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KitchenAid Mixer – More Than A Machine

Finding a deserved mixer to help you deal with the horrible pepping work at home is not an easy task, especially when there are thousands of machines existing together on the market. Therefore, staying away from “heart-attack” junks may be more difficult than purchasing the good one.

However, for those who take a first step in the cooking world, you had better know about the KitchenAid as one of the best brands you can place your trust. According to many experts, the kitchenaid mixer will never let you down, no matter how demanding you are.

Talk briefly about this brand, shall we? The KitchenAid has a great reputation in making kitchen utensil. Despite being charge a little bit higher, you will receive the best products in return. All of them are made of top-quality material along with the high-end design to provide you with the most convenient use ever. You will feel more secure when purchasing because the machines have been tested for several times before being launched to the market. Therefore, they really bang for your buck.

Well, enough for the catchy endorsements, I would like to give you a collection of some top kitchenaid mixers so that you can have an overview before going to the store. Here we go!!!

My recommendations:

Let’s start with 5 same design of kitchenaid stand mixer. These machines are very powerful and efficient that can take on heavy duties at home as perfectly as you wish. The design comes with the super tough and sturdy body to help the machine stand strongly withstanding the force during the operation. Plus, the large suction base makes sure that the machine stay in place without your help to hold it even when operating on the highest level.

Besides, the spotlight of this design is that the power hub can connect with over 10 different-purpose attachments like pasta maker, blender, meat grinder and so on. Therefore, if you think for the long-term using, you will possibly find this one very economic and convenient. Just with a power hub, you can do various tasks apart from mixing.

Moreover, the work bowl and operating attachments like beaters, whips, dough hooks are completely made of superb-quality stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and corrosion resistance. Thus, these accessories can stay in excellent condition for a lifetime to serve you safely. Plus, the bowl is locked securely on the tray so that it won’t wobble easily during the operation.

One more plus point, the bowl is covered perfectly with the plastic lid with a feeding spout so that it’s unlikely that the machine will leave the surroundings messy. The feeding spout is awesome that you can easily add more ingredients even when the utensil is working.

And now, before coming to more detail about every product, I have gathered some main features of each one such as the sizes, motor’s capacity, weight and so on. Check it out!!!

Features 1. KitchenAid KP26M1XNP 2. KitchenAid KSM155GBAZ 3. KitchenAid KSM150PSPK 4. KitchenAid (KSM8990NP) 5. KitchenAid KSM75WH
Dimensions 16.5″x11.3″x14.6″ N/A 14.1″x8.7″x13.9″ 14.6″x13.3″x16.5″ 14.1″x8.7″x13.9″
Wattage 575W 325W 325W 970W 275W
Weight 29 pounds 29 pounds 26 pounds 25 pounds 14.99 pounds
Work bowl 6 quarts 5 quarts and 3 quarts 5 quarts 8 quarts 4.5 quarts
Attachments: beater, wire whip and dough hook x x x x x
1-year warranty x x x x x

1.  KitchenAid KP26M1XNP 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer – Nickel Pearl

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You must be shock with the wide selection of this kitchenaid professional mixer. The product is available over 20 colors so that you can choose most suitable one for your taste. In comparison with other machines in its class, this one will worth your money perfectly because the powerful 575-watt motor can knead the huge dough of up to 3 loaves of bread without being stuck.

Plus, with the size and weight, the machine can also fit greatly in small kitchen and be easily carried around and stored. The work bowl helps me a lot in prepping work because it somehow can contain the whole Earth at the same time. A batch of 5 dozens, for example, is not a problem with the work bowl.

Moreover, this kitchenaid mixer features 10 levels of speed to help you get the flawless mixture as the masters do. However, I was shocked after take the dough hook out of the dishwasher. There was a weird coating which can turn my mixture gray. Therefore, if you purchase the machine, you’d better wash this attachment by hand to maintain its quality.

For more information, the red kitchenaid mixer is the best seller, I don’t know why. However, when I purchased this one, the machine has become the centerpiece in my kitchen so far without discoloration. So, I highly recommend you for the red one if your taste is the same as mine.

2. KitchenAid KSM155GBAZ 5-Qt. Artisan Design Series with Glass Bowl – Azure Blue

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This one owns a strange color, the Azure Blue, which can liven up your monotonous kitchen. There are two work bowl with different sizes: 5 quarts and 3 quarts so that you can easily use them for each particular purpose.  For example, the large one can contain the dough of 4 or 5 dozens of biscuits while the smaller one is suitable for mixing melted chocolate to cover the cakes.

Besides, the kitchenaid artisan stand mixer also has an additional flex edge beater which can scrape the ingredient into the bowl. Therefore, the results received will be much finer because this attachment has a sharp curve to mash the food perfectly.

