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Best Stainless-Steel Wine Glasses [Updated 2019]

If you’re a bit of a wine lover like me, it takes more than just good wine quality but also the drinking glass as well. Traditional wine glasses are classy yet vulnerable to breakages, especially when you have active kids who like to run around knocking over everything. With this in mind, there have been many alternatives such as silver, copper, plastics, etc.

Among them, stainless steel wine glasses stand out thanks to its durability and relatively affordable price. Plus, with its shinny appearance, stainless steel glasses look beautiful and doesn’t stain or corrode.

The thing is, finding a great stainless-steel glass is a daunting task since you don’t want to fall a victim of counterfeits. The review below should help you with navigating your way through it all.

1. Hydro Flask 10 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Tumbler Glass with BPA Free Press-In Lid, Black

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First on the list is the famous Hydro Flask 10 oz wine tumbler. The product comes in a variety of summery colors, but black is forever classy especially for drinking wine. Unlike many breakable wine glasses, this tumbler is made out of high quality 18/8 stainless steel construction to keep your wine cold and coffee hot.

Despite being made from a non-traditional material for wine glasses, this product still fulfill aesthetics demands with its refined and sleek shape. In addition, there’s a powder coating on the outside to provide more texture for a better grip without being abrasive or hard to clean. Also, the interior finish makes it easy for cleaning, particularly coffee residue.

What’s really great about this product is the Double Wall Vacuum Insulation, which means no condensation. You will end up with a warm hand and frozen drink. The tumblers are also great for outdoors on hot days when you want a cold beverage that won’t get warm and watered down from melted ice. Hot drinks can be kept for up to 6 hours, much longer than a normal ceramic cup.

This Hydro Flask model has a Snap-On, BPA-free lid with an opening for accessing your drink. The hole is wide enough to accommodate a plastic or silicone straw if preferred with a little bit squeeze. There’s no cover for the opening, though, so I wouldn’t say this lid is 100% spill-proof. The lid is designed with a Honeycomb insulation for a better temperature control.

One possible drawback of this product is that it’s not dishwasher safe. The heat from the dishwasher can affect the insulation as well as the powder coat’s color. Therefore, my advice is to hand wash them in cold, soapy water, rinse and allow them to dry.

Other than that, this stainless-steel stemless wine glass is a reliable, high-quality product and will make a great companion on every trip.

For more recommendations on stemless wine glass, feel free to take a look at the best stemless wine glasses review here.

2. Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler with Lid, 12 oz | Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler Cup

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This 12 oz wine glass is one of the top choices for its quality along with the affordable price.

The tumbler is made of 304 18/8 food-grade stainless steel with a Double-wall vacuum insulation. The result is a durable, unbreakable tumbler that is capable of keeping your wine icy-cold for up to 9 hours without sweating or making a mess on your table. The interior has an electropolished finish There’s also a powder coating which is slightly textured for a better grip.

The tumbler comes with an ABS, transparent lid which comes out and slides back in easily without leaking, unlike some other double wall tumblers where you have to force the lid in. The lid is also straw-friendly but there’s no plug for the opening, making prone to spilling should you accidentally knock the glass over. This is not likely to happen, though, since the base is made from non-slip material.

Having the same, sometimes even better quality than many stainless-steel wine glasses out there, this Chillout Life wine glass is offered at a surprisingly lower price. Moreover, its various colors and finish along with the quality will make this tumbler a highly-recommended gifts for your friends and loved ones.

3. Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses, set of 4, 18 Oz Tumblers Made of BPA Free Dishwasher Safe Unbreakable Shatterproof SS Great

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The pack includes 4 stainless steel wine glasses with a beautiful, sleek satin finish. The tumblers give off a simple and clean feeling, especially since they stay looking clean throughout the day without showing any fingerprints. They can get scratched from clinking around but you can have it buffed out. On top off all, these tumblers are sturdy and won’t break, making them kid-proof and perfect for outdoors drinking.

