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Best Single Serve Blender- A Great Doctor at Home [Updated 2019]

You would like to have a healthy nutritious life, wouldn’t you? A blender will be a great choice for your situation. However, you cannot use the traditional one with a huge pitcher to make for a cup of smoothie or other drinks, which is sometimes inconvenient because you have to pour the mixture out into a bottle.

Therefore, why don’t we try a new version of this machine with easier using? After consulting many pros and from several sources, most of people consider the single serve blender as the best choice to alternate the ancient one. The machine is quite simple with the operating cup which you can process ingredients and enjoy the outcomes directly inside.

More than that, for those who have a heavy life in office, there are some machines with high portability that they can take along to the office to self-supply with nutritious drinks so that they can definitely rise to the challenge. For more information, you can have a look at my collection below.

1. Smoothie Blender, Portable Blender USB rechargeable, PopBabies Personal Blender for single served, Small Blender for Shakes Stronger and Faster with Ice Tray and Recipe (FDA and BPA free)

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This versatile single serve blender for shakes and smoothies is ready to deal with your various tasks at home. The machine features a powerful motor to help you blast ice, blend frozen fruits, vegetables and seeds in no more than 20 seconds. However, when processing frozen fruits or normal fruits, you should pre-cut them into smaller chunks so that the blades can easily do their job.

Besides, the container has a 400ml capacity, which is an enough amount for one adult to enjoy the healthy day. Plus, the machine can be recharged through the USB connector, so you can take it to the office for a fully nutritious drink during the break.

Or, bringing it along during the camping time is not a bad idea because it’s quite lightweight and small, about 1.3 pounds and 3.2”x3.2”x10.2”, which is well-fitted in the two holders of your backpack. And, the battery also has a quite large capacity that can operate for 6-7 times or more depending on the amount of added ingredients if the battery is fully charged.

Moreover, the covering lid is super tight that can prevent any leakages and it has a large hole to help you carry the bottle more easily. More than that, that machine is made of super friendly material which is BPA free and approved by FDA, CE and RoHs, trustful food safety organizations. Therefore, you can use the utensil to process food for your darlings at home.

Notice that during the process, you can shake the machine to get more evenly mixed outcomes because the bottle is locked securely in the operating base. Plus, you shouldn’t use the normal ice cubes because they are too big for the blades to blend, so using the ice cubes made by the accompanied tray is highly recommended to protect the machine.

2. Portable USB Personal Blender with Travel Jar, Smoothie Maker and Juicer, Portable Single Serve for Shakes and Smoothies | High Speed, Powerful, 350ml, BPA-free, 4 Blades – Orange | Upgrade Version

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Another choice for convenient blender at any time you would like is offered by the Blufied to help you have more considerations and comparison with the above one. The container has a 350ml capacity which is an enough amount of nutrients your hard daily life.

Besides, the battery of the machine is really powerful that you can confidently use for up to 14 times of normal using if it’s fully charged. Therefore, you can enjoy the camping time with worry-free about the machine. However, because of the USB connector, you can bring along the back-up recharger for some emergency.

Moreover, the covering lid works perfectly to prevent any leakage even when you may carry them on the backpack while you’re moving. Plus, there is a string on the lid that you can hook on your hand for more secure carrying or hook on the wall for storing also.

In addition, in comparison with the traditional design, this one features an outstanding innovation. Because of the sensitive touch screen, you have to double press to activate the machine, which is much safer incase the screen may be accidentally pressed.

3. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Black (51103)

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An offer from the Hamilton Beach, a much reputable brand in this field, is worth for your money that you should consider. The machine feature the same containing capacity as the above one, but this one has a stronger point in comparison with the counterpart that makes you feel more convenient.

Its covering lid is much cooler because it also has a spout for your easy drinking instead of removing the lid to drink, which may cause spilling over your clothes. Plus, the product comes in the compact design that saves you much space in storing.

You can wrap the cord around the built-in holder in the base to both narrow down the size of the machine and protect the cord from other influences can happen. Besides, during the operation, the machine is guaranteed to stay in place thanks to the large suction base, so you don’t need to hold it.

However, before adding the ingredients, you should cut them into smaller pieces to help you the blades process much easily because there are some cases that the motor get burnt due to the large added fruits or vegetables. Relative to the above one, the Hamilton Beach machine cannot be taken along because it doesn’t have the rechargeable battery.

