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Best Pizza Slicers Within Your Budget

You cannot use a normal knife to cut your pizzas because it will possibly destroy your yummy pizzas right before you have chance to enjoy them. Then, “How can I get a right pizza cutter?” is a common question from many and many beginners.

Don’t worry about that anymore because I share with you ten options of best pizza slicers which absolutely provide such clean and streamline cuts like pros and ensure that your perfects baked toppings will be safe.

In this review, I will give you super specific details of each product to help you feel more secure when making a decision. Besides, if you love making pizzas at home, I can give you more information about essential pizza tools to make a true pizza like a chef to serve your loved family.

1. ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter 

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To stand out of competitors, the ThinkGeek has launched to the market with a new version of pizza slicer which you’re going to love at first sight. The tool comes in a flawless shiny appearance with the original color of its material.

The blade is made of laser-etched stainless steel to remain sharp and prevent rust over time so that it can easily take on heavy duty with such huge pizzas and protect your family’s health. Besides, the utensil has a zinc-alloy chromium-plated body which is designed ergonomically to help you hold firmly in hand and comfortably use even for a long time.

As I said, the spotlight of this product is the body with outstanding shape which is like a starship with 2 strong feet to help it stands securely when being put on any surfaces. Plus, the blade is not only sharp but also non-stick to provide you with streamlined and clean cuts, but not destroying your toppings like pros.

Moreover, the star trek pizza cutter measures totally 8.5” in length including 4” diameter blade so that it can deal with such thick pizzas without any difficulties as well as greatly fit to your kitchen drawer. And, the tool is relatively lightweight, about 10oz, which can be easily carried. Notice that you must not put it into the dishwasher because this can damage your tool severely, so hand-washing is recommended.

2. Culina Pizza Cutter 14″ Long, Wooden Handle (Walnut).

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If you love something stronger and sturdier, you can take a look at this rocking pizza cutter. This mezzaluna has a 14”L x 3”W blade to help you cut through the whole pizza for one time.

Besides, the blade is completely made of stainless steel to resist rust and bacteria for protecting your health and long lasting daily use by pros or at home. And, the blade is finished with intense sharpness to provide you with versatile usages along with cutting pizzas like chopping, mincing, scooping meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and so on without mess and do-overs.

Moreover, the handle is made of walnut which is supposed to be one of the best hardwoods for making kitchen utensils because this material is super thick, strong and tough to take on heavy duty. And this rectangular handle can deal with rock motions without difficulties as well as fits greatly to your hand for easy and comfortable control.

On the top of that, thanks to this elegant and heirloom design, this one can be a great and excellent gift for your family, your friends and for anyone who loves pizza. After using, you just simply run it through soapy water and wipe with clean and dry cloth. Plus, you can put it into your kitchen drawer or on knife magnet for storing.

3. 11 Inch Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors by ULee, Easily Getting Your Hot Pizza off from the Tray

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I’m sure that you must be impressed by this product at first sight with the astonishing innovation. Right this feature also makes it become the best seller for many years and I, myself, after years using it, still prefer this slicer like the first time.

The ULee has launched this pizza scissors to the market with the aim to knocking out other competitors and they are successful. The tool is available in 2 options including black-green and black-red to diversify your choice.

The reason why I love this utensil is the detachable spatula in the shape of pizza piece to help you carry your pieces right after cutting. The spatula is 5.51” (L) and 2.76” (W) to provide you with equal and perfect pizzas pieces. Plus, it can be removed and easily cleaned and store to save your drawer space.

About the blade, it is made of 100% of stainless steel with great sharpness and non-stick property to help it cut your pizzas smoothly and cleanly without destroying the toppings. This tool is absolutely safe to your health because the blade is rust resistant and anti-bacterial as well as the spatula is BPA free and approved by FDA. Thus, you will be worry-free when using it.

Morever, the tool is wrapped in a beatiful package so that you can buy it as a gift for your friends and family. Plus, you will receive a FULL REFUND if there are any dissatisfactions with this product after using.

4. KitchenAid Pizza Wheel, Black

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Here is a convenient pizza slicer that you cannot miss if you would like to get perfect cuts like pros. This product has a stainless steel blade with great sharpness and non-stick surface, which help the tool slide through your pizzas smoothly without ruining your toppings. Besides, the blade is totally safe to your health because it can surely resist rust and bacteria development.

