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Best Walnut Cutting Boards You Should Consider

As great as maple cutting boards, the wallet butcher blocks emphasize its perfect hardness to not be as porous as other types of wood, but also not too hard rock to dull your cutleries. But the best thing about walnut is its luxury and more beautiful presentation.

With some food-grade mineral oil, the board will be shinier to soup up your kitchen décor, while lasting for longer time.

Many people love using walnut cutting boards as a meaningful present on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday and other special occasions. Or, you can purchase it to utilize as a serving tray for grilling out.

If you want to spend money wisely on a really good walnut cutting boards, take a look at this collection which I have rounded up to 10 best pieces out there on the market. Let’s get started!

1. Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens

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Speaking of walnut wood, nowhere provides the better quality than Virginia, even such Mr. Giant – John Boos can’t beat. That’s why this extra-large butcher block from Virginia Boys Kitchens deserves the No.1 in this list.

Durability is one of solid features for the best cutting board. But this model, it gives you more than what you bargained for. Aside from the beautifully natural dark-tone color of wood to bring a luxurious, classic and stylish look, the cutting board impresses with its moderately hard wood texture that is source from sustainable plantations in Virginia, USA. It also means the product is made in the American, too.

Good news is you are going to have a wide range of choices in dimensions, but I highly recommend to 4” x 20” as a standard design for almost kitchen area. It’s not too big to cram up your cooking space nor too small to hold nothing.

Besides, you will have three shapes of board to go to: rectangular, paddle and round. Some people might be not a fan of the rich chocolate walnut wood, which is why Virginia Boys Kitchens also offers a brighter tone.

How thoughtful they are!

Another big bonus is its expertly carved juice groove to hold back all runaway water extracted from meat, veggies and fruits to save you from those messy moments.

Take note that the cutting board will arrive in raw unseasoned form, which is a good thing somehow because you can freely utilize any favorited seasoning oil to darken its color. By this method, you have more choices on regaining control of what’s going into your butcher block.

Also, feel ease in mind that it’s not the black walnut cutting board and confidently smash that Buy button to give this amazing cutting board a try as you’re backed by the manufacturer for the quality thanks to their provided 100% money-back guarantee.

2. John Boos Walnut Edge Grain Cutting Board with Feet, 12 Inches Square, 1.5 Inches Thick

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Now are the gold standards for making cutting boards – John Boos. This is a well-known brand who has been making kitchen cutting boards since 1887 and preferred by many chefs as well as professionals.

Its dark chocolate hard-rock walnut butcher blocks are famous for not just the ability to prevent but also inhibit the bacteria growth. (You are now able to throw that poor-made plastic cutting board away!)

This 12-inch board is perfect to handle most prep for two and also ideal for any tight kitchen space. The best thing about this model is its four attached feet protect its bottom from moisture, keeping the block itself always dried and durable. (As you know it, water is cutting board’s enemy!)

For this john boos walnut cutting board as well as other wood models, the best method to maintain it is cleaning with warm water, mild soap or dishwashing liquid, air dried and avoid direct sunlight.

Made out of high-quality wood, though its surface gets some knife marks after a long time using, the cutting board won’t warp, which is arguably one of the best Boos cutting boards on the market.

Tips: If you find your cutting board has strange smell, kindly use lemon juice to eliminate and sterilize it off. And one last thing, never soaking it in water overnight or toss it in a dishwasher.

3. John Boos WAL-R03 Walnut Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 20 Inches x 15 Inches x 1.5 Inches

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Now, if a basic flat walnut board is what you are looking for, here’s your best bet!

Feature NO juice groove and NO feet, the maintenance job now is much easier and less time consuming. Besides, there are handgrips on both sides to offer more convenient maneuvering. Thanks to it, now, you can confidently move all the freshly-sliced ribeye from the counter to the table in an easier way.

Though this model isn’t attached with four feet at its bottom, the moderate thickness is an exchanging big bonus to help your cooking tasks completed perfectly. Its 20” x 15” x 1.5” dimensions are just perfect to work on a wide range of items.

One thing you should keep in mind is buying the specialized Boos cream and oil for the ultimate protection and keeping the product on top condition.

4. Personalized Cutting Board – Walnut – Maple- House Warming – Custom Wedding Gift – Unique Gift

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Speaking of a valuable and meaningful present for a house warming party, a wedding, a birthday party, nothing is more perfect than a personalized walnut cutting board.

If you ever tried any products from DoneBetter, highly recommend you to giving a try at least once in your life. Though they are not as well-known as those Mr. Giants like John Boos, Michigan or Virginia, this is a small reliable company.

