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What is the Difference Between French and American Diets?

You are reading the third section of Healthy Diet Plan Series, no matter you are a novice or hopeless with the old diet plan that doesn’t help you lose weight at all, this series can help you explore a whole brand-new potential diet out of a bunch.

And, have you ever wondered why they often say French women do not gain weight?

We all know that America and France are both famous for the world cuisines, but also, they have many differences in the diet – one stays in the group of most unhealthy countries in the world while the other gets low obesity rate.

If you already read my previous article in this series, chances you know that my own diet is inspired mostly by the France’s. In this third article, I will give you the reason I choose it and who knows, it might chance your mind in choosing the right diet plan.

Control the amount of food in every meal

While the American really like enjoying their meal in form of buffet, the French are meticulously control the portion at each meal.

French meals usually tend to be smaller but still provide enough meat, vegetables, cheese and bread.

Say “No” to fast food

A study in 2012 found that one in a group of four Americans will eat fast food at least once a day. Because of the hustle and bustle of life in the country, the image of girls who eat sandwich while talking on the phone while they are walking to the company is very common every day.

On the other hand, the French prefer self-cooking at home and most of them choose to buy local clean ingredients.

Focus to the meal

If you come to the United States, chances will you find it hard to see an employee who just pay attention to his lunch without doing anything else.

They can either drive or surf their social network or check their work mail. This habit seems helps them make use of time. HOWEVER, it does bring many underlying diseases to your digestion.

And in fact, this habit is extremely limited by the French. Truth to say, French meals are a quiet time and are not bothered by TV, telephone or work. To them, eating is not just a way to supply energy to the body, but a chance to get closer with friends, relatives and enjoy time together.

Breakfast is the lightest meal

Unlike the saying ” Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”, breakfast in France usually consists only of a slice of brown bread spread with a layer of butter, honey or jam.

The Americans, on the other hand, consider breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They usually have a full meal of meat, cheese and potatoes to provide energy for a long working day.

Alcohol isn’t underlined in a diet plan

Can’t deny the fact that the Americans may consume more alcohol than the French, but in the diet, things are different.

French people are allowed drinking alcohol despite being on a weight loss diet. However, the way they drink still have their own characteristics. For the French, wine or alcoholic beverages are generally cultural experiences rather than a chance to get drunk.

Pay attention to moderation

Unlike the Americans on the diet, the French did not remove any food, including fat and starch – two of which were considered as the “enemy” of weight.

The French believe that all substances are necessary and it is important to keep them to a certain level. So, if you choose French-style diets, you will not be too worried about self-banning from your favorite cakes, of course, in case you have to eat at a certain number.

Eat all parts of the animals

The French think that there are no bad parts on an animal body. So, they can eat everything from the legs, lungs, stomach, intestines, pancreas, tongue and … genitals. If you go to a French restaurant, do not be too surprised by the menu of these unique dishes.

They don’t spend time in the gym

Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong!

French girls do not spend hours in the gym after a meal as many people think. Instead, they burn fat through outdoor activities such as running, swimming, and choosing to walk or bike instead of taking a car to go to work.

In this way, the French girls not only save their time significantly, but also maintain a slim, slender and healthy body.

Choose fresh victuals

Another study shows that the Americans eat about 31% of pre-packaged foods instead of fresh foods. On the other hand, French people choose to go to the market and select their own clean ingredients such as vegetables and delicious cheese like Brie and Roquefort.

This helps a lot to control the amount of oil you absorb to the body as well as the way you cook or the recipes you’d like to eat. It’s much more flexible and self-care than 100% depend on fast food or the pre-packaged ones.

Eat cakes every night

It’s understandable that France is considered as a “cake paradise” country with any famous recipes such as éclaire, mousse and macaroni. Besides, for the French, the cake is not just a dessert. They would like to eat cakes at every dinner and keep the principle of “everything in moderation”. I mean they just use a smaller number of cake than how the American eat.

Though France diet has some “weird” habits like eat cake or eat all parts of the animals, however, think again, you might find it reasonable because of their rule of thumb – “everything in moderation”. The perfect combination between exercises and diet alongside with healthy and scientific lifetime lead to the result of healthier and fitter body.

That’s why I recommend you to consider following or at least getting inspiration from theirs. You needn’t self-ban from any favorite and delicious food, but still stay healthier and slimmer.

However, I’m not saying that you have to lean 100% on this method, like me, you can create it yourself to get the most suitable plan. That’s what this series aims to!


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