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The Top-trend Wine Glass Rack Series for Wine Buffs [Updated 2019]

Stem glass is an indispensable drinking accessory for anyone who owns one or more wine bottles. Storing wine glasses isn’t a challenging task, but it requires the right widget. Keeping the stemware in your pantry seems to alleviate the job; however, wine glasses are more fragile than regular crystal cups. That is why they need the particular storing method.

Aware of this demand, plenty of manufacturers have released abundant collections of wine glass rack to meet every taste of buyers. The items come in different designs, materials, styles and price ranges. With the experience of a long-term glass rack user, I’ll walk you through ten best stemware holders on the market. Let’s go.

1. DecoBros 2PK Single Rail Wine Glass Stemware Rack Holder, Chrome

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To start with it, I’d like to introduce this single-rail glass holder. If you don’t ask much from a wine glass holder’s responsibility, this rack is one of the top choices.

The item has a pure design and is ready to mount under a cabinet. It has the depth of 10 inches which is sufficient for two red wine stems or three white wine glasses. The manufacturer has thought of people with limited collections of wine glasses, so compare with the similar items which you have to purchase the whole pack, this rack saves you from spending more for unwanted space. In case you want to get some extra glasses or take them from a present, you can always install more racks side by side to hold more stem. Retaining more of your glasses will convert great space for other stuff. Besides, more rails from combining shelves bring an elegant touch to your décor style, the finish of gauge steel increases the visual aspect of the whole area.

The company supplies many different sized fasteners to install almost anywhere. Short screws are in the pack; however, I suggest to be careful while driving them to the cabinet, you have to notice if the screw’s point excess the pantry’s base. I have set the racks in a symmetrical pattern to form a different organizer; it looks splendid from the far sight.

This hanging wine glass rack has won my grumpy character when it comes to buying a holder for my stemware. The price of one rail isn’t something that would hurt your wallet. You can make it an arrogant property in your kitchen, or gift it to someone you love, both work for the most advantage.

2. Organize It All Large Chrome Stemware Holder

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Another similar way to organize your stem glasses, but in a broader range. You probably wonder what the difference is, the first rack I mentioned is from steel, this under cabinet glass rack is from chrome.

The concept of sleek and shiny material wine rack will never go out of date. This under cabinet wine glass rack keeps up with the trend and demand. It does nothing more of a glass rack can offer, but it provides sufficient protection and space for you to keep your delicate glasses in its place. The primary function of this rack is hanging your stems up-side-down and showcasing them most attractively.

The more massive one-piece rack allows more glasses to hang on. This wine glass holder’s capacity can save up to 12 units of stems. While having a compact dimension of 22.25 inches wide, it fits most regular under cabinet area.

One thing I don’t prefer this rack over the previous one is the convenience of separating rails that gives you a chance to customize the position of each track. With this stem rack, you can only pick one place and put it fix. But it is a one-time installment; there will no other hassle setting up twice.

I don’t take this rack for granted, though it is one good choice for a basic hanging glass rack. The price is an undebatable comfort; you wouldn’t mind giving it a try or giving it to someone on their occasions.

3. Scrollwork Black Metal Freestanding Tabletop Stemware Storage Rack / Wine Glass Cup Holder with 6 Hooks

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Now, this is one of my glass holders that has received tons of compliments. When a hanging rack doesn’t suffice your glass series, a freestanding stemware rack is a perfect option for your countertop or tabletop.

This wine glass rack crafted from metal with a black finish. The scrollwork design is the highlight with curved shape hooks rotating the center pole illustrates a sense of vintage yet hybridizes with the contemporary model. It keeps six glasses neatly on your tabletop in hand’s reach at any time. I use this rack to decorative the dining table when our family has visitors to enjoy the supper and devour some Pomerol Chateau La Croix to improve the appetite. It works as I expected, people admired the rack and I didn’t have to walk to the kitchen to grab the glasses from the cupboard or a hanging shelf.

