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Best Wall Mount Bottle Openers (Updated 2019)

I bet some of your friends know many tricks to open bottle caps. However you can not rely on them to open every single bottle during the party at your home, no? You will start panicking if he get drunk and lay down in the bath tube.

At first, your handheld bottle opener comes handy in the situation like this. Then again you can not run around the house to simply open every single bottle again. The host also needs to enjoy his party, right ?

Then a handful amount of bottle openers might help…temporarily. For a while, everyone does not bothering you to ask for opener, then the party gets crowded and “high”. (not sure any other word particularly good for this situation). I am sure they will not remember where they leave your openers. Not to mention the part you start gather all stuffs to right place after a party.

Solution is simple: Make your bottle opener a part of your interior. It will stay immobilized in your wall forever. As a result, we do not need to dig every metres square trying to find one. No one needs to ask you anything as they see them directly in your wall.

I got quite a few best wall mount bottle openers with different styles, size and price. Let us take a closer look.

01. Dsmile Open Here Cast Iron Wall Mount Bottle Opener Vintage Look Replica, Set of 8

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It likes you see the remnants of the past. Everything is black and white. You walk to the old bar and see this rusty looking decoration piece waiting on wall to open your bottles.

I purchased a box of 8 and felt a little bit let down with the wrapping (not the quality). It is simply a carton box with only black ink that represents the brand’s logo. However the content is nice. Inside, there are 8 openers and all of them are replication of the object from the last century. The retro looks make me fall in love right away. It is a perfect match with my old piano and the decoration in basement, which is my jazz castle of solitude.

An opener has two holes, top and bottom so that user can insert 2 screws to firmly install it to a wall. In addition, the box comes with 16 screws so you can plug maximum 8 openers into your wall.

Dsmile Openers are made from cast iron keep your lemonade away as the acid eventually corrode them, which is the only weakness of this material.

I have to admit that I am kind of a lazy guy so I don’t do the cleaning much. Since this vintage wall mount bottle opener appears to be old, the more dusty the more classic it is.

And complaints, sure. The word “Open Here” in the opener is a little bit blurry. As a result, I have to turn the light up to see it as the basement is dim.

02. Bruntmor, CAPMAGS Strong Magnetic w/ Zinc Alloy Beer Opener & Cap Catcher – Rubberwood Hand Painted

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This wall mounted beer bottle opener is equipped with very strong magnets. 10 magnets on top of the back side and one big circle shape magnet on the bottom. You can put them on the kitchen wall or a fridge. Still, I would rather mount it on the wall for it to stay firm in any surface that I desire. Furthermore, the strong magnet will automatically pull the cap after a bottle is opened. An opener can keep at least 40 caps, saving you from the crawling and picking up all caps. You are not required to buy basket for holding caps so you can save some bucks to purchase extra opener.

The wall mount bottle opener with catcher is casted from zinc alloy and is attached to 1 inch of thickness wood board. The board used walnut wood and is painted so that it has rubberwood appearance. There are three colors that you can choose from: light brown, dark brown and red brown. What’s more, to prevent metals from quickly turning rusty, Bruntmor coat their product with water resistance substances. Therefore, feel free to clean them with water if you want.

The color and design make it visible in the environment lacking of light. The shiny look of the opener reflects any light that contact it. I miss a classic “Open Here” phrase as I see nothing in this. However the Dsmile openers do not include basket to hold falling caps so Bruntmor is superior in terms of convenience.

03. Barware Gear Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Beer Thirty with Free Stainless Steel Mounting Screws

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I love things that are new and stand out from the crowd. Among all the wall beer opener, Barware seems to meet someone’s expectation.

The box that contain this wall mounted bottle opener is small and fragile as the paper is not so tough. It seems that some of the manufacturers do not appreciate the value of wrapping and boxing their products. However the content is quite satisfying. This wall mount opener is shiny like nickel. Actually they are made from stainless steel, which stays firmly with time and can fight oxidation.

Other colors in this product line are nice as well. Barware has brass and copper and gun black color. “Beer thirsty” are words that are carved on the openers. They comes with two styles: black or bright white. At least the words on the opener are clear.

I always want a box set with screws, openers and a small screwdriver so I do not need to rush to my tool box and find things to plug the screw to the holes. Unfortunately, we do not have screwdriver. The bottom line is that there are two stainless steel screws to mount your openers to wall.

In my opinion, the only things to complain is that you have to buy the basket to hold all the caps. Compare to Bruntmor, which is just like buying efficient fusion of opener and basket, this seems to be a less convenient choice. Not to worry, the basket is also from Bruntmor, complementing perfectly this black wall mount bottle opener in terms of color and style.

04. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Rustic Farmhouse Cast Iron with Screws by iGraver – Set of 3

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Many people love vintage stuffs while others love modern looking things. In contrast, iGraver products are not stuck with one boring style. In the same product line, the different could be great, from vintage to modern appearance. In other word, there are 2 style to choose from. A stainless alloy wall mounted bottle opener is your knight in shining armor or a rusty but charming looking opener is your friend. It is your decision to purchase only one or buying in 3 to 4 packs.

