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What You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Brookstone Wine Opener

Take a quick review surfing on the internet, Brookstone produces plenty of household and traveling items from pillows to headphones. In addition, they create some nice wine openers that I am about to show you below.

Brookstone Automatic Wireless Wine Opener (BS734643)

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Now now the first item in the list is a bit more expensive that does not mean the whole list is going burn the last coin in your wallet. Hear me out. There are some good points for buying this brookstone automatic wine opener.

The presentation is decent. The outer look is very modern and might be suitable for your kitchen, unless the interior design is vintage. The grip is tough and it is easier to be held in hands.

Being included in the base, the foil cutter is the second sharpest piece. Do not put your finger inside or you might get cut. There are two buttons on left and the right of the base. While putting your base on the seal, use your thumb and index finger pushing on the button from both sides and the two blade will move to tear the seal.

The base is small and can be placed in small surface. However, when I put my opener on it, the base does not hold the opener tightly. If I hit the table by chance, I feel like my brookstone wine opener will fall off the table, very unsafe in my opinion.

The corkscrew is quite sharp and it can go through any corks with ease. In other word, synthetic or normal corks will screwed with precision, reducing the chance of breaking th cork into smaller pieces.

Did I tell you that it can charge over 100 bottles before battery replacement. Speaking of battery, better prepare a few in case your opener stop working.

Electric Wine Opener with Automatic Corkscrew and Foil Remover for Bottles – Stainless Steel

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What I love most about the opener is how neat it is. Check out this brookstone compact wine opener. I am sure you will like it.

Part of the opener is made from steel which can endure water. I am able to hold it tightly in my hands. Its size is not a problem. While pushing down, it makes not a small noise. Bet that some people will not able to stand the sound.

The coil works fine, I try to press the button to see the mechanism. It rotates, spinning around its core. The sharp point can pierce through any corks without damaging them.

The base is built to look just like animal hoove. Just like a previous opener, the two blades of the foil remover is equipped. The sharp edge will leave a mark to any bottles so you only need to press a little bit while putting the cutter on the seal. In addition, your opener can stand firmly on any flat surface thanks to this.

This brookstone wine opener is run using 4 AA batteries and unfortunately the product does not include any batteries for users. You have to buy it yourself

The price is inexpensive, cheaper than some standard openers. If you can stand the noise then this could be the product for you. Or just try it out and when you are not satisfied with this, reporting it to the firm. I am sure they can work something out.

Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

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Tired of replacing the battery for your brookstone electric wine opener ? Let us try a more traditional approach but the same time it must be modern in our friends eyes.

This product is nice using lever mechanic. Hold tight the grip and open it up. The corkscrew will be lifted up as well. The pincer will help you to hold the bottleneck. Press down the lever with your strength and the corkscrew will do his work. Fortunately, there is no big sound from the engine so some of us will not find it annoying. The best part is that no batteries needed. However, you need a slow start: few practice and take an extra care in where the drill landing on your cork or you might break it. The more you practice the quicker you can to pop any bottle. I could open a bottle in just 4 seconds, which mean this opener can be faster than any electric opener.

The corkscrew is thick and durable, piercing through thousands of cork before any replacement is needed. Plenty of corkscrew can be found on some retail site and it takes a long time for one corkscrew to be in a less effective stage.

Since this opener does not include any electrical parts, users can feel safe leaving them in their pool area. In addition, the alloy for making this is steel. Even some users are stupid enough to dip it the pool or accidentally drop it there. It still works fine.

Some people might think the value for this opener is a little bit off. Still, it is a good investment in my opinion.

Brookstone Aperto the Amazing, Button-free, Magic Wine Bottle Opener

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Let us get back to automatic wine opener. The next brookstone wine opener in this entry reminds me of classic count dracula in castle. The looks are majestic and the same time mysterious. All brookstone opener looks neat and compact as always. Even more the design will definitely draw a lot of attention to any buyers.

