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10 Best Rustic Wine Racks to Impress Your Home Cellar [Updated 2019]

Wine racks serve not only occasional imbiber but also dedicated oenophile. It’s a showcase spot where you exhibit your perfect collection of bottles. Storing wine requires a great understanding of how to keep it in pristine condition. The two vital elements affect the tasting quality call on the racking system and temperature. Besides, researchers advocate drinking 1 or 2 glasses of every day improves optimal health. Then you may think of getting a larder to store your wine bottles.

Among the great range of wine racking options, this selection of rustic wine rack combines varieties of designs and sizes to match any of your decorative styles. Meanwhile drinking the contents may cause the stock gone fast, you will find these splendid racks inspire you to keep the rack filled. Your ideal wine room is no longer out of reach.

01. 120 Bottle Rustic Wood Wine Rack; Super EASY to assemble!! (Made in Oregon)

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Here said a motto from G.E. Lumber Manufacturer: “Not only does Oregon have great wines; but we also do a great job making fine RACKS too.” This simple wine rack promises a standard of a close to A grade with minor visible imperfections. The instruction shows that each shelf can hold two rows of bottles. The bottom row holds of 8 bottles, the second one reaches 7 units to make 15 on each shelf, times 8 shelves equals the exact number of 120. This simple rack will create an instant wine cellar anywhere in the house.

Though this product comes in parts, it is super easy and fast to assemble. The box delivers pieces with screws holding the shelves to the frame and wood plugs holding the two 4-shelf units together. The largest height is at 60 inches; you can always break it into two racks that hold 60 each with half less tall to ensure more concrete.

The wooden bottle spacers which run from front to back along the length of each shelf priors to its rigidity. This completion guarantees no sagging nor distortion of the frame for a considerable time.

I would not take this rack as a fancy display attraction. But it undertakes a beyond expectation storage for a great amount of bottle. A similar wine stock with double size and costs twice the price would not be able to carry that much of unit. President of G.E Lumber is confident enough to quote that his product will make you happy or else you can always return it to him with a full refund. Moreover, you can request a free earthquake strap to add more secure in case the event happens.

02. VintageView Le Rustique Wine Rack in Satin Black

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Don’t want a space consuming rack on the floor? A set of this vintage epitomized rustic wall wine rack is a convincible choice. Yet being a breathtaking décor suggested for places with limited area. The Le Rustique wine rack will bring your favorite wine bottles to display instead of laying hidden behind bulky old style racking system.

This rustic wine rack has the dimensions of 12 inches wide and 27.5 inches tall, depth is of 4 inches styled in a Black Satin Finish. For its particular use, this rack is ready to mount on a wall with screws and anchors. It is able to accommodate 6 bottles on one rack. A brief instruction includes will ease your installation process. Some users have proven that it can be installed on a kitchen cabinet where people can’t organize a cellar. This rack works as well for big bottles like champagne or magnums with a volume of 1.5L. Combine more than one set to arrange your own Gallery of Wine Label Artwork.

While some wine racks are too long and pricey, this instrument offers a stylization that will complete your wine bar with exquisite. The scroll-end design at the top gives the perfect touch at the same time remaining simplicity. It illustrates the effect that the bottles are floating off the wall. This gives you a pure chance to exhibit the brand labels you’re proud of.

Some say that this item costs a fair price compared to the others. Even so, the value defines the quality of such a well-built product as in the benefit it brings. This wine rack will be a flawless gift on every occasion in between.

03. Handmade Wood Wine Rack Natural Pine Decor Bottle Holder Organizer Wall Mounted

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I gave a WOW to this hand-crafted wine holder. Simple as rack could be, it conveys a message of true nature and a genuine mean of a rustic wine rack. For me, it adheres to the quote “keep it simple stupid”.

With the dimension of 23.3 times 7.5 inches, all it got are a piece of natural pine that undergoes a deep dry, and some cut off ropes fasten to circuits. What makes it unique is the simplicity that keeps the original structure of the pine and adds an antique color to make it look super exclusive. Special protectant adds extra cover to the wood to make it last longer. The rustic design integrates with a great variety of décor. A few simple steps are needed to mount this rack optionally to drywall or solid walls with 2 provided dowels. The back is sanded so as not to leave scratches to the wall.

