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10 Best Pizza Paddles to Protect Your Hand

You cannot simply think that your hands will be safe when you wear a pair of thick and heat-insulated gloves because the severe heat will destroy your gloves promptly and your hand will possibly get burnt. Thus, you have to find the best and safest way to deal with that situation.

Along with some essential tools for making pizzas like the oven, the pizza stone, pizza slicer, you should have a pizza paddle because this one is a must-have tool to keep your hand away from the hottest prat of your oven.

Choosing a right one is not a very easy task because you have to consider several features like material, size, durability and so on. Thus, I spent much time and effort researching, selecting and gathering from all sources to make a collection of best pizza paddles which can meet all the demands of top pros around the world. And now, I would like to share with you because I know your feeling and I want to help you deal with it.

1. Kitchen Supply 14-Inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle

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This peel is equipped with the aluminum head measuring 14” (W)x16” (L) to help your 14” diameter pizzas fit perfectly on it. The material used for the head is absolutely safe and friendly to health because it can resist rust and prevent bacterial development. Besides, the head is utterly durable and tough that can last for a lifetime and is hard to be warped and melted, even in the heat of 800F degrees.

Plus, this one has rounded corners to reduce the risk while maneuvering because the square shape will have some sharp corners which can easily get your hand injured or deform your pizza dough. And, the head is relatively thin to help it slide under your pizzas without destroying the crispy crust.

Moreover, the pizza peel has 8” (L) wooden handle to keep your hand out of the hottest part of the oven or prevent you from burning your hand on the baked pizzas. The handle is designed ergonomically to greatly fit to your hand and well balance the weight so that you will feel highly comfortable despite holding it for a long time.

And, the handle can absorb your sweat to help it stay firmly in your hand without slipping. If you worry much about the storing issue because of its size, you can DIY a hole at the end of the handle and use a lanyard or a metal string so that you can hang the tool on a hook. Plus, notice that before using, you should sprinkle on it with flour or cornmeal to allow your pizzas slide onto and off easily.

2. Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel, 19.6 Inch x 12 Inch

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You will love the bamboo pizza paddle of the Pizza Royale because of its high-end design and excellent quality, which is recommended by many and many pros around the world. The whole of tool is made of organically grown bamboo that is a super friendly natural material for your family’s health with the non-toxic and anti-microbial properties.

Besides, the tool totally measures 19.6”x12”x0.6” including about 5-6 inches handles so that you can easily deal with 12” pizzas at home and will never afraid of getting your hand burnt while making pizzas or other breads. And, the handle is absolutely comfortable and well fitted to your hand so that you can hold it firmly without much effort thanks to its ability of balancing the weight.

Plus, the surface is quite smooth so that you don’t need to cover it with some flour or cornmeal like the above one. Although it is thicker than the first product, your pizzas will be easily lifted because of the outstanding design with tapered edges to help the tools slide under your pizzas with no difficulties. More than that, the surface is quite pretty and primitive due to the tree trunk of bamboo, so you can use it as a cheese board or serving tray.

Because this one is in a compact construction, you don’t have to worry about splitting or cracking while using the peel. Plus, the paddle will not be warped when handling your pizzas in the oven with the standard temperature of 600F degrees. And, there is a hole on the handle for you to hang on the hook to save more space when storing the tool.

On the top of that, you will receive a top recipe from the brand to help the beginners easily make pizzas at home and if there are any dissatisfactions or low-quality performance, you can return it and get a replacement or full refund within 180-day using.

3. New Star Foodservice 50295 Wooden Pizza Peel, 14 x 16 inch Blade, 24 inch overall

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Here is a wooden pizza peel from the New Star Foodservice that is as great quality as the bamboo one above. However, this one is light color and brighter than the bamboo because the material is birchwood, a type of hardwood with many amazing features and benefits.

This material is super durable, tough and strong that can withstand the severe heat from the oven without being warped. Besides, the birchwood also prevents the development of bacteria like bamboo to protect your family’s health definitely and you will feel more secure when using it. And, its moisture absorption rate is quite high so that you won’t feel any uncomfortable when holding the tool, even for a long time.

Moreover, the size of paddle is about 27”x18”x1”, which is rather larger than the bamboo peel so that it can easily deal with huge pizzas with size up to 18” diameter. And, thanks to its big size, you can use the peel as a normal cutting board perfectly because the material is quite gentle on your knife blade and can hide the cracks well or it can play a role as cheese board or serving tray regrading to your choice.

Plus, the peel is designed with the compact structure so that it won’t be easy to get spilt, so you don’t have to worry much that the head will be drop out of the handles because it rarely happens. Although it is relatively thick, you are still able to life your pizzas without ruining the golden crust thanks to the tapered edges.

