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Some Must-have Pizza Pans You Can’t Miss

You may wonder that why you have to use a pizza pan while there is pizza stone existing on the market. It’s true that you can use either traditional pizza stone or the modern pizza pan to produce a crispy crust easily at home without going to a restaurant.

However, I would like to give you some good points of pizza pan that you can consider before purchasing:

  • The pizza pan is much more lightweight than the pizza stone so that you can easily carry around and it doesn’t need meticulous maintenance like the stone because you just rinse it with water to release all food debris.
  • Most of pizza pans are super convenient because they are all-in-one tool that you can prepare, bake, splice and enjoy right on it as well as its surface is non-stick naturally thanks to the material without the help of shortenings or any oils like the pizzas stones.
  • Using pizza pan can save you more time because you don’t need to preheat before baking pizzas.

Therefore, if you are interested in and want to fulfill your collection of essential tools for making pizza at home, it would be my pleasure to share with you my review of best pizza pans which really bang for your buck.

1. Chicago Metallic 16124 Professional Non-Stick Deep Dish Pizza Pan,14.25-Inch

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You will love this deep dish pizza pan for its high-quality performance along with the versatile usage. And if you are a fan of “Chicago-style” pizzas with great thickness, this one is a great choice that you cannot miss.

The tool measures 14” diameter and 1.5” high to help you have a true pizza like the one from Chicago restaurants. Besides, it is completely made of heavy-duty carbon steel which is so durable and strong that can withstand the severe heat of your oven.

Plus, the material is tested for many times to make sure that there are no toxic chemicals arising when it is burnt in high temperature. And, the surface is coated with silicone base to get more non-stick for easily taking out of pizzas and cleaning up. Thanks to this bakeware, the tool can absorb and transfer the heat as well as the pizzas stone to produce crispy crust.

As I said, this one is so versatile because you will possibly bake cookie pies beside pizzas. Notice that if you want to clean the tool, you have to let it cool down definitely before carrying on. It would be safe to dishwasher, but hand-washing is highly recommended because the non-stick surface will be more easily and quickly to cleaned with water.

2. Cuisinart AMB-14PP Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14-Inch Pizza Pan

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The Cuisinart has launched to the market with the evolution of pizza pan that can solve the existing problem of it in comparison with the original pizza stone. And, the tool has a perforated design with thousands of holes to make it more efficient when baking your pizzas.

Beside the ability of absorbing and distributing evenly the heat to your pizzas, the utensil can also absorb moisture from the pizza doughs to produce a crispy crust more easily. The tool is also in 14” diameter and I think that this is a golden size for making home-made pizza.

Plus, the pan is made of 100% of heavy gauge aluminized steel with great properties of anti-bacteria and anti-rust to provide clean contacts with your pizzas for the protection of your family’s health. Besides, the material is a combination of aluminum and steel, which means that it is double strong, tough and durable to well perform, even in high temperature of 800F degrees.

Moreover, the thick rolled edges is designed to prevent your tool from warping, but I think it also keeps your pizzas stay firmly on without slipping while you are carrying it around. And, the tool is totally non-stick for both interior and exterior so that you can take out or put on your pizza doughs without deforming them as well as it won’t take much time to clean up.

3. New Star Foodservice 50837 Pizza Pan / Tray, Coupe Style, Aluminum, 16 inch,

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There are 7 choices of size for you to make when purchasing this tool. The pan is available from 8” to 20” diameter and each size is 2” larger than the previous small one. However, I think that you should choose the 14” one because this is the standard and the most suitable size for making pizzas at home or the maximum is 16”.

Plus, the material used for the product is commercial grade aluminum with high durable and strength that can last for a lifetime to serve you. And, the implement is also rust resistant and anti-bacterial to help you feel more secure when using it to make pizzas for your sweet family. You don’t need to worry about the degradation because it is not coated with anything to flake off after a long time using.

Moreover, the edge is gently sloped to let your toppings cover completely the crust without spilling over as well as it can keep your pizzas stay securely to prevent it from slipping out of the pan. Plus, here is an all-in-the-same pan because you can prepare, bake, slice and enjoy directly on the tool thanks to its smooth surface and pizza cutter friendliness. From that point, it is unlikely to have scratches.

Thanks to the non-stick ability, you can rinse it with water to release all food debris and your pan will be ready for duty again in seconds. You shouldn’t put it into the dishwasher because it may be oxidized, so just hand-washing can help your tool become impeccably shiny like the brand new one.

4. Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan – 13 Inch 

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You don’t need to use cookie sheet or cardboard liner when baking pizzas anymore because this cast iron pizza pan can produce perfectly baked pizzas like ones from restaurants.

