Best Pocket Knife Sharpener – A Loyal Assistant of Every Camping Trip

Pocket Knife Sharpener – A Loyal Assistant of Every Camping Trip

There is no doubt about it, cooking or camping or working will be hard works without the help of knives. However, it will not the worst scenario if those knives are dull and can help you nothing. In that case, a good pocket knife sharpener which is handy-fit, no electricity and lightweight can be the best choice for you.

You know what electric sharpeners are and may be familiar with them as it appears around you every day. Every time you go camping, you already sharpen all knives in advanced. Therefore, you doubt the quality and performance of such pocket ones. Part and partial are a small size as well as the small sharpening blades which cannot sharpen well. Of course, everyone thinks so. But why many people recommend you? Do you think it is time you changed your way of preparing sharp knives by bringing along multi-functioned pocket sharpeners? Well, in that case, a collection of pocket sharpeners may be the best for you to find out gradually about them.

My recommendation:

1. Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

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Adventure-aholic and cooking-love you are? And you demand a special tool bringing along you every time you travel? Then this Smiths Pocket knife sharpener must be your very first consideration thanks to its handy size, multi-function, and durability. Basically, this item looks like a piece of grey metal whose body lies some yellow letters making it outstanding and remembering. It measures at 3.5” x 1” so it is easy for you to put it in your pocket for every emergency situation.

Small as it may seem, this item still owns enough two steps for honing and polishing a knife blade including one carbide blade for setting the edge and one ceramic stone that can give you a razor-sharp edge. Each blade has a great number of grits that surely satisfy you such as 400 grits or 600 grits and this is such high number of grits that even larger pocket pal sharpener do not have enough. Besides, also one small honing rod can be folded in and out, allowing you to have a perfectly sharp knife and tool everywhere and every time. The honer is delicately made of round diamond for even the dullest and most serrated and blades. On the body there is one mold for comfortable holding even with the left hand, reducing the friction, therefore, cut down the amount of time.

This small guy can serve a variety of functions starting with sharpening and honing small knives which are not only your small kitchen knives, or camping ones, but also for your Ninja blender blades and so on. The screws attaching the smaller parts with the body are so strong that you can feel secured to freely use.

Well, one of the most common questions that I usually receive is how to properly preserve the sharpener. Actually, the answer is simple and you can totally keep up your own tool for a long time by storing it in dry places when not using. When you have to bring it along, put it in a small box or having small cloth wrapped outside before placing in your pocket for safety reasons. For long time use, remember to lubricate the tool for easy operation. Overall, this is such a professional pocket knife sharpener.

2. Smiths 50364 Pocket Pal X2 Sharpener & Outdoors Tool

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Another choice from Smiths that highly deserves your choice is this advanced Smiths pocket knife sharpener pal. In fact, this is the upgraded version of the mentioned above one that not only it has the sharpener, but also one fire starter, one compass, an LED light, and a signal whistle.

Instead of a metal block like the above, this product’s body is full of high-quality plastic that makes this tool much lighter as well as not conducts heat when you start the fire. Often, matches and fire are necessary when you go trekking, but many things will make your luggage as a mess and in some cases, you forget to bring along. Then this tool is for you because the flint stick attached helps to create a great number of sparks that can start a fire without difficulties. But be careful when using as it is quite thin and short, just about 6” long. To me, I think this can be the funniest and strangest function of such a pocket sharpener.

As I mentioned, the tool also includes a whistle that you use for signal or entertain because the sound is quite clear and echo in the wilderness. Although it is not the loudest sound, it is still better than energy-consuming screaming and unrecognizable voice. In addition, the accompanied LED light also acts very well lighting up in such darkness and you can use it as a warning signal if you are in danger. And not to mention the compass connected with the tool through a black rope shows you the direction as well as the resulting things such as water sources… Overall, these functions make the tool even better choice among the others.

And of course, I cannot miss the most important use of such good pocket knife sharpener which is quite similar to the above one. The carbide and ceramic blades will give you the perfect knife that you demand in a few minutes. And then polish your knife with the rod on the side part.

3. Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener

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If you enjoy strange shape but still a durable and long-lasting quality, then you should consider this Smith’s CCKS because of its butterfly yellow shape will make you excited. On the two wings of the tool, there are many small ditches that act as decoration as well as increase the friction for firm holding when practicing with the tool. On the two ends of it, there are two plastic pieces stuck so that it will stand steady and not hurt users.

Coming with two different blades for sharpening and honing, this smith pocket knife sharpener will satisfy your demand of sharp knives all the time since the coarse blades are made up tungsten carbide blades that accelerate the sharpening process. The special material also reduces the dust created and therefore lasts longer. Upside down the tool, then you will have two ceramic rods for polishing your knife edges whose angle is set already to lessen wrong cases. Following only two steps, and tada you have the sweetly sharp blades that help you with every use.

However, I must admit that the blades are a bit small so that it takes you quite a long time to pull to and backward, therefore, I strongly recommend you only use this tool for small knives of any kinds. Besides the price is also reasonable for such a good quality tool so I think just small cons may not affect your choice much. In addition, it owns a small lanyard hole hence you may tie a rope and hang it for storing purpose.

4. 7Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener

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Another sharpening tool coming from the brand Smith is this Dret diamond sharpener which will not let you down. Of course, similar to the above 3 tools, this also owns strange design that surely amazes you at the first look at this item is so small, compact and handy-fit.

It is designed based on the inspiration of the pen which you may feel lightweight, gentle to use and can hold for a long time. But don’t be fooled by the little cute item, its quality is great enough to sharpen almost all kinds of knives from serrated ones, to those gut hooks, scissors, and double-bevel pocket knives. That is because it is made up unbreakable diamond-coated steel rod which is excellently hard and difficult to be broken, much high quality and expensive sharpener and the stone sharpener is also made up this material. The rod is covered with different layers of micron-sized, monocrystalline diamonds so it does not take you much effort to sharpen all of your knives. Not to mention, if you loosen the serrating pocket clip and pull out the half-round, you will find a hook sharpening groove that you can polish the knives after sharpening them.

Thanks to the convenient size, you can carry it along, in your pocket, in your car, on your camping trip… wherever that you may think of because not only it sharpens, but also it can replace scissors for sometimes and help you in some works. For example, you can make fire out of this by rubbing the diamond half with some dry leaves. But don’t forget that it is just a sharpener, not a real pen. Just kidding.

This 7.4” diamond pocket knife sharpener is easy to be stored as well since the pocket clip is adjustable. Therefore, you can huddle the rod without letting it damage your storage box because the rod is rather acute. But besides those good features, the handle of it sometimes has issues such as the twist lock on the collet is huge so you may feel it useless and spacious.

5. Corona Sharpening Tool, Garden Tool Blade Sharpener, AC 8300

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Leave behind those Smiths ones, I would recommend you this Corona as its design is similar to the shaver and actually to me, it is quite like a small sharpening stone on a handle but it is not made from stone. Instead, the sharpening blade is made from a block of solid carbide that is perfectly used for sharpening purpose which is mostly used by other kinds of tools as well. The blade is attached firmly into the red rubber handle that is not easy to come out while working.

There is a black cap followed which ensures your safety as the blades are a bit heavy and sharp which may hurt you when you put it in the pocket. The handle is designed to be handy fit, about 5” long so that you can feel comfortable and can hold it for a long time. At the end of it also has a small lanyard hole for storing purpose.

This handheld pocket knife sharpener is handy, portable and convenient to bring along. It can sharpen almost all kinds of knives, such as tools for cutting trees, scissors, cutting knives, axes and so on. And to me, this is the best gift before every trip to your friends thanks to its uses, design and reasonable price.

To this kind of design, you do not need to lubricate, instead, you should use a small cloth to clean all the dust coming out so as to keep up it for a long time. Besides, don’t forget to recap after using unless you wish to hurt yourself and others. So use it properly and efficiently.

6. AccuSharp 001C Knife Sharpener

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It must be a mistake without mentioning this Accusharp in the collection as not only it has a great comfortable design but also the excellent performance. With a combination of white and blue, the professional pocket knife sharpener brings about the feeling of freshness and profession.