The stainless steel does a wonderful job keeping the drink wonderfully cold. Plus, this tumbler is dishwasher safe, which is a convenient feature. Simply stack them in the dishwasher for a sparkling wash in no time.

One problem that some people, especially those sensitive to smell, find with this product is a metallic smell when drinking from these glasses, affecting the taste of the wine slightly. This issue varies in different people and can be partly limited with a few rinses beforehand.

Another drawback is that these tumblers are quite lightweight with a narrow bottom, which makes me rather nervous while pouring for fear of them knocking over. All things aside, these are beautiful, shatterproof wine glasses that are much better to drink from than those disposable plastic glasses. And the price makes this product even more convincing.

4. Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Stemmed Wine Glasses, set of 4, 12 Oz Elegant Wine Glasses Made of Dishwasher Safe Unbreakable BPA Free Shatterproof SS Great

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Here’s another product coming from the Modern Innovation manufacturer. This is a nice, not overly shiny wine glasses with a nice satin finish. If the previous Modern Innovation tumblers are suitable for outdoors picnic or close guests, this wine glass model, with its elegant look, will be perfect for large dinner parties or other special occasions.

Each glass is 4 ½ inches tall and 2 ¾ inches in diameter at the top. The bottom stand’s diameter is 3 inches and sits steadily on a flat surface without wobbling at all. The stem is a little long so I wouldn’t recommend placing them on a tray and carrying around to avoid spilling. What’s more, these glasses are pretty light-weight, making them prone to tipping over while pouring the wine.

These glasses can keep everything extra cold, though not for too long. One piece of advice is to store the empty glass in the fridge in advance so whenever you want to pop a drink, the chill will stay until the last drop. Unlike its tumbler cousins, these wine glasses receive fewer complaints about any metallic smell that could possibly change the taste of your drink.

There’s one concern, nevertheless, that the lip of some of the glass is not flat but quite thin with rather sharp edges. So, you might want to be careful not to cut yourself on the edge. Overall, this is a great product at a reasonable price.

5. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses| Set of Two 18oz Wine Tumblers Unbreakable Stemless Wineglasses| Food Grade Safe Barware| Daily use Outdoor, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Smoothies

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On the first look at this product, 2 words came up in my mind: elegant and stylish. The 2 wine tumblers are coated in a soft mint green color with a glossy finish which give off a stylish, modern and fabulous feeling to the kitchen.

These seamless wine glasses are super durable as well. The coating hasn’t chipped and the paint simply holds on after multiple uses. These will especially be ideal for the clumsy type for they won’t break on ground impact.

The stainless-steel wine glass will help keep your drink even cooler than traditional wine glasses and ice cubes will remain solid for a long period of time. Plus, the wine tumblers are rounded from the inside, allowing you to swirl your drink comfortably.

Besides being used for wine, these tumblers are also a favorite item with smoothie-lovers for their adorable appearance. They are equally as great for shakes and other non-alcoholic drinks, as well as being compact and durable enough for outdoors activities like picnics, camping, parties.

The packaging of these tumblers is as lovely and elegant as the products themselves. In other words, a perfect gift for friends and family that will guarantee to put a smile on their face!

6. MoonSip [Set of 4] 25% OFF SALE – Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Stemless 12oz Wine Glasses – Unbreakable, Double-Wall Tumblers Insulate Hot and Cold Beverages – Powder Coating and Canvas Carry Bags

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This Moonsip, just like its name, is aesthetically pleasing. The elegant shape, midnight blue coating and the moon graphic make the tumbler a piece of decoration for your home, pool or boat. You are bound to enjoy the compliments from your friends and guests when they see these lovely wine glasses.

The insulated stainless-steel wine glass is designed with a double wall vacuum insulation for maintaining the temperature of your drink. Your hand will remain warm and dry while indulging yourself with your favorite vintage. The tumblers are pretty lightweight so you can take it around with you freely without adding one more weight on your shoulder.

There’s also a rubber base to prevent the item from slipping around, making it perfect for outdoors activities. Plus, a powder coating not only create a more expensive feeling to the glasses, but also provides a firmer and more comfortable grip for you.