I’ve tried to place two champagne glasses on it, and there was no problem, but I encountered the imbalance as bigger glasses weight more than a regular one. Martini glasses as well with the device but there won’t be enough space for six units. So, you should notice if you want to do the likewise.

Though you may imagine the hook would cause difficulty when you want to access the glasses, it wouldn’t be so intricate. You’ll find the delivery in pieces, that means it requires some assembly, but it’s a kid’s game that you don’t have to whine.

You’ll pay no more than a meal at a local restaurant to own this rack. When it comes to displaying wine glasses where people can applaud, this rack is worth every dime.

4. MyGift Freestanding Tabletop Stemware Rack / Spiraling 10 Wine Glass Holder, Black

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I enjoy jumping back and forth with different designs and concepts. But this free-stand glass holder catches my attention from the first look that makes me stick on writing about the same thought again. You’ll see why I have a special admiration for it.

Coming from the same manufacturer, if the scrollwork stem storage inclines the tracery form, this wine glass rack is a complete modern construction with minimized details while owning a high capacity of a standing frame. To be able to give space for nine to twelve stems, the pole supposes to be taller than its bother with the height up to 25 inches. It holds glasses in a clinging pattern that goes in a spiral with a solid base to keep the unit still. I need to alert you from hanging different size of glass will cause the pole to fall on the sides. So, make sure you fill the rack with the equal mass on every loop.

If you plan to put this rack on a countertop or tabletop with the vacant area above, you can stop worrying about its height. But in case you want to place it inside a pantry cupboard, then beware that it may not fit the ceiling.

The glass holder can store most standard size stems. If you have thicker stemmed glasses, I suggest bending the loops with a pair of pliers. I don’t recommend this technique for amateurs, but you can borrow some help. Don’t forget to use a rag between the pliers and the holder; you may mar the coat.

This wine stem holder costs a bit more than the Scrollwork, but I don’t think we can complain about it. Only a few bucks more don’t make it an unaffordable item.

5. Wire Black Wine Glass Rack Holder 25″ Height

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One more stand-alone glass holder that I want to introduce in this list. I don’t want you to miss any awesome that I’ve found.

It is fair to say that these standing racks have given me a wavery time to pick out the best. Each of them possesses a unique definition to serve one taste to another. About the same height as MyGift freestanding rack, but this one crafted from durable wrought iron that will extend its lifetime. The holder keeps eight stems concurrently. The good news is there will be no jigsaw pieces to put together; welded fabrication has done the job. The ultimate craftsmanship adds a significant quality to this product, and that’s what makes the price of a luxurious item. Any wine aficionado would embrace the solid structure as well as the rough built form it owns. Moreover, this rack is proudly designed and forged in the USA with the qualified material; you only need to find the most exquisite spot in the house to place this item. There is a handle loop so that you can move it to anywhere you want.

Personally, if I put this stem storage in my cellar, the spot may illustrate a medieval tavern with candle lights and jars of ale. I know the item is not on the cheap side, but you get what you pay for, this wine stem storage will enlighten up your bar area.

6. Rev-A-Shelf – 3450-11ORB – 11 in. Oil Rubbed Bronze Under Cabinet Quad Wine Glass Holder

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Let’s go back to another regular hanging rack. Maybe you don’t prefer a shiny frame under your cabinet; this cabinet mounted wine glass rack will make an exceptional selection.

The factor makes the Rev-A-Shelf rack unique is the fantastic oil rubbed bronze color effect. There is nothing being rust about it; the metal coat is of the heavy gauge wire with the thickness of 8mm which is sturdy and unbendable. The Rev-A-Shelf hanging rack is ready to use after a few installing steps to attach it to the cabinet’s bottom. Accessories come with the pack to save you time running to the hardware store. The most extended depth is at 11 inches, I hope your pantry fits the unit.

