Best Vintage Aprons for Vintage Lovers [Updated 2019]

Vintage is never old. That’s interesting how something old become a trend, a lifestyle in modern world. Yes, having vintage items in your kitchen can create vintage vibes in your house and make you enjoy doing kitchen tasks.

When I was writing the other article about aprons in general, I realize it could be helpful to have different articles for different types of aprons. So, continue with the series of suggestion for aprons, this time, I want to bring ideas about vintage aprons for you.

There are two things that make an apron looks vintage: category and design. We all know about the vintage design. It includes patterns, colors, or prints. However, little did you notice the apron’s type (category) can also make it look more retro. For example, any pinafore (check out the other article to know more about apron’s type) can give you the retro vibes.

SO, check out my top picks for the old-fashioned aprons!

I. Polka dot lovers

1. Lovely Sweetheart Red Retro Kitchen Aprons Woman Girl Cotton Polka Dot Cooking Salon Pinafore Vintage Apron Dress Christmas

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This pinafore retro apron makes the person who wears it look just so sweet. Red color with white polka dot is exactly what vintage is. It’s 72.5 centimeters long and 53.5 centimeters wide. Extra-long waist straps are convenient for you to tight the second round. The apron will look even perfect on those who are 6’ or taller because of the waist position. Neck straps are adjustable. Quick note: if you are larger than C cup, the apron may be a little too tight at the top of neckline.

The apron is made out of 100% cotton, yet it is stiff. It’s well weighted, not too heavy nor light. Try to wash it on gentle function with cold water for longer use. Especially for the first wash, try not to put it in warm water and a lot of liquid, otherwise, red may blend to the white and make your apron into pinky in general. The black color with white polka dot apron is available if you wish to have a dimmer apron.

You should also iron it to have the right look. There’s one pocket on the right side of the apron for you to keep your phone, pen or a notepad. Tools wouldn’t be well fitted in this pocket.

2. Plus Size Retro Vintage Women Cute Black Apron Two Pockets 100% Organic Cotton Extra-long Tie Kitchen Apron

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This old-fashioned apron from Surblue will satisfy you if you’re truly the environmental advocate. It’s made out 100% from organic cotton, which bring the softest and the most comfortable touch. It’s more than 29 inches long and nearly 21 inches wide, big enough for those who are looking big apron. Like most of other aprons in the marketplace, it has extra-long waist straps (27.5-inch-long each strap) and adjustable neck straps that help to fit most body types, well fitted for people in size 7 and smaller. Since this apron is a “plus size retro apron”, don’t worry even when you’re quite busty, it covers them well.

It comes with 2 big deep front pockets that can hold phone and tools. The patterns on it is ECO printed, so don’t worry, it won’t fade and tear.

II. Gingham lovers

1. Hyzrz Cute Fashion Cotton Flirty Red Aprons for Women Girls Vintage Cooking Retro Apron with Pockets for Christmas Gift

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Flirty red apron is what they call this Hyzrz pinafore. Designed in attracting red color with straps and other decorations like ruffle or knots in red-white gingham pattern, this apron is absolutely a great idea for a gift. There’s also the black version of it that you might want to try.

It’s made out of cotton and polyester which makes the apron last longer than normal cotton apron. Straps are adjustable, yet the apron is highly recommended for those who have slim shapes and average height. It’s 69 centimeters wide and 71 centimeters long. There are 2 pockets on 2 sides of the apron with 2 cute gingham knots.

If you wish to buy this apron as a part of your professional work, it would be perfect when you buy the gingham (red-white) fabric chef’s hat or the red Hyzrz chef’s hat. Just bear in mind that the apron might be a little small so only if you’re slim, small in general or you’re looking for a gift for your teenage daughter, you should buy it. This is also my favorite one from the list.

2. Syncmarket Women’s Kitchen Apron Cute Retro Lovely Vintage Lady’s Kitchen Fashion Flirty Aprons

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If Hyzrz offers you attractive red OR black apron, Syncmarket introduces to you an apron with the exact same style but a mixture of red, white, and black. The main color of the apron is in black, but straps, knots and ruffle are in red-white gingham, this combination reminds me a lot about Minnie mouse in her dress.