Speaking of the rustic hanging wine racks, there are 3 options to organize your bottles include horizontal, vertical on the left-hand side and/or on the right-hand side. Holding the same amount of bottle with the VintageView Le Rustique Wine Rack, this rack utilizes the rope loops to handle all 6 bottles. Without taking up floor base, it is said to be perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, bars, counter space, wine cellar, wine shops, café, restaurants, et cetera.

As a gift, the product comes in a beautifully wrapped up in plain cement paper and tied with a ribbon of thin thread. Such an attractive and practical rustic wine rack presents available at a painless price. I would dedicate a dinner outside to make someone I want to give this wine rack to happy.

04. Rivers Edge Deer Antler

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If a wall rack is not your style, then a table antler rack could be the one in your mind. A rustic wine bar should not miss this faultless adornment that will initiate an exciting conversation.

Well artificially designed inspired by real deer antlers, this wine holder is completed with manual painting process using polyresin and polished with the water-resistant lacquer. The details are clear to make it look more natural. This rack free stands on any flat surface like a home furniture and it holds 4 bottles of 750 ml at the same time. One reviewer suggested that it could bear one large bottle just fine.

With the size of 12 x 16.5 x 15.5 inches which will sit properly on a table, I would not count this wine rack a center patch but it will make a great piece to add a little rustic appeal to any home. Many people choose this item as a present for a celebration. For people with hunting hobby, an antler wine rack is an undeniable souvenir.

Compare to other decorative wine racks, this holder is a bit pricey for its size. Nonetheless, buyers would despite the cost of such an attractive object. A lot of them have picked this antler to give to their friends and relations with no halt about the price.

However, I would like to add this alert before you make a purchase. Due to the chemical used, this product can expose users to lead that may cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. So, it’s better to acknowledge this caution although the product has already become popular.

05. Rustic Country Wine Cabinet

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This list can’t skip a country rustic wine cabinet that will add a decorative appearance to most room in your home.

When it comes to choosing antique looking furniture, I kindly regard something of old dark color with wood grains all over the object. This rustic bar cabinet does give me the feeling of that old-timer, though it’s not manufactured from real wood.

This cabinet delivers parts to assemble with enough hardware to join every piece. The unit takes up a space of 31.5 x 32 inches square which is suitable for most corners in the house or office. It offers far more than just storing wine. Once you complete putting the stuff together, you’ll see the two bottoms represent 8 large slots for bottles even big magnums. Two enclosed cabinets with transparent glass door to store additional bottles or serving pieces. Inside the left cabinet comprises a drawer can use to keep corkscrews and openers. The functional feature I prefer the most is a rack under the drawer to hang your stemware. This cabinet is even solid and sturdy enough to put a wine cooler on top of it. Furthermore, the producer of this item generously proposes one year of warranty.

Among plenty of rustic wine rack in the market, this wine cabinet remains a prevalent option notwithstanding the price. In all likelihood, the cabinets with about the size charge an extra hundred bucks for some minor improvement are not worth the investment. To save a bit of budget for a better bottle, this elegant rustic cabinet is my pick for you.

06. del Hutson Designs – The Little Elm Wine Rack, USA Handmade Reclaimed Wood, Wall Mounted, 4 Bottle 4 Long Stem Glass Holder (Natural)

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If you’re not up for a rustic liquor cabinet, let’s go back to a hanging one. Wall mounting wine racks are among the best choice to save places for other interiors. The Little Elm rustic wall mounted wine rack 4 bottles is one of them.

As little with a range of 20″ wide and 13″ high, this bottle organizer contains 4 regular size bottles at neat. Reclaimed wood is collected by hand, cut and assembled to generate the unique pattern on each piece. This wine rack looks alike with Engraved custom wine rack but in different color and material, it does not come with carving; however, with the small size, it’s convenient to pair multiple racks to make a gallery. A stem holder added so as not to waste the area below. Pre-drilled holes in the backboard making it ready to mount in studs or drywall anchors. It gives 3 options of color grey, cherry and natural. Once it’s geared up, it adds a desirable rustic style and artisan feel that compliments most any vogue.

