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Black and Decker Food Processors for your Prep Things

Don’t you feel boring when having to cut every piece of foods one by one? Or just tired of stirring the eggs mixture for long and long? In that case, you need to own a good food processor that can help you handle all of these difficult tasks without costing you some efforts.

However, when you start to look for some processors, you realize that there are more than you may think of. So many figures, so many comments from previous users and you do not know which brand is the worthiest to count on. Then, trying more to research and then Black and Decker is the affordable brand for you.

Black and Decker has long been a famous brand for excellent food utensils, especially processors, all coming with outstanding quality. Therefore, here, in this review, I will show you some wonderful features relating some of the best processors of this brand that you can consider carefully before deciding to purchase anything.

1. BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup Food Processor

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This must be a mistake not mentioning this Black Decker 8-Cup food processor in the review because of its great values bringing us.

This black and decker 8 cup food processor comes with a mild black color for the whole body, except the transparent bowl which you can follow what is happening inside the machine, whether your mixture is dry or wet. This black color also makes us fell luxury and gentleness in how we use it. At the bottom there lies four typical plastic legs that own safety reasons, not causing the whole tool to be slippery when being used.

What makes this appliance outstanding from others? Then it may be the design and layout of button whose only has 2 buttons which 3 main functions: On/Off along with the Pulse one. You just need to press two times for pulsing and the other to for deactivating the tool.

What are you expected with a 450W processor? I think it must be the accessories that followed the one thanks to not only the diverse but also the real usages of the devices such as the bowl of course, the cover and the sharp blades and the shredding and slicing dishes. You can now think of which dishes that you are going to cook whenever you have a one: for example, the chopped veggies, grinding cheeses as well as slicing meat… even in different chop-sizes. All in one processor!

Thanks to being composed of stainless steel, every black and decker looks very shining and amazingly luxurious while cause no rust and bacteria development. Besides, a food pusher is also enclosed to the products in order to handle others’ tasks in a quickest way. The motor is applied with the latest techno thus it runs so smoothly that you don’t get annoyed at all. Along with the adjustable lids, the utensil is equipped with an interlocking system that the machine only works whenever the lid is attached properly to the bowl and the bowl to the body.

Remember to clean carefully after using it every time and store in suitable places. Sometimes try to stain-free it by a soft cloth, that will keep your machine for longer use. Just a few tips and your processor will be like new.

2. Black & Decker FP2510SKT Wide Mouth Food Processor with Chopper

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The next recommendation for you is the set including processor and chopper combined with a juicer. This Black and Decker FP2510SKT Wide mouth food processor with chopper will not let you down!

First looking at this, you may think that it’s fairly similar to other Black and decker processor. But here, the differences that you should choose lie in the dazzling outlook with separated accessories that follow. Coming with a grey color which is simple yet trivial, easily fit every kitchen, the tool owns a capacity of 10 cup and a rather large mouth allowing you to work at ease.

One thing worrying many users is whether the cutting knives are good enough to handle all the put-into stuff. I must claim that you are completely guaranteed about the performance and the quality of each blades as well as the slicing and shredding discs accompanied, which cause no rust and no harm to your health. Besides, the 500W power of the tool is also a distinguished feature handling all tasks that you have to it.

In addition, users are able to exchange the bowl relatively for typical purposes such as the processor bowl for slicing tomatoes, grinding meat and even juicing the fruits, and the other one for chopping onions, gingers, and so on. What an amazing 2-in-1 machine!

One of the most common questions about this black and decker is that this equipment is easy to use? Well, I must say this is totally simple to work with despite the strange feelings at first. But don’t worry, you will soon get used to it. Just connect the bowl with the body properly, put the food to it, cover by the lid, turn on the machine and then let it be! And dissembling it is not difficult at all so cleaning it afterwards is so simple story.

Overall, this black and decker quick and easy food processor is deserved to have a place in your kitchen.

3. BLACK+DECKER Electric Food Chopper

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Tired of too many big processors that cannot fit your small counter or you want to find something small for taking along? Then you should think of this Black and decker Electric food chopper.

You have two options for the sizes of this mini machine 1.5 Cup and 3 cups for larger consumption and of course, the prices will be a bit higher, but I think it is deserved.

Unlike the above two, this mini chopper is designed to be attached on the side of the body in lieu of on the front of it. This makes the machine looks quite different from the others, and I think this is also a good feature for mini chopper and processors because I have come across many mini ones that have the same outlook. But of course, this one still has something different.