The apron is made from polyester and cotton, which is more durable and last longer. The fabric looks more like the canvas type. 2 pockets on 2 sides and decorated with 2 knots, you can keep your phone or little things in it. It’s not so appropriate to keep tools, though.

And to your information, Syncmarket actually offers a better price than Hyzrz. Yes, both are very cheap (less than 10USD), but if price is one of your major concerns, this should be taken into consideration.

3. DII Cotton Chistmas Kitchen Apron with Pocket and Extra Long Ties, 28.5 x 26″, Cute Women Ruffle Apron

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DII offers you this amazing red kitchen apron with pocket that is designed with Christmas patterns on it. It’s made out of cotton and will stay in the best quality when you follow the instructions of easy-care: wash in cold water, gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Do not bleach or dry it in high temperature and iron it with low heat.

The apron’s measure is 26” x 28.5” with extra-long waist and neck straps. So, don’t worry about the size, it can fit those who have big shapes. The design is supposed to be short so if you are looking for a cute short apron, this is for you. Don’t expect them to be long and then complain because the fact that it is not.

The apron is designed with a large front pocket for you to keep your tools, electronic devices, or notepad. The apron looks really nice since it comes with the ruffle skirt, yes, it’s a great idea for a gift on Christmas Eve. There are 13 designs available including designs for different holiday such as Thanksgiving, Valentine, St Patrick’s Day. DII also has an elf-design kid’s apron which is super cute in green color and for sure, your kids love to play around and learn how to cook with you in the kitchen.

III. Hyzrz’s presents

1. Hyzrz Cute Lovely Cotton Retro Kitchen Cooking Aprons for Women Girls Vintage Baking Sexy Victorian Apron

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As I said, a pinafore with any pattern or color already looks vintage. Hyzrz seems to like the section of vintage aprons a lot, this is the 3rd vintage apron from Hyzrz in the list. And this time, Hyzrz introduces to you this flirty vintage pinafore. It looks more like a costume rather than just an apron, though.

This apron is made 100% from cotton, the fabric is amazing. It’s machine washable and you can also dry it in a dryer. There are 8 colors available, including black, blue, gold, green, pink, red, white, and yellow.

It measures 72 centimeters wide and 75 centimeters long. You can adjust the apron’s size by the waist straps. There’s one size medium, highly recommended for slim and medium height girls and women. This is, obviously, not a one-size-fit-all apron, but it will look really nice on those who fit it. There are 2 big pockets on 2 sides for keeping your tools handy.

Talking about the uniqueness about this apron, since it doesn’t have a neck strap like most aprons do, it doesn’t put any pressure on your neck, and instead, it has two straps go from one shoulder to the opposite waist which is not only cute in the design but also balance the weight of the apron on your body.

2. Lovely Lace Work Adjustable Apron Home Shop Kitchen Cooking Women Ladies Aprons with Pocket for Christmas Gift,black

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Designed in a base color (red or black) and decorated with lace ribbons, this apron should be called the best apron ever because of its quality as well as its excellent appearance.

Made out from 100% cotton, Hyzrz makes sure that the fabric stays in its best quality for their customers. It also can be washed and dried in machines, so no extra attention for care instructions. The apron comes with a front pocket that is also decorated with a lace ribbon, convenient for holding and keeping stuffs in your reach.

In the upper part of the apron, there’s a plastic layer in the back which is extremely useful in preventing splashes from seeping through the apron to your clothes. And the size is various. It can fit a very slim women to those with XXL size, just a little shorter if you’re very tall. Neck straps and waist straps also help adjusting the size of the apron to your body.

It’s interesting that a lot of customers actually buy this apron for Halloween costumes instead of a normal apron. That’s actually a very nice idea, the apron looks as vintage as you want for your costume and at the same time, it looks modern depends on how you mix and match it.

IV. Others

1. DII Cotton Vintage American Flag Women Apron Dress with Extra Long Ties, 31 x 28″

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DII once again introduce to you another series of vintage style aprons with different vintage apron patterns. Just like the other I’ve mentioned above, pay attention to the way you wash and use it: wash with cold water and gentle cycle, tumble it on low and don’t go through any hot dryer. It will last longer if you follow the instructions.