Some users have suggested mounting this product into a stub because it could weight excess the wall capacity when bottles added. It may require some external screws to secure it into the wall. The stemware slots could be too narrow could be widened with sandpaper. To extend the magnificence, place a small pot of flowers or a family picture frame on top of the rack.

Overall speaking, despite this rustic wine rack with glass holder, is not on the cheap side plus tax, it has earned a place in storing wine product. Its concrete built and rustic look will transform your bland wall into a stunning exhibition.

07. Custom Name Personalized Wine Rack Engraved Carved Custom Rustic 6 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack with 4 Glass Slot Holder, Wall Decor, Primitive, Handmade, Vintage

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There are justifiable reasons why this personalize wine rack receives only fondness from users. A one of a kind rustic engraved bottle holder created to win every heart.

Unlike other wine racks made by lasers, paint, or vinyl decals, the product starts with hand-selected reclaimed pine then treated with dark walnut stain to finish. Each set includes custom engraving and image requested upon order; the letters will be hand painted. People say that the craftsmanship is superb whose letters and images are crafted manually in precise. Wall mounting assisted by the two D rings on the back for an even hanging. This vintage holder owns a primitive look to deliver the impression of real wood and a prestigious décor to make viewers give compliments by all mean.

Measurements are 21.5″Long, 11.5″Tall, and 5 ” Thick which is a sufficient saving-space unit that stands in sturdy on your wall. A factor to notice is it discriminates certain bottles with size above of regular; fat-bottom bottles would not fit the span of 5 inches. The practical feature lays beneath a rack where you can hang 4 stem glasses for instant use. I would give it 5 stars for this brilliant aim.

While occupies the very functional characteristics, this rustic wine rack charges a decent price that wouldn’t hurt your wallet. All in all, this handcrafted piece of work satisfies every purpose of use. Either to make it your home interior or to give it to some you love, it altogether serves with its best.

08. del Hutson Designs – The Original Wine Rack, USA Handmade Reclaimed Wood, Wall Mounted, 8 Bottle 8 Long Stem Glass Holder & Shelf (Walnut)

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If the holder accommodates 6 bottles isn’t enough for your collection, here comes a larger option with capacity up to 8 units in one line.

This single rack would save your time joining the two half-size racks on one-time installment. The item delivers a completion, all you need to do is drilling it to a wall. It has the length of 40 inches which provides generous space for 8 bottles to dwell at once. The same amount of stem glasses can find their slots tidily under the bottles. Walnut color covered by a coat of stain causes it an ancient look of aging and mysterious. In case you don’t own that much of wine in your collection, the remaining space can take advantage to store some other decorations.

In fact, reclaimed lumbers with natural variation make every final piece its own creation. Therefore, each of the completed products carries a distinctive complexion. Comes with large size and heavy material, this wine rack weights itself roughly 7 kilograms or 16 in pounds. A minor obstacle is the inside shelf space is about 3.5 inches which won’t fit any bottle with bottom’s diameter more than that number. The manual says only 4 bottles can stand on each side, but you’ll find it allows 5 with some reorganizing. With that decision, you may need to maneuver or slide the bottles out. In addition to protecting your wall, you can finish it with poly satin so the stain will not saturate through the facade.

To define your rustic style in home décor, this handmade wine rack does a perfect job. Even in a small place like an apartment, it will make the bar area look imperative. Ready to get your visitors to envy you?

09. Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack Stand 4 Long Stem Glass holder & Wine Cork Storage By Soduku

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This rustic wine rack gives me a real fresh feeling of a brilliant design that brings enjoyment when looking at it. Do you want to know why?

The one rustic metal wine rack in this list with a compact dimension of 17.5 x 4.8 x 7.3 inches will make a stunning décor in your kitchen. Why kitchen? For it can load a pack of 4-5 bottles that serves efficiently at supper or a warm family meal. Thin metal gives it a lightweight your wall needs to stay sturdy on a wall. A delightful display of “HOME” is a meaningful message to your family members. This rack will make an adorable gift for any family oriented person.