Moreover, the handle is designed ergonomically with built-in-finger and thumb guard structure to help the tool stay firmly in a line to produce streamlined and clean cuts. Plus, there are 2 small sheaths to cover the blade to reduce risk of cutting yourself in case you are reckless to put your hand near the blade while cutting pizzas.

Besides, the tool is available in 3 options: black, red and aqua sky to diversify your choice. The slicer is not very large, so you can put it into your kitchen drawer or in cutlery holder. However, you can hang the tool on a hook thanks to a hole on the handle if your drawer is full of others.

Plus, the tool can be tossed in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning to eliminate all odor and this can help the implement shine impeccably like a brand new one.

5. Pastry and Pasta Cutter Wheel by Ghidini – 1.5″ Diameter

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This product is quite different from the counterparts in its class thanks to its outstanding patterns on the blade. Particularly, when you cut pizzas for your sweethearts, this one is a great choice for you because it will give pizza pieces with butterfly-shaped edges which your kids are going to love.

Besides, the quality is super great. The blade is made of food grade stainless steel with the rust and bacteria resistant properties to make sure that your darlings’ health is absolutely safe. Plus, the material is sturdy and durable to last for a lifetime in your kitchen so that you won’t bother to buy another one.

Moreover, the handle is made of hardwood with some great benefits like resisting bacteria, eliminating odor, balancing the weight and so on. Therefore, it will give you the most comfortable sense when using. And, the handle is ideal for absorb the pressure and help the blade stay firmly on a line without slipping.

The product measures 6.5” in length which is a perfect size for using and storing in your kitchen drawer. After using, you just need to rinse it with water becase the blade is non-stick so that there is no debris sticking to it.

6. Pizza Blaze bike, Bicycle shape Pizza Cutter / Slicer – 2 Stands – Dual Stainless Steel Wheel Blades 

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Here is the best pizza cutter which can be a great choice for your kitchen. The pizza slicer comes in a shocked shape that you cannoot believe how they can think of or come up with this idea. It’s somewhat like a toy because the producer make it in a shape of a bike,but it’s a dangerous toy and must not be a gift for your children.

The tool is designed ergonomically to promote effortless way of slicing the thinnest up to the thickest crust of pizzas and other types of breads. This one can be handled with just a single hand grip so that you will feel convenient to use and carry it anywhere you like.

The bike pizza slicer is equipped with double cutting wheel blades to make sure that the pizza will be cut definitely just in one stroke. Besides, these wheel can be removed so that you can use both of them or one for stock and one for rock, depending on your choices.

Moreover, the blade is made of stainless steel with rust and bacterial resistance to protect your health as well as is durable to last for a long time. Plus, the blade is so sharp and non-stick that with just one slide, you can get a clean and streamlined cut wihout ruining the toppings. And, the frame of bike is also made of metal resisting stain and rust to remain the excellent condition over time.

There is a strong point of this product that you will love, which is two stand holder support acoompamied. These holders are built to bring different purposed and benefits. For examble, the stands will provide you with the stability for more sturdy foundation during storage or display after use. Besides, it can play a role as protective lid caps to prevent your balde from direct contact the bacteria or some severe dameges from the surface.

Right after taking on duty, the tool is easily cleaned with soapy water because the surface of the blade is non-stick, so there is no debris sticking to it. Thus, I think this one really bangs for your buck with these outstanding features.

7. OXO Softworks Clean Cut Pizza Wheel

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The OXO has a great reputation for making kitchen utensils which is highly recommended by several top pros around the world. I have to say that the recommendation is really worthy because all of its products are made of high-end and friendly materials along with outstanding, modern and convenient designs.

This wheel cutter is not an exception, which can meet all your expectations right after being bought. The blade is made of stainless steel with rust free and anti-bacterial properties in order to make sure that your family’s health is totally safe. Besides, the blade has an ultimate sharpness and non-stick surface so that it can slide smoothly through your pizzas to provide clan and streamlined cuts like pros without destroying your toppings.

Moreover, its handle is ergonomically constructed to provide leverage for easy slicing the tool. Plus, there is a non-slip layer covering the handle to help it stick firmly to your palm and absorb your pressure as well as keep the blade stay on a line to produce perfect cuts.

After using, you can toss it into the dishwasher for cleaning. Then, you can put it into the kitchen drawer for storing easily because its size is not very large. And, there is a sheath covering the blade to prevent it from any contact with germs from the surroundings.

