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The Coolest Apple Corers Ever

You cannot bring a plate of apple wedges with the core to serve your family or your friends because this is relatively impolite. The apple core is slightly tough and it has some seed, so if you mistakenly bite the seeds, they may break your teeth or cause some pains to your teeth as well.

Therefore, you need to find a right tool among a lot of apple tools existing on the market. And the answer is the apple corer. However, it’s not very easy to choose the best one because there may be many and many junks made of toxic materials or weak construction.

Don’t worry about that anymore!!! Let me help you to find out the solution. Fortunately, I used to face this problem like you, so I, myself, try my best to select and gather all precious information from several sources including asking pros for advice. Now, I would like to share my collection of best apple corers to help you deal with these fruits without any difficulties.

1. Apple corer, Newness Premium Apple corer Remover, Stainless Steel Apple

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The product is completely made of food-grade stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance which give clean contacts with your apples all the time. Plus, this material is quite tough and durable that won’t easily break or bend even suffer high pressure and heavy force from your hands. More important than that the tool is guaranteed that there are no chemical reactions to your apples, so you will totally safe when using it.

Besides, the apple corer features an ergonomic handle made of ABS plastic which is a super friendly material to your health. The handle is quite comfortable to hold even for a long time and it’s well fitted to both hands. It also provides you with a non-slip grip so that the handle will stay firmly in your hands during the operation. Plus, this handle has a strong construction and easy-to-use shape so that you can twist or push it down without any difficulties.

Moreover, the implement has serrated blade to help it easily pin through your apple core, the toughest part. And, thanks to the openable mouth, you can take the core out with ease.  After using, you can put it into dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. The tool measures 7.2”x4.5”x1.3”, so it can be stored in the kitchen drawer or cutlery holder perfectly. By the way, not only apples but also pears or bell peppers are suitable with this tool.

2. Calphalon Easy Grip Apple corer Slicer

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Make your cooking process much simpler than ever with this apple corer slicer. The tool has a strong and tough structure to stand with your intense force and pressure when you push it down to cut your apples. Plus, the product features two ergonomic handles with non-slip characteristic to help you hold firmly in hands and keep your hands away from the sharp blades during operation.

Besides, the blades are made of 100% of stainless steel with outstanding sharpness to product clean and perfect wedges of apple. They are also sturdy and durable in order not to bend or break when taking on heavy duty. And, these blades are tested several times to make sure there are no chemical reactions with your apples, so you will totally safe when using the tool.

Moreover, there are up to 8 blades along with the corer in center so that in one turn only you will get your healthy cut apples to serve your family. After using, you can easily clean it by dishwasher and store it into kitchen drawer because this one just measures 4.3”x3.1”x10.1”.

3. OXO Good Grips Apple corer

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If you would like to purchase an awesome kitchen utensil, the OXO is the right place for you to go. This brand is highly recommended by many top pros around the world for this realm because its products are made with all top-quality factors from material to design. Therefore, you won’t regret for your decision surely.

And now, here is the best apple corer you cannot miss. The tool come in a simple design, but well-performed absolutely. It has a stainless steel serrated blade to help it easily go through the apple core even though it is the toughest part. Plus, the utensil is super tough to work well with your heavy force when you’re coring the apples.

Besides, the unique selling point of any rod-shaped products of the OXO is that they always have super cool handle. And, this one is a typical example. The handle is designed ergonomically and oversized so that no matter how big your hands are, it will perfectly fit to all.

Plus, it has a non-slip grip to help stay securely in your hands when taking on duty. More than that, it’s some slots on the handle that are really helpful to prevent your hands from slipping even if they’re wet. After using, you can toss the corer into dishwasher and store it into kitchen drawer or cutlery holder perfectly.

4. Apple Cutter Slicer Corer & Peeler Set – LEMCASE Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

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The LEMCASE has introduced to the market with the convenient set of apple peeler corer slicer to help you tackle the apples more quickly and easily. The set will possibly make a strong impression on you when you first time see it thanks to the neon blue color which can live your kitchen up.