Openers come with standard two screws to mount on wall or any surface. As mentioned never get any acidic substance spilt over since openers is weak to it.

There are no other color, only rusty brown one. Buyers are limited to single choice. In addition, iGraver opener also suffer from the lack of cap holder. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to find a decent holder which matches the style.

The modern style alloy opener share the same problems with the rusty counterparts: only one style, one color plus it is necessary to grab complimentary product such as a basket with you home. Lucky for you some holder also share the same style !!

One main difference beside the style between two products is that the modern one are lack of the classic “Open here” carved on the tools. If this is not bothering you, go for it.

05. Bottle Opener Wall Mounted with Magnetic Cap Catcher

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Congratulation for finding a god among openers’ world. A perfect box and perfect product makes a nice decoration to your house as well as a great gift to your friend.

Let’s have a look at the outside. The openers are inside a beautiful wooden box, no other decoration beside the logo “Caplord” on top. The box looks like a cube. There is a buckle to seal the box tightly, it is coated with brass color. When open, you can see black barege bolstered your openers. I think I will make the box jewel chest.

Caplords box comes with set of 3 separate items: An opener, a magnetic cap catcher and extra gift.

The wall mount bottle opener is made from stainless steel and its color is nickel, nothing out of ordinary. The company uses the space on top of the opener to carve the logo between two silver color stars. It also has two holes, top and bottom to insert the screws.

Do not worry about cap holders as you there is one in this set. The cap catcher is a big and strong magnet with a hole for your screws. As a consequence, user can adjust the distance between the magnet and the opener, fitting their liking.

Furthermore, there is extra useful gift for you in the box. A screw puller which is as big as a keychain (well technically it is a keychain).

By far this is the best in series opener that meets my requirement of authenticity and usability. Beer fans will definitely love it.

06. Sea Star ® Cast Iron Wall Mount Grizzly Bear Teeth Bite Bottle Opener

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Bears, a chubby beast, are fearsome creatures that can smash your skull in a swing. They are symbol of strength and toughness so I am not surprised if anyone sell an openers shaped like bear jaws. The feeling of putting the beer bottles in the bear’s teeth is awesome. This could be a nice addition for your lair.

Sea Star is a unique wall mounted bottle opener company that cast the bear spirit into their products. The item has two colors: brown rusty and black. The downsides are no baskets are suitable with the design. They are so different in spite of having same colors. Secondly the color is too dark to see in dim light.

There are three holes for screws: Two of them are in the bear’s ears and one hole is in the bottom. Afraid not ! This sets include screws for mounting on walls.

The detail on the black opener is ok , 60% similar to a real bear. Take a closer look, you can see wavy fur and small teeth. The company is considerate in paying attention to detail. In addition, the detail on the brown counterpart is good but I think It looks more like a wolf than a bear. Not to mention the brown one is not symmetrical, meaning two sides of the product are oddly different. Should you want even more detailed “bear” opener, pay some extra money to pick Indie Craft Supply ’s bears or buy both to try out different design.

07. NCAA Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

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There is hardly clear line between weirdness and uniqueness. I am a bit confused whether to call this wall mount bottle opener weird or unique.

The opener looks like item you dig from the Soviet Union debris. The steel appearance is actually a stainless steel, which is good for outdoor and indoor. On top there is an steel caps with two letters “s” and “c” connected to each other. They are yellow and a background is red.

Compare to Dsmile and other openers, they share same mechanic and design: two pre-drilled holes . Again you need to buy bottle cap holder since the set does not include one. However, there may be no holders that can match with the design.

On the other hand, I find it hard to open bottle with this. There are plenty out there that con perform better so make up your mind. Do you want a decoration or a tool ?

Siskiyou is a general seller that craft all kinds of weird stuffs. They sells earrings, sunglasses, phone cases and even toothbrushes. The design can be weird to some but I have to admit that it draws your attention. If anyone happen to buy things from this brand, take this to complete your collection.

08. 1 X Color Finish Celtic Greenman Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

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Celtic culture is fascinating topic to discuss. For your information, Celtic art has deep influence for over thousand years, highlighting the symmetry and nature. I guess in every part of this world there are Celtic lovers and they may get drunk sometimes. Let’s prepare probably for your friends via buying this celtic wall mount bottle openers.

Have you ever heard of cold casting ? The opener is made by this technique. The resin is combined with metal powder, resulted in mixed metal. The product is as good as heat casting technique so there are no concerns relating to quality.

I am warning you. A beautiful product, any types, may burn your money. Compare to the standard openers, they are expensive. The design contributed most to the price as it is so sophisticated and well-crafted. It is a head of forest deity. The color of the metal bottle opener wall mount is green and the face looks like wood. Plus it is bigger than an ordinary opener. They do not forget to leave two holes for you with screws. But be very careful and use right screwdriver or you may end up ruining the detail. You could mount it in pillar of your veranda. Besides, it can work as a wall mount bottle opener for outside.

