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Smoothie Blender- Great Saver for The Freaking Hot Summer

Usually, you may like to go to the beach to cool down the heat of summer, but you should know that you still can ease the annoyance of hot summer even when you are staying at home in a healthy way. And there are no solutions better than a cup of homemade smoothie at home to enjoy during watching TV or chatting with your friends.

Smoothie is a popular healthy drink that is quite easy to make as long as you get a right smoothie blender. However, these days, people would like something more convenient than the old version of blender just with one basic function.

Therefore, on the market, there are so many choices of this innovation and after having researched for weeks, I finally gathered 11 options of awesome blenders that you could check below. However, my review cannot offer all knowledge about this blender, just some basic ones, so for more details you can check my buying guide article.

1. CHULUX Smoothie Blender with Take Along Travel Bottles (20+14 Oz), Personal Blender Stainless Steel 4-Blade for Juice, Shakes, Nutritional Drinks and Baby Food

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This smoothie blender offered from the CHULUX can help you perfectly enjoy the cool healthy drinks at home with the lovely taste as ones made by the café. The first point that I like about the product is about the two cups accompanied. They are quite convenient because you can directly make and enjoy your drinks insides them without pouring out in another cups.

Besides, they are available in two capacities including 20oz and 14oz being equal to 2.5-cup and 2-cup respectively. Thus, you can comfortably add what you like into the cups to get the great taste of the outcomes. Plus, two cups come along with two travel lids which are much convenient for you to enjoy on the go to work, school or even gym.

Moreover, on the body, there is one rather large area coated by rubber with tough patterns to create the non-slip feature so that you don’t worry about dropping it while holding. And, the operating base is quite simple, just with one button with the pulse characteristic, so you can self-adjust to get the desired results.

In addition, the powerful motor, 300-watt, and the super sharp stainless steel blades can make the process done in seconds even blasting the ice cubes into snow pieces. However, during the process, if you hold the button for a long time, you will probably smell the blender like burning. Therefore, don’t press over 30 seconds for one turn.

More than that, along with making smoothies, the machine will be a great utensil for juice, jams and even supplementary food because the blades can properly puree ingredients.

2. COSORI Smoothie Blender, 10-Piece Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, 23,000RPM Professional Personal Blender Maker with Cleaning Brush and Cups & Bottles

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In comparison with the above CHULUX one, this blender will be a better choice for those who are having the daily bulky blending. The product feature the super powerful motor, 800-watt, along with up to 6 sharp stainless steel blades so that the results will definitely be done more perfectly and quickly.

Besides, the product comes with 3 containers including 2 of 32oz capacity and 1 of 24oz. Thus, you can make a huge drink of nutrients to enjoy. Plus, there are also two storage lids to help you preserve the excellent conditions of your results in fridge so that you still get the great deal of vitamin as you wish.

Moreover, with the great power, you can use the machine the grind coffee beans also to have a cup of homemade coffee every morning. Plus, the blender can promise to create the super smooth outcomes with nothing unblended left, so you’re still able to use for making baby foods.

Another plus point is that the machine can auto shut-off if there is overheating problem, so it will be much safer during the process in case you may press the pulse button for a longer time than allowed. Notice that you mustn’t blend with hot liquid because this can cause a severe damage to the motor and let the machine cool down absolutely after getting it cleaned by dishwasher.

3. Aimores Commercial Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Food Processor, 3-in-1 75oz High Speed Programmed Juice Blender, Smoothie Maker for Ice, 28,000RPM, with Tamper & Recipe, ETL/FDA (Silver)

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Here is an outstanding upgrade of the traditional blender with a huge pitcher. You may worry that the huge pitcher may be quite bulky and heavy to carry around, but this one is absolutely different. Thanks to the ergonomically designed handle with rubber-coated areas on both sides, you will definitely feel much comfortable while holding and carrying.

Besides, the container is completely made of BPA-free plastic, tritan, with the super tough and durable construction so that it’s less likely to be broken even when you may drop. Plus, this one can contain up to 2.2L of liquid equal to 9-cup of ingredients in order to help you make enough drinks to serve for at least 4 people. And, unlike the junks on the market, this one has a super tight lid covering perfectly the mouth to prevent any splashing all around the countertops.

Moreover, the quality of the outcomes is definitely awesome. It’s resulted from the ultra-sharp stainless steel blades which are uniquely arranged so that the whole mixture inside will be automatically flow into the blades. Therefore, the results that you enjoy are certainly smooth and delicate unlike the counterparts which still left some small unblended pieces.

In addition, the control panel consists of five functional buttons along with the timing and speed ones also, which means that you can do so many things besides making smoothies. Especially, with the pulse technology, the machine can properly grind coffee beans without any problems, so I hope that you won’t find any disappointments with this blender, right?