4. Hamilton Beach 53600 SoundShield Blender, 950 Watts, 3-Speed, with Pulse, Blends Food and Drinks, Stainless Steel Blades, 52 oz. Glass Jar, BPA-Free

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And now, I’m sure that you will be left speechless when witnessing this Hamilton Beach single serve blender performs. This one can beat the counterparts of its class in all aspects. It features that super huge glass jar with the 52oz capacity, so this will definitely be overload for one adult person, but no lacks surely.

Besides, the product has 3 options of speed along with the super powerful motor, approximately 950W, so that you can do anything you would like from light duties like other machines do as blending, chopping up to bulk tasks like pureeing or emulsifying in a snap.

Moreover, the spotlight that enhances the utensil’s level is the sound shield, which is an outstanding innovation for the machine. This shied is really awesome that it can make you feel like the blender is not working. Thus, thanks to the sound shield, you can comfortably do anything even in the early morning without disturbing the whole neighborhood or your darlings when they are sleeping.

In addition, the shield can also protect the blender safely when storing or even when you may drop the machine, it’s less likely that the pitcher is severely affected. However, this one is quite larger than the above ones, so you may find little difficult in storing if your kitchen is not very much large.

5. Nutri Ninja Pro Blender, Silver (BL456)

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If you would like to find more choice from another popular brand, the ninja single serve blender is a good alternative for you. The machine has the same quality as other counterparts, particularly the Hamilton Beach ones. Therefore, you won’t have any regret for your decision.

Besides, the package offers you with two containers in different sizes for particular occasions. You can use the 24oz cup for your drink at the office while the smaller one, 18oz, is perfectly fitted with your child to take to school. Plus, both cups can be stored definitely in the car’s bottle holder or of the backpacks.

Plus, all of them are covered tightly with the compatible lids, so you don’t need to worry that the drink can leak and spill over. Moreover, I have tried to add the whole fruits or vegetables if the size is suitable with the cups, the results turns out great. The ninja blades are absolutely awesome that won’t break or get burnt like other counterparts when dealing with large ingredients.

More than that, when first purchasing the machine, I don’t know how to make a truly healthy drink for my daily routine. However, thanks to the enclosed recipe guide with over 70 recipes, I can confidently make my owned drink to enjoy my scientifically healthy lifestyle.

6. Ninja Fit (QB3001SS)

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Another offer from the Ninja is really a great choice for those who have a daily routine with sports and gym. Therefore, you cannot lack a cup nutritious drink to make up for the loss of energy after hard work-out. Plus, several women, specially, love this ninja fit single serve blender because it’s great assistance after each yoga lesson to help them get the desired body.

Besides, the motor is really powerful, about 700-watt, so you just spend for the maximum time of 1 minute to get the lovely drink as you wish. Plus, the machine can work well with the ice cube to help you make the fine smoothies to ease the hot weather in summer.

Moreover, for one time, you can make two different flavored drinks with two 16oz cups accompanied and can enjoy directly with the travel lids. Plus, you also receive a recipe guide to help you for some first days using this single serve blender for ice. But, later you can base on the guide as an inspiration to create your owned healthy recipes.

7. Oster Single Serve Blender with Travel Sport Bottle, Pink

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The Oster also launches to the market with the single serve blender to help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle in a convenient way. The machine is available in 6 colors to help you easily find the most suitable for your taste. Plus, the 400-watt motor can promise to help you complete the process within 20 seconds.

Besides, the bottle is quite huge, about 20oz, which is enough for a standard nutritious drink for your working day. Plus, the machine measures 15.25”x5”x5”, so you won’t find much difficult in storing or using. In addition, the cord is really long, 16”, so that you can easily move the utensil without concerning about losing power.

However, there is a minor drawback of the machine is that the blades may leave bigger pieces of veggies and they don’t produce a creamy smoothies, so if you intend to make baby food, you have to consider this point before making a decision.

8. BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade Personal Blender with Two 20oz Personal Blending Jars, Gray, PB1002G

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BLACK+DECKER is a common brand that you will possibly find its blenders in all supermarkets throughout the country. Its machines are also highly recommended by many pros for the top-quality, but at an affordable price for most of people. Therefore, this one promises to make a great value for your money.

