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Best Quality Magnetic Bottle Openers to Grab Your Heart [ Updated 2019 ]

During your birthday party, your friends have been passing over the bottle opener until it’s gone missing. You don’t want to break the fun by rushing to a convenient store or asking your friends to stop drinking. A redesigned bottle opener could save the day. Besides adding a plus to your party, this newest generation of bottle opener could be the greatest gift ever for everyone.

Here comes a major list of the best openers that serve different tastes of choice. Let’s save your time digging the market by looking at the best magnetic bottle openers with cap catcher I preferred. You’ll find opening a bottle no longer a boring and hurtful task.

01. Silver HQY Beer Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher, Pack of 2 (New Version)

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Let’s start with this portable bottle opener. It holds every basic function of an opener and beyond. To the minimalism lovers, this irreducible designed bottle opener will please your taste.

Designed differently from the usual opener, this HQY is an upgrade method to open bottle caps. It operates by pushing down the device and popping up the lids fast and determined. This act causes no bend to the cap which is idealistic for bottle cap collectors. It also serves as a cap catcher with the magnet attached. You can keep the caps to cover your drink in case it’s not finished. Pretty convenient!

This magnetic bottle opener is a great item to carry on vacation whose size of 4.8 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches is of no matter. You can always bring it to your family picnic, camping, or travel trips. What makes this item worth a consideration is the handful design that is suitable for people with arthritis. Moreover, it is said to be the fastest opener of it all. Made of high quality and durable material, this gear will stay fit in one hand.

This opener delivered in pack of 2 or 6 which you can split to fabulous gifts on any occasion such as Christmas or New Year to the people you love. The price is not too painful in case you lose one or the whole pack of two.

For such an attractive and inexpensive tool like this, it works like a charm. Your kitchen drawer should not miss this amazing gadget.

02. Master Magnetics 07581 Magnetic Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher with Brushed Stainless Steel

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If you’re tired of looking for the bottle opener while partying, this “easy-stick-around” bottle opener will fit your choice. A simple concept is an outstanding décor for your place. The bright brushed stainless steel surface in truth catches the eyes.

Manufactured by Master Magnetic, a company specifies themselves in producing the best magnet. The product promises with an extreme strong mag that will stay put on refrigerators, RVs, or toolboxes. This magnetic beer opener contains 4 powerful magnets covered with rubber to allow easy movement and prevent scratches on any surface. That would assure the opener will not displace by any slight impact.

The creator of this magnetic bottle opener for refrigerator had thought of everything. This opener offers single hand install. Once it magnetizes, you can adjust it to your desired spot by moving it gradually to your desired position and there you go. How about a non-metallic surface? No problem, there are 2 pre-drilled holes where you can drive some screws to secure it into a wall.

The fun part is in the cap catching feature. Once you pop a cap off a bottle, the magnet plate below will hold the cap up to 100 ones until you’re ready to dispose. The size of the lower magnet area takes up of 4 inches which is enough for a bunch of 100 caps at peak. This would help to collect different brands of drinks to build a collection.

With the dimension of 5 x 10 inches, it gives great space for you to stick on some decals of your favorite football team. Wouldn’t that be a cute little decoration in your house?

As a whole, the device does what it supposes to do as a great tool to take opening bottle lids to a new level of enjoyment. Not being a prejudice item, this will blend in any color area. More than that, the unbeatable price makes it a MUST to have on this list.

03. Bruntmor wood magnetic bottle opener and Cap Catcher

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Are you a vintage fan? This handed paint wood opener will please your interest. Looking more luxurious than it costs, Bruntmor magnetic bottle opener with cap catcher is designed with rubberwood hardwood finished lacquer sheen. It wears 2 exquisite stripes that comes in 3 different colors from lighter to darker.

Featured with the powerful permanent magnetic, the opener employs one-handed operation. It will sturdily be stuck into your fridge, tailgates, or any magnetic surface once installed. This magnetic fridge bottle opener is an ideal pick for apartments or college dorm where you can’t drill in the wall.

The product works for everyone. The 100% upgraded Zinc Alloy opener functions comfortably with bottle tops. The solid material enhances the strength of leverage that will make opening bottle caps has never been easier.

A bottle opener serves majorly in celebrations. This product is recommended to set up in the kitchen or wall close to where you throw your parties. It includes screws for wall mounted. In order to maximize the protection, you can use larger size screws to tighten it on the surface.

More than expected from a magnetic bottle opener, the lower mag catches caps up to 50 units. This trick would bring much more fun to the occasions where a “hit or miss” game of cap capturing could be held.

Overall, this Bruntmor opener meets every need of a magnetic beer bottle opener as well as a great present for your loved ones. More than that, vintage design combines an affordable price is a killing combo.

04. YaeKoo Magnetic Opener – Cap Catcher, Wall-Mounted, Refrigerator Magnet.

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Another pick for people who in love with wood. This elegant solid looking piece of wooden work implanted powerful magnets to make it stand still in any metallic area. A plus of this product is that its heavy duty strong mags would not miss any cap that falls from your twist. Using it is as simple as a pie with the stainless steel opener built solidly and has the duration that lasts longer than a cap could. Opening bottle cap will never be a painful work that used to cost you time and effort.

