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10 Best Under Cabinet Wine Racks You Should Consider [Updated 2019]

Since people had created too many choices of home furniture, there has been plenty of desirable items we want to stuff in our houses. Products with saving space concept have become popular. A wine rack is one of the world favorite items. I’ve listed the wine racks in all styles with different designs and features. Look through to get your own pick and get ready to store wine like a pro.

01. Useful UH-A103 Under Cabinet Stemware Rack Hold up to 18 Wine Glasses

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Let’s begin with people who own a fair collection of stemware, this under cabinet wine glass rack is suitable for you.

This rack requires some time to assemble the pieces together as it comes in 2 racks of 3 rows. This smart handle gives you the optimal option of placement. Each rack has the dimensions of 11″ wide and 10″ deep all together makes 32″ wide. In case you want to install in separate places, split or spread it out into 2 parts. One question asked if it can mount with a metal cabinet, the answer is yes if you can balance it with wires on hooks. Otherwise, using 4 screws to fasten to your cabinet would suffice the security.

The item is said to master its functionality. Each slot holds up to 3 glasses with 3 inches in the base. Some narrated they have larger base glasses that slide right through the opening with a bit of tilt. While 18 identical glasses would make a boring collection. A tip for top size glasses is leaning the base when you slide in the row then set one side on the line then the other. That way you can store a variable of glasses that are not in one set.

For no more than 30 bucks, this wine rack works like a charm and establishes a functional stem storage for your collection. Make sure you measure your cabinet first hand before considering this rack to process a precise installment.

02. Wallniture Under Cabinet Durable Iron Wine Storage Rack for 3 Liquor Bottles (Black)

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To people who own no gallery of wine bottles but a few, this storage rack for 3 liquor units would save you some free room. Or else, bring some proud brands of your collection out of the bulky cellar to make yourself a gourmet in front you’re your visitors.

This under cabinet wine bottle rack is made of wrought iron 3-section with a size of 8 mm and rustproof to last for years. Painted with single black color, it appears to be a simple yet royal piece décor in most rooms of your house. Each rack has the diameter of 14 inches can hold bottles of 750 ml. Installing process is comfortable with a kit of 4 screws, 4 anchors, 4 small nuts and a small ranch provided for mounting. Gear this durable metal under any shelf, cabinet, credenza, or buffet to display your prestigious labels with class. Furthermore, speaking of its alternative functions, this rack brings ease to hang towels, baby wearing wraps or linens. Even so, people who love baking could use this rack to keep their collection of rolling pins within hand’s reach.

Out of over 10 dollars, you couldn’t expect more of this handy black under cabinet wine rack. Besides giving space to your other usage, it put an extra stock to your expanding collection while keeping the bottles in its right place and causing no harm to the quality. The price is acceptable to buy more than one set to give extra space for more bottles and make a stunning hanging wine collection.

03. Useful. UH-GB186 Under Cabinet Stemware Holder and Wine Rack – Holds 6 Bottles/6 Stems – Chrome

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A combination of features is always a brilliant option. This stemware holder and wine rack bring double benefits to a houseware.

Full measurement is 22″ wide and 5 3/4″ from the cabinet base to the bottom of the rack. The item is made of chrome which adds strength and duration. Easy installing works well with screws put in 4 points where it should go. The product capacity loads 6 bottles of 750 ml and 6 stem glasses with comfort. Note that any bottle above standard size would not fit due to the limited space between the rack and the cabinet. A mix of many glasses can be hung on the stem rack under where the bottles lay. Smaller size stems can give room to more than 6 units.

Suggestion says it’s perfect under a kitchen cabinet on top of the sink that will make it in hand access and cleaning. Floating above a sink helps to catch remaining water drops from recently washed glasses. This under cabinet wine rack will class up your kitchen. A minor note is that bottles with strange shapes would have a problem mounting on this rack. Thus, I recommend this product for common bottles with regular size.

Beyond assisting homeowners, this convenient wine rack can make a great gift idea for anyone on their special day. While offering a fair price for drinkers at any level, it brings exceptional experience to users to make the best impression to your friends. Ready to have your drink at hand with no undergoing any interruption?

04. Oenophilia Under Cabinet Wine Rack – 6 Bottle


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Looking for an exceptional design of an outstanding wine rack? This Oenophilia will quench your lust. An enthusiastic drink should not miss this envious item to impress your fellows.

