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Best Stemless Wine Glasses [Updated 2019]

The debate between stemmed and stemless wine glasses all boils down to personal preferences. While stemmed glasses are more of a traditional choice, stemless glasses offer a more modern and stylish twist. Stemless wine glasses tend to be much shorter than the former, which means they’re sturdier and less likely to fall over or be broken. It’s also easier for them to fit in small cupboard spaces or stacked for less storage space.

What’s more, stemless glasses tend to be less expensive than traditional ones as well as being more comfortable to keep a grip on. This type of wine glass is especially favored by red wine lovers since holding the bowl rather than the stem might cause he glass to warm up a bit.

If you have made up your mind to get a stemless wine glass collection, here’s a list of my favorite stemless wine glasses to help you find the most ideal one.

1. Personalized Stemless Steel Glass with Custom Engraving – SG01

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If you’re still clueless about what to get for a nice, elegant present for a special occasion? Here’s my recommendation.

Made from high quality glass, this 17 oz stemless wine glass will last for years to come and still looks as new as the day you receive it. The design is simple yet elegant and is easy to hold in your hand. The product is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean with or without one.

What makes this glass so special is that you can suggest your own custom text onto the glass to make it unique and one of a kind. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of fonts as well as a choice from 1 to 3 lines for you to fully deliver your message. The font size is perfect and is bright enough to stand out as you pour wine into the glass.

Also, the text is permanently engraved right onto the glass, so we can expect them to last for a really long time without rubbing, fading out, or chipping. And the process of customizing is actually much faster than expected, which is a nice bonus.

There’s little to complain about this product. Weddings, graduation ceremonies and birthdays will be far more special with this beautiful and affordable personalized stemless wine glass.

If you wish to find out more about personalized glasses, feel free to take a look at this review.

2. Vivocci Unbreakable Elegant Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses 20 oz | 100% Tritan Heavy Base | Shatterproof Glassware | Ideal For Cocktails & Scotch | Perfect For Homes & Bars | Dishwasher Safe | Set of 2

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Besides stemless martini glasses, Vivocci is as good as it gets for plastic stemless wine glasses. This seems to be a well-made, decent weight wine glass with some heft to it, considering it is made from plastic. The glass looks amazing and has great shape as well as many smart design features.

Unlike many glasses that are thin around the top, which is prone to breakage, the Vivocci glass actually appears flat and not rounded with a less chance of breaking. The bottom of the glass has a strong base, making it more stable and less likely to tip over. Plus, the seam is virtually invisible unless you search really closely for it.

What’s more, the material used to make this product has such a great quality that you can hardly differentiate it from real glass by just looking at them because it is crystal clear. From my experience, these glasses also don’t leave a plastic aftertaste in your mouth like many of its kind, allowing you to really savour your wine.

Even better, the crystal stemless wine glasses can be put in the dishwasher and still look great , no crackling or fogged up glasses whatsoever. The manufacturer does explain that rubbing any plastic could cause scratching and advise to either wash the glass on the upper rack of the dishwasher or handwash without using a sponge.

If I have to be really picky, I would have to say the lip of these glasses are rather thick and a little rough. But again, it all depends on each person and in my case, I find it not a big deal at all. The tumbler has the look of real glass and the durability of plastic, in other words, the best of both worlds.

3. Poolside Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses ~ Elegant Durable Reusable Glassware ~ Sophisticated Design ~ Shatterproof Dishwasher Safe Indoor / Outdoor Barware ~ 100% Tritan ~ Set of 4 ~ 16 oz

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For a non-breakable poolside beverage glass, this Poolside stemless wine glass is simply terrific. The glass screams high quality plastic that is almost like real glass but is designed for safety. The product is thick enough to feel substantial but not too much so to feel bulky. There’s a logo on the glass in order to minimize the seam as much as possible so you can barely see it.

The lip, despite not completely rounded like a glass would be, is at least beveled and is comfortable enough to drink from. One point for improvement in terms of design is that they could be better balanced by thickening the base, and either thinning the material close to the rim or making the rim a little smaller, since the current shape makes it prone to tipping over.

