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Best Wood Cutting Boards

Cooking yummy meals for your family is absolutely difficult, and to finish these tasks every day, you surely need these two essential “weapons”: a sharp knife and a high- end cutting board. There have been a great amount of cutting boards with different designs, materials, colors in the market, but looking for that such chopping board is super hard.

For a hint, if you love the environment, you want a little taste of Earth in your sweet home, would like to be back to the basics, the wood cutting boards are your best choice.

What is the best type of wood cutting board?

Before purchasing the most suitable one for your kitchen, you have to make yourself clear about three type of wood cutting board: face grain, edge grain and end grain.

  • End grain cutting board is made from blocks of lumber glued together with the end grain up, which make this type different from two others and you can easily recognize it.
  • Face grain cutting board is made from the edges of narrow boards of wood glued together.
  • Edge grain cutting board is a result of glued faces of strips of wood together.

Although the end grain cutting board is the most expensive one, many outstanding features may somehow outweigh its drawback.

This one is suitable for heavy force blades like splitting the pork ribs because it is the hardest, thickest and most durable cutting board. Besides, it can hide the cut marks and have a self-healing property.

Plus, end grain patterns are unpredictable and unique.

The face grain cutting board is only suitable for light blades like slicing fruits or chopping vegetables because it is the most vulnerable one and easiest to get cut marks.

The edge grain cutting board is supposed to be the medium quality of three types. Although it is easy to get scratches but not as the face grain one, it is NOT likely to absorb moisture and it requires less upkeep than the end grain cutting board.

Despite thorough considerations, getting the most suitable one in such a huge market can bother you so much. Don’t be down in the dumps, I’m here to ease your pain!!! After researching purposefully, I can give you an overview of some best wood cutting boards that may not hurt your bank.

My recommendations:

1. Personalized / Custom Engraved Bamboo Wood Cutting Board – 13.6″x9.6″x0.7″

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Brew City Engraving has launched to the market a new version of common cutting board.

To make such monotonous cutting board more vivid, the producer comes up with the idea of creating personalized wood cutting board by engraving your name and the first letter of your name on one side of the product so that you can use that side for displaying and the other of cutting.

The material is bamboo, which is organically grown and COMPLETELY friendly to environment as well as your health.

It is super durable so that the cutting board can last for a long time when being used and kept in a right way. Plus, the surface is so hard and NON-POROUS that you can have perfect slices during using it.

This cutting board is supposed to fit to any kitchen because it just measures 13.5” x 9.5”, so it is totally easy for you to hold and carry to another place.

However, the product cannot stand with intensive heat and water, so you have to wash it by hand with soapy water instead of by dishwasher.

2. Roscan Maple Wood Utility Board 16 Inch by 12 Inch by 3/4 Inch

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Roscan usually has simple and utterly basic design of cutting board because they particularly focus on the material and quality.

This maple cutting board is the typical product of the brand. It’s simply a cutting board because there are no patterns added to make the board more beautiful.

However, the material is extremely outstanding because maple wood is considered as one of the best wood for cutting board for its high durability, thickness, hardness and resistance to scratches without dulling your knife edge.

The utensil is so robust and dense that it can maintain your sharp knives. The size is quite larger than standard one, which is 16” x 12” so that you can comfortably cut without concerning about messy surrounding.

The solid wood cutting board is cover with canola oil so that it can LAST A LIFE TIME and it is surely safe to your food.

However, this 16 wood cutting board has to be cleaned by hand with soapy water instead dishwasher because it can be damaged.

3. Freshware Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3

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If you are looking for a top-notch quality cutting board which is intensively safe to your health, the Freshware can get you back. All the cutting boards are made from 100% organic and anti-microbial bamboo, which is BPA free so that it does no harms to your family.

This bamboo cutting board is available in 3 options: large size (13” x 9.5”), medium size (11” x 8.5”) and small one (8” x 6”), which means that it can possibly meet your demand and fit to most of kitchens.

The cutting board is made with high craftsmanship so that the ability of scratch resistance is utterly high. On the top of that, the 2-in-1 cutting board is so versatile that you can use one side for cutting, chopping and the other for displaying food like BBQ gatherings at your back yard.

Besides, this one should be washed by hand and easy to air dry so that it doesn’t absorb odor. And there is a cutout on one edge so that you can hang it on the wall to make more room for your kitchen.

4. Premium Organic Bamboo [ HEIM CONCEPT ] Extra Large Cutting Board and Serving Tray with Drip Groove

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The product from HEIM CONCEPT is regarded as one of the best wood cutting board because it is completely made from organic bamboo, which is NON-TOXIC, BPA free and naturally anti-bacterial so that the cutting board is extremely safe to your health.

It measures 18” x 12” so that the large wood cutting board can provide space for your vegetable chopping, meat cutting and fruits slicing. Besides, the surface is totally dense and hard, which is gentle on your knife blades and can resist cross contamination.

Moreover, this is reversible 2-in-1 cutting board for versatile usage. They feature one side like carving board with grooves to retain food juice from overflowing and the other like normal cutting board or you can use it as a tray to display your dishes. How convenient it is!

However, you have to tackle with the cleaning problem because it is not suitable for dishwasher and you have to clean by hand with soapy and warm water. And this extra large wood cutting board does not absorb moisture so that there is no left nasty smell after being washed.

5. Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens – 17×11 American Hardwood Chopping and Carving Countertop Block with Juice Drip Groove

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The walnut cutting board offered by Virginia Boys Kitchens is well-received by customers because of its high-end design and great quality.