The corer slicer has a tough plastic body with great durability to last for a lifetime and stand with the great force from your hands during the operation. It has two silicone handles which are ergonomically designed and has non-slip grip so that you can comfortably and firmly hold them in hands. Plus, this material is guaranteed to be non-toxic and heat resistant up to 450F degrees.

Besides, the slicer has up to 8 ultra-sharp blades to help you deal with your hassle easily. The blades are completely made of food-grade stainless steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and corrosion resistance to last for a long time and give clean contacts with your apples. Plus, these ones are super strong so that they won’t bend or break.

Moreover, the peeler accompanied is quite versatile because you can use it to peel not only apples but also carrots, kiwi or lemon. It feature dual super sharp blades made of stainless steel also, so these tasks cannot be a problem to the tool. Plus, the blade can swivel to easily adapt to the spherical shapes of your fruits. And, the handle is also comfortable for you to hold for peeling without any difficulties.

The set of apple peeler and corer can be easily clean by dishwasher and store in the kitchen drawer perfectly. There is a protective sheath to cover the peeling blades to keep them away from any influences while being stored with other stuff.

5. Savorliving 12-Blade Extra Large Apple Slicer, Corer, Cutter, Wedger, Divider for [up to 4 Inch Apples] 

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The tool here is much larger than any counterparts with the cutting parts measuring 4.1” diameter. There are up to 12 blades, so you can definitely use the product for super huge apples. These blades feature the ultimate sharpness and durability so that however hard your apples are, the blades will go through it smoothly and produce perfect wedges.

The whole utensil is made of food-grade 304-stainless steel which is tough and durability to stand with your force and pressure when you push it down. Plus, the material is guaranteed to be utterly safe to your health because it can resist corrosion and bacteria very well.

Besides, the implement has two comfortable and strongly constructed handles, so you can confidently hold them to deal with your apples with no pains and worry-free. After finishing its duty, it can be quickly cleaned by dishwasher and thanks to the characteristic of material, you will see the corer shining impeccably after being cleaned.

Moreover, the tool still works with other fruits like pears, peaches and oranges. When purchase this one, you will receive a cleaning brush and a peeler accompanied to help your preparation easier.

6. OXO Good Grips Quick Release Apple corer

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Another high-quality corer offered by the OXO will also meet your all expectations as the one I mentioned above. The special feature of this product is the design as a clip. Therefore, if you want to core your apples, you have to squeeze the tool to put two sides in together.

The apple corer is also made of 100% of food-grade stainless steel which can resist rust and bacteria to protect your health. Plus, this material is guaranteed not to have any chemical reactions to your apples, so you can confidently use it to core your fruits.

Besides, this one is quite durable and tough to withstand your heavy force and pressure when you push it down to core. However, it’s not very much hard for you to use both hands to press the tool, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Moreover, the utensil has am ergonomic handle with non-slip characteristic so that you will possibly feel no pain or any discomfort while holding it to do coring. After using, you can put it into dishwasher for cleaning and store it in the kitchen drawer or hang on a hook thank to the gap between both sides.

7. Pineapple & Apple corer, Good Grips Precision Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Pineapple Cutter Peeler Slicer 

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You kitchen will not be complete if you don’t get this set right now. The set consist of 2 corers for apple and pineapple respectively.

Both tools are made of stainless steel with greatly strong and durable construction to stand with the heavy force when you use them to core. This material can perfectly resist corrosion and bacteria to give clean interactions with your fruits. Plus, they also have the ergonomic handle with the non-slip feature so that you can firmly hold and comfortably do the task even for a long time.

For the apple corer, it has a serrated blade to help it easily go through apple core, the toughest part of this fruit. Plus, the tool has a hole on the handle so that you can hang it on a hook apart from storing in the kitchen drawer or cutlery holder. You can also use the apple corer to remove core of other fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, pears and so on.

Besides, the pineapple corer accompanied is really great for the tropical theme parties. This one also has the blade with saw teeth to help it pin into the fruit and the special structure of the sharp straight blade for slicing your pineapple into perfect rings. Plus, the handle features convenient shape to help you hold to push and twist without any difficulties and pains. When you finish, the shell is intact, so you can use this one for other purposes.