Moreover, the tilt-head characteristic help you get access to the work bowl easily. You can take the bowl out without any influences on the attachments.

3. KitchenAid KSM150PSPK Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield – Pink.

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Hello ladies!!! What are you waiting for? Come to get this pink kitchenaid mixer to make color for your kitchen right now. I have to say that I hardly find the pink mixers of other brands. Perhaps, the kitchenaid has dominated the market with this girly pink machine.

Despite being suited with the ladies, the product is super strong and awesome to take on various heavy duties. This kitchenaid 5 quart mixer can handle 9 dozen cookies or 4 loaves of bread in one time, so you can save much time and effort for the preparation.

The work bowl is quite easy to hold thanks to the ergonomic handle. It has the curved edge which can fit perfectly with my fingers, so when you hold it, you will feel much comfortable even for a long time. The handle also distributes the weight to prevent fatigue arising

However, the machine should be considered for other upgrade about the design. For example, when whisking the pudding mix with the wire whip, there will be still mix left in the bottom of the bow that is not blended. This happens because the bowl does not have the flat bottom, so the mix may be stuck in the crevices. Thus, you can take this point into account before purchasing.

4. KitchenAid (KSM8990NP) 8-Quart Stand Mixer with Bowl Lift (Nickel Pearl)

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After consulting many reviews about the kitchenaid mixer, I regard this machine as the best kitchenaid mixer because I was lucky to have a chance to see the product perform. What do I have to say about this one? Simple speaking, there is nothing can stop the machine from operating even for bulk mixing.

Although this kitchenaid commercial mixer has the slightly same size as other ones in the product line, it feature the most powerful motor, about 970-watt, which can make it be a true workhorse in your kitchen as well as the restaurant. Besides, the bowl is very huge, about 8 quarts, so it can contain the great amount of food in one time. For example, the bowl can hold approximately 4-6 pounds of cookie dough.

Moreover, the machine can fix the mistake of other products, which is about the balance of the work bowl. Sometimes, when the motor work with the highest speed, the bowl may wobble, so you have to hold it, which is quite annoyed. However, you will be much more satisfied with this machine because it can lift the bowl up with two stabilizing bars.

Plus, this characteristic can also provide the better contact between the attachments and the work bowl that the beaters, for example, can get the more perfect angle to mix the ingredients. Therefore, this will be no mix left that is not blended.

5. KitchenAid KSM75WH Classic Plus Series 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, White

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If you are looking for the home mixer, you can check this kitchenaid 4.5 quart mixer now. The machine features the 275-watt motor with the 4.5-quart bowl, which is much suitable for making cake at home rather than for stores.

The work bowl is quite great refer to previous users. It can contain 2-3 pounds of cookie dough or one medium-size cake is not beyond its ability. Plus, the machine has 10 levels of speed so that you can monitor for the well-suited level to get the best results. By the way, the product can produce 59 touchpoints per rotation around the bowl, so the attachments can give the incredible coverage for the perfect mixing.

However, I don’t know why the brand doesn’t use the stainless steel to make the beater and dough hook while the wire whisk is made of stainless steel. Because of being made of plastic, the beater and dough hook are easily be broken, so you have to spend extra money for the replacement.

6. KitchenAid KHM7210CU 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer with Turbo Beater II Accessories and Pro Whisk – Contour Silver

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This is one of the best hand mixers for those whose kitchen is absolutely cramped that doesn’t have any room on the countertop for the stand mixer. This one is much more flexible that you can easily carry it around to mix perfectly sauce or even knead dough.

The cord is quite long and you can lock in either left or right side so that you can adjust for the most suitable angle for easy mixing. Plus, the handle is quite comfortable with the ergonomic design, which can make sure that your hands won’t suffer any fatigue even carrying for a long time.

Besides, the machine also comes along with dual beaters and a wire whisk, all of which are completely made of stainless steel to provide you with the great performance. Plus, storage is not a problem with the machine because you can wrap the cord neatly to narrow down the size of the machine significantly. Therefore, it can stay perfectly in the cupboard or in the kitchen draw if yours is quite large.

However, this kitchenaid 7 speed hand mixer has a low capacity because the motor is only 150W which can deal with a batch of 1 dozen cookie dough. If the amount exceed, the motor may burn absolutely. Therefore, you have to consider more carefully before making a purchasing decision.

You may concern:

Well, many thanks for you goodwill, I really appreciate that you spent your precious time and effort reading my article. I hope that my work can make a great sense to your finding the answer for the right kitchenaid mixer. Although I just listed 6 typical product of the brand, these ones can provide you with enough information about the brand as well as the products. Lastly, I would be grateful if you continue supporting my site to help me fulfill my work more and more.


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