Besides, the machine is quite powerful with the simple switch on/off button to help you adjust your mixtures perfectly to get the desired outcomes. There are two operating bottles with the same 20-oz capacity so that you can use one for making smoothie and another for soups, for example. Plus, the bottles are made of food-grade plastic with BPA free to be safe for your health.

Moreover, they come in the super tough and durable structure to withstand the heavy force during the operation and prevent scratches in case you may drop. Plus, the package also includes two travel lids so that you can easily bring the bottles along during the journey to make sure that your body is always sufficient for nutrients.

9. Vremi Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies – Single Serve Small Mini Size Kitchen Appliance with Heavy Duty Motor BPA Free Tritan Plastic 20 oz Sport Bottle Jar and Leak Proof Lid – White and Red

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You must love this single serve blender for its high convenience and easy using. The machine features the 300-watt motor, which can be enough power to help you deal with various nutritious drinks for every time you need.

Besides, the 4 super sharp blades can do their job perfectly within 60 seconds. However, before blending some tough vegetables like carrots, you should cut them into smaller chunks so that the blades can process more quickly and less damage.

Moreover, the machine is really easy to clean because the involved part is all about the bottle, so you just need to rinse it under water with a brush to eliminate the left debris. Then, let it dry for a while and you can reuse again for another nutritious drink. Plus, the machine doesn’t have the power button to avoid case where the button may be pressed accidentally.

Instead of that, you just need to twist notches into place to get it started and opposite direction to stop. That’s why the machine is quite easy and preferred by lots of customers. Plus, the product is relatively lightweight, about 2.8 pounds, and measures 13.5”x4.75” when you have already plug the bottle in. Therefore you won’t find any difficulties storing it in your small kitchen.

10. COSORI Professional High Speed Blender, 9-Piece Portable Personal Kitchen Single Serve Blenders for Shakes and Smoothies Heavy Duty Ice and Juice with Travel Sport Bottles and 3 Tritan BPA-Free Cups

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You cannot say no to this workhorse if you would like to deal with your prepping work in a snap. The COSORI blender features a super powerful motor with the 800-watt capacity to take over various tasks with the perfect outcomes created as you wish.

The operating base only has three buttons with two functional ones, but it can do several things like grinding, pureeing, blasting and so on. Plus, you can manually adjust the status of your mixture thanks to the pulse button. The longer you hold, the finer results will come out.

Besides, the main point that helps you complete the process in seconds is all about the blades. They’re all made of top-quality stainless steel with ultimate sharpness and durability that can last for a lifetime in excellent condition. The blades has different design or shape like hidden sharp edge, blunt and built-in holes to take over different duties like smashing foods, chopping ice, seeds, nuts and for vitamin extraction respectively.

Moreover, the package consists of 3 cups including two 32oz cups and one 24oz cup, so you can diversify your choice with these cups.

11. Hamilton Beach Go Sport Personal Single Serve 600 watt Blender with Travel Lid (51140)

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You can check another offer for the 600-watt single serve blender from the Hamilton beach to diversify your choice. Thanks to the great power of 600 watts you can definitely blend anything added, even the ice cubes can be blasted into snow pieces. Therefore, the smoothies you enjoy will have the perfect taste without any chunks left.

Besides, the great point of this product is all about the 20-oz operating bottle. Like other offer, the bottle is completely made of high-end plastic to help it build the tough and durable structure. However, this one can stand out from the other counterpart because of the insulated double-wall construction. With this characteristic, the body will be much tougher, stronger and can even keep the drinks insider colder and longer as well.

Moreover, the bottle also comes with the travel lid to help you easily enjoy on the go. There is a ring on the lid to help you carry the bottle easily by hooking it in your finger because sometimes the bottle is quite slippery and you may drop it.

In addition, the operating base also has a different design from others, which is very thoughtful and creative from my owned view. With that such design, you have to hold the ergonomic handle of the base to press the button. Therefore, with one hand, you can do both operate the machine and hold it.

I really appreciate your precious time and efforts spent on my devoted work. I hope that with these machines, you can find the best single serve blender for your budget and get ready to enjoy your own healthy recipes. However, if you would like to acquire more specific knowledge about this machine, about how to make a right decision, my buying guide article can help you with that.

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