting expensive wine brands. Notice that this product is a freestanding machine, so you don’t need to attach it to a wall. The contemporary design with a shiny material finish will make sure your kitchen or cellar will always be full of compliments. Besides, internal LED highlights your collection with proud at the same time keeping them in the sufficient darkness for the quality.

It’s fair to say that this EdgeStar cost may hurt your bank account, but I believe it brings the best advantage to keep your brand labels in the most appropriate and safest place. I do recommend the product for those who have an extreme passion for wine and willing to give the best protection to their collection with no hesitation.

4. NutriChef Thermoelectric Wine Cellar – Red and White Wine Cooler- Dual Zone Wine Chiller – 18 Bottles Countertop Wine Refrigerator – LCD Display Digital Touch Controls – Great for Home or Events

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Don’t worry if you want to spend thousands of dollars to storage just a few bottles. I introduce you to this economic dual zone wine refrigerator that will do what you ask for from a wine cooler.

With the height of 27 inches, the width of 15 inches and depth 22 inches, the fridge can fit in your cabinet. But why hiding your precious collection when you can expose them in this trending cooler. The machine provides space to 18 bottles in two zones with different temp ranges. A unique thing about this product is you can leave it standing free where you want and build it in somewhere if you don’t prefer the other style. The door contains an air-tight seal to protect your bottles from the outside; plus, it blocks light from invading your internal contents.

The machine utilizes thermoelectric technology to be the main engine; it also contains a placement in case you want to set one bottle standing. One impediment that would annoy you is it’s not very instructive in changing the temperature mode from F to Celsius. But you can find a manual in the pack, and it should not be something to stop you from considering this product. The cooler functions well and worth to be a present for anyone you love. The price is not something to bug. If you’re an amateur, don’t skip this item.

5. Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

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Heier has always been my favorite brand of house appliance. That reason causes me to list one item from the brand for this review.

Speaking about Heier, we talk about quality. If you ever wish to see a wine cooler that is out of this world, you should look at this one. Tall, ultramodern, progressive, high quality and functional are my references for this machine. The thermal electric technology uses no CFC, HCFC, or HCF-type refrigerants in the cooling process. It can inhibit 18 bottles on both zones and has a touchable screen control that works independently. Storage racks are from durable chrome with an elegant appearance corresponding to your brand bottles.

The interior lighting system proposes easy organizing without damaging the structure of the liquid. Thermoelectric engine consumes low energy yet produces minimum noise while operating. Vibration will reduce close to zero that won’t cause any bubble forming inside the bottles. The height if this wine keeper is at 26 inches which could be unusual, but it adds an exceptional view that catches every eye walking into your place.

Personally, the Heier cooler is my preference out of this list. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to own while performing beyond what I expected. Having it for months and still works its best out. Objectively, it depends on how you like the design; otherwise, this item is worth a try.

6. Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator – Freestanding Slimline Upright Bottle Storage Wine Cooler, Black

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The Wine Enthusiast Silent is meant to be of a wine aficionado. This compact wine cooler offers a unique way of storing your collection. Let’s see how it could win your buying mode.

The slimline freestanding cooler can load eighteen bottles at a time provide two temperature levels to store both reds and whites. The optimum condition to store wine in this machine can reach sixty-six degrees in Fahrenheit on both compartments. The thermoelectric fridge is free of CFC promises a virtually silent cooling system and leads vibration to the least so that your wines are always in good condition.

The impressive height of this cooler is at thirty-seven inches has beaten that of the Heier above. It further owns a more attractive thin body with the equal capacity. The stress of this refrigerator is in how it can hold bottles vertically and horizontally. The shelves leave some space to keep about three bottles standing for your convenience; you can pull out the shelves for cleaning at any time.

This product owns a reflective glassed-door with stainless steel trim to maximize protection of the bottles from the outside environment. The lower zone door part closes the whole area with no glass to prohibit light from completely intruding.

All in all, I enjoy bringing the budget product to the list to make it abundant. This dual zone wine cooler is of the budget side, and it fits everyone from a newbie to an experienced wine collector.

