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List of Rabbit Wine Opener for Noobs and Pros

Don’t know what opener to pick for your next party ? A greenhorn with little knowledge of what to buy ? Let me give you a lead then I will review it for you ? Sounds fair ?

Ok done ! I have a list of 10 wine openers. The majority is classical rabbit wine opener, and others are run by electric.

The important component of rabbit wine opener ?

There are two parts of a rabbit popper that are very important: a pincer and a big lever.

A pincer is a small hand that is used to hold tightly the bottle finish. For big lever, users can pull up and down to activate the corkscrew. When your pull up the lever, the corkscrew is move up as well. While you pull down, the corkscrew will drill the corkscrew.

How to use rabbit wine opener.

  • Pull over the big lever, the corkscrew is up.
  • Navigate the bottle finish then use your pincer to hold tightly the finish
  • Pull down the big lever then pull up again. Your bottle cork is removed and stuck inside your opener.
  • Pull down the lever again. This time using the pincer to hold strongly the cork.
  • Pull up the lever once and the cork is discarded from your opener.

Now you get the basic let us see what opener fits you.

1. Rabbit Electric Wine Set

Buy it here >>

Now if you are not familiar with using a non rabbit electric wine opener, you should try this out. This set is included a needed ware to open and preserve the wine.

There is a small stand for you to lay all your gears. This stand is able to hold a foil cutter, two stoppers, a pourer and the opener. Its color is ebony so you need to wipe all the dust frequent.

It is much more straightforward to use this automatic opener than the non automatic counterparts. Simply hold your openers in your hand and put it on the unpopped cork. It fits my hand and it is not slippery. After that, press the button and let the screw do its job, penetrating through the bottle cork. Then, press up again and the cork will be removed. To take your cork back, push down the button and your bottle cork will be released. It takes few more second to open a bottle as the screw seems slow while drilling.

Have you finished your wines ? If you are not, use the stopper provided so that you can use your wine once more. Those stoppers will prevent any wines from being oxidized, leaving the original taste of your bottle.

Since it is an automatic opener so users need to charge it after opening 30 bottles. To me, when an opener is only able to pop 30 bottles, it is best to be used at home in your kitchen. It is suggested to look openers with bigger battery.

2. Premium Rabbit Wine Opener Set by OPUX | Wine Tool Set with Rabbit Corkscrew Opener, Aerator, Stopper, Foil Cutter

Buy it here >>

As you can see, these days every single product model can be copied one way or another and with different brand names. Therefore, all brand management schemes include making distinct features for products or create space for choosing.

Aesthetic look wins. I mean this rabbit wine bottle opener possess one of the best wrapping out there. The box is stunning, which is perfect as a gift for housewarming. You can choose which type of box that you want. You either want to take an elegant ebony box or royal wooden alike box. All the tools inside are placed on black velveteen which is even more majestic.

The tool looks breathtaking including a pourer, an opener, a stopper, a foil cutter and the rabbit wine opener. They are all stainless steel and coated with shiny substance to prevent both water and dust from damaging it.

As mentioned, the rabbit opener is easy to use and to penetrate any cork quickly and efficiently. However, I am unable to hold it as my hand produce so much oil so I prefer to give it away to use by myself. In addition, I only test them on normal cork and not a synthetic one so you better test it give my your feedbacks.

A single turn of the cutter will remove any foils fast. The foil cutter is sharp so do not put it near children.

As you are provided with many tools, such price per box makes sense.

3. Wine Opener Set – 2018 Edition All-In-One Rabbit Corkscrew Set with Standing Rabbit Wine Opener, Foil Cutter, Stopper, Wine Aerator

Buy it here >>

Now if you are familiar with Wine&Cork you might want to use this newer version instead of the old one. It is new so everything is a new rabbit bottle opener, new pourer, new stopper and a new foil cutter. Nothing stays forever, your old tools will become less shapern. The opener looks older and the screw is not so efficient anymore. A wise choice to replace all at once.

Compare to the old model it is the same. The speed of both rabbit openers are almost the same, the new one is just a little quicker as it is newer. Then the next question is why do you choose this version ? In my point of view, I buy this because of the pourer. Over time why using my pourer gets some small dust and solid waste that it is hard to be removed (I must admit I am so lazy to wash it after use so it leave some waste)

The box contains those gears is awesome as always. The ribbon outside the box does complement with the inside and the gear, make it a nice gift for buyers to consider.

In addition, to support buyers’ knowledge of wine, the manufacturer provide us a guidebook. You can access it online to know a little bit more about this wine and the product.

Price for the whole is cheap so better grab a box fast before someone do so. The product is quite popular so you may expect some delay in some retail sites.