It is suggested to be installed on fridges as it does not have any pre-drilled holes. However, you can always put it fixed with some screws in a place where you wish to have it still. For example, on a tree near your barbecue garden at your summer house, near the pool, or even somewhere noticeable in your basement bar. The size of 5 times 9 inches would not take up much space on any surface. Instead, it’d become an impressive gadget that performs fantastically.

This item values more than what it costs. Apart of being such an royal mark at your bar, it is a stunning bonus for your fest where drinking is no longer interrupted by a missing opener. What’s more is your beloved people would love it as a gift for their own places. Don’t wait any longer to surprise your family and friends.

05. Bottle Opener Magnetic Cap Catcher – Handmade Walnut Wood with Personalized Family Name

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This list can’t skip this remarkable opener. With all the functions attached of a magnetic bottle opener, this device has a more intriguing fascination.

The product has the faultless size of 8 x 3.5 x .75 inches with chamfered edge. The mighty magnets hidden unobtrusively will magnetize still into any magnetic spot. The handful cap catching reaches maximum at 50 bottle lids. Plus, this is a real piece of walnut hardwood that makes it look more of privilege. The opener is made of stainless steel designed with a tough form to help you to pry your beverage with ease. It can be mounted magnetically or drilled firm into the wall. With this item, you can select the wood and the opener style (the metal opener) of your choice.

Beyond the expectation is the engraved custom messages to send as a present. This personalized magnetic bottle opener allows you to inscribe anything upon request. You can attach your words, style, and notes at order to the seller carve on the item. Additionally, the opener comes with beautiful gift box ready for giving. Put a name of your spouse, parents, fellows or anyone you love in front to express how you cherish them. Lovely!

Despite the price that defines the great hard work, it is worth every penny for such a flawless meaningful gift that utilizes quality material and the act of love delivering. Among the similar devices with the same price, this personalized opener is of my top choice for it adding benefits. If there is any minor drawback, it should be the firm unibody wood that make it hard to insert screws. Nonetheless, this should not be off your list.

06. “Hand of the King” style Magnetic Bottle beer Opener Inspired by GOT A Song of Ice and Fire

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To HUGE fans of GoTs, this epic looking opener will catch your fellows’ attention the very first moment looking at it partying at your place. Inspired by the same-looking item in the American’s TV show, this “Hand of King” opener will be an envious item to those who’s into the show. This majestic icon of power should go to your collection.

In the picture, it may look like an infirm ware that imitates an ornament property for mere decoration. But admittedly, it is built of heavy duty Zinc Alloy with the thickness up to 0,15 inches and super durable. As a matter of fact, this tool can’t be bent unless a great effort applied that means to change its shape. Dimensions of 6 5/8 length and 2 3/4 width in inches at the circle causes this tool a big and elegant looking.

With an optional back attaches a powerful magnet, it enables users to nail it into a magnetic surface. As it means to be a handed opener, it is designed to leave no pain during the process, which makes an ideal tool for frequent users such as bartender. This magnetic bottle opener supports opening any kind of bottle caps, and further makes the job done with comfort. It as well will draw attention to your surroundings.

The options of this opener range from $8.99 to $12.80 depends on features. The cheapest lays on the non-magnetic one. All of them are covered with golden paint to make it look more of arrogance and expansive. Among the similar designs with such high quality material used, you can’t find any cheaper ones exist.

The item is an awesome gag gift for any sacred fans of the show. You’ll get a chance to show it to your friends on a GoTs movie night with some drinks. This will add chatty stories about this proud item in your collection.

07. DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener & Cap Catcher.

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This is my most favorite one out of the list for its multi-usage. Bought this opener for my mother, she put it in use right after and would not stop admiring it. Designed as a user friendly tool, this opener works great as well as a can opener.

The first touch to it left a confident feeling of the genuine walnut crafted perfectly to the edge. Its major feature offers electrical can opening in which batteries are installed and automatically operate. When it comes to use, you simply out it flat on the can, make sure the metal and the blade are lined up, then press the button and leave it to do the job. I saw it completed a circle cutting off the outside of the can, leaving a smooth finish that amazed me. However, the edge still remains sharp, so you need to be careful. As it contains an edgy blade, I don’t recommend children to use it although it’s a friendly tool that works itself. Working minor as a traditional bottle opener, a leverage is shaped to turn this gag to a multi-tasking opener. A magnet on top to hold popped out caps makes it more sufficient in use.

The device fits on one hand and demands no further task to remove the lid. The compact size of 2 x 3.2 x 8 inches plus weight of merely 1 pound cause no shilly-shally move. Afraid of losing it somewhere in random kitchen drawers? Magnetize it onto the fridge where you can always grab it in a second. Hygienic is what makes me feel comfortable with this product. It’s brought in waterproofing protecting lacquer, which keeps the tool clean and shiny.

