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Best Plastic Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen

If you get bored with the traditional wood cutting boards, you can change your style a little bit with the high-end plastic cutting boards. However, it is a common sense that people are always follow their fixed paths with something familiar and hesitate to accept the new ones. Why??? Because there is an existing fear having lasted for a long time that whether the new ones are safe.

Before introducing you my devoted work of thoughtful researching to gather some best plastic cutting boards, which can give you some idea of the well-suited one with your kitchen, I would like to partly solve that deep-rooted problem and hopefully change your thoughts.

Are plastic cutting boards safe?

You are usually afraid of artificial products because of its maybe high level of chemicals. However, I have to admit that there be a variety of plastic cutting board in the market and you may use some severely harmful junks from unidentified sources.

But, with the experiences in cooking, I would like to share with some reputable and trustful brands included in my review below because their products are completely made from PP or PE plastic with free BPA and approved by FDA or NSF on the high level of food safety.

Besides, these plastic cutting boards can resist bacteria as good as wood cutting boards and all of them are easily cleaned by dishwasher so that all harms can be washed away.

My recommendations

1. 4 Pcs Premium White Plastic Cutting Board Set BPA-Free PP with Juice Groove and Rubber Non-Skid Edges Thick Cutting Board Set Includes S, M, L, and XL Sizes

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It’s time to replace your old warped cutting boards! Let this plastic cutting board live up your kitchen with an energetic combination of blue and white colors.

You are always afraid of spending money on the junks doing severe harms to your family’s health, but the given utensil can change your thoughts.

It is completely made of PP (polypropylene) plastic with BFA free and approved by FDA. You may not know that FDA test is not one-time evet yet so many times to make sure that any implements certified are doubtlessly safe to you.

Moreover, it is a multi-functional cutting board because you can confidently cut meat, chop vegetables and even have some heavy-force blades like splitting the ribs without breaking the cutting board. Besides, the deep grooves capturing the juice for dropping out of the board can help deal with fatty food.

It is known that the kitchen space has recently not very large, the cutting board comes in 4 options of size that can fit to your kitchen and there is a cutout on one edge for you to hang it on the wall, which can save more room. Plus, the manufacturer adds two rubber edges to prevent the board from slipping, which don’t cause you to spend more money on non-slip mat.

This one is not very heavy because the largest size is just 5.6 pounds, so you can carry it without difficulties. And, raw meat and fish is still suitable with the utensil because you can wash it by dishwasher. I highly recommend you for this xl plastic cutting board because the plastic cutting boars really bangs for your buck.

2. Stanton Trading 18 by 30 by 1/2-Inch Cutting Board, White

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You will surely be shocked when seeing this large plastic cutting board because it comes in a huge size of 30” x 12”, which can provide you with an extremely extensive cutting surface to cut anything confidently.

You don’t need to worry much about trying to keep the drippings off the counters and floor because this one can cover a widespread space of your cooktops, which you can put the meat on it after cutting in order to keep your food always clean.

It is made from 100% high-density polyethylene and approved by NFC, so the cutting board is totally safe to your health, NON-TOXIC guaranteed!

Besides, the non-porous and sturdy surface won’t severely dull your knife edge and it can hide the cut marks well.

One more, the implement doesn’t absorb the moisture, which can prevent the bacterial development, and the odor is resisted.

Plus, the utensil is spotlessly white so that you may have a super clean and clear feeling and it can be the centerpiece of your kitchen. And, the cutting board is safe to dishwasher, but it’s a little hard because the huge size can be an issue.

However, after using this marvelous cutting board, I highly recommend for those who love BBQ because you are able to put up to 2 or 3 large pork shoulders yet still have room for cutting. What a perfect BBQ accessory!

3. Vettore Large Non Slip Poly Cutting Board With Juice Groove Dishwasher Safe BPA Free Plastic FDA Compliant Rubber Feet

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You must be thrilled with the product of Vettore brand because all of its cutting boards are made from very solid polyethylene which is completely non-porous so that you can confidently have heavy cuts on the surface without being afraid of dulling your knives.

Besides, you will absolutely be safe when using this cutting board due to the FDA certification, which means that all the quality standards are maintained and controlled strictly at a high level.