More than that, the implement operates in low noise unlike other ones which can wake everyone up. Plus, during the process, it can stay stable over time due to the four robber-coated cups under the base, so you don’t need to hold. To help you mix the ingredients more evenly, there is an accompanied tamper that you can put directly into the blender through a small cap on the lid.

4. Aicok Smoothie Blender 1200 W, Personal Blender with 2 Tritan Travel Cups (1*35 oz and 1*28 oz), 28,000RPM High Speed Professional Blender, LED Smart One Touch, Silver

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This smoothie blender from the Aicok is absolutely awesome with the better performance relative to other counterparts. The spotlight of the product is about the 6-fin blade assembly while others only have 4 blades to blend the ingredients. Therefore, the results you receive are much smoother and tastier.

Besides, I was shocked when checking the capacity of the motor because it reaches 1200watt. How incredible!!! So, with this super power, the machine can do anything you would like from the ordinary blending to creating the coffee powder in seconds without any problems.

Plus, when making smoothies, you don’t need to consider whether the normal ice cubes can be crushed or not because it can do it softly and perfectly.

Moreover, the two huge work cups, 35oz and 28oz, can help you contain a great number of ingredients at once so that you can comfortable add as much as you like with different kinds of fruits and vegetables to create a perfect taste to enjoy. In addition, there are also two travel lids accompanied to help you immediately enjoy the drinks or can take them along on the go.

5. Vremi VRM010084N Electric-Personal-Size-Blenders, 20 oz, White/Black

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The Vremi has launched to the market with the blender particularly used for single serve purpose, so if you are living alone, this one will be a great choice for your home. The product measures 4.75”x13.5” with the bottle plugged in, so you will find it quite small for storing in your cramped kitchen.

Besides, the operating bottle is designed subtly with 20oz capacity which is enough for a daily requirement for nutrients. Although the bottle cannot carry as much as the above one, it has the suitable size for you to put in the side holder of your backpacks unlike the relatively bulky ones of the counterparts.

Moreover, the 300-watt motor along with 4-fin stainless steel blade featuring ultimate sharpness can help you complete the process within 2-4 minutes with the perfect outcomes. Plus, the machine operates very quietly and stably thanks to the 4 rubber cups under the base so that you don’t need to hold while it’s working.

6. XProject 800W 4-in-1 Hand Blender with 6 Speed, Powerful Immersion Hand Blender for Smoothies Baby Food Yogurt Sauces Soups

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And now, this blender comes with the super convenient set and design to help you deal with making drinks and other tasks with a pure ease. With the product of Xproject, you don’t need a bulky and huge operating base which may take over much space on your countertop because you can hold the motor by hand and self-adjust and turn the blender around to get the mixture more even.

Besides, this machine doesn’t need a compatible pitcher or an operating cup like others above because you can certainly blend anything in many different shapes of cup or even in bowls for mashing potatoes. Plus, operating part with the super comfortable hand grip can make sure that you won’t feel any pain or fatigue in palm. It’s thanks to the curved edges which fitting perfectly in your hands.

Moreover, there are 6 levels of speed with the rotating knob on the top so that you will possibly turn to get the desired speed or you can press the turbo button to immediate boost the motor to the maximum level in case the mixture may tough or something arising get the blades stuck.

More than that, the brand also offers you with the food chopper attachment and a whisk in the package so that you just need to uninstall the blender and plug the attachment in. Then you can start the process.

The food processor has a work bowl with 17oz equal to 500ml capacity to help you chop a great number of ingredients at once. Plus, there is also a 600ml beaker with the measuring scale to help you estimate the ingredients for the best taste.

7. COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Professional Kitchen Smoothie Blender Maker

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Again the COSORI, but this time the brand offers you with the upgraded version of tradition blender with the super powerful motor, 1500-watt, which you can use for the commercial purpose also. This workhorse also features a set of 6 super sharp and tough stainless steel blades to get your mixture completed in a snap with the perfect smooth.

Besides, the pitcher can contain up to 70oz about 2L of liquid so that you can one time make enough servings for your family about 5-6 people. The container is entirely made of BPA-free plastic with tough and durable construction to help it stay for a lifetime in excellent condition. Plus, the ergonomic handle can make the carrying and moving much easier because it can balance greatly the weight.

Moreover, the covering lid does the best job because even though you blend a mountain of ingredients inside, there is no leakage and food splatter all around the countertop. And, there is also a small openable cap on the lid to help you add the missing ingredients or place the accompanied tamper inside to stir the mixture to get it more even.

More than that, there is also a personal bottle with 27oz capacity which you can use to carry the protein drink while you’re working out. The bottle comes with the travel lid so that you can easily enjoy the drinks without leaking surely.

On the top of that, this smoothie blender has a super awesome function that can help you make soup. However, it’s much more outstanding because you don’t need to heat up the results. During the process, the friction created by the blades can bring the mixture to the desired temperature so that you can immediately enjoy.