The glasses wash wonderfully in the dishwasher, without any streaks or stains on them afterwards. And there’s no strange aftertaste whatsoever except for your delicious wine’s. I have run this stemless wine glass set of 4 through the dishwasher several times and they seem to hold up rather nicely. If you’re looking for amazing looking wine glasses that is virtually unbreakable, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Corelle Coordinates by Reston Lloyd Splendor Acrylic Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4), 16 oz., Clear

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Corelle has been a leading name in the field of glassware and dishware. This time, the brand has decided to coordinate with the manufacturer Reston Lloyd to introduce this beautiful acrylic stemless wine glass.

Before you continue, here’s a review of the best acrylic glasses should you be interested.

Despite being made from BPA-free material, the glasses still feel like real crystal, unlike those plastic ones which can be found at discount stores. The thickness and weight of the glass are just right to feel expensive and comfortable in your hand. The swirl patterns add some softness to the design and the color stays pristine as day one even after extensive use.

Although the product is claimed to be dishwasher–safe, I wouldn’t recommend doing so to avoid any potential cracking and discoloring. Moreover, handwashing the glass only takes a couple of minutes and will keep your glass around for a longer time.

One drawback is that the glass gets scratched rather easily and even cracked without being dropped or overheated. In those cases, contact the company immediately to receive your replacement, and rest assured that they’re very professional and supportive.

5. Riedel O Wine Tumbler Cabernet/Merlot, Set of 4

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‘The Riedel family has never stamped its name on a single bottle of wine. But over the past 50 years, this Austrian clan of master glassmakers has done more to enhance the oenophile’s pleasure than almost any winemaking dynasty’. (Quote: Time Magazine). Indeed, you can count on this wine glass brand to maximize your drinking experience.

The set includes 4 high-quality wine glasses. They are made from real crystal, clear and lightweight but super stable. They sing when you rub the rims and have “Riedel” embossed on the bottom. Despite having delightful but thin rims, the glass is quite sturdy and can withstand being put through the dishwasher without clouding. One concern of mine is the large diameter of the glasses, which make them a little challenging to grasp, and thus less comfortable to hold.

As mentioned earlier, these glasses can actually contribute to a better taste of wine. The sound of the wine coming out into the glass is so nice. The size is brilliant, allowing for a generous pour while letting an adequate swirl for the wine to breathe. We can all agree that wine takes on a whole new flavor when you can truly smell it.

However, these glasses are very so thin and fragile especially around the rim. Therefore, my advice is to handle them with care and make sure to click on ‘Conceal package’ at checkout for more protection on your ordered glasses.

The Riedel stemless wine glasses have the convenience without sacrificing either visual or wine appreciation aesthetics. The perfect glass for the avid wine drinkers to complete their wine drinking ritual.

6. Stainless Stemless Steel Glass with Lid, 12 oz | Double Wall Vacuum insulated stemless wine glass for Coffee, Wine, Cocktails, Ice Cream | Sweat Free, Unbreakable, BPA Free, Powder Coated

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Crystal glasses are not shatterproof and plastic ones are easily scratched and turns clouded? Then how about stainless steel glasses? They are much more durable and looks attractive. And this Chillout Life is among the top choices for its quality along with its affordable price.

Made from high quality food-grade stainless steel, this is a durable and unbreakable tumbler. The interior is electropolished and there’s also a powder coating on the outside to provide more texture for a better grip. The base is covered with a non-slip material in order to prevent the glass from knocking over. What’s more, there are various colors and finish to suit your personal preferences.

The product is designed with a double wall vacuum insulation, which means there will be no condensation on the outside. Your drink will end up being frozen for up to 9 hours without making a mess on your table. This tumbler will be ideal for outdoors activities especially on hot days when you need a cold glass of beverage. Also, hot coffees can be kept for about 6 hours, much longer than a regular ceramic cup.

In addition, there’s a BPA-free, transparent lid which slides out and back in easily without causing leakages. The lid has an opening for a straw, yet no plug for this hole. As a result, the liquid inside might spill out should the glass accidentally fall over.