I give the wire construction a reference for the creator’s out-of-this-world creativeness. Quad rails provide space to accommodate up to 12 glasses with base diameter limits at 3 inches. One more plus goes to the curved edges that will not cut or stitch your hand when you accidentally reach the shape.

If you have a wine cart, place it under the shelf and ready to serve your guests with easy accessibility. You don’t need to push the cart in hesitation like the time you leave the glasses standing upright.

This product is inexpensive but offers the best function of a glass holder. I had added one to my cellar. Maybe it’s your turn now.

7. Mixologist World Wine Glass Rack – Under Cabinet Hanging Wine Racks

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Have a big stem collection? I’ve got one 5-stars glass wine rack to exhibit your inventory to the viewers with a guarantee of safety and aesthetic.

This versatile and elegant stem storage is an ideal holding solution for a variety of stemmed glasses. Stylish but straightforward are my credits for this product. According to the manufacturer, this wine glass holder is meant to create for world mixologists who work with bottles and glasses. Space stands in the way when it comes to storing a library of different kinds of stemware. Hence the rack is there to save the day. It looks no fancy like other well-designed items, but it entrusts a durable and functional glass holder to keep your stemware clean.

Talking about non-commercial use, when the wine is your way of living, a hobby of collecting glasses should establish serious care about your proud pickings. Instead of hiding them all in a bulky pantry or closet where dust and particles are around, lift them to the hanging rack where they belong. Not only you get the chance to show up your gathering, but also the glassware will come in use more frequent which assigning the real value of glass. Do you want to leave these stemwares to become blur and filthy without any serving once in a while?

If you’re fear the mass of glasses would drag the rack down, you can step out of that state now. The frame produced from chromed iron which is one of the best durable materials can use for a glass rack. Need more to turn your buying mode? A warranty of 5 years would do it; no question asked policy will apply. I would not wait for another day. Even if this rack cost me double the original price, I wouldn’t say a word.

8. Hanging Mahogany Wine Glass Rack

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The last hanging rack in the list and I promise it is like no others. Say goodbye to cabinet hanging glass holder, meet this literal one-of-a-kind hanging wine glass rack.

The first highlight of this item is that it is constructed from Indonesian Swietenia Mahogany and completed with stain-finish for the coat. Once it got hung, the rack can reflect light from stems and hover above you like there is a cluster of stars. Its key feature names the capacity to load 18 glasses suspended by nickel chains. I am not into the process of installing where you need to reach the ceiling to drive two loops, then take the rack up with chains hooked in beforehand. The length of the strings is at 22 inches which I think is enough to grab the glasses without stretching too much. If your ceiling isn’t too high, the rack is within reach for people under 6 feet. For your information, the tray is 24 inches long and 14 inches wide which shouldn’t be a matter.

One thing that makes me cherish this hanging rack is the walnut stained finish which is delightful and full of an antique feeling when staring at it. Plus, this glass hanger is a true space saver because it takes up the vacant airspace that won’t bother the other house ornaments. You can fold the rack in half to put away or wrap up for gifting.

I can say this rack costs you less than its intrinsic value. This item is a nice addition to anyone who enjoys an occasional glass of wine. My warning is you should be aware of the hanging system when it sways.

9. Winsome Vinny Wine Rack, 24 Bottle with Glass Hanger

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Being the ninth one on my list, this rack functions in dual tasks in which it stores wine bottles and glasses in one place. But I will focus on the stem storing role of this rack.

I appreciate the capability to keep glasses where the bottles are. That way of storing benefits in term of serving all drinks at a time. Overall Wine Rack size is 31.5″W x 16.2″D x 35.6″H is suitable for the kitchen or a dining room where you often have your drinks. The top area is of 31.5″W x 16.2″D leaves space to put items in service. While it accommodates a maximum of 24 bottles, the glassware rack offers slots for a number from twelve to twenty-four units. Assembling the product won’t cost you more than an hour with tools provided, though the package contains no instruction.