Finished with handsome chrome of shining silver, its wavy shape is out of this world. This rack is quite of a space-saver as it mounts under a cabinet. Giving space to stock 6 bottles, this unit is at 21.5 inches long with 5 inches tall which makes it a solid creation. Installing only requires tightening with provided screws.

With items that demand drilling and measuring, it seems not to be a comfortable task for amateurs. A sophisticated user has suggested some tips to process installing that will ensure no damage and take less effort struggling around with tools. The tips show using a small bench between the countertop and the bottom of the shelf, then add things to balance the rack fixed to its place. Use a permanent marker to outline the 4 holes need drilling, from here you won’t misplace the rack while concentrating on one hole. Make sure you use slightly shorter screw less than the thickness of the cabinet base if you don’t want 4 sharp holes pointing up inside would cause injury without noticing. Let’s thank him for these thoughtful tips.

A plus of this product is that it arrives in a gift box. This pre-done work saves you from wrapping it up when you want to give it for an occasion. How about the price? I would not complain much about how it costs when comparing to similar items. Paying this price, you don’t have to question its quality and waste time returning back and forth like other less costly products.

05. Artifact Design Wine Glass Rack Makes Dull Kitchens or Bar Looks Great Perfectly

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When shiny-thiny metal is none of your interests, this rustic under cabinet wine glass holder made from sturdy wood isn’t something to ignore.

Compact size is its mean to come to the market. Actual measurements are 17″ Wide – 10″ Deep – 1″ Height. More than a space-saver, it delivers a profound rustic look to any kitchen. This stemware rack can accommodate from 6 to 12 glasses depend on the diameter of each glass. The more glass hung on the rack, the more valuable space freed leaving room to other stuff. Moreover, you’re hanging your stem glasses in an extraordinary style.

I always encountered my glasses lost it transparency and turned opaque through time and use. Keeping your stem organized not only prevents them from chipped and cracks, it as well keeping it clean and free of dust. This under cabinet rack is finished with chestnut stained. Natural wood is stainable allows you to recolor it to match your home style.

As mentioned above, this wood under cabinet wine glass rack can hold up to 12 glasses. But, there should be some organizing tasks. A tip stated that by putting 4 champagne glasses in the back row, shifting white and red wine glasses in the middle and front rows, you’ll able to store 12 glasses on a rack.

With a budget that is undebatable, it’s worth getting more than one two generate more space for extra glasses. Don’t keep the good for yourself, make it a present for anyone you love to win more of affection. Merely looking at this stem holder, no one will stop admiring it.

06. Wallniture Stemware Wine Glass Rack Holder Under Cabinet Storage Oil Rubbed Finish 10 Inch Deep

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The bustling market has offered consumers way too many alternatives. Each product is a unique work of enhancing functions and features to target different flavor. To stemware storage, the main role of the ware is to keep drinking glasses clean and in shape. This stemware rack operates the exact service it’s made for yet holds distinctions to score certain buyers.

This glassware falls 1 ½” from the cabin base once installed and converse generous space to store up to 12 glasses of the base diameter smaller than 3 ½ inches on 4 rows. Goblets can hang fine on it and still give space between rows. I especially admire the copper gloss that adds a touch of elegance. The oil rubbed finish does a great job in accenting the kitchen or bar area. While stainless steel builds a durable piece that lasts a lifetime, this versatile rack makes it easy to clean up and keeps it hygiene in a good amount of time. Instruction provides setting up a painless task as it arrives ready assembled with 6 holes to go and screws to drive.

With the opening width of 3.5″, make sure your glass base isn’t excess the size. But in my opinion, when looking at it, I feel that I can slide larger glasses from the back whose opening and width is of greater. It will make a weird collection but I would give it a try with caution as if my glass may fall from loose. Just make sure your glass base is bigger than the space between 2 lines.

This product is confident with its outlook enough to fit most decorative style. Putting more of single rack side by side to stock more stem will entertain you. Use your creative license to custom the collection. I’m sure the price of this stem rack isn’t going to hurt your account.

07. Rev-A-Shelf – 3450-11ORB – 11 in. Oil Rubbed Bronze Under Cabinet Quad Wine Glass Holder

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Now, this stem storage does give me the feeling of an industrial fashion in which bronze rules the game. Rev-A-Shelf with oil rubbed bronze would win this competition.