This Chillout Life wine glass has a surprisingly low price, considering its top quality compared to many stainless steel wine glasses on the market. If you’re interested in stainless steel stemless wine glasses, this should be on the top of your list.

You should definitely take a look at this review for recommendations of the best stainless-steel wine glasse.

7. Arc International Luminarc Cachet/Perfection Stemless Wine Glass, (15 Ounce 6 Piece Set, Clear)

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If you still prefer real glasses over other options but is durable enough to withstand small drops, here’s my recommendation.

The tumbler is claimed to be made from lead-free glass, which I haven’t been able to verify. The product’s thickness does resemble that of a crystal one, but it is much more sturdier and somewhat drop-resistant, making me question its real material. One of its buyers has reported that the glass doesn’t burst into shards and instead bounce off after falling from a six feet height.

Having mentioned before, this stemless wine glass set of 6 is not super dainty, but sturdy and seems to be resistant to breakages. They’re not so thick that you’ll feel like drinking out of a coffee mug but slightly thicker than a regular wine glass. As a result, they have no problem going through the dishwasher, unlike many other fragile glasses. Also, the tumblers have a nice size for wine drinking and are weighted at the bottom to avoid tipping.

There have been several complaints about an unexpected green cast on the glass. Personally, I haven’t noticed any color issues other than when filled with water and under certain lighting conditions, the glass does appear a bit bluish-green. But otherwise, it looks clear and transparent with no issues whatsoever.

Another thing to bear in mind is that they can be quite slippery and hard to hold onto when they are wet, so make sure you have a good grip on it before lifting. What is more, there’s a sticker on the bottom of the glass, which can be removed by peeling off the top layer and the bottom sticky layer will come off with some rubbing under water.

In short, these are nice looking and high quality wine glasses. And the set of 6 at such a price is without a doubt a great bargain!

8. Mikasa Cheers Stemless Wine Glass, 17-Ounce, Set of 8

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Mikasa is commonly known for glassware, dinnerware and serve-ware with different designs for every item in a set. This Cheers stemless wine glass collection includes 8 17oz glasses with different whimsical design, which will be ideal for parties and gatherings.

The patterns are actually etched onto the glass instead of being stickers that will eventually peel off. One added bonus of these etched patterns is that they make the glass less slippery and easier to hold even when they’re wet. These glasses are nice and thick, making the etching darker and more visible than the other Mikasa sets. Plus, with 8 different yet coordinating patterns, your guests can keep track of their glass with ease and avoid confusion.

The weight of each glass is substantial enough that it doesn’t feel like the glass will break easily and is a comfortable size for drinking wine as well as other beverages. If you’re wondering whether these tumblers are dishwasher safe, my answer would be yes, but on the top rack and be careful not to let them touch each other or other glass and dishware.

Overall, this set of festive wine glasses are of high quality and will surely dress up your table. If you wish to remove the Mikasa sticker at the bottom of the glass, a bit of Goo Gone will do the trick.

9. Schott Zwiesel stemless wine glasses, Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Collection Stemless Burgundy Red Wine Glass, 16-Ounce, Set of 6

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Schott Zwiesel prides itself in being the leading producer with many innovations in the field of glassware. The German company was the first to introduce lead-free crystal glasses as well as the patented Tritan technology in order to produce top quality, break-resistant glass. And their Tritan Crystal Glass Pure Collection Stemless Burgundy Red Wine Glass is a typical example of such quality.

The stemless glasses are made from the famous Tritan crystal glass with sparkling transparency to show the true shade of your wine. With these Tritan glasses, you no longer have to worry about them breaking on you, allowing you to use them as everyday glassware and not just on special occasions.

The geometric design of these glasses is particularly unique and smart, providing plenty of surface areas for the wine to breath, thus letting your wine be delivered to you perfectly. In addition, this shape seems to be a little more stable and harder to be knocked over compared to many typically shaped stemless glasses out there.

