How to Choose the Best Silicone Spatula: My Buying Guide, Top Picks

Whether we are baking or cooking, scrambling or sautéing, flipping or folding, a heatproof silicone spatula is one the busiest tools in our kitchen.

I know that sometimes, the spatula felt a little too big for home use so, this article will look at new contenders and list out the best of the best silicone spatulas that are not only good for quality, but also have to pass all of my tasks.

They include folding dry ingredients into whipped egg whites, folding pureed fruit into whipped cream, stirring mix-ins like chocolate chips and nuts into thick cookie dough and also use them to cook. I also tested them to scrap up fawn down from a skillet, to remove scrambled eggs from a pan without breaking up the curds as well as discreet sticky honey out of measuring cups of small mixing bowl.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Why should I choose a silicone spatula? Is it safe?

This is the most common question when it comes to silicone spatula.

But, to give you a clear look and detail answer about this question, I will talk about each type of cooking spatula. Basically, you have three choices in material that are used for non-stick pans:

  • Wood
  • Nylon
  • Silicone
  • Metal

But why should you choose a silicone?

When it comes to wood, there are limited choices of wood cooking tools. The drawback with this material is that oftentimes, it turns dark after some usage. If you live in an area where there is a lot of humidity and heat, that’s particularly a problem as that also contributes to the darkening of wood tools.

From an aesthetic reason, it’s not appealing!

With metal spatulas, it’s durable, heat resistant but they are too hard to flip such soft food like egg white. That choice is just suitable for heavy cooking or baking.

With nylon, they will be melted around 400 degrees Fahrenheit while silicone is heat resistant to about 600 degrees. Now, might you wonder that does pan and food really get over 400 degrees, right?

After all, boiling water is about 212 degrees. While most food doesn’t get over 400 degrees, pan’s DO.

Like most of us might have experienced, if you lean a nylon kitchen utensil against the side of a hot pan, the handle will start to melt.

Silicone won’t let that nightmare happen, it comes up with nice look, durable, not get darken after cooking, great heat resistant and on top of that, they are 100% safe!

This is not what I say, but science say, or exactly, they have proved this. When cooking, melted cheap nylon might leak out some toxic mixing to the food. However, thanks to higher heat resistance and toxic-free ingredients, the silicone won’t.

By the way, I highly recommend you to opt for good quality silicone spatula for healthy cooking.

Now, are all silicone spatulas heat resistant?

Great question! Actually, all silicone kitchen utensils aren’t made equally, some come in thin and floppy texture while the others are thick and sturdy. BUT, their ability to heat resistance is equal.

You just need to consider choosing those thick and sturdy silicone when it comes to spatula as the thin material is too floppy to use (as I said above).

And not only heat resistance, silicone spatulas are also great in scraping, stirring and mixing. They won’t get crack or chip and 100% dishwash-safe.

In terms of price, yes, silicone is more expensive, particularly high-quality ones. It drives the cost even higher when the handles are made out of stainless steel as they are longer lasting. Because of that, most professional-grade cooking tools have stainless steel handles.

From that point, if you are looking for high-quality or professional spatulas, go for silicone or stainless steel.

Things to consider

Heads and handles

Now, along the way, I advise you to consider a spatula’s head and handle first, about how they help or get in the way.

For instance, models with smaller heads move less through the reach path so, it takes more time and effort to mix cookie dough or to stir risotto.

The larger heads, on the other hand, barely fit in tight spaces like food processor, work bowls or one-cup measuring cups.

From those facts, I prefer the spatulas with mid-sized heads about 4 x 2 ½ inches. These work faster and more efficiently in a variety of tasks.

Handles are also important.

If they are too narrow or too chunky, they are just uncomfortable to hang up to as we work. If they are too slick, they will have slid around in our hands.

One handle that has a big hole will make it really awkward to grab and use.

My choice is those handles with a fairly even, whether they’re thin or thick. Also, they should have a nice simple huge shape that let me group it multiple ways and use the spatulas at any angle comfortably and securely.

You know what I hate about spatulas?

It gets melt!

As I told you before, only silicone can stand the heat more than 400 degrees, which is nice. But when it comes to choosing, I highly recommend the one single seamless piece of silicone, both head and handle. Thus, no food or water gets stuck in crevices


Now, the shape of a spatula also plays an important role to help your cooking process easier.