This cabinet wine glass holder is constructed of heavy gauge steel and features a rear mounting plate for both frame or frameless cabinet. The organizer is assembled together to form a unibody look. Weights no more than a pair of boots, this rack append a less suffer mass to the cabinet as it’s efficient for 12 glasses on 4 rows. Installing guide shows that a stem-clip should go first to position gives way to insert the rack, then secure it with oval head screws. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Make sure you got the measurements of your cabinet’s underside because this wire rack costs the width of 17 inches and length of 11. With this snug size, the item conforms to cupboard, credenza or even a wine cart. The gorgeous color will level your kitchen bar a center. Time to get your stem collection shown instead of stuffing it away. The appearance of this rack won’t tell its budget that costs less than an ordinary meal.

Don’t forget this cupboard organizer is as well a priceless gift idea for everyone. Bring it on a celebration to surprise your parents, siblings or friends on a special day. Share this enchanting stemware with your dearest people, you’ll receive nothing but gratitude.

08. Wallniture Napa Stemware Wine Glass Hanger Rack Under Cabinet Kitchen Bar Storage Black 13 Inch Set of 2

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Another product of Wallniture brought to this list. I just can’t keep my eyes off this item once I look at it. Flimsy but sturdy is what defines this under cabinet wine rack set.

Lack of space for more glasses? This stemware holder will save your day. Its capacity would hold up to 18 stems with the base of 3 ½ as this item comes in a set of two. You can even add as many racks as you wish to make a gallery and save generous space for a wine collection for example. Get ready for impromptu gatherings.

Like one Wallniture Stemware above, the product guarantees using quality material to make the item durable. Well-produced stainless steel won’t go rust gives it an arrogant look all the time. A rack doesn’t have to mount traditionally under a kitchen cabinet. This unit is ready to mount under any shelving, buffet, credenza or hutch; wherever you think it comforts your view and is in reach. It’s a contemporary design that will go for any kitchen and bar style, and will additionally create a DIY bar storage to save you extra room. Whether to start joy while devouring drink with your friends, this rack keeps your glasses organized and always ready for quick access.

The price is unbeatable. Look no further for a fair price like this when you compare to other similar items. Being the top choice in the market, this real deal won’t wait for you. Make it your own now before it’s gone from stock. It will leave no regret.

09. 3 NOOK Wine Rack – Easy 2 Step Assembly – No Hardware Required – Capacity: 6 Bottles

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Let’s move off the under cabinet and discover how a countertop wine rack can do to make a delightful spot in your kitchen. Furthermore, an innovative conceptual design makes this rack something of utilitarianism.

Say goodbye to prebuilt wine rack plans that need consideration of measurements here and there. This rack with components makes a Lego game for drinkers. There is no installment needed but creativeness for this storage. What you’ll receive in the package include 8 pieces of heavy-duty plastic connectors and 20 bracer bars. Start assembling either one or six cubes to fit in any place you want. The modular assembly allows multi-configuration. You’re in control. Using all the parts together, this product fulfills the function adequately as it stores up of 6 bottles on the sturdy built metal cube with compressed dimensions 5 ¼ inch square. Customizing the cubes to make it fit in any nook.

The architectural idea of this tailored wine rack is excellent. The plastic cross joints permit endless arrangement in which you are the one to determine the range of your rack. It works like placing bricks together to make personalized layouts. How brilliant! The bracers are made of polished stainless steel produces premium look from future. What’s more? I’ll leave the joy for you to embrace this product your way.

I don’t see why people can refuse to buy this wine rack. Offering an exceptional feature while less functional wares out there cost an arm and a leg, this rack commits to a humble number. For me, it’s worth paying extra coins if this item ever charges higher.

10. Hanging Under Cabinet Stemware Wine Glass Holder Rack, Adjustable Stemware Glass Storage Wood, Pack of 2 (Black)

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To finish this list, I’d like to introduce this hanging under cabinet wine rack with an adjustable design. Out of the ordinary, this rack will draw a rustic spotlight in your kitchen and bar area. Let’s see what makes this item one of a kind.

In the same manner with the puzzle wine rack mentioned above, this stem storage can adapt to any size. Quality wood meets the hands of devoted crafting artists makes this rack a simple but well-made creation with passion. Gearing it up to your cabinet won’t take hours running to a hardware store with included screws, no extra task like sawing, chipping needed. Unlike traditional under cabinet wine glass holder, this rack should install a rail of 11 inches long to hang 3 wine flutes. 8 lines combine to make 4 rows which are enough for 12 glasses. With large stems like martini glasses, you can adjust the space between two rows for a wide distance. And again, the infinite edge of each line allows more added row rack. You’ll find your way stuffing more glasses not only under the cabinet, but also beneath the ceiling of your cellar, or anywhere you can easily reach. No more worry about insufficient glass stock for a big group of guests.