7. N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine & Beverage Center – Holds 90 Cans & 35 Wine Bottles – Freestanding or Built-In Wine Refrigerator

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As a wine enthusiast, you may find it hard to resist the beauty and advantage of exclusive wine storage that has all the best functions to keep your wines in perfect condition. N’FINITY PRO HDX wine refrigerator is one machine that you can’t resist.

Have you ever thought of keeping all your wine collection and drinking stemmed glasses in one place? The dual zone wine keeper can be a house to all of what you need to serve your friends. More than just storing wine bottles on one side, the other side with a sealed steel door can keep beer cans, beer stemware, fruit or any drinking snack. The digital touch screen allows you to change temperature without opening the door. Its capacity can hold thirty-five wine bottles and ninety cans that saves you plenty of space.

What’s more is this wine refrigerator uses the ETL certified energy efficient compressor that consumes 25% less power than its older version. You can leave it to stand freely in your cellar of set it built-in in one place. In any style, it adds undebatable beauty and elegance to any room it graces. Ready to get your home bar to a whole new level.

Naturally, with such an item like this, you can’t expect to be cheap. But imagine how it will benefit you in long-term. When your collection grows, you will not want to leave the proud labels to age before you can taste its incredible content. With this proper wine cooling saver, you don’t have to worry anymore about where and how to keep the bottles in its original quality.

8. Smith & Hanks 32 Bottle Under Counter Wine Refrigerator, Dual Temperature Zones, 15 Inches Wide, Built-In or Free Standing

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Let’s go back to less pricey wine storage. Lies in the middle of the price range, this Smith and Hanks wine refrigerator is an optimal choice for people who stand between money and quality.

At about the same height with a regular kitchen counter, you can set the machine in and save more space. While you can store up to thirty-two bottles in the dual compartments at the drink temperature, you can enjoy the flying words your visitors will give to the handsome item. The fridge offers a lock that doesn’t exist in most cheap wine coolers. The core engine utilizes energy efficient compressor, as well as a friendly refrigerant, makes the machine free of ozone-depleting chemicals. Except for wine bottles which you can keep at a maximum of thirty-five units, you can also give space to thirty-two units including champagne bottles. The wood accented shelving is removable for cleaning and showing the information of the bottles. There is a vibration reduction system to minimize the noise down to forty decibels which is almost invisible to the human’s ears.

This machine is perfect for a built-in dual zone wine cooler. But you can place it standing at a proper spot that is in eye-reach. The precise measurements are 23″ D x 15″ W x 34″ H in case you want to install it under your cabinet.

As I’ve mentioned, this wine cooler is at a medium price for anyone to afford. A one-year of full warranty and a three-year warranty on the compressor and sealed system will put your mind in peace to the reliability of this product.

9. Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN – 56 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator with Right Hinge Built-In

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Now, the Allavino could be the best wine cooler out of this list, but I don’t want to declare that too soon until you find out about this product. There is a reason for this cooler to claim its credit.

I think any wine connoisseur would not refuse this machine if they ever know about it. While some people only have some particular types of bottles, other people with a vast collection of bottles with variable sizes may find it difficult to store them. The Allavino wine cooling machine applies the FlexCount design in the shelving system to generate the most useful space for more bottles in a decent size refrigerator. Housing fifty-six bottles with the dimensions of 23 inches wide and 34 inches high is terrific. The standing-out machine can simultaneously inhibit a diverse collection on its versatile racks. This technology is an innovation from Allavino challenges you to name most types of bottles in mind it can store; you’ll be surprised. The specialized, cutting-edge shelves maximize the available space for bottles with any diameter without reconfiguring the shelves. The dominant cooling system offers a speeding to cool down the interior temperature by circulating air thoroughly. Hence, you don’t need to care much about how long you can open the door. You can place this cooler anywhere that fits your view. It’s a versatile front-venting design to build into cabinetry with no extra space needed for the air circulation.