8. Mozzbi Premium Pizza Cutter Wheel by, Pizza Slicer cutter – Super Sharp 

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The Mozzbi has launched to the market with a pizza wheel in amazing design along with outstanding features. The product is available in 3 colors: red, lime and blue to meet your all preferences.

You will never suffer from the situation where sticky cheese leeches on your blade or whereever you slide through your pizzas, the toppings are entilre ruined. This product is equipped with the super sharp and non-stick blade to provide you with strealined and clean cuts like pros. No more mess like before.

Besides, the material used for the blade is stainless steel which is sturdy, tough-built, durable and friendly to your health. And, the blade is quite large, so you just need to grip, slide and watch it gide through any pizzas with any size and thickness.  And, there is a flexible sheath accompanied to cover the balde when not in use to prevent any bad impacts from the outside on the blade so that it can remain the excellent  condition over time.

I have to admit that the brand is super caring because all the features added are aim to emphasizing the safety for the user. The hand-held design provides leverage for easy slicung as well as the material of thermoplastic elastomer helps the handle fits greatly to your palm. Plus, the non-slip contact surface can make sure that your hand stay firmly at a place to reduce risk when slicing.

Notice that you can easily dismantle all of the tool to wash those “hard to reach” areas and this on is safe to dishwasher. Plus, the size of this tool is quite small so that you can store it easily in the kitchen drawer. And, you will receive a 100%-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE within 30-day using if there are any dissatisfactions arising.

9. Pizza Cutter New Design by KoBzA 

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It’s a common sense that the mezzaluan is super huge and heavy, which make any movements become stressful and fatigue. However, this product from KoBzA will change your thought right after experincing. The pizza knife is super handy that you can easily store it in the kitchen drawer or hand the handle on a hook.

The blade is completely made of stainless steel to prevent rust and bacteria so that you will confidently use it for not only cutting pizzas but also chopping, mincing, scoopping meat, herbs, fruits and so on. Besides, the blalde measure 7” in length with non-stick and utterly sharp properties to make sure that your pizzas or anything it go through won’t be a mess.

Moreover, the handle is designed ergonomically to give you comfort when holding it as well as the convenience because you just need to hold it one hand. There is a thrilling sense when holding the product is that the grip will make you feel like a continuation of your hand, so any actions naturally become movements of your body.

The implement not only performs well in your kitchen but also is a great accesory to bring when you enjoy your outside advantures like BBQs, picnics, etc. And I can make sure that you won’t regret for your choice definitely because there is a full refund accompanied to help you feel more secure.

10. Mezzaluna Knife & Pizza Cutter Rocker – 12 Inch (30.5 cm)

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I think that this one is supposed to be the best choice among pizza cutters existing in the market. This mezzaluna’s blade is completely made of 420 high-carbon stainless steel, which is the same one used for making medical blade so that the sharpness is doubtless astonishing. Besides, the surface is non-stick, so it can easily cut your pizzas without any influences on the toppings.

Meanwhile, the handle is made of 410 high-carbon steel to be easy for shaping. This tool has 2 handles, so it’s impossible to cut yourself while you’re mincing or chopping food. I’m sure that you don’t need to be a culinary institute graduate with great knife skills. Plus, these handles are greatly fitted to your hands and not easily dropping out.

Moreover, this one is 12” in length so that you can cut through a pizza easily with one stroke. After using, you can rinse it under water for cleaning or can be safe to dishwasher. However, it’s not easy for storing because it’s relatively long. Thus, you can take this into consideration before making a decision.

Bonus: How to sharpen a pizza slicer?

  • For manual sharpener:

Block the wheel with your thumb

Slide the sharpener horizontally along the blade

Spin the wheel and block again

Slide the sharpener again the same as the first time

Repeat the process until the whole wheel is sharpened

Do this again 5 or 6 times to get it sharp like a brand new

  • For sharpening rod particularly:

Block the wheel with your thumb

Slide the rod along one side edge

Repeat for the other side

Do this again 5 or 6 times

  • For electric sharpener:

Block the wheel with your hand

Slide it through the coarse slot

Spin the wheel and lock again

Slide through the coarse slot again

Then do the same when sliding through the ceramic slot

It’s true that there are mountains of this implement on the market nowadays, but the choice is yours. You have to consider several features carefully before purchasing them because you are not obliged to get one recklessly for your home. Thus, I hope that after reading thoroughly these best pizza slicers, you can purchase one without any regrets after all.


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