Can’t say how much I love this gadget. This handful item is among the top choices of homeowners, so why not grab one yourself now.

08. Bottle Opener Wall Mounted with Magnetic Cap Catcher – Stainless Steel – by CAPLORD.

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Meet this excellent magnetic bottle opener by CAPLORD which has approached Amazon’s choice for gifts. The company is recognized as the Bartender’s Best Choice for metal hanging openers. Thus, this item promises a unique handsel for beer lovers.

CAPLORD mountable bottle opener is ready to use immediately after a few installing steps. You can use some screws to tighten it to a fixed place where you wish. The opener uses the superior material 304 stainless steel that will not go rusted in any environment, either inside or outside. The set includes a premium sturdy opener, a neodymium magnet and mounting screws for setting up. Its extreme powerful magnet that catches falling bottle tops guarantees a capacity up to 40 caps. This wonderful feature offers a mess-free party time when no more cap cleaning needed.

Another added quality of this bar tool is the exquisite box set that can be given as a novelty magnetic bottle opener present for the one you love. The product’s designer has thought of a design that brings the best compliment to your house with blending color that suits any style and color. What’s more, nicely hanging caps add a piece of modern art to your wall.

The difference of this product from other mentioned ones is it comes in two separated parts. It requires screw install into a fixed spot when other openers can be mounted magnetically and moved around at no haste.

Compare with other similar items, this beer opener could be of lavish. However, with all the greatest attributes this gear has shot, its price is a real bargain. Ready to bring on the fun to your feast?

09. Franklin & Crew Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener with Zinc Alloy and Cap Catcher.

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Franklin and Crew Magnetic Bottle opener will complete this list with a simple but handful and exclusive bar gear. Captures every basic use of an opener, this tool serves particular peculiar taste.

I personally prefer the black painted the whole unit brings in a cryptic feeling which fits my metal rock character. Produced with the finest quality pinewood that leaves a firm art work in hand. 100% Zinc Alloy utilized in the opener will never rust in any weather condition. The permanent magnet hidden inside the whole surface of the back that is incredible strong requires no installation upon use. Hence, it will not move anywhere as you pop out a cap. This is why you should consider where you wish it to be at because removing it wouldn’t be at ease.

The size of this product is about the similar with the Bruntmor opener on this list which is 7.9 x 3.2 x 1 inches. But I rate it for the flavor of color and the scratch proof surface on the back. This thoughtful care will leave no trace on your fridge or other surfaces. The magnetic front that holds up to 50 caps allows you to enjoy your dinner party with no cap searching on the floor the next morning.

In any occasion such as birthday, Christmas, housewarming, or anniversary, this will be a noble present for people who love dark colors. A pioneered bottle opener can unite people to talk about it which produces not only coherence, but also affection among people. Save it to your cart and purchase soon before it’s gone from stock.

10. Game Day Outfitters NCAA LSU Tigers Magnetic Metal Bottle Opener, One Size, Multicolor

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This NCAA LSU Magnetic Bottle Opener is the perfect gift for the American football fans out there, particularly those of the LSU squad. The item is beautifully crafted with the team’s logos and colors, and is actually licensed by the NCAA itself, so you can rely on its authenticity.

The bottle opener is 6 inches long and about 2.5 inches wide, which fits pretty nicely in my hand. Beside the eye-catching appearance, the long shape of the opener helps to provide more leverage, making opening bottles an effortless job.

There’s also a magnet at the back so that you can stick it on the refrigerator after every use. No more digging around to find your precious bottle opener whenever you wish to enjoy a beer.

The design definitely screams “Football-lover” which I’m pretty sure will appeal to a great deal of the hardcore fans out there. If your friend happens to be one, get them this bottle opener and that will, without a doubt, be the highlight of their day!

11. DC 45157 Batman Button Magnet with Bottle Opener Novelty

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If you’re a DC fan like me, you should not skip this adorable Batman Magnet opener. Measured at about 2.2 inches, this is a compact and cute opener, though I suspect it could be a bit small for some people’s hand. The Batman design is simple yet classic and can be recognized almost anywhere.

Besides being a good bottle opener, this opener also functions as lovely button magnet on your fridge or locker and will add vitality to your whole kitchen. Plus, thanks to the magnet, you now know exactly where to go to open your beer. Gone are the days when you have to keep buying new bottle openers since yours always go mysteriously missing.

The product does seem DIY-like and the magnet is not exactly on the strong side, yet I find it quite reasonable considering its price. Plus, it’s Batman and you can never go wrong with it.

In short, this DC bottle opener magnet would be a nice-to-have gadget for your drinking and a cool gift idea for the Batman fans out there.

To sum up, a magnetic bottle opener is an essential item for any enthusiastic drinker. What it does can be beyond the work it offers. Every listed opener owns its unique marks to score consumers. They as well possess the main features that benefit different purposes of use or giving. Have gathered up the most informative data, the list above has condensed the most of what you need from this kitchen/bar gear. I wish to save you sometime fishing the market about tons of choice. Hope you can make your best choice out of this list for your home and people you love.


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