I bought this wine rack when my collection of wine glasses and bottles overrun my other cabinet. While putting the parts together, I found there are no missing or odd pieces; each component comes perfectly with one another. But you’ll need to pay extra attention if you don’t want your final work to result in a flimsy wine glass shelf.

The whole rack covered in espresso color which is my favor accelerates the style of your room. Overall speaking, this wine glass rack is excellent for the money. In my opinion, any wine connoisseur will love it.

10. Mind Reader Mobile Kitchen Cart with Wine Rack and Stemware Storage, Black

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I keep this one at the end because I want to save the best for the last. Yes, this is the wine glass holder that I most adore and spend most of my serving time around it.

Like a book-shelf, you can imagine about this storage. While at the lowest floor you can store eight bottles on a separate frame. The crucial brilliant feature lies in the removable tiers. You can move wine rack and glass rack to any row or even take them away for cleaning. The storage is a portable device that I can run the whole thing to my couch with everything from wine, liquor, glasses, snack, fruit…you name it. It is beyond perfect for a company.

This multi-purpose cart has the dimensions of 11.75 (L) x 18 (W) x 39.25 (H). The four-shelf charm utility cart fit everywhere from home, office or even bathroom. The metal rack with wood shelves can transfer into towel storage that stands beautifully in any space. From what I’ve experienced, the casters roll smoothly on a flat surface and would cause a creek.

I may have expressed too much of my enthusiasm for this product because it has been the best wine rack with glass holder out of my collection. I’m sorry to say that the price is not budget, but it’s affordable and worthy. I would never say a word of regret for purchasing it in the first place for the creator has done a fantastic job. A big thump from me for this product.

11. CSmile Iron Wine Rack Wall Mounted Black Wine Glass Rack Wine Cork Holder Gifts Come with Wine Opener

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You can imagine the cosy atmosphere when you are having a meal with your family in dining room with some taste of champagne. I’m sure that the atmosphere can also be enhanced significantly with the decoration of the black wall mounted wine glass rack offered by the CSmile.

The cabinet has a pretty design with the word “Wine” in the front, which can add a touch of romance and warmth to your house. You can place up to 5 bottles of the standard size of 750ml. You can also hang 4 stemmed wine glasses under the cabinet thanks to some racks.

Besides, there are 4 glass holders under the cabinet so that you can hang 4 stemmed glasses for the convenient daily use to enjoy the dinner or chill with your some close friends. Plus, the holders don’t have the straight design as usual, but this time, they are bent upward at the beginning to help prevent your glasses from falling out.

Moreover, this cabinet also has a quite large storage space to contain up to 70 corks so that you can considers these corks as a collection, a memory for every single fine wine bottle. I think with this dimension of 16.5”x4.7”x7.3”, the cabinet can definitely save your much place for storing your wine and it also help decorate your house.

12. Architec ADWGDR True Fabrication Air Wine Glass Drying Rack, 13-Inch, Multi Color

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You can take a look at this 4 wine glass rack with the high portability for many purposes. This product can work perfectly as a wine glass drying rack and decoration on your table due to its compact and portable design.

This one comes with two pieces which you just need to install the head into the base form the rack. Therefore, if not in use, you can separate them to save much place for storage. This one is made of some types of plastic, but it’s quite like a stainless steel because of the color coated.

The material can help build the sturdy and durable body that you can help it stay in the excellent condition all the time. The plastic can prevent any stain happen and if it gets dirty, you just need use the damped cloth to clean it easily. Plus, the rack has a suitable height that can fit any size of glasses from wine to martini so that you don’t need to worry about the dirt or bacteria on the countertops.


That’s all to say. As aforesaid, I hope you enjoy my list and have made the wisest determination in your mind. Please look forward to my next list because I promise to bring every piece of my heart to my words about wine and drinking accessories. Enjoy your shopping and see you next time.


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