The tool measures 14”diameter, a standard size of home-made pizzas, which provides you with a comfortable space to make pizzas with a mountain of toppings on. This material – cast iron, is preferred by gourmet chefs around the world and it’s always used for baking pizzas because the tool made of this material will help you have an authentic pizza flavor of the Old Italy.

Besides, the cast iron is super durable and tough that can last a lifetime so that you don’t bother to buy another one. And, it is also friendly to your health because of its properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance. The tool is well-absorbed and evenly-transferred heat to your pizzas to produce a crispy curst along with the soft and juicy toppings.

Moreover, the utensil can withstand the heat from a direct flame, so you can put it on a grill for outdoor BBQ parties at weekends. How versatile and convenient it is! The product also has a small lip to prevent your pizzas from slipping as well as two sturdy handles for easy carrying. After using, you just need to clean it with hot water and say no to dishwasher because it can cause severe damages to your pizza pan.

5. 2-Pack Bamboo Round Plate , 12 Inches 

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Here is a package of 2 pieces of bamboo rounded pizza plates that can diversify your choice among many and many products of this type. It is a new version of pizza pan because commonly the others are made of metal like steel, aluminum or cast iron, which helps to stand out of the crowd.

The tool is completely made of organically grown bamboo that can meet the requirement of many trustful food safety organizations like USA-FDA, Germany-LFGB and so on to make sure that it is impossible for you to get any health problems when using the tool. And the tool measures 12” diameter and 0.8” thick to help you make perfectly baked pizzas at home.

The bamboo is supposed to be top priority for making kitchen utensils because it is tough, dense and durable that can remain the excellent condition over time. Plus, the material is anti-bacterial can prevent mold arising after a long time of use so that your family’s health is safely protected. And, the tool can perform as well as the metal counterparts in terms of heat absorption and evenly distribute to your pizzas to produce crispy crust.

Moreover, it has a 0.8” thick sloped edge to help it not warp easily and prevent your pizzas from slipping out of. And, the surface is quite smooth and scratch resistant so that you can directly cut your pizzas on it without concerning about severe damages to your utensil.

On the top of that, the bamboo features relatively pretty trunks, so you can use it as a serving tray to carry fruit or some cupcakes to cheer with your family and friends. However, the tool requires a hard maintenance, which implies that you should wash it by hand with hot water. Also, avoid soaking it into water because this may destroy the implement. After cleaning, the tool needs to be placed where there is an air circulation to dry completely before being stored.

6. ProBake Teflon Platinum Nonstick 12-Inch Pizza Pan

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The ProBake has offered you with the Teflon platinum pizza pan with high efficiency and good performance over time. The material is on top level of withstanding the heat because the maximum temperature for its ability is about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit so that you don’t need to worry about the thermal shock.

Besides, the tool can transfer the heat evenly to produce a crispier crust than other materials along with the soft and juicy toppings. The tool is available in two options of size: 12” and 16” to get the most suitable for your pizza oven. Plus, the implement features raised edges to secure your pizzas or other baked foods and this one will help your tool be easily to hold.

Moreover, the utensil has a smooth and non-stick surface to help you take your pizzas out easily without destroying the crust. And the non-stick character will make the cleaning process simpler because you just need to rinse the tool with water to release all food debris definitely.

7. Gotham Steel Round Copper Air Fry Crisper Tray, Pizza & Baking Pan, 2 Piece Set!

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You must love the product of the Gotham at the first sight because of its outstanding design along with the material.

The tool is completely made of copper with the high conductivity to absorb and distribute heat evenly. This helps a lot for you to get a perfectly bake pizza with crispy crust and soft topping. Besides, the copper feature a catchy primitive color which helps it be a centerpiece of your kitchen as well as the color can create a rustic preparation for your meal.

Thanks to the high conductivity along with mesh design, the superheat can pass through and circulate around all 360 degrees of your food to reduce the finished time significantly while your food is perfectly baked or fried.

Moreover, this pizza tray has sturdy standing feet to prevent any contact with the countertop to make sure that your food is always clean. And, the tool still works well on the direct flame of 500F degrees as well as it can resist rust and bacteria over time.

Another plus point is that there is a round base accompanied to carry the upper elevated tray and collect crumbs from your pizzas or other fried food to keep your kitchen and the tabletop always clean. Plus, the tool is also available in medium and large size, but in a rectangular shape, which is really suitable for frying food mainly. By the way, the round shape measures 12” diameter to provide you with comfortable space to make pizzas and other foods.

