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Garlic Press A Must-Have Tool in Your Kitchen

Garlic is the essential ingredient that cannot be missed in every dish except for the deserts, you know that!!! This one is supposed to enhance the taste of your dishes a lot or add more flavors to your daily meal. But, more than that, garlic is regarded as one of the best gifted cures from the nature that you have to know for a healthy life.

It’s the benefits of garlic such as purifying your blood, preventing heart disease, aging, hair loss and so on that make you change your relatively bad lifestyle and try to eat more than one clove of raw garlic every day to live longer.

However, during prepping work, you may find annoyed because you have to use the sharp knife more frequently to mince garlics, which is quite risky and can cause some severe injuries if you don’t focus for at least one second. Therefore, you have to find another safer and faster way to deal with your garlic. After consulting with many pros and from several trustworthy sources, I finally found that the garlic press can take on the duty perfectly.

Here is my collection of some awesome products made by several reputable brands and highly recommended by lots of chef around the world to value your money certainly.

My recommendations:

And now, let’s start with the traditional design of garlic press. The 4 products below come in the shape of a clip with the parts connected securely with a tough large rivet on the top. One part features many lines of peaks to be compatible with the cutting wire of the other part. Therefore, when you press the tool, the peaks will push your garlic cloves through the wire. Then, you will get your garlic minced easily.

The advanced point of this design in comparison with the “ancient” ones is that two handles are attached together with a tough large rivet on the top as I mentioned. This one make the tool like a lever which can lend you an assistance to press with less effort.

All of the products are made with different top-quality metals which can themselves resist bacteria and corrosion. Plus, this material is super durable that can last for a lifetime in excellent condition. Plus, the both handles are designed ergonomically so that you can feel most comfortable when hold and crush the garlic.

Moreover, the handles own a sturdy construction to withstand the intense force and pressure during the operation to prevent from breaking or bending over time. In addition, after using, you easily rinse the tools under water to release all the debris and the tools don’t absorb the garlic’s odor, so you don’t need to worry about storing them along with other stuff in the kitchen drawer or in the cutlery holder.

Well, this design is quite simple and easy to use, right? Just one press and you will get the minced garlics in seconds. How convenient it is!!! So, it’s time to take a look at each particular product to see some other plus points for easy considering before purchasing the right one.

1. Bokdy Garlic Press and Peeler Set Professional Heavy Soft-Handled Crush Garlic Silicone Tube Roller

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At first, you may be slightly confused about the differences about the stainless steel and the Zinc. In comparison with the stainless steel, for some technical features, the Zinc is easier for die-casting and has short-chip machining characteristic, but doesn’t own the same density, strength and corrosion as stainless steel. Therefore, the brand will combine these two materials to create the Zinc alloy to apply the strong points of them to compensate for the drawbacks of each other.

Besides, it’s quite lightweight, about 8 ounces, to help you hold and carry without any fatigue for a long time. Plus, you can extend the utensil up to 160 degree to add the garlic gloves easily. The basket can contain perfectly 2 gloves for maximum amount.

Moreover, the package also provides you with a silicone garlic peel for easy removing the skin of the garlic. This one work quite simply. After putting cloves inside, you just need to press slightly and roll the tool one a smooth surface. Then, you can get the perfectly peeled cloves after 5-10 seconds.

More than that, you will enjoy a FULL-REFUND WARRANTY enclosed with the product. Thus, there is no risk for purchasing this one.

2.  Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler Set. SOLD IN ELEGANT GIFT BOX. Stainless Steel Mincer and Silicone Tube Roller

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In comparison with the tool of Bodky, this one comes with the much tougher and stronger construction. The product is made of food-grade stainless steel, so it will have the brighter color so that it can liven up your kitchen a lot instead of the champagne color.

Plus, after trying this product several times, I feel like this one fits more comfortably than the above one because it gives me a real sense of holding something. The reasons are all about the larger size and higher weight. The tool measures 7.5”x2.6”x1.4” and 9.6 ounces.

Moreover, the tool is quite powerful because you can also crush the unpeeled cloves without any concerns. In addition, there is also a tool to help you peel the garlics easily for other purposes like slicing the garlic to add flavor to you dishes.