Each cutting board produced by DoneBetter is always guaranteed for quality, sophisticated engraving and customer service. Due to what I have researched, this brand is based in the USA and their products are also made there. This is synonymous to the fact that the material cost will be very competitive compared to other brands who beyond this country because their products have to cover this fee.

The best thing about this personalized walnut cutting board is a diversity of colorways and designs for you to choose from. It’s not dyed, but taking advantage of the natural color of the wood to ensure health safety to users.

In fact, this isn’t just a decorative board, you can utilize it as other normal butcher blocks for cooking tasks like chopping, mincing and slicing.

Be aware that each board is also finished with a food-grade mineral oil for durability and beautiful shine.

Another thing you should keep in mind is such personalized engraved cutting boards need around 3 to 5 business days to complete. So, I highly advise to order its as soon as possible to ensure the present arrive in time to the receiver.

The board in the image measured by 12” x 9” x ¾” to fit perfect any narrow kitchen area. However, if you want to go bigger, kindly contact the manufacturer. Or, if you want they to make a cutting board followed your desired design, just let them know. Note: there’s no extra fee, which is really thankful.

One last thing is these personalized cutting board is reversable to utilize in both sides.

5. Froolu Lacy Monogram handcrafted cutting boards for Family Name Engraved Christmas Gifts

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A personalized cutting board would be more meaningful if it’s 100% hand crafted, don’t you think? If that person is really special for you, I highly recommend to trying this Froolu Lacy Monogram Cutting Board.

The manufacturer has provided some available designs for you to choose from, measuring by 7” x 8″, 9” x 12″, and 10.5” x 16″. Whichever size you go to, thereAside from walnut, they also make cutting boards from white oak, maple, cherry and hickory. A wide range of options for you to choose from!

Speaking of the brand, like DoneBetter, this California-based company is a newcomer. However, they quickly gain their customers’ trust and love by good customer service, quick shipping and high-quality products.

Particularly, each butcher block is carefully packed before shipping to provide the optimal protection to the product. I appreciate it a lot as there used to be some brans working not well at this stage, which means the goods usually arrived in with bad situation.

Lastly, to ensure you are always happy with your purchase, Froolu also offers a 100% money-back warranty to cover their products. So, give this walnut and maple cutting board a try and you won’t regret it!

6. NaturalDesign Cutting Board 18 x 12 x 1.2 in Edge Grain Chopping Block Wood

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The natural unique beauty of this cutting board deserves a plot twist. Unlike other walnut models out there at the market which usually come in a rich chocolate color, this one has an attractive garish wood natural color combined from different types of wood, such as cherry, walnut and maple. These wood materials are famous for its durability, hardness and good performance in cooking tasks.

Besides, having this cutting board as one of the best workhorses in your kitchen is really easing in mind thanks to their environment-friendliness, healthy safety and naturalness.

Now, you can throw that cheaply-made plastic cutting board away.

Be aware that the final product has been through a mineral oil treatment for the best protection and aesthetics so might that oil stain on the craft paper of the packaging. It’s a normal issue.

Another good thing is you can take advantage of its two sides for many cooking tasks like chopping, mincing, slicing and cutting. If you are thinking of a special present that any professionals, chefs or cooking lovers will fall in love, this is a good idea.

Right as the distinctive structure of each tree, the wood shades on each cutting board brings its own soul, uniqueness and characteristics, which is awesome. Just imagine it, you get a board that no one on this Earth can have exactly the same.

And if you’re bored of using it as a board for cutting, take advantage of it as a serving tray is perfect and refresh your dining table décor. Try it!

7. Walnut Cutting Boards End Grain Hardwood Butchers Chopping Block Size: Small 9×12 inch

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I highly recommend this set of walnut cutting boards for chefs and professionals to afford high intensity of work. Particularly, in a restaurant, you have to serve a large number of diners in a short time, getting some cutting boards in different sizes will help you out in specializing the cooking tasks on certain kind of food.

So, if you’re going to attend a grand opening party of your friend’s restaurant, gift him this set of boards is more than just perfect. As I mentioned above, walnut wood is like a statue of luxury. It can immediately lighten up any kitchen space and value up a present for somebody.

Besides, in cuisine field, walnut is appreciated by its durability and great performance to not dull your cutleries frequently. Big bonus, each one is attached with 4 rounded rubberized feet to easily place over a sink, sizing around 0.5 inch.