8. LloydPans Kitchenware 10 inch by 14 inch by 2.5 inch Detroit Style Pizza Pan, Pre-Seasoned, Stick Resistant, Made in the USA

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If you get bored with the common rounded pizzas and you would like to change it, this deep Detroit-style pizza pan can help you.

The tool measures 14”x10”x2.5”, which gives you a comfortable space to make a huge rectangular pizzas with great thickness and a mountain of toppings in order to cheer with your family or friends during at weekends.

Plus, the implement is made of commercial grade metal which is rust resistant and tested strictly several times to make sure that there are no toxic chemicals arising and your health will be safe. The material can absorb heat and have an even distribution to your pizzas to produce a crispy crust along with soft toppings. Besides, it can withstand the heat up to 700F degrees, so you will feel more secure that your pizzas will receive enough heat.

Moreover, the utensil has a non-stick surface to help you easily take your pizzas out as well as simplify the cleaning process. And, before baking, you don’t need to pre-season and meticulously maintain it like other counterparts, but the tool still remains excellent condition as a brand new one.

9. Chicago Metallic Professional Perforated Mini-Deep Dish Pizza Pan Set, 7-Inch, 4-Count

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The Chicago Metallic also offers you with the set of 4 mini deep dish pans beside the first product I mentioned above. Each pizza pan has the same size of 7” diameter x 1.5” deep so that you can make and customize your own pizzas with a variety of toppings. Thus, after a short period of time, you can get for different flavor pizzas to enjoy.

The tool is made of high-quality carbon steel to enhance the durability and strength for withstanding the severe heat of the oven. Besides, the pan with holes can let the heat go out and in easily to create an even heat circulation as well as absorb the moisture from your pizza doughs to produce a crispy crust.

Moreover, the surface is relatively non-stick so that you can easily take pizzas out and make the cleaning process simpler. Just rinse it with water to wipe out food debris. The utensil also features rolled rim to help you hold and carry without easily dropping them.

10. 15″ Pizza Pan Commercial Grade Aluminum

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I’m sure that you will purchase this pizza tray right away when you see it because the tool has a great performance as well as the significant design that can liven up your kitchen.

The product measures totally 15.75” diameter and 0.25” thick, but the interior for carrying your pizzas is just 15” because this one has a small raised lip to keep your topping cover perfectly your crust without spilling over or prevent your pizza from dropping out of.

Besides, the implement is completely made of commercial grade aluminum which is more durable and rust resistant than other aluminized steel counterparts so, it can last for lifetime in your kitchen. Plus, the material can absorb and distribute the heat evenly to your pizza doughs to make a crisp golden crust.

And now, the spotlight of the utensil is the patented pebble pattern. It is not only for decoration but also for other great purposes. The pattern allows the airflow under your pizza doughs continuously to create an air circulation as well as takes the moisture out of your doughs to make its dry more quickly.

Moreover, thanks to this outstanding pattern, the surface is naturally non-stick and doesn’t need the help of shortenings and oils like other competitors. And, you can use this pretty looking tool as a serving tray in your meal and cut the pizzas directly on it thanks to its scratch resistance.

11. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Pizza Pan, 15 Inch

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When being asked for advice, most of the top pros around the world always recommend you to OXO as the best brand of kitchen utensils. It’s true that all of their products are made under the super strict supervision as well as tested several times from this brand and other trustful food safety organizations, so you and your family will be possible safe when using them.

And now, this is a 15” pizza pan which is supposed to be a great value for the money surely. The size is also clearly printed on the surface to help you know. And with this size, you can comfortably make your owned huge pizzas at home to serve your sweet family at weekends or in every meal if you like.

The tool is made of commercial-grade aluminized steel with great strength and durability to help it last for a lifetime and withstand the intense heat from your oven without warping or breaking. Plus, the material can absorb and transfer the heat evenly to produce a crispy crust like one from restaurant.

Moreover, the surface is reinforced by ceramic with two layers to have an ultimate non-stick property. This helps a lot to take your pizzas out and release the food debris without much effort. Besides, its surface can rest stain, rust, corrosion as well as the scratches caused by pizza cutter, which means that you can directly cut your pizzas on it and enjoy.

On the top of that, the micro-textured pattern creates the continuous airflow and minimizes the contact between your pizzas and the surface so that the tool can bake your pizzas faster than other counterpart a lot. Plus, the implement features square-rolled edges to strengthen your structure and provide a firm handle for you to carry it easily.

I would be very glad if you thoroughly read my review. I have tried my best to drop you with basic knowledge about pizza pan to help you stay away from wasted junks on the market. I hope that among my recommendations of best pizza pans, there will be a suitable one for your kitchen.


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