The whole machine is made with black safe plastic that you can feel very clean and luxurious although the price is not too expensive. The lid covers not only the bowl but also the remaining parts of the body protecting a touch button on the body. This touch property makes this tool different from others a lot. Besides, on the lid, there are many small holes for evaporation when the putting food is so hot, and a bigger hole for simply adding oil or water. That is so gentle features of the tool which turns the annoying cooking problems into easy one.

This one is most recommended for chopping the ingredients for making sauces, pastes, because these mixtures do not require large room of the processor. Thanks to the help of sweetly sharp bi-level stainless blades and discs of diverse shapes and sizes, you can freely create any dishes that you can think of, not just sauces, …

At the end of the day, cleaning the device is so necessary yet simple because of easy dissembling. Just put each parts of the machine into dishwasher and wait for it to be done. Then you can have a like-new mini processor.

4. Black & Decker SC5000 2-Cup Mini Food Chopper

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More mini processors for you! This black and decker SC5000 2-cup mini food chopper is certainly the one for your small counter which requires fresh and modern feelings bringing about by white and pink!

I think most of the mine machines own similar outlook whose bowls are all attached to the body by the side, not the front. However, thanks to the colors and somewhat differences, it still makes me happy whenever I see it. The transparent bowl allows you to keep track of what is being done inside the machine where firstly you can see the sharp bi-level blades of its.

Producers are very noticed about the safety of the users by equipping a special locking system for it. You have to turn the lid properly and connect them right in order to activate the device. As long as it is started, you can simply work with it by putting small foods like nuts, grains, and alike for chopping and grinding. You can also make sauces with it. And you can feel good that thanks to the 300W power, this is in exaggerating a mini monster that can handle all kinds of foods.

One trouble of the appliance is its plug, which is quite difficult to plug in in some areas. Overall, it is still a good machine because the final step of it be cleaning is rather straightforward and not hard at all. Remember to wash it carefully for longer uses and proper storing after washing.

5. Black & Decker MFP100 Mini Food Processor

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This may be one of the most expensive mini food processor I have ever met. Of course, coming with that is the excellent performance and quality that cannot be rejected by anything.

Similar to other mini appliances, this also enjoys unalike design, especially thanks to the long tube and the outcome mouth of it. Such a large feeding tube that you can put as many things as you like but remember to pay attention to the limited capacity. Another special point of this equipment is its functioning buttons, which has the green colors together with the transparent bowl allowing you to watch the process of the chopping.

The followed blades and slicing and shredding disc are quite diverse and safe to users because they are wholly made of stainless steel. They are also super sharp so that they can cut all of the ingredients you put into without difficulties and it also take you less time as well. This is suggested by many top chefs because of its great features and it is most common used for making paste and additive toppings such as chopped onions, peppers,

Every time you use it, remember to have a cleanup step before storing it in a suitable place. Because this is easy to dissemble, you can take it apart and then put them in the dishwasher or you can clean it by hands if possible. That will be much greater.

Measuring at 11.8” x 8.8” x 8.8”, this is certainly mix and match with any counter that is not too large. Not to mention its mild white with a following bowl-shaped container for holding the outcome. Overall, this is a black and decker quick and easy food processor that you should not miss it! So, what are you waiting for?

6. BLACK+DECKER FP6010 Performance Dicing Food Processor

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Let’s get back to the big food processors. This list wouldn’t be complete without this black and decker FP6010 performance dicing food processor thanks to its excellent performance and quality.

I must admit that I fall in love with it for the first time because of its diversified details followed as well as the given storing case. You might find it really complicated and bulky because there are too many of them not to mention the case. However, you will rethink that this set is so wonderful that it consists of almost everything you need for a processor, from the blades, the discs, to other necessary details.

Powerful, Spacious and Diversified are three words that I use to describe this FP6010. Equipped with an 800W motor, this is the one of most powerful processor and this can handle all kinds of tasks that users give. Moreover, the capacity of this ranges from 1 cup to 11 cup which can freely hold even the largest load of foods in two different transparent bowls, the smaller is 4 cup and the other is 11. Besides, the device also owns a 3-in-1 pusher with 3 typical sizes so that you can choose what most suits your ingredients.

If you prefer the knob, then you should use the analog dial control, and if you enjoy pressing buttons, then the second option of a touchpad control might be the one for you. The functional buttons or knob all come with 3 speeds and 1 pulse but remember to pick the right speeds unless you want your clopped onions to become onion juice.