The cups are claimed to be dishwasher safe by the manufacturer, but I would strongly advice hand washing to maintain the quality of the insulation as well as the powder coating.

Each set includes 2 or 4 tumblers as well as a canvas drawstring bag for each glass, which looks so adorable. The bag will add a layer of protection as well as keeping your used glass from making a mess. Additionally, the cups come nicely packaged in a beautiful gift box, which makes it an impressive gift with no need for extra decoration or wrapping up.

It would have been more convenient if the company had decided to include a lid for each glass. Also, be careful when you use the glasses on hot days, since some people have reported that the cup absorbs the heat quickly. Still, for those interested in a truly attractive instead of just utilitarian glass for drinking wine, this might be the one.

7. Estilo Hammered Stainless Steel Stemless Wine and Cocktail Cups, Double Walled, Unbreakable, 16-ounce- Set 4

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Estilo prides themselves in these solid handcrafted stainless-steel wine glasses. The glass has a matt finish with pebbled texture which makes this item pleasant to hold and look at. The stemless cup also has a double wall design for keeping your drink cool for a long time.

The glass has a capacity of 16 oz and is 5’’ in height, with the double wall ending at 4’’ above the base. The diameter of this item is 3,2 inches. In other words, this is a pretty large cup and will feel heavy on your hand. So, you can rest assured that these glasses are durable enough to withstand daily use for years to come.

One piece of advice, however, is to check your tumblers carefully upon arrival for any defects such as burnt, dents or scratches as there have been several such cases. Though for such a price, I wouldn’t ask for too much.

The Estilo tumbler comes in a set of 4, which is without a doubt a real deal, considering its quality. These glasses would be another great option as lovely present.

8. CHILLOUT LIFE Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler with Lid, 12 oz | Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler Cup

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Although I have already introduced about the Chillout life tumbler previously, I just love this item so much that I have to mention it again. This time, the wine glass is in rose gold, which makes it even more stylish and expensive looking. The color, however, is a little more on the pink side than copper but it doesn’t make the glass any less attractive and classy.

The 12 oz tumbler was big enough to fit in my hand comfortably, contrary to my expectation that it could be too small to hold. Plus, seamless glasses have a less chance of knocking over like taller ones. One nice and unexpected addition which comes along with the tumbler is a recipe book for all kinds of coffee drinks.

Just like other products from Chillout Life, this cup does a great job keeping your beverages cold for 5 to 10 hours without being affected by the heat of your hand or the sun. Also, the inside of the tumbler won’t get stained even when being used for drinking red wine.

The lid has an opening for a regular plastic straw, which is great except for the fact that the lid isn’t very snug and sometimes leaks when I drink out of it. As a result, the water inside the glass tends to dribble down my chin if tilted too much. Moreover, the round bottom piece might not stay in place and fall out. In these cases, feel free to contact the company’s customer service, which I find to be one of the best and most responsive.

In short, this is a classy and beautiful stainless-steel wine glass with lid for drinking wine and will make a great gift for you and your loved ones. If you have already tried the Mint Chillout Life tumbler, do not hesitate to get yourself another such as this one.

9. Double Wall Vacuum Sealed Insulated Wine Glass + Goblet with Splash Proof Lid || Premium Food Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel || BPA-Free by Frost Bottle (1)

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If stem wine glass is a must but you also don’t want pesty bugs to fly near your drink, then this item might have the best of both worlds.

Although this is a 14 oz glass, it can fill up to 16 oz to the brim, or 12 oz comfortably with the lid on. The height of the glass is 8.25 inches and the base diameter is 3 inches. On the outside, the glass looks absolutely classy especially with the brished stainless finish. What’s more, this glass is actually dishwasher safe, which is a great advantage over many other of its kind.

Made from high quality food grade stainless steel, this glass is shatter-proof and durable, ideal for camping, deck or pool drinking and many other outdoors activities. In addition, the material also contributes to insulating your wine long enough for you to slowly savor the taste. And rest assured because there will be no off flavor imparted by the steel or the plastic lid.