The machine is made for both home use and commercial use. The company behind this outstanding product promises an unbeatable price for such ultimate quality product. A one-year warranty will wear your concern away. Begin to store wine like a pro.

10. Avanti WBV19DZ Side by Side Dual Zone Wine/Beverage Cooler

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To help diversify your choices, you can check this avanti dual zone wine cooler which can also offer you with a great performance but does not charge you much. Although this fridge cannot accommodate a large number of wine bottles like the offer of Allavanio, I found 19 bottles at the same time for the wine chiller is still enough for satisfying the connoisseurs.

The racks have flexible design that can fit many sizes of your bottles, so you can diversify your types of wine when putting it into the cooler. Plus, the fridge features two separately designed areas for wine bottle and for others like cokes, juice bottles and many more like a normal large fridge you use at home.

Besides, the machine also offer you with two separate control panels for each side because the wine and other soft drinks or beer don’t comes with the same temperature to keep them taste perfectly. Therefore, you have to self-adjust each side to the desired one. Plus, because of two separate control panels, the fridge obviously has two cooling systems which really do a great job for maintain the air circulation to keep the temperatures constantly so that you don’t need to worry about how long you open the door to select which bottle you will chill with your friends.

Moreover, the dimension of the product is not very large that you can easily move to fit your view and the four rubber-coated feet help the cooler stick to the floor without wobbling or falling in case you may yank the door.


11. Koldfront TWR247ESS24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Black and Stainless Steel

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If the above offer is quite good, but it cannot fit your house because of the width, you can check this dual zone wine cooler with locks offered by Koldfront with the outstanding performance, dual zone, but narrower and taller appearance.

The fridge offers you with 8 flexible shelves where you can keep your 18 bottles at the perfect temperature for the lovely taste. The shelves are exclusively designed for the standard size of 750ml 2.75” Bordeaux bottles, but if your treasure is larger than, you can remove one shelf to make enough room.

Besides, the two zones with different range of adjustable temperatures like the top one from 54F to 66F, while the lower zone ranging from 46F to 66F. Thus, up to your types of wine that you can put them in each suitable zone with the favorable temperature. Like other offers, the cooling systems also work perfectly that can maintain the constants air circulation to make sure the heat can be kept at the precise level all the time.

Moreover, the wide door swing of 180 degrees help you easily pull the shelves out the take your bottles without hitting which can cause some scratches to your treasures. Plus, the product works quietly and efficiently to save much energy for easing your monthly bill.

12. NewAir AWB-360DB 18 Bottle 60 Can Dual Zone Built-In Wine & Beverage Cooler, Stainless Steel/Black

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The last item comes to this list will introduce the most modernized best dual zone wine cooler that I’ve ever encountered. NewAir Dual Zone cooler is here to alter your thought to the present.

An avid drinker who is in love with both wine and other beverage like beer or even coke will find this refrigerator in great support. Its primary function is to load up sixty cans and eighteen bottles to serve from kids to adults. The compressor allows the lowest temperature at thirty-six degrees in Fahrenheit and the highest at seventy-two degrees in Fahrenheit. For convenient accessibility, the chrome racks are removable so that you can organize the storage as your wish.

The item looks stylish in both standing alone and engaging with a counter. The conceptualization of side-by-side compartments with each side has its door brings a whole new world to the storing manner.

You will appreciate the cooling system that ensures the accurate temperature to keep your wines at their best. General dimensions of this cooler are of 23.5 x 24 x 34.2 inches which I think won’t excess any kitchen counter’s height.

This refrigerator has an average price that fits most people’s wallets. If you like the shiny metal finish and clear glass doors, this machine may get a spot at your home.

Final verdict

A dual zone wine cooler benefits in so many ways you can tell, but to sum up, the products were meant to be created to keep your wine collection in the perfect condition do their job and do it well. It depends on your flavor of decoration and budget; you can make the wisest choice out of my list. I hope I have saved you a great deal of time to get the most favorable wine cooler of your own. Thanks for reading and good luck with the shopping.


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