One small notice is that the width of these glasses is quite large, roughly 4.1 inches, and quite heavy, which makes holding these glasses a challenge. Therefore, I wouldn’t highly recommend them to those with small hand size such as women’s. The glasses are claimed to be completely dishwasher safe. However, because the glasses are wider than a normal one, it is a bit more awkward putting them in the cleanning machine.

At a mid-range price, this set of 6 stemless wine glasses is an acceptable compromise between a bit more class and breakage resistance. In short, a must-buy!

10. Fitz and Floyd Luster Stemless Glasses (Set of 4), Gold

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Next on the list is the festive yet classy stemless glasses from Fitz and Floyd. The set consists of 4 mouth-blown glasses with hand-painted accents, so each glass is a piece of art.

These glasses are capable of holding up to 20 ounces with a simplistic shape and design to allow the metallic gold flecks to pop. The flecks aren’t suspended in the glass, though, as I thought from the phots. They’re actually imprinted on the outside and are one-dimensional. Still, we have 4 absolutely adorable stemless wine glasses to compliment the your wine.

Despite looking incredibly lovely, these are quite fragile and easily-broken glasses, especially delicate at the rim. One piece of advice is to notice the delivery agency in advance about the fragility of your package to avoid any undesirable breakages upon arrival. What’s more, remember to handwash these items since dishwashing them might lead to breakages or cause some of the gold flecks to fade out.

Nonetheless, these festive glasses will make a great housewarming, wedding or christmas stemless wine glasses as well as being the spotlight of every party. The shimmery accents will blend in with white wine, made bold by reds and are best accentuated with the rising bubles in Champagne or Prisecco. If you don’t mind some extra efforts in handling these stemless glasses, these are the one!

11. Libbey Stemless 4-piece Red Wine Glass Set

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This Libbey stemless wine glasses has a classic and sophisticated shape, making it perfectly presentable for formal events as well as daily uses.

The clean lines are beautiful to look at, enough to fool my friends into thinking I’m classier than I truly am. The glass does seem a bit wide at the bottom, though it’s not so large to the point of being unwieldy for those with normal size hands. Plus, such design will reduce the risk of the glass tipping over and spilling. And the top is designed to allow for vigorous swirling of the wine without fear of losing a drop.

The glass is about 15.5 oz in terms of capacity and can hold a generous amount of wine. You might want to adjust your pour or you might end up with having 2-3 servings in one glass. Regarding the thickness of the glass, it’s thicker and a little heavier than the more expensive types of crystal glass, which is somewhat reassuring.

I have used these glasses for everything from orange juice to water or wine, and they definitely get the job done. As my lips make contact with the exquisitely crafted glass, they immediately appreciate the natural curve that meets the lips.

These glasses are quite smooth and can feel slippery especially while washing them, something to be careful of. I once dropped one in the sink while washing, but fortunately they were fine and even if they weren’t, the price is so cheap that I won’t feel too bad about it. The good news is you can put these glasses in the dishwasher as I did afterwards and they came out sparkly and so clean I can hear the rub of my finger.

Having said that, you are unlikely to get a high-end finish from these glasses, though it would be a lot to ask from a set of 4 for such a competitive price. Plus, the package arrived safe and sound with tons of thick bubble wrap. I would totally recommend to anyone looking for a stemless wear as an alternative but doesn’t want to spend a fortune.

12. 72 Pack Personalized Engraved Love Laughter and Happily Ever After 9 oz stemless Wine Glass, Wedding Favor,Party Favor, Anniversary Favor, Personalized Wine Glass, Bridal Shower Favors

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A great wedding favor doesn’t have to be expensive and being pretty might not be enough. It should be something that can be used and appreciated by the guests for years to come. These 9oz stemless wine glasses will be the perfect choice, sure to impress the guests and remind them of the special day whenever they use it.

The company offers a choice of different packs of 12, 24, 72, 144 and 288 which is great for big events that have many participants. Each glass is 4 inches tall, 2.25 inches wide with a total capacity of 9 oz up to the brim. The glass features a pure and elegant design, yet still durable thanks to the thick and solid material.

The engraving is laser-cut with excellent quality, though a bit too light for it to be readable from a distance. You also have a choice of customizing your names as well as the date on the glass to create the most unique gift and the best memento for your guests.