However, it might be hard to use just like Siskiyou so it as merely an opener live up to your expectations. It takes some people several times before they can pop the cap . One more weakness is that you can not find a bucket with same design.

09. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

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Necromancy and magic are themes that impact pop culture so much. You can see videos game engulfing in dark and skeleton theme such as diablo or soap operas that are influenced by the theme. The opener is not an exception. The name is so cool and it is called “Day of the Dead”. A must-buy decoration for any beer lover

The opener that I show you are resemble to a skull covered in artistic tattoo pattern. The open mouth is the part where you insert your bottle. Apparently the majority of well designed openers are destined to be a mere decoration not a tool since some people might struggle with it a little when trying to use. Furthermore, no cap holder for this masterpiece as well.

Zinc alloys help your opener resist any weather changes, humidity or corrosion. Some of my friends claim that they see no changes in their skull openers. Feel free to leave it outside

The set provide you with screw but I am a bit concern about the length of the them. It might not be enough to hold the openers so you should prepare a couple of extra screws in your tool box for replacement.

Speaking of price it is not cheap but I think it is worth trying. We have got too many boring wall mounted bottle opener already. Consider buying the next time you are roaming retail websites.

10. Wood Bottle Openers Western Crossed Revolvers Wall Mounted Bottle Opener 6 X 10.5 X 1.5 Inches Brown

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Now this stand out from the rest. A nice design combined with the ease of using and installing make this top of my wish list. For western cowboy fans, this wall mounted bottle opener is a dream come true.

The opener design has standard vintage look. It has already been screw to a wide wooden board. That wooden board is painted by hand. The top of the board hangs 2 replica revolvers, making a cross simple. The gun grip has two small stars . 2 guns are screwed to the board and users are able to tighten them with screwdrivers.

To make it firmly stay in the wall, I use my longer screws instead since the board and the 2 guns are heavy. The wooden board is big so I dismantle all parts and reassemble in a smaller and slender board. I have to buy extra magnet to pull all the caps. Too bad that they don’t sell any holders with this style.

I do not spill beer while opening bottles. Rest asure.

My suggestion is only put this inside your man cave as it turns rusty the moment you bring it to your yard. If you leave it like that and do not make any modifications, it takes a very short time for installation.

11. Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener Magnet Cap Catcher – Custom Engraved Groomsmen Wall Mounted Magnetic Gift

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What better ways to upgrade your drinking party game than having your own personalized wall mount bottle opener?

This bottle opener comes in a high-quality light or dark wood that goes amazingly well with the beautiful wood burn engravings, giving off a rusty, vintage vibe to it. And there’s just something about the smell of the freshly worked wood that makes this wall opener so special and personal.

The item comes with a mounting hardware for screwing into the wall, but I actually found a magnet on the back to be put on the fridge. The magnet is so strong that you can open beers with one hand and it doesn’t even cause the plaque to budge. There’s a second magnet on the back to act as a cap catcher, saving you tons of cleaning work.

The opener arrives much faster than expected, considering it’s a personalized item. One small caveat is to be careful during the installment as the screws that come with it strip rather easily, so you might be better off using your own screws. Nevertheless, this is a beautifully crafted and reliable wall mount bottle opener that will make a great gift for the men of your life.

12. YETI Wall or Cooler Mounted Bottle Opener

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This YETI bottle opener will make a great addition to your YETI cooler, or any cabin, camp or man cave.

Made of cast stainless steel, this opener is built like a tank and gives off a rustic design that I’m sure will be favored by most men. Unlike a regular wall hung bottle openers that comes with 2 mounting screws, this YETI has 4, making it twice as strong. However, the manufacturer does warn us not to over-tighten the screws when mounting this opener.

Besides being amazingly sturdy, this item has the perfect shape for a bottle opener. While many of the wall mount bottle openers seem to struggle to grip the top of the beer bottle, this YETI opener works every time with the slightest flick of a fist.

This bottle opener can be mounted on a cooler so you will never have to remind yourself to carry one again. It did take me a bit of time to drum up enough courage to drill into my YETI cooler in order to mount the opener on, but it was definitely worth it.

The opener is pretty low profile and small so it doesn’t get in the way. If you want it to be even more unobtrusive, you can hand it on the inside of the lid, but I’d rather not keep the lid open any longer than necessary to save the cool.

In short, you can rely on this YETI wall mount bottle opener to do its job and provide you with delicious beers with zero effort. This item is not exactly on the cheap side, but you will have no regrets for having spent what you did on this wonderful bottle opener.

So who are you ? A fancy person who adore uniqueness or simple man with the love for beers ? There will always be plenty of wall mounted bottle opener that suit your need. Let’s pick your favorite and plan for the next party.


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