Like above one, you also receive a FULL-REFUND WARRANTY and the tool is wrapped in a pretty and luxurious gift box, so you can give your friends or family in some occasions. Plus, the tool can work with the ginger, but not in a large amount because it can hurt your palm.

3. UberChef Stainless Steel Garlic Press and Peeler Set

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Like the two mentioned products, the UberChef garlic press work perfectly despite being used in high intense. Plus, the tool also gives the sense of comfort during the process because it is great fitted to your hands thanks to the size of 2.6”x1.3”x7.8”.

Plus, the storage is not an issue for this utensil because it just takes over a small corner in your cutlery holder or in the kitchen drawer. In addition, you can also hang it on a hook for convenient use. The service of the brand is satisfied as I concern because they offer a warranty of FULL REFUND in case the tool cannot work well and also an enclose recipe book  of some finest cuisines in the world like Mexican, French and so on.

However, during the process, I sometimes find annoyed when the garlic cannot be pressed completely in one time, so I have to press again and again for two or three times to get all them through. It is due to the piece of metal that actually do the job is a hinge. Therefore, my suggestion can make sense to the brand hopefully.

4. Garlic Press – Best Professional Stainless Steel Gadget By MiTBA.

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Refer to other reviews about this type of product, I have admit that this one be the best garlic press because from my viewpoint, the tool work perfectly with the garlic and it still stay in excellent condition although I have use it for months.

Apart from the main utensil, you must love this fully-stocked set because the brand also offers you with a silicone peeler to help you remove the skin without touching the garlics to prevent any odor from your hands. More than that, there is a tiny brush accompanied so that you can use to eliminate the leftover sticking to the tools although you rinse it under water.

Unlike other ones above, the tool features two rubber-coated handles so that they will give you a sense of highly comfort in your palm when you press. The rubber can keep your hands and the tool stick firmly together without slipping even when your hands are relatively wet.

Moreover, the MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE is surely included in the package when you purchase the tool. Thus, you will possibly feel no regrets for your decision. All the items are also wrapped in a petty gift box of the MiTBA, so it can be a great gift for some occasions.

5. Joseph Joseph 20102 Helix Garlic Press Mincer Ergonomic Twist-Action Hand Juicer Stainless Steel, Green

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Another design for the garlic press is offered by the Joseph Joseph that can help the women much in prepping work.  Unlike other traditional tools which require a great effort to press, this one is much easier that you just need to twist two parts to press the garlic.

Both of them are made of food-grade plastic with BPA free to create clean interaction with your garlics. They has a tough contructions that cannot break or bend easily when you twist them. And, the both handles are ergonomic and comfortable to hold over time to deal with garlic with no hand pains as a result.

The container is quite large that can fit up to 3 cloves of garlic in one time. More than that, on each part, there is a red dot so that you have to align them before twising to make sure when finish, two part will stay in the parallel position. This one is also easy to clean because you just need to rinse it under water.

6. Turn-It Garlic Press with Garlic Saver

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Another great option for less effort to press garlic is offered by the Tall Chicken Productions. I would like to give briefly my opinions about the product. I have used the tool for several times as well as the Joseph Joseph one, but I think that this one is much more awesome than.

The spotlight of the product is that I can add up to 7 cloves of garlic at the same time. Besides, for other tools, if you don’t use up the garlic in one time, the rest cannot be stored perfectly outside because the skin is peeled, which make them more vulnerable.

However, with this one, I can easily store the rest because there is a lid to cover the mouth of the tool. Therefore, the cloves will be store in a closed room keeping them away from the outside effects like cold air from the fridge.

7. Kitchen Gizmo, Garlic Press- Innovative 3-in-1 Garlic Cube, Slicer, Chopper, Crusher and Dicer

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This tool also has the pressing mode, but it comes in the definitely different design. The product is quite cute in the shape of a small box. The most strong point of the design is that the contacting surface. I mean that during the operation, your palm will press on the lid, a larger surface which causes less pain then the two handles of the traditional ones.

Besides, I’m sure that the way you press on the lid to mince garlics will create heavier force than using the previous design. Therefore, here is an innovative garlic press that you should have because you can press with the optimum posture to create force and less pain received in turn.