Typically, the design is so gentle that there is one mold on the top of the tool in order for users to place his thumb on, comforting him when using to sharpen a lot of knives. Besides, the blue rubber handle can protect your fingers from the unwanted situations such as cutting your hands and so on. This item is small and portable, measuring at 5” x 5” thus convenient for you to bring along when working or traveling. The body is made of plastic that cut the weight of the item.

The most important of the item is the blade which is made of diamond-honed tungsten carbide that can perfectly sharpen your knives. The material is high-quality, reversible and replaceable therefore you can use the item for a long time without breaking down. In spite of the fact that there is no more than one step of sharpening like another tool, this is enough for this item thanks to the excellent material.

For the first time look at this, actually I do not know how to use this but after reading the instruction, finally, I come up with the answer which is placing the knife stable on the counter or flat surface, then holding the tool as the way mentioned, carefully and slowly pull the tool backward. Repeat about 10 times and you will get the perfectly sharp knife back.

7. KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

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The above tools have an outlook similar to the automatic pocket knife sharpener but in a smaller size which brings about the professional feeling. The whole body is compact and made of plastic with trendy colors such as black, green and red which make your kitchen become brighter. The support of the item is not flat but it has two acute points that distinguish the design. At the back of the tool, like another excellent sharpener, there is also the mould to place your fingers in case you slip your hand while practicing.

Coming with two steps of sharpening, this also has two different typical blades such as coarse and find one. The course is for dull and serrated edges and the latter is for polishing the complete knives. The material made of the blades are carbide which is high-qualified and prioritized by many brands, thus you can always be secured about this.

Not only knives of every kind from serrated, dull… but also scissors, pincers, axes and so on. Don’t be fooled by the pint-size of it, what it can do may surprise you! It can turn the most serrated into a sweetly sharp knife if you want to.

Moreover, this is safe with dish-washer so you can freely put it in the machine to clean after using. Sometimes, lubricate the machine so that it can maintain longer. If you can do all the above things, your mini handheld pocket knife sharpener may last for a lifetime.

8. 9″ Tactical Spring Assisted Survival 7 in 1 Rescue Pocket Knife LED Light Fire Starter Blade Sharpener Bottle Opener Glass Breaker Belt Cutter

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If you want something has multi-function and reasonable price, then this tactical spring assisted pocket knife sharpener is the best one for you. This is such a good strong knife and sharpener that you will not regret buying this for your trip, for your easy bringing along and everyday use. Coming with a selection of 6 colors, this is suitable for both your kitchen and everywhere that you would like to take it to.

There are a few good black tools attached to the knife which are so useful such as the built-in Ferro rod fire starter, also used as a sharpener because it is made up carbide blade, sharpening many kinds of knives. Similar to the second tool, the fire starter can help you create many sparks to cause a fire in a few minutes. Moreover, the magnetic LED light is bright enough for a small space and it can last for a number of minutes. And one special feature of this light is that it is detachable, so you can pull it out. But I suggest that you wrap some electrical tape around the flashlight in order to remove the wobble in the light.

The blade is made up stainless steel supporting you at any time with a bottle opener. I must say the whole item is fairly sharp, so make sure you use it carefully without hurting yourself. This 8.5” tool is lightweight, durable and compact that you can use it for a long time if well preserved. The whole item creates a feeling of strength and coolness. But as what I say, it is undemanding to use and unfold as well, so you can store it very easily.

Actually, the lock of this item is not so sturdy under much pressure that you should not put it in your pocket much. However, this is spring, durable, convenient and good pocket knife sharpener to use as well as a nice gift to give your venturous friends.

9. Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener (Clam Pack), Black

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This Victorinox pocket knife sharpener really surprises my thanks to both the unique outlook, material and the multi-functions that it brings. First time look at this seem-like pen sharpener, I was curious about how this works and actually, it is not so demanding. Both the ends can be used for different purposes. The smaller one is for sharpening and the other is a stone for honing. Some people may think it is a little bit heavy but actually, the tool is quite lightweight and easy to hold.