You can now work more productive in the kitchen with effortless browse a wine glass. It saves you time preparing a dinner table. More than enough, this rack serves a stunning display where people can see and doesn’t hurt your wallet at the same time.

Take your prideful collection of stems out of the cabinet now and give them a place they belong to. Save places for other stuff and store your stem like a wine connoisseur.

11. Wallniture Under Cabinet Durable Iron Wine Storage Rack for 3 Liquor Bottles (Gray)

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Having a wine collection is impressive and all, but how cool can they be being hidden in your cabinet or a dirty wine cellar? This Wallniture Wine Storage Rack is a simple yet strong and effective method of storing your wine while still saving precious space.

The rack frame is made from durable iron, measured 15.25 inches in length and 4.5 inches in height, It is rust—proof and strong enough to hold a great amount of weight, each has 3 loops for holding 3 standard sized bottles of 750 ml. Should you want to store more than 3, simply purchase another set and connect the 2 with the help of some screwing.

This is a minimal style wine rack that will save you lots of space by making use of the under-shelf or cabinet that are otherwise useless. What’s more, these wine racks will serve as the highlight of your kitchen and draw the eyes of anyone who happens to come across them. One small caveat is to install it close to a wall to prevent the bottles from slipping out of the back or front.

Installing the racks is not to much of a challenge, though you should make sure that the screws included with the set are not too long for your cabinet, since they could go into the inside and hurt you if you’re not careful enough.

All things considered, this grey under cabinet wine rack is a good value of money that will serve both aesthetic and practical purposes.

12. Rev-A-Shelf – 3250SN – Satin Nickel Under Cabinet Double Wine Bottle Rack

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This Rev-A-Shelf wine rack is a great choice for those who only want to show off a few of their stars in their wine bottle collection.

The item comes in 2 separate pieces for you to make your own adjustment the way you like it as well as 2 screws for installation. The design is simple and the chrome finish definite adds a touch of elegance to the wine rack. This item will class up your kitchen like a dream. Each set has enough space to hold 2 bottles of wine, but you can always purchase a few more and line them up to create your own wine mini collection.

Installation is rather straightforward, though there are a few things to bear in mind while doing this. One tip is using the shortest bottle to measure the distance between the front and behind loops in order for all the bottles to fit. Being able to adjust the racks myself is nice and all, but I do wish the rack could come in one piece instead of two to save me the guessing work!

The rack is actually tilted downwards at a slight angle, which I presume is to keep the wine longer than it normally would sitting on the counter. This is because the angle causes the wine to touch the cork inside, making it swell and keep a better seal. On the other hand, bottles without a neck to hold might be a problem, though it can be fixed by adding a little piece of rubber shelf liner.

This nickel under cabinet wine rack will go well with a similar chrome glass holder. With a few simple steps, your kitchen cabinet nows look like a family minibar!

13. Rustic State Wine Glass Rack Makes Dull Kitchens or Bar Looks Great Perfectly Fits 6-12 Glasses Under Cabinet Easy to Install with Included Screws Great Hanging Bar Glass Rack (White)

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Stemmed glasses are indispensable for drinking wine, but safely storing them can be a pain due to their fragile design. With this Rustic State Wine Glass Rack, you can put away your worries and protect your glasses while keeping them organized.

The rack is made from sturdy wood and is painted white to make the rack look more elegant with your kitchen and glasses. The measurements are 17 inches wide and 8 inches deep, with a total of 4 slots. I could hold 2 standard size glasses or 3 champagne flutes in each slot, depending on the diameters of the glass.

The item easily mounts under your shelves or cabinets to help your stemware stay organized and save precious space, though it should be installed against a wall as there are no stoppers in the back. Plus, the design of the rack also keeps the glasses straight, protecting them from being chipped or cracked while keeping them clean and dust free.

I can totally see this wine rack being used in bars and even a family kitchen to impress your guests. The product arrives quickly and in perfect condition, too. I couldn’t seem to find any reasons not to buy this beautiful white under cabinet wine rack.

Though a wine glass holder can’t offer more than storing stemware, whereas it contributes a functional houseware that free plenty of room for different purposes. Hence a stem rack itself is a splendid item that adds a level to your place. I’m very happy to finish this list with an expectation to save you from opting for the market. It’s your turn to make the decision and go for it.


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