Featured as a walnut end grain cutting board, I know that many people wonder if its surface is smooth or not, don’t you? Well, this USA-made butcher block is really smooth for the best performance.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t require complicated maintenance or sanitization. After your cooking time, just use a mild dishwasher, warm water or lemon to clean it. then, dry care in shadow and avoid direct sunlight.

You might concern:

8. Walnut Cutting Board Extra Large, 18 x 12 x 1 IN, Edge Grain, Reversible

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Pacific Wood is another good brand for your consideration of a beautiful, high-quality handcrafted cutting board. Either have it as a piece for your home décor or utilize as a normal cutting board is all a good idea.

The best about this model is its design including one surface with juicy groove to capture all extracted water from fruits, veggies or meat and the other flat surface for the dried ones. I also love its small, elegant logo engraving at the corner to ensure its best performance. Unique but still functionality is what this Pacific Wood’s cutting board all about. Score!

Measured by 12” x 18” inches with nearly 3/8-inch depth, these measurements are reasonable to hold up a turkey, roast beef or a whole chicken. However, if you want to go larger, there are still two other options to choose from: the 20” x 14” and the 24” x 18”.

But while picking the most suitable one fitting your daily cooking task, also consider whether it matches your kitchen space or not.

Another good thing about this cutting board is that you can totally take advantage of it as a cheese platter or a serving tray. Thanks to its handgrips, you can easily move it around, might be from the counter to your table without difficulty.

Every single cutting board arrived to its customer always had been through a mineral oil treatment to keep its nice outlook while lengthen its durability. You also should layer it at least once a month with food-grade oil to prevent the wood block from mold, bacteria and being dried out.

One last good news for you, it’s made in the USA Workshop. So, rest assured to give it a try!

9. Handmade Walnut End Grain Butcher Block (LARGE)

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For more luxurious look and better performance, a handmade end grain cutting board made out of high-quality walnut wood is a great choice.

And PHIL BENE Woodworking is a good address where you not only get a nice-looking high-quality handmade cutting board but also order them to engrave some letters, words or sentences as your desire. In briefly, their product really bangs for your buck.

Another good thing is their preparation time is really quick. While other brands need roughly 3-7 days to have your ordered cutting board done, PHIL BENE Woodworking only takes 1-2 days so, they can afford those urgent orders.

Particularly, they back for their products through a 30-day money-back warranty if there are any detects caused from the manufacturing process. And, you have three choices of sizes to go to: small, medium and large.

Speaking of its performance, the butcher block is really thick to help your cutting tasks as good as possible. Besides, the walnut texture comes in a moderate hardness, not as hard rock but not too porous to prevent dulling your knives or unstable cutting.

Moreover, the groove around the board’s edges is a great additional feature to keep back all excess water or juice from fruits, vegetables and meat.

Just keep in mind to handwash it and oil with food-grade mineral oil frequently.

10. KitchenTalent Walnut Cutting Board Set – Large and Small Dark Hardwood Chopping Boards With Handle

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This USA-made butcher block from KitchenTalent is crafted from solid walnut wood with dark seasoning oil finish to deliver uber beauty and extra protection. Particularly, it comes in a set of two cutting boards featuring different sizes: one large and one small.

Differ from the above set which is more suitable for chefs or professionals, this one is more flexible to fit in any medium kitchen space and larger. From that point, I’m quite sure that any cooking lovers will love it so much when you gift them this set.

The utilization of two cutting boards while cooking will help you save tons of time in preparation, from mincing garlic, cutting pepper and veggies to chopping roast beef. You don’t need to cut meat and then rinse it through water and then cut other kinds of food just because of flavor inflammation.

Besides, these butcher blocks come in reasonable heft to easily lift up and move around when in need. So, you can cut vegetables and leave those chunks on the cutting board, when cooking, just pour it directly to the pan. Quick, convenient and time saving!

Moreover, each board is designed with handle cutouts for easier mobility. And after cooking time, just wash it with warm water, mild dishwasher and air dry naturally. After a long time using with so much cooking tasked had been worked on, the cutting board might get some bad smell. Don’t worry, it’s a common issue, just use lemon juice, scrub gently on its surface and then wash with water.

That’s all of this article.

These 10 best walnut cutting boards are what I really want to recommend you to trying, at least one of them. And in fact, you will definitely find out at least one of them to suit your demand because I have tried my best to round up 10 best pieces from various types, styles and sizes.

Some are sold separately while others come in a set. Some are in medium range and others are high-end. Whichever you choose, rest assured that these cutting boards are from reliable brands and always backed by the manufacturer. I hope that this article inspires you to get the best walnut cutting board.

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