If you ask me how to store it, the answer is no need because there are two caps on both ends which have the notches to properly preserve. Thus, you can freely put this into your pocket without being afraid of damaging your clothes and stuff like the above one. This characteristic not only makes the product stand out with simplicity and elegance but also keep your item used for many years. The first half of the item is the v-style sharpener which is made up with ceramic that is so coarse to normally sharpening. The remaining end is a good sharpening stone that you can use it to honing after working with the first end.

Thanks to this professional pocket knife sharpener, you no longer have to bear any dull blade of knives or scissors with just reasonable prices. Also, the design is so strange that will surely make your item once in the blue moon among others of your friends. After using, you can wash it with warm water as to well keep up the stone and the ceramic material. The extra drainage hole in the bottom of the item allows it to dry properly for the best performance.

Some people may wonder what the feature for sharpening is quite small that it turns this tool into more a stone than a two-step sharpener. But to me, it is okay since I have much experience in working with knives. Overall, this is still a great tool for your knives.

10. Whetstone Cutlery 20-10960 Knife Sharpening Stone-Dual Sided 400/1000 Grit Water Stone-Sharpener

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This is the one for those who don’t want to spend so much money on sharpening knives. Made of silicon carbide, this professional pocket knife sharpener can last up to more than a decade as long as you use and care it properly. Thanks to the materials, the product is much lighter than the diamond one which won’t end up hurting you in case you drop it on the floor. Despite not owning the best surface like the one of DMT, this still offers users with the best quality that turns your dull and boring tools into easily cut ones.

One outstanding point of this is that it has two sides meaning two steps for sharpening, including fining for the darker side and polishing for the lighter one. There are up to 400 grits on the former side for the best performance and 1000 grits for a finished one. Those grits act as friction-reducing features for enhancing the sharpening ability for the tool.

You may wonder why it is called water stone. Well, it acts best when used with water. Just simply soak the product into the water for about 10 minutes before every time use. And make sure add some water if you feel it is not effective enough. Then you will have a perfect stone for your sweetly sharp cooking knives, scissors… or cutting tools such as hunting knives and carving tools, …

Having the block shape, this is strong and solid enough to attach to your countertop for easy working with. However, you should put a damp cloth under the tool whenever using for more security because it is full of water. For the first time use, you should bathe it with water for at least 24 hours with regular turns. At the end of the day, rinsing your stone under a water tap to get rid of all the metal fines and store it somewhere dry.

Overall, this is such a great tool for keeping your knives and cutlery for a long time. Although the price is not very high, the quality and performance is still excellent and cannot be complaining.

11. Benchmade 983903F Mini-Field Blister Sharpener

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It would be a mistake not mentioning this Benchmade professional pocket knife sharpener in the list because of its simple yet elegant design and great performance. The tool is fully made of special metal that can last for many years but still very light. Measuring at 10” x 8”, this is a perfect fit in your hands so that you can feel comfortable when working with it in a long time. However, to those whose hands are a bit big, you may find it hard to hold it and comfortably use.

I usually bring it along to the restaurant to sharpen the steak knives there thanks to the small size, thus I do not feel embarrassed and still can enjoy great meals. The sharpening blades are made of carbide that has a large number of grits to return your dull knife to a perfect new one. Similar to others, this can be helpful when camping, fishing, trekking and so on.

To me, this is the best blister sharpener as it performs excellently. The lanyard hole, in the end, allows you to hang and store it after every time use. To my thinking, before the first-time use, you should not dry it as this will remove all the grits. For use, you can set up the tool and put the knife blade onto the V-shape blades for the best outcome.

Bonus: How to sharpen a pocket knife by a sharpener?

Many campers ask me how to use this pocket guy properly because they enjoy trekking a lot. Well, my answer for the first question is that if you use to sharpen the knife, insert the knife into the sharpening part at 90-degree angle. This is quite different from the traditional bigger sharpener and stone. Then, pull back and toward the blades for about 8 to 9 times and then turn to the next V-shaped part. Finally, for the rod, you had better upside down the knife and face down the rod about 23-degree angle for the best performance. Follow the guides and you will have a perfectly sharp knife.

So, after reading my recommendation carefully, I hope that you can find a deserved or maybe two for changing every time you go trekking if you like. And if you have any comments or great ideas, don’t hesitate to send me and I really appreciate that good wills. Thanks a lot!


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