4. Rabbit Wine Opener with Best Wine Accessories

Buy it here >>

The rabbit wine opener that I am going to show you is abit unbalance in terms of style and the container.

I do know whether I should complain about this: The box is not nice, like some low quality product in spite of the high quality contents. You better find yourself some good wrapping if you consider this a gift.

The appearance of this rabbit wine opener is decent. A whole things are painted with shiny red velvet color, a holder’s color is black and the lever ‘s color is nickel. It compliments quite well in term of color with red wine. There are no pincer. Instead, the opener is built with holder that help you to grab it with your palm tightly. The process of opening is a little bit different than the conventional tools. Place the holder part on top of the cork after you cut the foil.

The lever mechanic is the same as mentioned in the first part of this review. The end of the lever is scabrous making it easy for my oil hands, no slippery at all.

The two stoppers in the set are contradict with the style of opener. Again, It feels like different product from different set that comes together in a box. However, the stoppers are in good condition, keeping my wine a decent taste.

By far it is one of the best opener that has been tested with 20000 bottles (the company claimed that) so I am surprised when the price is higher than a normal opener.

5. Rabbit Wine Opener Corkscrew Set, 9 Pieces Wine Bottle Screwpull Accessories Gift Kit, Wine Stoppers and Pourer

Buy it here >>

This set is a treasure chest, giving the user a rabbit wine opener, a cutter, two stoppers, 1 extra corkscrew, a pourer and a wine thermometer. The box is in a refined condition, a red color with wood texture amplify the luxurious, a good present for any occasions.

The pincer of the opener is quite big, making it easier to hold. The lever looks needs and fits my hand well, even though I have to dry my hands first as this product is not built for people with moisted hand.

You are in my 101 wine class. Please note down: Bordeaux should never be served too cold. Don’t be an idiot to drink it like that. Temperature impacts your wine a lot, depending on the type of win. Use a thermometer provided in this set for best consumption.

While pouring wine, naturally some bottle might leak few drops. You lose some wine and also it spills on your table, not very nice and classy at all. This opener set provides you Drip Ring. I can’t explain in detail a mechanic behind this tool. However, while I equip this to the bottleneck, the dripping stops. Furthermore, the drip ring is made from zinc alloy so it can resist any acidic liquid from corroding it.

This set provide the user an extra corkscrew for replacement in case the old one is broken. Do not worry, a corkscrew is not that easy to be broken so it might be long before the replacement happens.

6. Wine Opener Corkscrew Set, 7 Pieces Wine Bottle Accessories Gift Kit

Buy it here >>

Normally buyers will see many sets of rabbit wine opener come with 8 to 9 pieces. This set has only 7 pieces but the box is absolutely beautiful and distinct from other sets in the opener world plus a few more things.

The box is made from leather with simple diamond pattern. Its size is 12×8 inches. Freely re-use the box for any purpose for keeping small tools and picture. A little bit inconvenience to contain all inside the box so I always leave my tools outside. Any rabbit opener can stand on its own by using the two pincer and the lever.

A few standard pieces are provided in this set such as 2 stoppers, foil cutter, drip rings and foil cutter. Aside from that, purchasers are given 12 glass markers to customize the glass by their own style.

For standard 7 pieces, every tools are made from a mix of zinc and steel so there are no fear for corrosion, except the pourer which are made from high quality plastic. Both the drip ring and the pourer are great tools to stop you from wasting wine on the floor.

It is not a pricey set plus a beautiful box making it a hot stuff in the net. There is only feel of them in big retail site. Grab it quick !

7. Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Kit

Buy it here >>

Some buyers would like their rabbit wine opener to last just a short amount of time so they can replace with newer models eventually. This happens a lot in phone industry and or sectors as well. On the other hand, there are people who would like their stuffs last a lifetime. Such product will cost anyone an arm and a leg.

Still insist in buying the most durable product ? Don’t blame me if you use up all the budget. You can buy two sets with a same amount of money. The quality of this tool is high as well as the price. It is made from refined steel, resisting common substance from harming it.

For usability, It fits my hands well and I find it easy to use. Lift the lever a little and pull down fast then pull up again. It is quick and precise, opening a bottle within 3 seconds with a few practice. A detail instruction is at the back of the container. The screw is quick and can spiral through any cork swiftly, both synthetic corks and natural corks. The warranty for the opener is 5 years, which is long for a small wares.

In addition, the container includes extra screw, foil cutter and two stoppers just like ordinary set. Beside from the price, the reason why I will not buy it for friends could be the unappealing container. Manufacturer produce a nice tool but they need to work more on the box. Cheaper openers have nicer box so they worth considering more.