To people with collecting hobby, a cork means not only about opening and finishing a bottle. A cork keeps the memory when you share an evening drinking with your loved people. There is a number of reason why people save wine corks after use and that’s how this wine rack idealize this behavior. Under where the bottles stand presents a cork storage with a little side door for accessing. Can’t express its extreme cuteness that grabs my desire to own this rack right away. Of course, it should not skip some stem slots to make more space for the house.

I bet no one would say no to this lovable gift in any occasion. Moreover, an acceptable price for this item would terminate any doubt of its quality and outstanding appearance. To add more attraction to the rack, put an imitative vine with some grapes to score a tropical outlook.

10. Floating Wine Shelf and Glass Rack Set (Wall Mounted), Rustic Pine Wood Handmade by del Hutson Designs

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Another product of del Hudson’s house will complete this list. The two separated shelves will wipe the boredom of one piece design out. Del Hudson Designs is proud of their products that bring functionality to every piece of creation. This rustic wine glass rack is one of the top recommendations for any home.

Clinging to the space-saving concept, this rack comes in two firm individual decks. Wall mounted installation is super easy with hardware provided. Some buyers encouraged to use toggle bolts for extra security as if the upper shelf seems to be a bit flimsy. A subtract of this item goes to the pre-install process would cause difficulty for no pre-drilled holes done. A wall anchor should be used in this situation. The product has sufficed the capacity to carry the weight of several glasses and bottles. People suggest placing 4 bottles in laying or standing position on the shelf with stem slots. It doesn’t have to set up the way it is in the picture, yet you can customize the spot to match your sense of style.

Its width measures 24 inches and 6 inches in height. All painted in dark walnut makes a statement in your home and gives plenty of space to organize your stuff.

While this looks nice for the price, the wood used is of great quality and well-engineered which feels heavy and sturdy in hand. It’s proved to works just fine for a rustic wine rack. If you don’t mind adding some technical tasks for accomplishment, this rack will please your taste.

11. Simpli Home Redmond Solid Wood Sideboard Buffet & Winerack, Rustic Natural Aged Brown

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This Redmon rustic sideboard with wine rack is designed to provide you with ample storage space for your wine and much more.

The item features 2 drawers at the center, 2 side doors with a large storage, and a wine storage rack, which is divided into individual slots and capable of holding 12 wine bottles. The overall piece is large enough to meet your need while compact enough to blend in easily with your room.

The sideboard is handcrafted from natural aged pine with a protective layer to highlight the wood grain, giving off a rustic, vintage vibe. The color is subdued, with the factory-distressing already in place as well as the brass handles which are in a nice dulled bronze. What’s more, the feet are elegantly tapered and the table is shaped like a molded crown, which further adds to its antique look.

The cabinet’s parts arrived nicely packaged and includes an eligible assembly instruction. All holes have already been pre-drilled and a all slots have been pre-cut, so there’s no need for any extra work other than assembling the parts together. Plus, the shelves behind the door are adjustable in height, which allows you to freely alternate them to best suit your need.

The finishing piece is one solid wood construction that will make a great addition to your living room, kitchen or even the bedroom. Highly recommended!

12. Soduku Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack 6 Bottles No Need Assembly

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This Soduku Countertop Wine Rack would be the perfect choice for those who live in a tight space or dislike the hassle of having to hang or assemble your wine rack from scratch. With this wine rack, all you have to do is take it out of the box, set it on the counter and fill it with wine. Simple, isn’t it?

The wine rack is a combination of 2 wooden tops and a black metal frame which go together nicely to make a beautiful rustic rack with a modern twist to it. There are six circles for a maximum holding of six bottles, but you can buy another wine rack and connect the two in order to store more. The holes are large enough to hold most kinds of wine bottle, except for bubbly wine ones.

One issue that with this piece, however, is that a few customers complained about the actual product being different from the picture in terms of wood quality and construction, though that’s not my case at all.

All things being said, I still believe this is a great alternative to an expensive wine cabinet that would have cost at least four times at much. This countertop rustic wine rack has a nice design and a small size that could fit just about anywhere. I couldn’t ask for more.

Finally, the market loads tons of choices when most of us need more time to invest in other works. Lest you confuse from the ocean of options, I’ve gathered the best I know and hope this list will free you from that shopping burden.


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