My package arrived on time with all 72 glasses remained intact, and the customer service of the company has been said to be beyond expectation. They are quick to respond to questions and will immediately replace the broken ones upon arrival, even adding extra ones. The seller is standing behind their product and guarantee the quality.

There’s virtually no reason for me to say no to such high quality product and at such a competitive price. And I believe so should you!

13. Funny Stemless Wine Glass Set | Animal Pack Set of 4 Glasses | Buzzed, Infoxicated, Skunked and Slothed | Novelty Wine Glasses with Cute Sayings for Women, Her | Quality Made in USA

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This set of 4 funny stemless wine glasses will be a unique and cute gift for any animal splash wine lover.

The glass is 4.5 inches in height and 2 inches wide around the base. The total capacity is 15 oz and is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The glass is not too thin and feels sturdy without being too clunky. The chip-resistant edge further increases the cup’s durability and helps it to withstand the dishwasher well.

I absolutely fall in love with the funny puns along with the matching cute animal prints. The printings are high-quality and don’t fade away even after being put in the dishwasher. Choose your own drinking spirit animal and enjoy your wine.

The set was packaged nicely and arrived without a blemish. These lovely stemless wine glasses with sayings will be the perfect present for birthdays, house warmings and weddings or any special occasions. Or you can get one for yourself and your family to enjoy your favorite beverage together. Your kids will definitely love them!

14. Chinet Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses, 24 Count

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If you’re like me who dreads the prospect of an after-party cleanup, you might want to take a look at this Chinet set of 24 disposable stemless wine glasses.

These are 15 oz wine glasses from plastic, but definitely look classier than red solo cups while don’t hurt your wallet. The graceful swirl patterns bring about a somewhat iridescent look to the glass and there’s also a little nice edge, making drinking from it much more enjoyable compared to other types of cheap plastic glasses.

The glasses are durable enough to be washed and recycled if you want, but still affordable enough to toss away, no cleanup necessary. These are versatile drinking vessels, elegant enough for formal events like weddings but casual enough not to be pretentious. I have served wine in them as well as ice tea and simply throw them away when everything is over. As these are made from rather thin plastic with no handle, it would be best not to use them for hot drinks.

Speaking of being flimsy and fragile, this is definitely the glass’s biggest downside. There have been a good few complaints from the customers about the several breakages and cracks of the glasses upon arrival. My advice is to open the package and check immediately once you receive the package, or at least order them earlier in advance just in case.

In deed, these glasses are a little flimsy, but I wouldn’t expect to much from them. After all, they are disposable wine cups! The convenience as well as the price makes these glasses such a good deal to miss out.

15. Luminarc Perfection Stemless Wine Glass (Set of 12), 15 oz, Clear

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This Luminarc wine glass is a basic stemless glass that will go well with any occasions and types of drinks, from wine, beer, mixed drinks to sparkling water and soft drinks. There’s no need to purchase 3 or 4 types of glasses any longer when you’ve already had this versatile wine glass.

The glass has a capacity of 15 oz and is nicely weighted at the bottom, so no worries about the cup tipping over like with stemmed glass. I really appreciate the glass clarity and the thin lip, which makes drinking from it a nice experience. The size is just right and comfortable to hold in my hand.

The basic design allows for personalizing the glass to your own liking. What’s more, the glass is dishwasher safe though I tend to handwash mine from time to time just to be on the safe side, especially since the lip is quite thin. Each set contains 12 glasses, all of which were securely packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

Despite the claim by the manufacturer, these glasses are not without flaws. Out of the 12 glasses receive, 2 had an uneven base and wobbled a bit when standing. Several other customers have also reported about similar inconsistency among the glasses.

All things being said, you can’t really expect much from this stemless wine glass set of 12, and the price is simply too tempting for me to overlook.

Navigating your way through numerous stemless wine glasses, most of which looks almost the same, can take too much of your effort and time. Hopefully, with the review above, you will have found for yourself a trustworthy recommendation. Enjoy your wine!


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