The body is made of ABS plastic with BPA free to be safe for your health. Besides, the implement has two cutting wire attachment with different sizes for slicing or dicing the garlics. The wire is completely made of stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance to create clean contacts with your ingredients.

Moreover, the blades are relatively sharp and durable that can last for a lifetime to serve you. Plus, the two attachments can be installed at the same time in the tool. One is in the top of the cube while the other is at the bottom. Therefore, if you want to change the attachment you just need to take out the container, turn the cube upside down and plug the holder in again. Then, you have just change the blade without taking it out.

Plus, the container has a transparent design to help you see the amount of garlic inside. And, the container is quite large that can accommodate for up to 4 or 5 cloves at the same time. And if you are a barbeque lover, you have to purchase this one because you need a great amount of minced garlic to mix with your meat for the tasty flavor.

After using, you can detach all the parts from the body and put them into dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning or you can rinse them under water. There is a sliding tab under the lid to help remove all the debris if the water cannot release them.

On the top of that, the Kitchen Gizmo also offer you a FREE REPLACEMENT if there are any malfunctions arising so that you will possibly feel more secure when making a decision.

However, it’s true that the tool cannot stay durable than the traditional one made of stainless steel or Zinc because the plastic isn’t naturally as tough and strong as the metal. Therefore, when pressing, you have to control your force a little bit.

8. Premium Quality Clear Plastic Garlic Press With Stainless Steel Blades & Built-In Tray By Yarmoshi

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With the cube garlic press design, the Yarmoshi also offer you another choice but at a more affordable price than the one of Kitchen Gizmo. The tool still takes on the same duty as the counterpart with great perfection.

Apart from charging you with the friendly money, the brand gives you a 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE. Therefore, before purchasing this type of garlic press, you should consider these two ones carefully.

9. Garlic Cuber And Peeler Set Professional Garlic Press And Silicone Tube Peeler Included By Royal Blade

Buy it here >>

I cannot require anything else from this garlic press. If you would like to find a right one, you have to consider this product as a yardstick with other ones.

The tool works impeccably with the large container which can store up to 5 cloves of garlic in one time. The spotlight of the product is the built-in cutting blade that makes the utensil much more flexible than other one in its class.

When you press the tool, the garlic will be push through the wire. Then, as soon as you release your hands, the tool will move back to the first position, but in that time, the blade can cut the garlics. Therefore, you can get the perfectly diced garlics to add directly to your dishes while cooking.

Moreover, if you don’t use up all the cloves, you can also store the rest in the container for later use. To avoid the case when you release your hands, the tool may open to the maximum angle, the manufacturer added a rotating locking part to keep the operating part stay in a desired position.

Besides, in the package, there are a peeler, a cleaning brush and also another built-in cleaner to make sure that there is no debris left in the tool after cleaning process.  You will feel much more secure because the product is approved by the FDA and LFGB, two trustful food safety organizations. The tool is completely made of ABS plastic with tough and strong construction to stay in perfect condition overtime using.

However, before add the cloves to the tool for cutting, you have to peel them first unlike some tough traditional ones which can deal with unpeeled cloves.

10. Chef’n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper (Small)

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I think that this garlic chopper is quite the same as a toy, truly!!! The operation is quite funny that you put the peeled clove of garlic inside the tool and you have to roll it to cut the garlic. That you roll the tool will spin the ultra-sharp blades inside, so the more you roll, the finer the ingredients are. It means that if you would like to chop the garlic, you just need to do for three or four times.

The blades are completely made of stainless steel with great durability and strength to stay in the excellent condition over time. Plus, the blades can themselves resist bacteria and corrosion to make sure that your ingredients always clean.

Moreover, the product is quite tough and strong that won’t break easily even when you roll it for hundreds times. The compact design with the size of 1.18”x5.51”x5.04” can help you hold the tool firmly in hands during process and easily store in the kitchen drawer.

Thanks a lot for your goodwill when spending time and efforts on completing my devoted work from top to toe. It’s true that my collection only give you the overview of this world, but I hope that this one can keep you stay away from junks existing on the market. So, after reading thoroughly these products, I think you are having the right garlic press in your mind now. Lastly, if you find my work really helpful, I wish that you will continue supporting my site for better and better articles.


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