The lid is BPA-free and is claimed to be vacuum-sealed, though I could find water slowly drain out from the weld between the stem and bowl. There’s also a sip door on the lid, which is virtually, not completely, leak proof and will dribble a bit if they stay in a fallen position.

My only complaint, as this is the case with many other stem wine glasses, is that the product is slightly wobbly, making drinking hot chocolate or red wine somewhat risky. We surely don’t want our glass to top over and possibly burn ourselves or ruin the tablecloth.

Despite the shortcoming, this is an overall impressive wine glass that will make you wish you had bought more than one.

10.Set of 2 Kenley Stemless Stainless-Steel Wine Glasses with Lid – 16 Oz Outdoor Shatterproof Camping Tumbler Glass Metal Cups to Go – Double Wall Vacuum Insulated, Unbreakable, Dishwasher Safe

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You are invited to a wedding but still haven’t figured out what to give as a gift? Look no further because this set of Kenley Stainless Steel Wine Glasses will be sure to put a smile on the newlywed’s faces.

The 16 oz tumblers look expensive and are comfortable to hold. The bottom, however, is a bit too round, making it more likely to tip over. The inscriptions on each glass – ‘Live every moment’ and ‘Love every day’- make it much more special and meaningful as a gift or simply a reminder for yourself to live every day to its fullest.

The high-quality steel is able to withstand a knock or two without breaking like a traditional wine glass. With a double-wall vacuum design, the cup can keep your drink warm or icy for 3 hours. What’s more, these tumblers are can be cleaned using a dishwashing machine, which will save you so much hassle.

Like several other products mentioned above, the tumbler also includes a lid for keeping pesty bugs out of your drink. Still, I wish the lid could have been more tightly sealed so as not to come off should the glass tip over.

There are 2 complimentary canvas bags for easy carrying on your every trip, making it perfect as a travelling must-have. Who knows, these tumblers might even spark up a desire in you to embark on a new adventure!

11. Personalized 12 oz Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler with Custom Monogram Vinyl Decal by Avito – Includes Straw and Lid – Bridesmaid, Bachelorette, Bridal Party Gifts

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I’m sure that your friends will burst and shout out in happiness when receiving something which is unique because there is their name on it. If you would like so, you have to check these personalized stainless steel wine glasses.

You will have several choices of colors along with font options so that you can choose one with your friends’ favorite color. Not only for the unique outlook, but the products also knock you out due to awesome performance.

The cups are completely made of food-grade stainless steel instead of glass to prevent breakage for any accidental drop or clashes with other things. Plus, this material has been tested for several times to make sure that you will feel secure when drinking your wine because there is no toxic chemical arise, especially no rust.

Besides, the tumblers offer you with 12oz capacity so that you can comfortably enjoy wine with small ice cubes or the smoothies perfectly. To prevent spilling over, there are a straw and a lid accompanied to help you worry-free enjoy the drinks on the go.

Moreover, the double-walled design can help you drink cold longer than normal tumbler and also make the cups much tougher and stronger as well. The cups feature the suitable dimension that can fit in your palms perfectly without slipping. Notice that you have to wash the cups by hand because the heat of dishwasher can destroy the decal severely.

12. FineDine Premium Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel Wine Glasses 12 Oz. Double-Walled Insulated Unbreakable Goblets (Set of 2) Stemmed Wine Glass BPA-Free Leak Resistant Lid for Red White Wine, Brushed Metal

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You can imagine the romantic atmosphere where you and your wife together enjoy the perfect steak along with some champagne. To have a great preparation for that, you cannot lack a high-end wine cup to enjoy because it can definitely help you keep that feeling last for the rest of the night.

So, I would like you to check this finedine stainless steel wine glasses which I suppose to be a great choice for that occasion. The products come with the elegant and high-end design along with the original beauty of stainless steel that won’t let you down.