The material is super hard and dense, which won’t dull your sharp knives. Besides, there is a trench all the way around the cutting surface so that it can capture food juice in order not to drip out and leave a mess in your kitchen.

When it comes to the main shape, there are two: round and rectangular which can suit with many occasions. Besides, the rectangular cutting board can measure up to 20” x 15” so that you can have a large space to prepare your meal.

The implement is super durable that can last a lifetime when being used and kept in a right way. On the top of that, the cutting board is special for its attractive dark brown shade so that you can use it for displaying food and even as a gift for your friends.

And, you can get 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE when purchasing this dark hardwood cutting board, so you won’t regret for your decision.

6. Mountain Woods 15-by-12-Inch Butcher Block Cutting Board

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The two-tone mountain wood board is slightly different from other counterparts because it is slightly higher than others. The product is in medium size of 15” x 12” so that it won’t take over much space in your kitchen.

The implement is made from plantation woods, which make it thicker and harder than other materials. Thus, you don’t need to worry about scratches on the surface.

There are two handles routed into sides of the cutting board so that you can easily hold and carry the board.

This product should be wash by hand with warm and soapy water and dry by towels instead of putting it into the dishwasher. Notice that you must soak the wood cutting board with handle into water because that will have a severe impact on your utensil.

7. Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter and Serving Tray for Wine, Crackers, Brie and Meat. Large and Thick Natural Wooden Server

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The Royal Craft Wood has added a dramatic innovation to the wood cutting boards, which make them not only a simple cutting board but also a versatile utensil.

There is large enough surface for you to comfortably cut anything and two convenient trays for crackers, nuts or bread. It’s up to you, be as creative as you want.

This cutting board is made totally from 100% organic bamboo, which is super durable, thick and dense so that you can have perfect slices.

Besides, it is so anti-bacterial that your family is safe when using this one. And there is no smell absorption that you don’t need to worry about mistakes on tasting, which means that your muffins won’t have cheeses’ smell.

On the top of that, you can receive a risk-free 100% MONEY BACK WARRANTY up to five years, so there are no doubts about the implement at all! However, the product needs washing by hand because it will suffer damage when cleaned by dishwasher.

The bamboo cutting board is considered as one of the best wooden cheese board that really bangs for your buck because of its greatly quality, high durability and the versatility. Then, don’t miss this precious chance to get fabulous utensil for your sweet home!

8. Tramanto Olive Wood Cheese Board and Cutting Board

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The one of a kind olive wood cutting board offered by Thirteen Chefs has been a best seller of cutting board for many years because of its rustic and primitive beauty along with doubtless quality.

This one is made from 100% natural olive wood, so it is utterly durable, hard and thick, which won’t dull your sharp knives.

Besides, the product measures just 12” x 6”, not very large so that it will be well-suited with cramped kitchen. Due to that size, the cutting board can be used as cheese board or fruit board. So versatile, right?

Utilize it for carrying some biscuits and a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy that when you’re reading books. Surely there is nothing in the world better than!

You have to bear in mind that the longer this cutting board lasts, the more valuable it is!

9. JAMIE OLIVER Acacia Wood Cutting Board – Small

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The butcher block wood manufactured by JAMIE OLIVER is absolutely different from any counterparts. It is made from Acacia wood so that it is super durable, thick and hard, which means that the product can resist scratches and cross contamination.

More, the cutting surface is quite large so that you can cut food without concerning about leaving your kitchen messy. Besides there is a 3.5” handle so that you can easy carry it with one hand, and that’s the difference.

Plus, the acacia wood cutting board is totally safe to your family’s health because it is anti-bacterial and non-toxic. Notice that if you want your utensil long lasting, you should wash it by hand with warm and soapy water.

10. Bamboo Chopping Board Set of 4 – Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cutting Boards with Drip Groove

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The Bambüsi has launched to the market with a set of four different size bamboo cutting board. The largest size is 18” x 12” and the smallest one is 6” x 8” so that you can diversify your choice for the most suitable with your kitchen.

The product is completely made from eco-friendly bamboo so that it is extremely dense, hard, durable and surely safe to your health. The cutting surface is non-porous and smooth, which can be gentle on your knife blades.

The reversible 2-in-1 utensil can be used for many purposes. One side is used for cutting and the other can be utilized as a serving trays. So versatile, right?


Can you cut meat on a wooden cutting board?

Why not?

The product is made from hard wood, which can resist scratches and the tiny pieces cannot be stuck into these scratches, so they will be easily cleaned. Besides, these materials absorb the lowest rate of water and moisture so that there is hardly nasty smell left.

How do I clean wooden cutting board?

With 4 following steps you can make your cutting board like a brand new one having just been bought from the store:

Firstly, you should rinse all the debris off the cutting board, but you mustn’t splatter contaminated water all over the place.

Secondly, scrub the chopping board with soap and warm water in order to get anything left in the scratches or grooves on the cutting surface.

Thirdly, use some type of sanitizer like Mr. Clean because this liquid can neutralize the antibacterial properties of the cutting board.

Finally, this is the most important step that you mustn’t miss. You should wipe the butcher block with the towel before drying it. The cutting board must be left in the place where air calculates frequently so that it can dry completely.

What is the best oil for wood cutting boards?

The mineral oil is the top rated by the customers.

This oil is odorless, colorless and flavorless and it is utterly safe to food. The neutral petroleum byproduct is used around the world due to its feasible price and extensive shelf life.

However, the oil hardly totally dries and you can wipe off the excess, so you have to apply it very often.

I hope that after reading the review above, you can choose the best cutting board for your cozy kitchen at a fraction of the price.


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