8. Vino Estate Rabbit Wine Opener 7-Piece Bamboo Box Set

Buy it here >>

Vino Estate is a small company with various wares for buying. Out there there are several bigger players in the market providing decent rabbit wine openers. However I still some good feature that is worth considering to put their stuffs in my basket. This includes decent customer service and unique features on the product. Also the price is a main factor in making decision. It is affordable and fit my limited budget more than other openers.

Users will fall in love with the container. It is nothing out of ordinary that manufacturer decide to make a different on the packaging. A decent box with a total ‘wood alike’ pattern. In fact a whole box are formed using bamboo, which are very light and durable. On top of the box is the brand with the slogan ‘enjoy life’ quote.

We are provided with a foil cutter, a bottle plug, a drip ring and a wine pourer. Additionally, this set contains a stand to be put on any table. I am sure a frequent user might needs it out in a kitchen more often than in a box so stand is necessary.

The opener is built using classic schematic: two big pincer to hold and big lever to pull. The tool pincer can be held easily. A few practice will make you get use to it fast. I can open a bottle a few seconds.

9. Rabbit Zippity 2-Step Waiter’s Corkscrew

Buy it here >>

I have already present to you some good range of rabbit wine opener. If you want a portable version that happen to be in your pants pocket then consider this product.

This is a tool with multi built-in feature. One end there is a sharp blade to split any foil and remove it from bottle lips. Now follow my guide carefully or you may cut yourself. Open the blade, place your thumb on the opposite side of the blade. Place the blade on the foil and use your index finger hold other side of the bottle lips. Use your left hand to rotate the body of the bottle. Use enough force for the rolling action only.

The middle part of the tool is the corkscrew. My only fear is when you penetrate the cork with in proper precision, angle and force, you will definitely break it. Now take out your screw in 90 degree. Place it vertically on top of the cork and start rotating. Link another end with the lips of the bottle and use your thumb to hold it. Close the blade and grab that end to pull that up, the corkscrew is removed.

A few notable strength of this tool are the mobility and convenience. As it is small you can bring it anywhere to open bottles for you. No battery is needed, a sheer force is enough. However, as mentioned I am just afraid that I may end up breaking the cork while opening

10. Metrokane 9200 Rechargeable Electric Rabbit Corkscrew

Buy it here >>

For home use, this rabbit wine openers are the best in this list. Simple pressing will pull the cork and release it from the opener as you desire.

The modern looking is a strong point of this product, complimenting nicely with your top notch technology kitchen. (Unless your kitchen is not that high tech).

It is slower than normal openers as the motion is so slow. I guess 3 to 4 second slower than physical openers. However I have to admit that machines do things with highest dexterity possible, leaving your cork undamaged after opening. Trying this with both natural and synthetic cork, it works perfectly fine.

The stand acts as a charging pad as well. Too bad there is no record on how many bottle that it can open before the next charging. It might take a few hours to be fully charged, remember to unplug or the inner battery is harmed.

Also a blue LED light on the stand is very beautiful at night. Additionally, depend on the socket that you should buy a suitable converter before plugging into any household electric holes.

I do not use it for so long so I do not know when the button up and down will be broken. However I have looked around al retail site comment and the feedbacks are positive, generally speaking about quality. The only weakness that it has is its vulnerability against water. Just. Don’t shower it with water.

11. Rabbit Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm

Buy it here >>

Your rabbit wine opener is invincible, following you to tons of battle and opening many bottles. The suddenly the screw is broken though everything else is fine. You start to panic rushing from store to store for searching one.

Too bad that your opener set only give you two corkscrew. If you lost one, what is a proper replacement. Would you buy a bunch of unknown quality corkscrew from China, saving a few bucks and risk your life?

Let just say that I have a right replacement for you. This corkscrew from Rabbit can drill over 800 bottles and still works effectively due to the fact that everything is made from steel. The steel is molded into a very thick spiral structure so any strong force from your arm will not bend it easily. The nature of steel is that it can stand against moisture and water.

It is as well easy to change anytime you feel that you want a new one. Either the electrical or non electrical opener, I could swiftly change the screw when the time comes.

Moreover it is quite cheap, less than 10 bucks per piece so I will grab a bunch of those for the joy of hoarding.

One last things, If you are new to all of this, pick the automatic rabbit wine opener. When you are a pro use a physical one and start pulling. In case your friends are wine lover, a box set of opener is an outstanding gift. I did include in a guide corkscrew brand for replacement. Plenty of tools which are better or worse in the market so the list are just suggestion from my personal opinion. Pick what you prefer.


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