The materials feature the great durability and safety to prevent any harmful things arise like rust or toxics and you won’t definitely enjoy your wine with the taste of metal like other junks on the market. Plus, the double-walled design can help maintain the temperature of the wine inside because you know that the temperature can affect the taste significantly.

Besides, there is also a lid accompanied to help cover the cups perfectly to prevent any leaks in case you twist the cups to get the wine more consistent. The lid is quite flexible because there is a small window which you can open to enjoy directly without removing the lids. Therefore, you can keep bugs and debris away from the wine.

Moreover, the rubber-coated base can keep the cups stay firmly in place without slipping. Plus, the stem is connected firmly with the cups, so there won’t be any problem when holding it like other junks. Lastly, the cups are safe for dishwasher to help you have a quick and easy cleaning.

13. Stainless Steel Shot Glass, 2 Ounce – Set of 6

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You would like to enjoy some chilled parties with some wine outdoor your house, but are afraid of the glass splattering. Let that problem be eliminated softly with this stainless steel wine glasses set of 6. Be worry-free to chill with your loved people.

The cups are completely made of food-grade stainless steel which is non-toxic, so you will feel more secure and confident to use the glass for your drinks. The material can help build the last-for-a-lifetime body so that the tumblers can themselves preserve the excellent condition to serve your parties.

Besides, I love the design which is bigger from the bottom to the mouth so that you can easily hold the cups without any possibility of dropping it. Plus, the base is much larger than other offers with the design of stout bulb, so it can stay more stably and firmly on the countertops.

Moreover, the most important point of this set is that all of cups are stackable so that you can save much storage space in your kitchen drawer and also help you easier to bring it along on your outdoor parties at camp sites and so on. Plus, you can clean these cups by hand or by dishwasher because the material can stand with the heat of the machine very well.

14. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses – Set of 8 Large & Elegant 18 Oz. Premium Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel Red & White Stemless Wine Glasses,

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You cannot say no to “more people, more fun”, right? Therefore,the FINEDINE has launched to the market with the stainless steel wine glasses set of 8 so that you can freely take them out with no concerns.

The products are completely made of food-grade stainless steel which is safe with the wine so that you’re still able to enjoy the true taste like using the glass. The cups come with the design of the stout bulbs which can help it perfectly fit in your palms when holding.

Besides, you don’t need to worry when drinking wine with ice because the non-slip characteristic can help you hold securely. The cups have the capacity of 18oz, which is enough for you to chill with your friend and also suitable for storage. Plus, the tumblers have a stable base that can help it stay on the countertops firmly.

Moreover, I found that the stainless steel material can retain the temperature for the wine so that you can enjoy the true taste for each sip. You can worry-free wash the cups by hand and by dishwasher as well.

15. Skylety 12 oz Double-insulated Wine Tumbler, Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup with Lids and Straws

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My last recommendation is the offer from Skylety with a pair of stainless steel wine cups with straws to help you easily drink on the go. Like other great offers, the products are still made of 100% of stainless steel which is guaranteed to be safe for your health for a life time use.

Besides, the material helps build a strong and durable body to prevent the glass splattering so that you will feel worry-free to take it along with you to anywhere. Plus, the cups come with the design of double insulation technology which can help to preserve the temperature of your drinks inside for a long time.

Moreover, the stout bulb appearance gives you with a comfortable grip with the non-slip feature so that you don’t feel any dissatisfaction when enjoying your drinks. Plus, thanks to the accompanied lid, there won’t be any spilling over your clothes when you are enjoying the drink on the go.

In addition, the capacity of 12oz is enough for drinking wine, but I think it’s not for other drinks like lemon juice or smoothies because there won’t be enough nutrient intake for 1 cup like that. The material is really easily to clean by hand and dishwasher as well. There is a small brush enclosed in the package to help you clean the interior of the straw.

Hopefully, with the review above, you will have pinpointed for yourself a suitable stainless-steel wine glass to make drinking your favorite wine more enjoyable and less of a hassle.


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