Funny Aprons for Men and Women

Having a headache trying to find an interesting and non-typical gift for a birthday, holiday or anniversary? How about an apron for a change? An apron makes a great gift because you don’t have to worry about whether it is the right size for the recipient, and it can be used and appreciated for years to come.

To make your present even more memorable, I give you some of my recommendation of the funniest apron, guarantee to bring a laugh to your friend. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Funny 60th Birthday Gift In Dog Years I Would Be 420 Funny Apron for Kitchen BBQ Barbecue Cooking Baking Crafting Gardening Two Pocket Apron

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Happen to have a friend who will celebrate his 60th birthday this year? Make your present stand out from the others’ by giving him this funny cooking apron! Everyone will sure to get a giggle out of the witty saying at the front.

The military olive-green suits both male and female users. The material is made of soft cotton that is durable and light-weight, so it won’t give any extra heat while you cook, bake or grill.

There is an adjustable neck strap to meet your comfort level regardless of your size and height. The apron also features 2 front pockets which are great for holding recipe cards, grilling spices, or even your phone for better convenience.

It’s hard to find anything to complain about this item. Besides being perfect for cooking, these aprons are also great gifts for crafters, gardeners and painters. Especially if your friend is a dog lover, this apron will definitely be one of the best highlights of their special day. So, what are you waiting for? Give them the apron as present and see how you make their day!

2. I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie Funny Apron for Kitchen BBQ Barbecue Cooking Baking Crafting Gardening Two Pocket Apron for Bacon Lover Apron Military Olive Green

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If my first recommendation is not enough to crack you up, how about this “I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie” Apron? This is the best aprons that’s pretty similar to the first one. Both have the same material, the green olive color, the design with double pockets and adjustable ties. It really just boils down to your own personal preferences.

The material might be a little thin and light-weight but it can still do the job of keeping your clothes clean while you work and look cool doing so. The bacon gag will surely make a “personal statement” about its owner and will bring a smile to anyone seeing it.

This funny apron for guys will be the perfect gift for chefs and backyard gourmets, or just pork lovers in general. Why not buy some as gifts for the gentlemen in your life? They deserve an apron as hilarious and vibrant as they are. And don’t forget to take photos of them while wearing it for future joke references and laughter!

3. Stand Back! Dad Is Cooking Funny Aprons For Men

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This will be the ultimate Father’s Day gift for the dads who do the cooking in the family. Saving the best for the daddy chefs, the apron is made out of outstanding fabric quality – a polyester and cotton blend – which resists stains and splatters, making washing easy.

Plus, it also offers comfortable coverage, protecting the clothes from getting messy. And don’t worry about the fitting because this apron has an extra-long tie and can cope with almost any body size with some extra adjustments.

As a funny apron for dad, the design is practical but still fashionable, helping them look their best in the kitchen. The printed letters at the front look nice, solid and bright, not to mention absolutely witty and adorable.

One extremely small complaint, if I must say, is that the apron doesn’t have pockets but this can be easily overlooked.

Father’s Day is one of the few chances for us to express our love and gratitude to the silent, hard-working man of the family. Just imagine the smile on his face when receiving this gift from you. Whether he is tending the BBQ grill or everyday kitchen cooking, he will look and feel like a professional chef of the family!

4. Keep Calm and Grill On Funny Apron for Grilling BBQ Pit Barbecue Two Pocket Apron for Women and Men Black

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Here is another recommendation for a home chef or grilling enthusiast – the Keep Calm and Grill on Apron.

The apron is made of durable, light-weight material to keep your clothes in the best condition while cooking. It also has a flexible fitting to meet different comfort levels. You will no longer have a headache having to guess which size will fit the receiver, avoiding the tragedy of them having to give it to someone else.

The simple, unisex design makes this a great apron for men and as well as a great apron for women. The “Keep calm” trend never seems to get old and the printed words are solid and of high quality. There are two front pockets which further add to its functionality.

An apron is a thoughtful and practical gift that can be used for years to come. They are by no means boring and dull, unlike how many people think, with these funny aprons.

Prove to your friends how great your sense of humor is by giving them this apron as a gift! All there is left to do is sit back and enjoy the laughter from everyone when they open your well-prepared present.

5. Mr. Good Lookin’ Is Cookin’ Funny Aprons For Men

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If a man has to wear an apron, it might as well say this on it! This “Mr. Good Lookin’ is Cookin’” funny apron for him is made of washable and comfortable cotton, with a vibrant blue color. The neck strap, despite being non-adjustable, is long enough to fit most body sizes.

The apron has quite a length which allows the large-framed to wear comfortably, but those with modest height should bear in mind this detail before deciding to purchase the item.

The letters seem to have been pasted on rather than printed, so you should wash the apron with care to avoid the undesirable outcome of them peeling off.

