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Best Waring Blender [Updated 2019] – A Good Friend for The Healthy Lifestyle

You may feel hard in getting your children eat vegetables, right? It’s true that most of kids love to eat meats rather than the green foods. Therefore, to help them eat veggies, you have to use the blender to change them into another form like smoothies for tastier flavor. Then, your kids will definitely love to enjoy.

However, choosing the best blender for your kitchen is not easy as a piece of cake because there are thousands of them co-exist on the market. Thus, you have to figure out another more effective approach to get to know this product better before making a decision.

I have spent much time finding the right one for myself also because I would like to enjoy the healthy lifestyle. After a few weeks, I finally found the best waring blender as the great choice for my situation because this one is both multi-functional and friendly to your budget. If you love this one, you can check my review below to have more options.

For this particular product, you have to know much about some basic features and about some other reputable brands to make comparisons also. Thus, to do those things, you can take a look at my buying guide article for more information.

1. Waring Pro Blade Two-HP Blender with Variable Speed

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You must love this waring pro blender for its high quality and great performance. The product operates very smoothly with low noise so that you don’t need to worry about waking up your darlings or disturbing everyone even when you are using making drink in the early morning.

Besides, the capacity of the jar is about 48 ounces, which is so large that you can prepare for about 3 healthy cups at once to save much time. Although, the jar can be quite heavy when carrying much inside, the ergonomic handle possibly helps you feel no fatigue even for a long time holding. Plus, the lid works greatly that can keep all the ingredients inside without any leakages to make the countertops always clean.

Moreover, the stainless steel blades are the key point that makes this one highly efficient. The blades are very sharp and tough that can blend raw carrots perfectly without any racks or being bent. Plus, thanks to the variety of speed levels, you can easily adjust to get the desired results.

More than that, the pulse button is the great function for you to last the ice cube into snow pieces with only 3-4 times pressing. And, after using, you just need to rinse the jar with water to easily eliminate all the debris.

2. Waring 64 oz Commercial Blender – Xtreme Hi-Power Series

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In comparison with the above one, this waring commercial blender can beat in all aspects, so you don’t feel any dissatisfaction with the product. The first point is about the capacity. The jar can contain in one time about 64-ounce ingredients without spilling or overloading certainly.

Besides, the jar is completely made of BPA-free material to be safe for your health and it comes along with the tough and sturdy body that can work well with the heavy force during the process. Plus, the covering lid is that point that I love about this blender. It guarantees that the liquid inside cannot leak out on the countertops, but you can easily remove to add more ingredients during the process also,

Moreover, with the high-performance 3.5 peak horsepower motor, the xtreme waring blender can completely do all blending tasks in seconds no matter how tough your ingredients are. Plus, the stainless steel blades receive no complaints surely. They’re extremely sharps and strong that can pulverize your foods smoothly as you wish.

In addition, I find that the base is really stable that can keep the blender stay firmly without wobbling like other counterparts which you have to hold during the process. And, this blender will be a better choice for those doing the blending tasks usually about 2-3 times per day because it is more favorable for taking on heavy duty like in restaurants or bars where it has to blend with the high frequency.

3. Waring Pro MX1200RXT XTREME Blender with The Raptor Jar

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With the same capacity as the commercial one above, this waring xtreme blend is supposed to be the best alternative that you can consider. This one can also accommodate for up to 64-oz ingredients at once, but still process perfectly to help you get the smooth and consistent results as you wish.

Besides, there is nothing that the blender cannot do even for making soups. I have tried to puree the pumpkin to make soups for my dinner and the result turned out really awesome. You just need to cut some tough ingredients into smaller chunks and the blender will do well the rest.

Plus, you can easily adjust the level of speed thanks to the rotating knob and you can change into pulse function with no difficulties due to the switch on the operating base. Moreover, the blender measures 11.5”x10.2”x15.5” so that it won’t take over much space of your countertops and even for storing also.


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Here is another huge waring blender to diversify your choice. This one is still able to contain up to 64-oz ingredients in one time to help you make up to 3 big cups of drink for one turn so that you can save much time.

Like the two above ones, the product is supposed to be the workhorse in your kitchen with the super powerful motor to help you blend anything in a snap. The tough and sturdy stainless steel blades works super greatly that I can use to blast the ice cube into snow in seconds without difficulties.

Besides, on the operating base, there is a blacklit LED screen to help you know the currently set program of the blender to help you deal with the compatible purpose. Plus, there are 4 reprogrammable beverage stations to make the perfect drinks for commercial purposes or to enjoy the healthy lifestyle at home.

Moreover, the greatest point that impresses me is about the covering shield to minimize the noise during process. Unlike other counterparts without this innovation, I may feel embarrassed when making drinks in the early morning because I’m afraid of annoying the neighbor and waking up my children. Plus, this shield also protects the jar perfectly so that it’s less likely that the jar will be severely damaged even when you may drop it.


