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Sunbeam Mixer- Great Quality, but Friendly to Your Budget

After suffering from situation that I have to knead the dough by hand or beat the egg whites by hand, which cause me arthritis, I finally find the great solution to help me deal with this hassle without much effort. I have to admit that there is nothing working better than a mixer and this is a must-have accessory in every kitchen.

However, I face another problem, at first, in finding which one is the right choice for my budget. I also search from several sources and consulting with many pros. In the end, they highly recommend me for the sunbeam mixer instead of some other popular brands like Cuisinart, Ninja and KitchenAid because these brands can charge me more money, but offer with somehow the same quality of machine.

Therefore, if you also have the same problem as I did, you should consider my collections of best sunbeam mixers below before purchasing one for your kitchen. Bear in mind that the price doesn’t speak for the quality.

1. Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 250-Watt 5-Speed Hand and Stand Mixer Combo, White

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After testing this sunbeam stand mixer for several times, I find greatly satisfied with its performance. Although the machine is not regarded as the workhorse because of the 250-watt motor, it still can help me with various occasions even for kneading dough thanks to the dual sturdy dough hooks.

Besides, the work bowl measures the medium size, about 3-quart, but it can carry a great amount of ingredients for me. For example, I beat up to 5 eggs white stiffly in about 5 minutes at the fifth speed, the maximum level as the machine can reach.

Moreover, I feel quite secure when using the machine because all the operating parts like the work bowl, beaters and dough hooks are completely made of stainless steel and chrome respectively, which can themselves resist corrosion and bacteria arising. Therefore, my family’s health will be absolutely safe.

Plus, the machine is not very large as some ones of the KitchenAid which I have used before. It measures about 10”x8”x12.5” and weighs 6.5 pounds so that I can easily use it in my little cramped kitchen and carry around without any fatigue.

Although the machine is classified in the stand mixer, it can apply for flexible use, which I really love about the design, 2-in-1 machine. There is a button to detach the head from the body to make it work as a hand mixer. Therefore, I can use this one for mixing sauces in the pot.

2. Sunbeam FPSBSM21MR-BND Heritage Series 12-Speed 350-watt Stand Mixer Bundle with Bowl, 2.2-Quart and 4.6-Quart, Red

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In comparison with the above one, this sunbeam heritage stand mixer is more powerful than, which means that it can take on some heavy duties that the aforementioned cannot do. For kneading dough, this machine can work more perfectly because the motor is stronger, about 350-watt, and there are 12 levels of speed. Therefore, the dough you get will possibly be like the masters do.

So, if you are a cake or pizza lover, you can use this machine to make pretty doughs for some weekend parties with your neighbors, your family. Plus, there are two work bowls with different sizes such as: 4.6 quart and 2.2 quart for you to handle in various occasions. The large one, for instance, can be used for mixing dough while the smaller will work well with the melted chocolate preparing for some cakes.

Besides, there are thee attachments in dual designs like beaters, dough hooks and balloon whisks, so you can do all things you want with this machine. How convenient and economical it is!!! I think that this one can be a great choice rather than other reputable brands like KitchenAid because the quality is the same, but the price is higher and the machine is much larger, which is quite hard for small kitchen.

Moreover, during the operation, the work bowl can move around thanks to the rotating base tray so that the machine can mix more evenly and perfectly. However, the tray is not secure enough because the bowl can wobble if the machine operates on the higher speed.

3. Sunbeam 2525 220-Watt 6-Speed Retractable Cord Hand Mixer, White/Grey

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This sunbeam mixer also features the same design as the above one with the capacity of 350W, 12 levels of speed and the same attachment accompanied. However, the difference is that work bowl. They are entirely made of transparent food-grade plastic which can help you see everything inside the bowls during the operation.

Nonetheless, the plastic somehow cannot work greatly as the metal because the metal is much more tough, durable and sturdy than the plastic. But, the machine still performs well in various occasions from stirring to kneading dough. Therefore, you won’t regret for your choice surely.

Moreover, the tilt-head characteristic will help you perfectly add more ingredients during the process or easily take the bowl out with no impacts on the attachments. Plus, you can enhance the level of speed in seconds with the “power boost” button, which I find very convenient instead of adjusting the knob one by one.

The base is also great that can keep the mixer in place although it’s working on the maximum level. And, it’s easy for storing with the size of 14.8”x13.6”x12.1”.

4. Sunbeam 2524 200-Watt 6-Speed Hand Mixer, White with Black Accents

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And now, for the series of flexible use, the brand offers you with the sunbeam hand mixer which can help you deal with some tasks in prepping work like stirring the egg white, mixing nut butters, melted chocolate and so one.

The machine measures 8.2”x4”x8.1”, so you can easily carry around the kitchen without any difficulties. The cord is quite long to help you have a wide range in moving to avoid cases where the cord is unplugged accidentally while you’re moving around the kitchen.

Besides, the machine owns the 200-watt motor with 6 levels of speed so that it can deal with your task perfectly. Remember that this is invented for flexible use and for those whose kitchen is not very large, but not for the heavy-duty tasks like kneading huge dough which is supposed for the stand mixers.

Moreover, the handle is designed more ergonomic than the stand mixer because this one is carried for all time during the operation. Thanks to the curved edge, the handle can fit greatly in hands, so you can feel much comfortable despite holding for a long time.

By the way, for this design, the brand also have another choice with more powerful motor, about 220-watt, so you can take a look at this Sunbeam 2371 MixMaster Stand Mixer, White to diversify your choice.

5. Sunbeam 002555-000-000 Heritage Series Hand Mixer, Black

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With the design of hand mixer, this machine is the most powerful one in the product line with the 250-watt motor. And this is the one that I bought and use until now. I have to say that the machine work perfectly although it was bought years ago.

I love this one because of the black color which can stay in the excellent condition over time better than the white color. I have tried to use it knead dough for making a batch of cookie, than the result turn out great. The attachment isn’t stuck into the dough because the motor is powerful enough to spin the beaters.

Moreover, there is a vertical storage caddy accompanied to help you keep the machine away from other stuffs. The base also has two holders to carry the beaters. Therefore, it won’t take my countertops or in my cupboard much space for storage.

This is my choice for the hand mixer, but if you would like to see more options, you can check this Sunbeam® Heritage Series® Hand Mixer, Metallic Silver which is available in more color instead of in black color only.

I really appreciate your goodwill when you have read my devoted work from top to toe. Although there are not many machines in my collection, I hope that these listed ones can give you an overview about the brand as well as the great performance. Therefore, you won’t regret any more for your decision because the sunbeam mixer is a great value for your money.


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