The ones that have too sharp top angle will make them harder to scrap and stir because there just isn’t enough area to make easy contact.

Besides, a spatula with the handle sticks, for example the popsicle stick, is truly annoying.  Ridges where food gets stuck and prevented thorough mixing and it takes more multiple swipes to wipe it clean.


The texture of a spatula makes a big difference, too.

One blade which is too stiff will get it over the bowl and pan sides. Also, it nearly deflates egg whites and whipped cream only tries to fold them.

But with a thin, flimsy head, on the other hand, they just curl up like floppy noodles. Totally, useless!

Now, my favorite is a straight, top-edge and one gently curled corner the contour of bowl.

Anti-scratched & anti-smell

It’s a little bit annoying and inconvenient if there are some scratches on the surface of your spatula after scraping foods in processor bowl with the blade in place.

And finally, I don’t want a spatula that easily gets stain or smelly, especially when we use it to cook a slurry of warm tomato sauce minced garlic and curry powder. But hardly this feature is presented or told by the manufacturer, but just based on your own experience.

That’s why you need to consult from other people who have tried a lot of spatulas before picking the best one. And here are my top 10:

Don’t miss out my picks

(Before starting this collection, one thing I want to let you know that all of these silicone spatulas are made out of high-quality silicone and heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.)

1. DI ORO – Large Silicone Spatula – 600ºF Heat-Resistant Spatula – Seamless Design

Buy it here >>

This is the best spatula of my collection and also currently, my favorite in the kitchen.

It comes up with a firm texture for scraping and scooping, but also bendy enough to get every drop. With straight slides and a wide flat blade of about 2.3 inches, it also mixes efficiently. Meanwhile, the spatula is also small enough to fit neatly into tight corner.

This DI ORO is one-piece silicone design with no nuclear or crannies to trap food or dishwater. Made out of high-quality non-slip textured with 18/0 stainless steel handle core using S-Core™ Support Technology, this spatula is safe for non-stick and coated cookware.

The grippy handle that’s exceptionally comfortable in any sizes of hand.

It’s also guaranteed forever for no snap, crack, or bend like other cheap quality on the market. To summarize, compared to my last favorite spatula, DI ORO is the new one that truly bangs for my bucks.

However, of course, having a spatula with just one head can’t approach to everyplace. Too large to approach a smaller measuring cup than 2.3 inches or too small to work in a large pan. That’s why I also recommend a full set of DI ORO coming in three different blade sizes for those who usually work your spatula with many kinds of stuff.

2. DI ORO – Silicone Spatulas – 600ºF Heat-Resistant Spatula – Seamless Design – Pro-Grade Non

Buy it here >>

In detail, this set includes three spatulas with different lengths and blade dimensions. Choose from two color options: black and red. Particularly, DI ORO is very proud of this product line as they have won the Equipment Review Winner for “2017 Best All-Around Silicone Spatula” for their perfect compromise of flexibility and strength along with all the benefits and features provided to cooking process.

So, what exactly are they?

Good question! This set is approved to FDA and BPA free to be the safest silicone cooking utensils to use for both nonstick and coated cookware without fears of harmful toxic.

Along with that, seamless one-piece design will help a lot in nonstick either your food while scraping, stirring or folding or dishwater.

Also, because of its smooth surface, the risk of trapping bacteria will be deducted significantly, which means the hygiene for this product is much easier and safer.

If you are wondering about its handle, they are reinforced S-core stainless-steel support technology. Kindly distinguish this high-quality material with those cheap spatulas on the market currently which are very easy to get chic or break down.

The biggest difference is not only from their quality, but also to the lifetime warranty to cover any pity problems happened to their products. Smart customers can’t miss out this set!

3. OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Flexible Turner

Buy it here >>

After DI ORO, the next brand I truly want to recommend to you is OXO.

They are not only famous in spatulas, but also get trust from customers in other kitchen product lines thanks to the perfect management of quality and price. Not saying that their customer service is really good and the warranty is great. Worth trying!