There are 7 designs available including the very classic one – American flag design. It’s made from 100% cotton, with the size of 28.5” x 26” fitting most body sizes. The apron is very thin and light, so if you are always concerned about the fact that some aprons are too heavy, and the straps scrub your neck all the time, this apron solves your problem. This apron doesn’t come with pockets, which is better to use at the BBQ party rather than daily uses.

2. Vantoo Vintage Denim Restaurant Home Craft Garden Shop Art Apron with Pockets

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It’s time for some unisex aprons and the one I choose to be in the list is this Vantoo denim apron.

Made out 100% from cotton, denim fabric is more durable and wearable. You can wash them in washing machine and dry it by dryer just like how you treat your jeans.

In general, this bib apron is 75 centimeters long and 55 centimeters wide. Adjustable neck strap with metal buckle is a highlight of the apron. A very thoughtful design about this apron is that it’s split up into 2 halves so that you can squat down easily.

I’m always a fan of unsymmetrical and this apron is exactly what I mean. It’s designed with 2 front pockets, one small and one big for you to be flexible keeping your stuffs in them. The 2 waist straps are not equal, one is shorter than the other so for those who always have problems tying the straps behind your back, you don’t have to do that anymore. You can tie them on one side of your body.

Since the design is very unisex and the fabric is denim, it is used as chef’s apron, baker’s apron, hairstylist’s apron, gardener’s apron, garage worker’s apron, etc.

3. DII Cotton Adjustable Stripe Chef Bib Apron with Pockets and Extra Long Ties, 32 x 28″, Professional Men and Women Restaurant Kitchen Apron for Cooking, Baking, BBQ-Barn Red

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Looking for a flattering apron that suits both male and female? This DII Chef Bib Apron is my pick for you.

The apron is made of a medium weight, 100% cotton fabric, so comfortable to wear that I once forgot I still had it on when I sat down for dinner. Measured at 32 inches high and 28 inches wide, the apron can fit a fairly large man. The bib design with high neck is essential for frying or boiling to make sure your pretty clothes aren’t ruined.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the bib to the exact height that’s right for you since the neck strap and ties are one continuous string. To shorten the neck strap, simply pull on the ties, and contrary, pull on the neckline loop to lengthen the neck. The ties are actually long enough to circle my waist and tie a bow in the front.

The woven-in, vertical stripe pattern is slimming and flattering, which is traditional for a casual cooking, BBQ and even a Christmas party. There is one functional pocket at the center whose stripes match the apron’s, a sign of goofd construction. However, the pocket is not well made for inserting your hands or cooking tools.

One small reminder regarding the cleaning of the apron is to use cold water to wash and keep it color separated. The manufacturer also warns not to use fabric softener as it coats the cotton and makes it less absorbent.

A few things to remember, but all in all, this is a well-made, beautiful apron that is neither masculine or feminine. This DII apron will make a gorgeous vintage apron for men or a coupled apron set that is both functional and looks amazing.

4. Cute White Retro Lady’s Aprons for Women’s Kitchen Cooking Cleaning Maid Costume with Pockets ¡­

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This white vintage apron from Love Potato is a cool idea for the housewives wishing to spice up the daily cooking.

The apron is a combination of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which, despite not breathing as well but can remove the stains much better than having 100% cotton. The width of the apron is 70 cm (27.5 inches) while the height is 75 cm (29.5 inches).

Although the waist tie is not adjustable, the cross back straps still are. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t suggest this apron to ladies with large chest, as it might be a bit snug and uncomfortable. What’s more, there are two nice and deep pockets on the sides, which is a nice bonus.

Despite being all white, the apron washes out pretty nicely. I once accidentally got mustard on it but the stain came out instantly after one wash. The item dries quickly, hasn’t ripped because all the stitching is so well executed.

This white vintage apron would make a perfect cosplay costume of Alice in wonderland especially with its adorable frills, which is also the reason why I first bought it. However, it proves to be so well-made and durable that I decided to wear the apron for practical, daily uses as well. Highly recommended!

NOW, it’s time for you to decide which apron is the best for you and pick it! Remember to consider all the features and check all available designs to get the best one for you!


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