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You must be shocked when seeing this new version of the traditional blenders. This one features the stainless steel jar instead of the tempered plastic or glasses conventionally. Therefore, you can eliminate the concern that your jar may be broken into pieces when you drop it.

Besides, the jar can contain 1-gallon liquid in one time, which is also a great amount that you can process in one turn. Plus, there are up to 2 ergonomic handles to help you hold and carry the jar with both hands to reduce much risk and you will feel much lightweight.

Moreover, the motor is super powerful with the awesome stainless steel blades that you can do anything you wish from normal blending to pureeing or making soups perfectly. Plus, after using, you can easily clean without odor left in the jar.

In addition, the covering lid will make you feel more secure when operating the blender because there are two firmly mounted locks to keep the lid always stay in place without dropping to prevent mess around the countertops.

However, I find this version a little hard to know the exact number of ingredients inside because the jar is not transparent. Therefore, I would like to suggest that the brand can make a transparent area to know the amount easily.

6. Waring Pro MBB1000 Inverted Blender [DISCONTINUED]

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Another offer of the waring helps you diversify your choice of the suitable blender for your kitchen. Although this one doesn’t give you the large jars as the above ones, it still can contain up to 56oz of ingredients in one time to deal with.

Besides, the size of this one is much smaller to help you store easily in the cupboards. Plus, the motor is about 1200 watts that you can blend so many things as you wish even for some tough ones like raw carrots or pumpkin to make soups. The stainless steel blades are super sharp and tough to pulverize perfectly for making soups if you hold the pulse button for a while.

Moreover, there are up to 10 levels of speed that you can self-adjust for the various occasions. The base is super cool because it can stay firmly in place even when the blender operates at the 10th level. You don’t need to clean by hand because the jar and lid are safe to dishwasher also.

7. Waring (WSB33X) 7″ Light-Duty Quik Stik Immersion Blender

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This waring immersion blender will be the best choice for the convenient use. You don’t need to carry the huge conditional blender around to make drinks. This portable one is much lightweight, easy to use and transfer.

Besides, the greatest benefit of this one is that you don’t need a compatible blending jar to do the tasks. The blender can work perfectly with any bowls, cups. Plus, you can use a cup to contain all the ingredients and use this one to blend them all. Then, you can directly enjoy the drink inside the cups with no need to pour out to another one.

Moreover, the blender works greatly with the 100-watt motor that you can also make three gallons of soups, sauces and so on without any difficulties. Plus, the product has a stainless steel 7-inch fixed shaft and blade that you can comfortably blend without splashing.

8. Waring (WSB50) 12” Heavy-Duty Big Stix Immersion Blender

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Compared with the above one, this waring blender has a longer stainless steel shaft, about 10”, so that you can avoid splattering all around your clothes much more. Plus, this one is more powerful because it can deal with the maximum amount of 10 gallons or if you would like to handle more ingredients, the product is still available in some options from 15-50 gallon capacity.

Besides, instead of having two levels of speed as the above one, the product can adjust to increase up to 10th speed to help you complete the mixture perfectly in a snap. Plus, the part where you hold to operate the blender is super soft and comfortable thanks to the rubber so that you can do the blending task for a long time without pain in your palms.

Moreover, it measure 27”x5”x5.5” to fit greatly in your kitchen drawer, but if yours is full of stuff, you can detach the whole blender into pieces to help you store easily. I think that about the quality of the outcome, this one can create the better one than the above one because it’s much stronger to give you the smoother results.

9. Waring WPB05 Professional Kitchen Blender, Chrome

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My last recommendation for you is the fred waring blender so that you can have an overview about this brand and its products. The blender can offer you with awesome performance for you daily use thanks to the great power of motor and the large-capacity glass pitcher.

The motor feature the power of 350 watts so that it can obviously deal with any kinds of ingredients in seconds, even can blast ice cubes into snow pieces. Plus, the super tough and sharp stainless steel blades can absolutely process any things for different purposes like normal blending, pureeing and even making soups.

Besides, the glass pitcher with capacity of 40oz can certainly help you make up to 2 serving at the same time without overloading. And, the pitcher feature a quite comfortable handle due to the ergonomic design so that you can feel not very much pain as other offers on the market. Plus, you can also use the flexible cap on the lid to deal with the missing-ingredient problem.

Moreover, the machine works slightly in a low noise and it can stay firmly in place due to the rubber cups on the base. You can easily clean the jar and lid in dishwasher after making drinks.

So, what’s on your mind right now? Do you think that the waring blender can meet all your demands, huh? Although there is a limitation of the offers, I hope that these blenders can help you know much about this product and you can make a distance with the junks on the market. I really appreciate your goodwill and all the feedbacks. I wish that you can keep supporting my site in the future.


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