Back to this Good Grips Spatula, my first impression is its striking flexibility but not too soft and floppy like noodles. Amazing! It can work smoothly in almost of my cookware like processor, measuring can, mixing bowl.

Not only does the best jobs of stirring and scraping, this tool is also ideal for flipping buns, eggs and crepes thanks to its thin edge.

By the way, if you are looking for a specialized spatula for just flipping things, I highly recommend you to opt for the reasonably flexible, tapered edge with a piece of reinforced stainless-steel core inside to glide beneath foods and dish them out more easily.

Thanks to its high heat resistance to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, feel free to let it work in high temperature while cooking. This amazing piece, it won’t get flinch even you drop it into boiling oil.

The only problem compared to DI ORO’s is its lifetime, only less than 1 year. But for the price and its function in flipping eggs and cooking, it’s worth a try!

4. OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set

Buy it here >>

Same as the DI ORO’s set above, this three-piece silicone spatula one comes in three different dimensions: the small, the medium and the spoon.

With various head sizes, they will help you conveniently access to any place, such as with the tight spaces like jars, small measuring cup and cans, the small size is the best choice.

For scraping, the medium-sized with rounded edge surely does the thing. For pushing batter into corners, opt for the square medium-sized.

And lastly, for the rest tasks like tasting, mixing and scooping, use the spoon spatula.

Apart from this three-piece set, there is another option which includes 6 pieces, just double up each size but this set is much more convenient for those who cooking professionally or chefs.

For the drawback, my biggest complaint is its handle – a little bit fat – to store in my upright container on the counter. But compared to its great heat management up to 600 degrees without warping, discoloring or melting and importantly, safe for nonstick and coated cookware, still a thumbs up from me.

5. Silicone Spatula Set | 4 Versatile Tools Created for Cooking, Baking and Mixing | One Piece Design, Non-Stick & Heat Resistant

Buy it here >>

To be honest, my very first purchasing for this Silicone Spatula Set wasn’t going well. The package arrived in with a missing spoon spatula and I contacted to the manufacturer – UpGood. And that was truly a blessing in disguise.

They not only responded to my email immediately, but also sent me even TWO spoon spatulas for apology. I was like wow! Their customer service is no joke, guys!

Out of that small issue, the feature makes this set stand out from the crowd is its extra jar spatula with only 1.25” wide blade to help get everything out of your processor or blender, especially when making ice cream or thick smoothie.

Along with this jar spatula, the “spoonula” also does its best job as well.

The more using, the more you will appreciate its simplicity and convenience. Seamless one-piece design where bacteria, food and dishwater can’t hide or stick, reasonable handle size to hold firmly and comfortably, BPA Free and FDA Approved for safe using with coated or nonstick cookware, Heat resistance to 600 degrees to ensure no flinch, melt or deform and last but not least, a lifetime warranty.

There’s just one thing for those who have already get acquainted to the DI ORO’s, chances will you find these UpGood’s a little bit softer at the very first try. However, after a couple of using, it’s okay in my experience.

6. Turner Set | 2 Pack | Large and Small Kitchen Spatulas | Stainless Steel & Silicone

Buy it here >>

If you usually cooking pizza, buns, eggs, crepes, sautéing, brownies and foods like that, look no further than this Turner Set.

It includes two spatulas with one large size and one small. They are all BPA free and FDA approved with reinforced stainless-steel core insides and high heat resistance to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, cooking safe and dishwater safe for coated or nonstick cookware.

Usually, one isn’t enough if you are a cooking lover. That’s why I recommend this set of two. With the larger measured by 13.0″L x 4.0″W, it’s flexible enough to help flip white eggs and pancakes whereas sturdy enough for burgers.

Meanwhile, the smaller one with 11.8 inches long and 3 inches wide can do its best jobs in sautéing and stirring fry.

There’s just one thing you should take notice is its handle, never let it lean on a hot pan as it does get melted. I don’t know why, the manufacturer said that this section is made with the same material as the spatula head, it melted down. So, be careful!

7. VAPSINT Best Rubber Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas, ( 4 Pieces ) Mixer Colors Cooking Silicone Utensil Set

Buy it here >>

Pretty sure that these 4 pieces will lighten up your too-basic-too-boring kitchen immediately. Compared to the previous version, this updating comes in a lot more advance in quality and appearance.