8. Ninja Professional Blender

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Another choice of upgraded huge blender for your family is offered by the Ninja to help you have more options. As you know, this brand is very popular in the world of kitchen utensil because of top quality and high-end design, so this product really bangs for your buck.

The pitcher is absolutely huge that can have the maximum level of 72oz liquid inside, but to help the process done more quickly and perfectly, the product is only available in 64oz. plus, what I like most about this pitcher is the covering lid an openable cap on the pouring spout so that you don’t need to remove the whole lid to pour the drinks out.

Besides, during the operation, you don’t need to hold the pitcher because the base can stay stable over time thanks to 4 sturdy non-slip feet under and the pitcher is locked securely in the operating base. Plus, the 6-pin blade with great sharpness can help you blast ice cubes into snow pieces in seconds with 4-5 rounds of pulse mode.

Moreover, the blades are set in throughout the rotating axis in the center so that even though the ingredients can reach the mouth of the pitcher, they will be perfectly blended and the results definitely meet your expectation. Plus, the machine works in low noise, so you don’t need to worry about living in an apartment or in a dense neighborhood.

9. Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

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Here is another single serve blender for those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle. However, the highlight of this product is all about the high safety because there are no functional buttons so that you don’t need to worry about the situation where you may accidentally press the buttons and the blades will be spinning.

Besides, the 400-watt motor and super sharp blades can promise to give you the desired results to enjoy within 5 minutes. Therefore, having the healthy lifestyle doesn’t require you much time and effort. However, to keep your machine stay in excellent condition over time, you should precut the ingredients, especially the frozen fruits, and use the small ice cubes because the bigger ones can cause damage to the motor.

Moreover, there is a resettable fuse inside the motor that can have ability to revive the machine within 15 minutes in case you may let it blend for a long time, which can cause overheating. Plus, after using, cleaning is not very difficult because you just need to rinse the bottle under water. There is also recipe book included in the manual so that you can find easy to make the first nutritious drinks at home.

10. Hamilton Beach (51103) Blender with Travel Lid, Single Serve

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In comparison with the above one, this Hamilton Beach blender still gives you the awesome performance. Blending everything smoothly and perfectly is not a problem with this one. However, there is one plus point of this product that I quite love. The compact design with a built-in holder at the base helps you store the machine easily.

Besides, the pulse function and the super sharp blades can help you do much thing along with ordinary blending. You can puree to make sauce also or making juice is still in the ability of the blender. Plus, the container is completely made of BPA-free plastic with tough construction that can help the bottle last for a life time and not easy to break even when you may drop it.

Moreover, the bottle can contain up to 400ml of liquid, which can supply you with enough nutrients for an awful working day. The covering lid is super tight with no-leak characteristic so that you can confidently enjoy the drinks without splattering on your clothes.

However, there is a minor drawback about the design of this bottle. I really don’t like the shape because it’s not very pretty and I absolutely find hard putting it in the side holder of backpacks meanwhile the above one can perfectly fit.

11. NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

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And now, the final offer here is also my pick in this review. This machine from the Nutribullet is regarded as the best blender for smoothies, which is the reason why it has been the best seller for months successively.

The first point is that here is the fully-equipped set with 1 tall cup and 2 short cups along with two storage lids so that you can comfortably choose the suitable cup for making drinks and can store the remains for later use in the fridge without concerning about the taste.

Besides, there are two types of blade including the flat blade for ordinary blending or making sauces and the emulsifying one for particularly making baby food or soups as well. Plus, the machine is quite simple to operate with the pulse mode by pressing the cups down to activate the motor. Therefore, you can self-adjust the mixture inside to get the desired results.

Moreover, the machine works super quietly and stably, so there is nothing you need to worry even when making healthy drinks in the early morning. In addition, you can also enjoy the recipe book enclosed in the package to easily make drinks if you are quite green in this field.

Bonus: What is the best blender for vegetable smoothies?

This question is the common concern for many customers, but this is quite easy to find the solution. I confidently believe that those machines above can be regarded for the best ones. And I would like to summarize some features you should take note:

  • The motor must be powerful with the capacity over 400-watt for the best tasty outcomes. Plus the blades should be in set of 6 ones instead of 4 because there are some tough vegetables like carrots. Therefore, the machine can create the perfectly smooth outcomes very quickly, about 5 minutes.
  • The machine should come with the compact design to help you find easy in moving and storing in your kitchen.
  • About the functional buttons, it will be awesome if the machine has both pulse and auto blend modes, but one function is still enough to help you get the good results.
  • For the polite reason, the blender has work in low noise because for those who are used to making drinks in the early morning, disturbing everyone is quite guilty.

What are you waiting for from the best smoothie blender, huh? I think that with these 11 recommendations you will probably find what you really want for your home or at least you can know how a great blender is to stay away from junks on the market. More than that, I really appreciate your good willing when contributing to my site every day.


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