4. American Metalcraft 2814 28″ Aluminum Pizza Peel with 12″ Wood Handle, 14″ x 16″ Large Blade

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The American Metalcraft has launched to the market with 4 choices of aluminum pizza paddle. The product is available in 4 sizes: 28” (L), 37”, 54”, 66” so that you can diversify your choice to get the most suitable one. However, I think that you should choose the 28” or 37” paddle if you would like to make pizzas at home while the two others are usually for restaurants with huge brick pizza oven.

All the options have them same width of 14” to help you deal with huge 14” pizzas containing a mountain of toppings. The head is made of high-quality aluminum which is super durable and tough that can withstand the severe heat of your oven. Besides, this material is safe to your health because of its properties of anti-bacteria and rust resistance.

Moreover, using this peel is worry-free because it can easily slide under your pizzas to lift without ruining their golden curst. And, the wooden handles is absolutely comfortable and non-slip to help you hold firmly and not suffer from hand pain because this one can balance the weight.

Plus, there are three rivets to keep the handle and the head together strongly so that it’s unlikely that the head will drop out of. What’s more? You can use the peel as a serving tray on your tabletop to create a more rustic and authentic presentation for your meal. However, prior to use, you should scatter some flour or cornmeal to prevent your pizza doughs from sticking to the head.

5. Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel, Great for Homemade Pizza, Cheese and Charcuterie Boards – 22″ x 14″

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And now, this wooden pizza peel will leave you speechless at the first sight. The tool is completely made of natural acacia wood with the utterly astonish beauty thanks to its dark brown color and unique tree trunks. Thus, you can certainly use this one as a cheese board to serve yourself and your guests, which can create a natural atmosphere for your meal.

The paddle measures 22”x14” including the handle about 5”- 6” in length so that it can easily carry huge 14” pizzas at home. And, you can hold the tool firmly because the handle perfectly fits to your hand with non-slip surface. Besides, the tool has a compact structure in order to avoid splitting during maneuvering your pizzas, so you can feel more secure when handling.

Moreover, here is a super excellent hardwood for making kitchen utensils that withstand high temperature or heavy-force task because it is so sturdy, tough and durable that won’t be damaged easily or be warped when struggling with the extremely hot conditions. Besides, the head is designed with tapered edges to help it lift your pizzas without any difficulties.

More than that, the surface is super smooth because it has been sanded and crafted well, so your pizza dough will slide off by nature without the help of flour or cornmeal like the metal counterparts. And, there is a hole on the handle to help it get hung on a hook for storing to save more space in your kitchen.

6. Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle for Easy Storage 12-Inch x 14-Inch

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You are usually worried about storing the pizza paddle because it is quite large, right? However, with the offer from Pomodoro, your concern will vanish definitely because this brand has added an outstanding innovation to its pizza shovel, which can take your breath surely.

The tool measures 25” L x 12” W including an 11” handle, so you can easily carry your home-made pizzas in small and medium size. The head is made of 100% of commercial grade aluminum which can resist rust and bacteria to protect your family’s health. And, the material is durable and tough that can withstand the heat of your oven without being warped or melted, so it can last for a life time.

Besides, the head is quite thin that can easily slide under your pizzas without destroying your crispy rust. And now, the innovation that I mentioned above is the foldable wooden handle. It’s quite long to make sure that your hand will kept away from the hottest part of your oven and it is perfectly fitted to your hand to help you feel comfortable during holding the tool.

Despite being long, when it is folded, it can stay on the head and the totally length is reduced greatly so that you can store it easily in your kitchen drawer. Thus, your tool will look neater than any counterparts, but if your drawer is full, you still can hang it on the wall thanks to a hole on the handle.

However, there is also a minor drawback like other competitors in it class is that it has to be cover with some flour or cornmeal to help the doughs not stick to the head for maintaining the form of your pizzas.

7. Winco APP-52 Pizza Peel, 52-Inch, Aluminum

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The Winco has launched to the market with super long pizza paddle, which is supposed to be more suitable for the restaurants with huge brick pizza ovens than your house with home-made pizza ovens. This one measures 52”x12”x3” including a wooden handle with the length about 35” to make sure that the baker won’t get their hand burnt when maneuvering in the severely hot oven.

The head is completely made of high-quality aluminum which is super tough and durable that last for a lifetime. Besides, this aluminum is rust resistant and anti-bacterial to provide a clean contact with the pizzas. And, the head is quite thick about 3” in order to withstand the heat of brick pizza ovens because these ovens are sometimes reach the temperature of 1000F degrees.