Overall, this funny apron is of nice quality and will make a great holiday present or just a fun gift for your partner, your Dad or relatives to bring a smile to their face. And Mr. Good looking will surely like this gift very much!

6. Grill Master The Man The Myth The Legend Griller Gift Idea Funny BBQ Chef Apron One Size Black

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When the grilling season is upon us, it’s time to outfit the Grill Master in your home with this manly apron for guys. The apron is made with excellent quality, heavy and durable fabric – a polyester and cotton combination.

This is an apron that will keep food from splashing on your man’s clothes, preventing unwanted stains. Plus, it cleans easily and holds up well to washing. The adjustable neck strap fits comfortably and the ties around the waist offer almost perfect fit.

The apron is in dark color and has a great classic look, which is designed for both men and women. The stylish dark background also makes the red letters stand out. Your man will look 100 percent cooler than he already is!

In short, you can rely on this apron for comfort, durability and cool look. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that the color on the picture might be more bright and vivid than in reality. Still, if you know someone who is an awesome chef, this is a highly recommended gift for them.

7. Landisun 1 Piece of Kitchen Funny Creative Cooking Grilling Baking Apron (Cowboy)

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If you’re looking for something that is just for the sake of laughter and not to be taken seriously, then I highly recommend this Landisun 1 Piece of Kitchen Apron.

This funny apron will make a good gift idea for your boyfriend or husband! All the attention will surely be placed on your hubby, who will look absolutely eye-catching and stylish wearing it.

For such a price, the apron is not meant for heavy duty cooking since there are no pockets and it is made of pretty light material.

Plus, it might be a little bit small and doesn’t cover up as much as others would. But if you want to get the whole room laughing, this is the gift that can do just that. The laughter that took place will worth every penny!

Will this be worn by a chef at a restaurant? Probably not. Will it be worn by some liquor drinking, jello-shot cooking, people looking to have a good time? Definitely!

8. Kitchen Bitch Funny Black Apron For Cooking

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No kids allowed! This apron is a great gag gift for that certain someone or serves as an inside joke between the two of you.

The apron measures 30 inches in wide x 34 inches in length and is made of 65/35 poly-cotton twill fabric to withstand everyday cooking or frequent grilling.

It also has extra-long self-ties that can be tied in the back or front. Plus, the apron provides considerable coverage against stains and grease for small, medium and large cooks. The printed letters are simple, yet solid and clear, together with the classic design in black for both men and women to use.

The Kitchen Bitch Apron will make a terrific gift idea at a reasonable price! Or even better, buy two and make them into funny aprons for couples – you and your husband. You two will definitely be the envy of others, looking fabulous and hilarious together.

9. May The Forks Be With You Black Star Wars Aprons

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If you’re a Star Wars fan, you will surely get this pun! This funny apron for men is sure to earn a smile from everyone when they see it.

The fabric is a blend of polyester and cotton, which is light-weight and doesn’t make its wearer feel any more heated than they already are while cooking. The decal letters seem to be affixed to last, and the design is unisex, which makes this apron a great gift for both men and women.

One slight inconvenience that I must point out is that the neck strap isn’t adjustable, so it will require some extra changes and there is no pockets for keeping things at hand.

All of that being said, if your friend is into both cooking and Star Wars, they will definitely fell in love with this witty, funny apron. Now they can use the “Fork” and grill enough burgers to feed the entire Death Star!

10.Grill Aprons Kitchen Chef Bib – Famgem Dinner is Coming Professional for BBQ, Baking, Cooking for Men Women / 100% Cotton, Adjustable 3 Pockets, Black

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If you’re a Game of Throne nerd like me, you will fall head over heels for this Famgem Apron at first sight. It is hard to find a novelty apron that is actually functional, high quality, and so stylish.

This 100 percent cotton apron is machine washable and easy to maintain. With its tailored fit, the apron will protect your clothes with a flair of fashion, durability and comfort in the kitchen.

There is an adjustable neck tie and a long waist strap, enough to easily wrap around your back and tie at the front. Plus, the apron has up to 3 pockets, extremely convenient for keeping utensils, spices, tools or anything your heart desire.

The pun is designed cleverly and is surely the star of the outfit. I really love how they incorporated the spoon, fork and knife into the lettering in such a creative and smart way! What’s more, the apron comes in a reusable gift bag which has such a hilarious design, it is bound to generate some belly laugh.

This apron is of high quality, funny, and has unique packaging. A perfect apron for women as much as for guys. This is a must-have, jealous-making item for all “Game of Kitchen” lovers! If all of that isn’t enough to talk you into buying several pieces, then I don’t know what will!

With the suggestions above, I hope you have found for yourself an idea for your tasteful present. Who knows, a few years later they might remind you of your present! “Remember that one time you gave me that hilarious apron for my birthday?”


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