Normally you will see that the ordinary opener will have to button to push up and down, opening a bottle and releasing the cork. This is not the case in this wine opener, there is no up and down buttons. User can simply put this on their bottle, hold the opener and push down to the bottle. The corkscrew will automatically drill the cork. The most interesting thing is that when you turn upside down, the cork trapped in the opener will be automatically released. As far as I know, no harm has been done to the cork.

The button from left and right of the foil cutter connect with the two blades. Hitting both buttons will force the two blades to slice the foil. The design is absolutely unique and beautiful. By the way, this cutter is also the base and the charger. Leave your opener there after using it. Up to 60 bottles are able to be opened. Just a little bit concern that the indicator does not exist. For other models, indicator helps to show the battery usage.

Last but not least, remember to by converter along with the opener. Price is fair even with a bundle of this opener and the converter.

Brookstone X Wine Opener (Black)

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Now this brookstone wine opener looks unique, the best of its kind compare to other opener. This is not a set but a combination of tools. There are a built in foil cutter, removing it reveals the corkscrew and a small pincer to hold the bottle. No batteries are needed. Simply press and rotate the top, push it down slowly then when the coil fully penetrate the cork, pull the whole things up.

One of the disadvantage of all physical bottle opener is that you may break the cork somehow. Too much force or different angles are the main cause of the problems. It does not matter what kind of non electrical opener you posses. If there is human involving in the process, there is always a chance the only way to solve is to practice more.

The top of this opener is in X shape. It serves the purpose of displaying your bottle. Lie down the tool and place the bottle on the X shape at an angle. Remember this. Oxygen is the arch enemy of any wine and too bad your cork will not protect your wine probably. When you leave the bottle vertically, the cork turns dry, and eventually it will be shrunk. As a consequence, air will infiltrate the bottle and ruin your wine. It is best to store your wine at angle. By doing this, the cork is damp all the time, preventing it to get shrunk and the air get inside.

Connoisseur’s Compact Wine Opener with Built-in Foil Cutter

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The brookstone wine opener is a good stuff for giving or home use. Speaking of the price, that is a bit steep. However, the tools have some cool feature that is worth mentioning.

The look is stunning. The red wine color combines with the elegant black color creates a very classy looks. This could be a perfect gift for events such as housewarming or wedding.

Secondly all parts are built just right. The opener is easy to be held in hands. It is not so heavy so holding it on top of the bottle before opening is not a tiring job. The screw is in perfect condition, being made from steel. It is very thick, allowing user to open thousand bottle before buying a new coil. The lever is in smooth motion and it works fine and fast. I hear no disturbing sound while I am opening my bottle, electric openers sometime are so noisy. This works best with synthetic corks in my opinion. In addition, your foil is sliced effectively using the built-in cutter which is very sharp so leave the tool as far as possible from your kids. The cutter can be hard to understand so I use my own seal cutter instead.

Third more than 50% of this openers are made from plastic. Therefore it is undamaged by water. Just don’t throw it to acid pool or volcanoes.

Brookstone Connoisseurs Compact Wine Opener

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Apart from the shiny look the brookstone wine opener you are looking at share some similar traits with other non electrical opener: Big lever, a foil cutter and the steel corkscrew.

The only preparation you need is lift up the lever. Then pull down and up to remove the cork. Use the pincer to hold the trapped cork then lift the lever. In addition, the seal remover works well and its color complement nicely with the opener.

There is no need for base to put the opener on the surface such as table. This opener can stand by itself. However, it occupies more space than other non electrical opener.

It is not a rocket science to learn how to use it. All mechanical part works smoothly. No weird noise is created.

More than 50% components of the opener is created via molding steel alloy. Therefore it is heavier than most of the plastic opener. It is kind of big for my hands though, not to mention my hand sweat constantly so this thing is not an ideal tool for me.

It is a decent gift for any occasions because this product is a fine blend between modern and the past. Furthermore, it is fully coated with silvery color so it sparkle in the bright light.

The price is reasonable when calculate all the factors: the looks, the component and the usefulness.

This is it. I have note down some best brookstone wine opener for you to choose. Hope that this will aid you well.


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