After using, these tools will be possibly safe to the dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning or you can rinse them with water also. I’m sure that the set really bangs for your buck and you won’t find any dissatisfaction with them.

8. Apple corer by Nature’s Kitchen – Commercial Grade Stainless Steel

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The Nature’s Kitchen has offered to the market with the high-quality apple corer to help you save more time and effort for preparation. The tool is completely made of commercial-grade stainless steel which can resist corrosion and bacteria very well, so your health will be safe when using it to core your fruits. Plus, the material is tested several times to make sure there are no chemical reactions to your fruits.

Besides, the product has a tough and strong construction to work well with your intense pressure and force when you push it down to peel your fruits. It’s also super durable to last for a lifetime and not to break or bend easily. The blade with saw teeth helps the tool easily go through the core and take it out in seconds.

Moreover, the utensil features a handle designed ergonomically so that it can fit well in your hands no matter how large your hands are. And, the handle has a line of plastic pieces to keep you hand and tool stick together firmly without slip even when your hands are wet.

The implement measures 8.5”x1”x1”, so you can easily store it into kitchen drawer and cutlery holder. However, if these places are full of other stuff, you can hang it on a hook to save more space in your kitchen. And now, you will more secure when purchasing this tool because you can receive 100%-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE from the brand.

9. Good Grips Premium Apple corer Remover, Food Grade Stainless Steel Apple or Pear Core Remover Tool

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This set consists of an apple corer and peeler to help you have a convenient life. The corer has an outstanding design with the openable mouth so that you can take the core out of this tool easily unlike other counterparts in it class. Plus, the material used for making the tool is entirely food-grade stainless steel to resist rust and bacteria to stay clean over time.

Besides, the apple corer can stand with your force and pressure very well without bending or breaking thanks to the material and tough construction. It also has serrated blade to easily go through your apples in a blink and other fruits or vegetables as well. Plus, there is an ergonomic handle accompanied with subtle design so that you can hold it firmly in your hands to core your fruit. You can open the mouth by using your thumbs to press the lip.

About the peeler, it has a tough and durable plastic body to stay for long time taking on heavy duty. The tool is 4.7” in length totally so that you can easily hold them in hands and the handle has non-slip characteristic to keep your hands stay securely without slipping. Therefore, no more injuries happen like other bad-quality competitors. The implement also has dual ultra-sharp stainless steel blades with saw teeth to help you peel all fruits and vegetables from soft to tough-skinned in seconds.

After using, you can clean them easily by hand or dishwasher. Notice that you will receive a guarantee to make sure that there will be a full refund if the tool has some malfunctions and doesn’t meet your expectations.

10. ZUCCHINI SQUASH CORER Cucumber Eggplant Potato Apple Stuffed Vegetable Wood WOODEN HANDLE 10″ Long

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You must be shocked when seeing this corer because it is super long, about 10.3”, which make it stand out of the crowd and take other special missions. The tool also made of stainless steel to give clean contacts with your fruits and vegetables. This material is so friendly to your health because it can resist corrosion and bacteria, so there are nothing can affect your heath when using the tool.

Besides, the product features a wooden handle which is super strong and tough to stand with you force and transfer them perfectly to the blade. Plus, the wooden handle can absorb your moisture to keep your hand always dry to prevent slipping. It can also balance the weight to help you feel absolutely comfortable during the operation.

Moreover, apart from coring the apples or other short vegetables, the tool can easily take the core of zucchini out easily, which can be a problem for other counterparts. For this type of vegetables, I will show you how to use it. You just need to insert the blade in to the core, the greenery part, and move the product around many times to make a hole. After that, you can take the blade out with the core on it.

I hope that after reading thoroughly my devoted works, there will be something arising in your head about what you really want for your home. Although among these best apple corers you still don’t find the most suitable one for yourself, they can give you an overview of the world of apple corer so that you can avoid some bad-quality ones. And, I will be much happier if you continue supporting my other reviews.


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