There are so many great things about this set and one of them is the locking system of the blades. There is one green tool on the top of the machine so that whenever you don’t use it, tighten the tool so that there will not be any bad cases. Similar to other processors, this one also has stainless steel blades and BPA-free plastic coverings, which is user-friendly and safe.

Another outstanding thing about this one is the compact storage case accompanied with the machine which is also made of safe plastic and consists of many smaller cases. This is the perfect tool for storing the accessories for the most convenient way. Besides, all the details of the products can be safe to put into the dishwasher. Therefore, it will save you much time. So, what are you waiting for?

7. Black & Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Food Chopper

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This simple Black and decker EHC650B Ergo food chopper is exactly the one for those who enjoy the usefulness as well as the enough capacity of such a processor.

The design of this machine is rather different from others because the body is on the top instead if on the bottom. The whole body and bowl all have cylindric shape so that this makes your tool look modern and gentle. There is a white plastic hem under the bowl for safety reasons, preventing the machine from slippery counter.

Actually, there is a lid between the bowl and the motor which in case you don’t use up the mixture, you are able to cover the lid and store the mixture in the refrigerator. So convenient! Besides, on the motor there lie only two buttons for high and low pulse which the top power of 150W, this equipment will totally destroy all the ingredients that you put into, from the soft onions to the tough carrots

Another great point of this is the wonderfully sharp blades for cutting the foods. Some people may worry about the size which sometimes cannot satisfy the user, but to me, thanks to the powerful motor and these stainless-steel blades, this will cost you a little time for each turn of chopping. Just imagine, you can make sales, paste, chopped onions, Avogadro’s for Salas in a minute which put having to cut any of them with this machine. That also saves you a lot of time!

Each part of the appliance is secure to be washed by dishwasher. However, you also should clean it by hands sometimes for long maintenance. So, it is such a great gift for your cozy kitchen.

8. BLACK+DECKER EHC3002B Glass Bowl Chopper

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This Black and Decker EHC3002B Glass Bowl Chopper deserves a place in this list thanks to its amazing performance and quality, suiting every kind of taste.

Don’t be fooled by its simple outlook. Similar to other motor on top processors, this machine consists of a 150W motor and a 4-cup transparent bowl. But what makes this stands out from other is the design of these two details. The motor has a super gentle design that on the side of it, there are two places for holding your hands, which makes you feel more comfortable when using the machine. Unlike the mentioned #7 chopper, this bowl has a rectangle shape with glass material which brings in the feelings of firmness. The tool is also followed by an extra bowl and a black lid that will keep your mixture safe if you don’t use it up.

Coming with two colors options: red and black so that you can choose whatever fits most with your kitchen. Besides, the figures of 6” x 6” x 8” are greatly suitable with almost every kind of kitchen, from the small to the large one. There are two buttons for high and low level of cutting the foods which you can choose. But remember to press the right button for the mixture unless you wish your foods become juices.

Like other Black and Decker processors, this tool also comes with a “system” of sharp stainless-steel blades which can easily cut through even the hardest parts of your carrots. This is most recommended for chopping the onions for your salsas…

Of course, thanks to its simple yet gentle outlook, this is easily dissembled into different parts and you can put the non-motor parts into the dishwasher for saving time. I really love this machine for every part and portion and it is a wonderful processor.

9. 3-In-1 Easy Assembly 8-Cup Food Processor

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Final in this list is the 3-in-1 easy assembly 8-cup food processor that you should at least have a glance at this amazing machine.

It has the same design as the #1 black and decker, however there are still distinguished features differentiating this from others. Typically, the touchpad control which has four buttons with different functions for your particular purposes. The 450W motor can turn almost everything from the softest to the toughest ingredients into the very chopped pieces that you want to.

The dual sided discs are also convenient and helpful in cutting the foods in a quick way. You don’t need to wait for a long time until your foods are done. Besides, the whole machine is made with safe and secure materials to ensure of its performance and quality. The tools also followed by an 8-cup bowl which is large enough to hold a big load of meat.

Of course, thanks to the simple design, the non-motor parts are easily to dissemble into smaller one and they are all safe to be washed by the dishwasher. However, sometimes, you should use a cloth to take out the stains which are hard to washed away by the dishwasher, maintaining the device for longer use. And if you follow these tips, you will have a great and amazing black and decker 8 cup food processor for assisting you with your cooking every day.

Thank you for reading all of my review and hopefully, after this, there will be something in your mind to consider carefully about such as some important characteristics like the capacity, the size or the motor, … It’s essential for you to make comparison among the devices before coming up with the final decision. Only by that can you pick out a really worthy and suitable Black and Decker for your kitchen.


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