Although the head is thick, it’s still able to slide under your pizzas easily without breaking the golden crust. Plus, the handle is strong and can absorb the moisture to prevent slipping out of your hand as well as balance the weight to ensure that you won’t suffer from hand pain after using for a long time.

However, before using, you should sprinkle on it a little flour or cornmeal to help your pizza doughs easily slide onto and off the head without losing their form. And due the great length, storing is also an issue of this product.

8. Solido Bamboo Pizza Peel with Beveled Handle for Home Kitchen Pizza Making (14” Wide!)

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This bamboo pizza paddle can be a potential competitor with the one from Pizza Royale because it’s also made of food grade natural bamboo with anti-bacterial property to protect your family’s health. Besides, this material is super tough and strong that stands the heat from your oven very well without being warped or split.

Plus, the tool measures 19.6”x14” (W)x0.6”, which is wider than the counterpart from Pizza Royale so that you can make huge 14” pizzas at home easily to cheer with your family. And, the paddle has the tapered edges design to help it slide under your pizzas easily as well as doesn’t need the help of flour or cornmeal like metal head because its surface is absolutely smooth to ensure that your pizzas will slide without being hindered.

Moreover, the utensil has an ergonomic handle which greatly fits to your hand to provide you with comfortable sense when holding the tool. And, the paddle is compactly constructed so that it’s unlikely to be split while being used to carry huge pizzas at home.

On the top of that, you can use it as a cheese board to serve your guest to enhance the rustic beauty in your meal. After using, you can hand it on a hook for storing thanks to the hole on its handle to save more space in your cramped kitchen.

9. The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel. 14″ Paddle with Non Stick Ceramic Coating

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Here is an outstanding pizza peel that you will love it at first sight with the pretty design and great combination of colors. The tool has a black head along with red handle, which can pop it up in the kitchen and make it a centerpiece in your home.

The implement measures 24”x14”x4” including about 10” ergonomic handle. The head perform ultra-well when handling with your pizzas because it has a superior non-stick surface so that it doesn’t need the help of flour or cornmeal to make your doughs slide easily. Besides, there is a raised lip on the back of the head to keep your pizzas stay firmly on unlike other metal head counterparts, where it is easy for your pizzas to slide off while carrying.

Moreover, the head is also made of food grade aluminum which is rust resistant and anti-bacterial to provide clean contacts with your pizzas so that your family’s health is safely protected. Plus, the head is coated with Nano-ceramic to enhance the durability to withstand the heat of your oven.

What’s more? The producer make the hardwood handle with great length to keep a safe distance from your oven. And, this one is positioned at 15 degrees in comparison to the flat surface to let your easily get access to the oven. Another plus point is that there is a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE accompanied for you to feel more secure when purchasing the tool in case it has some malfunctions which fails your expectations within 60-day using.

10. Camp Chef Italia Pizza Kit

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Here is a convenient pizza kit from the Camp Chef, which is great for all occasions. The set consists of 1 metal pizza spatula, 2 bamboo pizza peels, and 1 14” rocking pizza cutter. The wooden pizza peel is made of organically grown bamboo which is utterly safe to your health because of its anti-bacterial property.

The bamboo peel has a super smooth surface to help your pizzas slide onto and off easily as well as it has tapered edge design. So, this peel can lift your pizzas without breaking the golden crust. Besides, the handle has an ergonomic construction to make sure that you will hold it comfortably and not suffer from hand pain for a long time using.

About the pizza spatula, it has a food grade metal head with rust resistance and high durability to last for a lifetime. The head of spatula is quite thin to help it slide under your pizzas easily. Besides, the handle is designed ergonomically so that you can hold comfortably when carrying some pizzas.

All tools have hole on the handle, so you can hang them on. Plus, you can use it as a serving tray to create a rustic preparation for your meal.

Bonus: How do we clean the pizza paddle?

It’s highly recommended that all pizza peels should be clean with soapy water and must not be put into the dishwasher because of severe damages caused.

For metal pizza peels, you can rinse it under water or soak it into water to clean perfectly and wipe it with clean and dry cloth so that it will be ready for another challenge.

Besides, for wooden pizza peels, they require hard maintenance because you cannot soak or rinse it under water because it will degrade your wood and make it easier to get broken. Thus, you have to use a damp cloth to clean it and wipe it with dry cloth following. Then, let it dry perfectly in place where there is air circulation to release all the inner moisture to prevent bacterial development.

It’s true that my review cannot give you all the information of pizza paddle, but if you read it thoroughly, it still provides you with basic knowledge to help you stay away from junk on the market. I hope that my devoted work can somewhat help you find a right one or among these best pizza paddles, there will be the most suitable paddle for your kitchen and your wallet.


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