Come in four, but actually, there are just three spatula sizes, one large-sized with 10.6 x 2.2 inches, one spoonula and two squared medium sized with 8.3 x 1.6 inches. I can understand the reason they double up this design is because they are the most common spatula used in any kitchen while cooking. So, two will better than one to help you use alternately between them.

Also, with such reasonable length and width, plus, the tapered edges for easily sliding beneath foods, they are perfect for cookies, pancakes and burgers.

One more elegant feature yet does bring a significant benefit is the hole designed on each handle so that you can hang them up after cleaning. Easy peasy!

Now, the drawback. Of course, nothing is perfect and so does this set. Never try to over tighten the water lines because its gasket might be budge and get stuck in the faucet.

8. Zoppi Kitchenware – Premium Silicone Spatulas and Spoon with Steel Core

Buy it here >>

To any die-hard fan of cooking or gourmet chefs, chances have you heard of Zoppi Kitchenware at least once in life. They are actually an old brick and mortar store specialized in cookware and kitchen utensils, located in Italy.

Just such basic information may help you understand why I list it in this collection – yes, for its quality. Unlike the OXO Good Grips Spatula only last within a year or other designs on the market that get chic or flinch after a couple of cooking times, this three-piece silicone spatula set is very durable and longevity to serve you for years.

Its construction is quite the same as others in this list- made out of high-quality heat resistant silicone that’s BPA free and FDA approved with reinforced internal stainless steel. But, the outstanding feature is its anti-slip technology by an oleophobic coating.

Those who sweat a lot while cooking might face with this issue commonly that your fingertips’ oils make it too slippery to hold the spatula firmly. But when it comes to this Zoppi, just kiss it goodbye.

Besides, its 3D Shape doesn’t make no sense, it allows food to curve evenly over the flat part to prevent breaking its aesthetic. This’s really important when you want to flip a pancake or an egg white.

I was convinced by this feature and also think that you will.

9. Silicone Spatula Set 5-piece – 600ºF Heat-Resistant Baking Spoon Spatula

Buy it here >>

This set, apart from two spoonulas and two flat spatulas with different length, there is one pastry brush to be a super for all cooking tasks.

I truly love the fact that they are all seamless one-piece design to release no gaps for foods or dishwater get stuck in and cause bacteria growth. Also, the cleanup doesn’t seem a big issue to solve after cooking.

In terms of its flexibility, I rank it higher even than the DI ORO, works actually well when you want to flip a pancake, crepe or egg white. Along with that, scooping, scraping or folding food like a professional chef is totally possible.

Like other spatulas in my list, this one from MRVPP is BPA free and FDA approved, 600ºF heat resistant and nonstick. Besides, they are asserted to not cause any scratches on your coated pots and pans as well.

In summary, worth well for your money.

10. GIR: Get It Right Premium Silicone Ultimate Spatula, 11 Inches, Red

Buy it here >>

Without DI ORO, if forced to choose only one spatula as a multiple purpose kitchen tool, I would pick this medium-sized from Gir with squared head design without hesitation. Measured by 11 x 2 x 0.7 inches, this amazing tool can do almost everything needed thanks to its perfect flexibility as well as the reasonable stiff to access tight places.

Also, it remains heatproof truly great whilst BPA free and FDA approved for harm-free to humans’ health.

Though come in various color option, that’s not the main purpose for me to drop pennies in it, but how well it can handle the granola from the pan to the bowl. It even squish down the granola in the pan greatly without getting melted or flinch.

Not only that, it also helps to stir, mix up or make eggs in the most marvelous way ever. Compared to the OXO, for its convenience and useful, I will no doubt vote for this GIR. However, for the heat resistance, OXO wins with 600 degrees Fahrenheit limitation, not just 550 degrees as this GIR.

In turn, its internal core is better – made out of fiberglass – unlike others with just stainless steel. So, when cooking, it doesn’t get hot to the touch after all.

It’s your turn, now!

Consider all features that I’ve listed out on the previous sections and choose the right one for your needs and kitchen. Remember that if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! So, never forget to pick the heat resistant spatulas at first.

Hopefully, this article helped you get the most suitable one for your cooking. Good luck!


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