Plus, the slipping issue won’t surely bother you thanks to the rubber feet with the popping green color, which help the product stay firmly in place, so you job is concentrating on task at hand only.

And, there is juice groove all around the cutting surface to trap the food liquid from spilling over the cooktops so that your kitchen will be tidier when you are on duty!! One more, you can hand the cutting board on the wall when not using to save more room.

Moreover, this one is easily cleaned by dishwasher without staining, warping and even degrading over time. And, it can perform well as a delicate gift for friends such as a birthday or house warming party, simple but so thoughtful.

I think that the significant features of the BPA plastic cutting board help it be a great recommendation for your budget and you won’t regret purchasing it because you can get double warranties, including one for MONEY-BACK within 90 days using without enough satisfaction and the other for no defects in material and workmanship in one year.

4. OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board

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I have to say that the cutting board from OXO is super awesome and it is widely used by many pros.

For those who take the first step on cooking path, this one is the best choice that won’t let you down. OXO brand has been greatly reputable for making plastic cutting boards because its products can meet the standard requirements of the society such as friendly material, reasonable price and essentially health guarantee.

You can entirely place your faith in this company because the used material is purely healthy. The carving board is made from polypropylene absolutely safe to your health, NON-TOXIC!!! And due to that such material, the product is very durable and odor-resistant because it can be cleaned by dishwasher with the fitted size of 21” x 14.5”

Moreover, there are two soft, tapered handles accompanied and its weight is quite light, about 3.2 pounds, which helps you carry without much effort. And, the cutting surface is so smooth and non-porous that it will possibly gentle on your knife blades and not easy to have cut marks.

Another plus point, you can use this flexible cutting board for many purposes. For instance, if you want to cut the roasted beef or some fatty food, you can the grooved side. And the other side can be used as a normal cutting board so that you can prevent the cross-contamination. Here is 2-in-1 cutting board to save you more money.

I cannot guess what’s on your mind right now, but after having to research on the product, I went straight to the store to get this best plastic cutting board and quickly tested it in my kitchen. Lastly, everything is perfect!!!

5. Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats set, Colorful Kitchen Cutting Board Set of 3 Colored Mats

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The Nicole Home Collection has launched to the market with an astonishing and weird version of the plastic cutting board because you can call it “the plastic cutting mat”. The reason is that it is super thin, just 0.03”, so this thin plastic cutting board can be bent and funneled to pour the chopped ingredients into pots and pans to cook. How incredible!

Surely due to its thinness, you can somehow concern about the poor interaction with your knife edge, but you are wrong! This cutting mat can take on the heavy duty easily without dulling your knives and does not leave scars on the cooktops.

Besides, it is completely made from a friendly-to-health material with BPA free as well as can prevent the microbial development. Plus, the implement can be tossed in the dishwasher safely, so it won’t retain odor, which means that you can confidently cut raw meat and fish on it.

I think that it is the most suitable choice for the cramped kitchen because its full size is just 15” x 12” and it can be rolled to store. And, this is an affordable option for your budget with the offer of a set of 2 and 3 colored mats for different purposes. So economical that cannot be missed!!!

6. Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats with Food Icons & “EZ-Grip” Waffle Back (Set Of 4) by Cooler Kitchen

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I know that you won’t waste your money buying a cutting mat that is hard to cut on and can warp heavily in the dishwasher, right? They may be cheaper, but you’re not going to be satisfied or it will have a short lifespan.

Due to that, in this collection, I would like to help you deal with that hassle with another high-quality cutting mat from a quite famous brand, the Cooler Kitchen. The product is made totally from harmless plastic with BPA free and built-in properties of microbial and bacterial resistance, which is absolutely friendly to your family.

Besides, the product measures 15” x 12” so that it can fit the dishwasher easily, which does not hinder you from cutting raw food. Plus, this cutting mat has a crosshatch textured back, so it won’t slip on your countertops and you will minimize the risk of using it.

On the top of that, you can get a full refund if you have any dissatisfaction with the EZ-Grip mat. And, the company offer you a set of four mats with different color and on each mat have a drawing of particular food like one for chicken, one for beef or vegetables, which help to prevent the cross-contamination.

7. HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board (3-Piece Set) | Juice Grooves w/ Easy-Grip Handles | BPA-Free, Non-Porous, Dishwasher Safe | Multiple Sizes

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A set of three cutting board with different sizes (large 16” x 10X, medium 13” x 8”, small 10” x 6”) is offered by HOMWE, which is perfectly fitted to most of your cooktops. They are totally safe to your family’s health due to pure plastic with BPA free and it says no to bacteria surely!

The product is super durable, dense and sturdy so that it will possibly withstand heavy-force blades without being split. Plus, the non-porous cutting surface is gentle on your knife edge, which partly saves your budget.

And this reversible cutting board also has juice grooves to catch food liquid to keep your cooktops cleaner. One more, its non-slip handles help the cutting board to stay firmly at a place and reduces the risk to the minimum.

8. Chefcoo Cutting Board Set Stylish Color Plastic Non-Slip Kitchen Chopping Block, Juice Groove Lip for Meat & Vegetable Spills, Perfect Fit for Any Kitchen Knife, 4 Piece

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You feel bored with your current set of cutting boards, don’t you? Ready to refresh your kitchen? You can take the Chefcoo modern 4-piece cutting board set into account. I’m sure that this set will delight you much!

These cutting boards are totally made from acrylic polypropylene plastic which is BPA free and the products passed such strict tests form FDA before being launched to the market so that you will be absolutely safe when using them.

The acrylic cutting board has a black color base, which does not bother you much with discoloration like other white cutting boards that will look horrible after a month of use. The set is available in 4 sizes with different colors. For instance, the large red cutting board (14.5” x 9.5”) can be used as a meat board and the green medium size (13.5” x 6.8”) is suitable for veggies, which can reduce the cross contamination.

Plus, these implements cannot be warped in the dishwasher and they are odor resistant, so you won’t worry about nasty smell left when using it for raw meat or fish. Besides, the blue one has a long carrying handles so that you can easily hold it with one hand.

Moreover, this set still works well with the heat of 212°F, which can use as a basement for hot pan or pot. And the non-porous cutting surface is gentle on your knife blades along with deep grooves, which helps you deal with juicy food.

After a long time using the Chefcoo set, I haven’t found any annoyance and I suggest it to you that will be worth for the money.

9. Plastic Cutting Board (3-Piece Set), Kitchen Chopping Board Set with Juice Groove – Unique Marble Appearance Design, Anti-skid Design, Dishwasher Safe and Multiple Sizes

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You must love this cutting board at first sight because of its unique pretty marble appearance and there are no doubts that the implement will be a spotlight on your kitchen. It is available in 3 sizes: small (11.8” x7.1”), medium (13” x 7.8”) and the large (16” x 9.5”), which can fit most of your kitchen space.

The cutting board is made from 100% of PP plastic passing the FDA test, which is utterly safe to your family’s health. Besides, this thick plastic cutting board is so durable, stiff and non-porous that won’t dull your knives severely and it can surely last a lifetime!

Plus, you won’t concern about splashing your clothes when cutting fatty food because there is a deep groove all around the cutting surface to capture the juice. And, it can be tossed in the dishwasher without warping or degrading over time.

Notice that you will have a warranty of one-year replacement for the defective product from the SUNPOLLO, so what are you afraid of? Get your credit card and purchase one for your sweet home right now!

10. (4 Pack) Thin Clear Flexible Cutting Board Chopping Mat, 12″ x 15″

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You will have an interesting experience with the cutting mat of Universal because it is so flimsy that you can see through it and feel like cutting the food on your countertops. And that is the point helping it stand out from other plastic mats. However, it still meets the requirements of the standard cutting board, which are protecting the cooktops and preventing the cross-contamination.

Besides, the cutting mat is quite large, 15” x 12”, which you can comfortably cut meat, veggies on. And it is easy to clean by the dishwasher, so there is no left odor for later using. Plus, you can roll the mat to pour the chopped ingredients into the waiting pot or pan for cooking. How convenient!

Unfortunately, the plastic mat cannot suffer the heavy-force blades like splitting the ribs, so I highly suggest you for light duty only!

Choosing a right cutting board is not as easy as you think, you have to consider many features before making a decision, which is so time-consuming. However, I wish I could help you somehow with these best plastic cutting boards above. Try to get the best one and it will be a friend for life.


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